Should I Watch Netflix's The Society – TV Pilot Reviews | AfterBuzz TV

Should I Watch Netflix's The Society - TV Pilot Reviews | AfterBuzz TV

Netflix is back with another dystopian teen drama this time it's an updated version of Lord of the Flies the show is brought to us by the teams behind 500 days of summer and party of five we've got plenty to talk about here on TV pilot reviews so stay tuned your tunes into afterbuzz TV the ESPN of TV talk now TV we are producing and bringing you TV pilot reviews where every week we bring you a brand new pilot and tell you our thoughts on the show I'm not doing it alone my name is Jeff Graham but I'm surrounded by a group of brilliant and wonderful panelists including the very busy linda ant we hi guys Linda you're on about five after shows just today right yes we've also got me to a hobby I'm exciting to have you joining me now I've done some shows with Mina and I feel like you love to nerd out about the nitty-gritty of some of these details on these shows this is an awesome show cuz you got a nice little buffet of a pilot of every of every new show so you get to keep yourself updated with everything new in TV it's absolutely true it does feel like the one nice thing with one you host this show is you've at least seen an episode of everything it feels like as the year goes on and that laughs you just heard was appropriately Tara Ericsson hey guys we're so excited have you Tara I feel like you're gonna bring us the nuance of comedy on these yeah yeah let's do it funny at all they mentioned comedy and we are not feeling it I'm just so excited I have you to joining us this week it's gonna really live it up lives and I have been doing our best to hold it down but it's always nice to have the extra something happy to be here sick of me so we're just glad to have you guys okay guys as I mentioned we're covering a new Netflix show called the society as I mentioned it sort of feels like an updated version of Lord of the Flies where a group of teenagers are left parentless and have to learn to fend for themselves and create their own governments from the ground up I'm not gonna say too much more because this show is divided into two sections we have a non spoiler section first where we give the audience our overall take on the without revealing too much letting them know whether or not we would pass or play on the show and whether or not they should pass or play on the show after that we'll talk a little bit about the development of this show who's behind it and then we will be getting into our spoiler section so if you have seen the show you can tune in for the whole thing and hear our thoughts on the some of the specifics with that let's get into the show overall Tara let's start with you oh boy I don't know if you're gonna like it well we'll start to get more positive as we go okay I love TV but I thought this show was poorly executed um I just was not very engulfed in the characters there was a lot of moments that I thought were pushed into being like this should be more dramatic so let's do this and this character should react very largely and to me I was just like I don't believe it yeah um and so I got a little bored towards the end and then it picked up a little bit for me I would continue watching just to see if it got better there are a lot of pilots out there that I've watched and then you keep watching and it's great I hope that's what happens here cuz I really enjoy the idea but for me I was like I'm probably pass fair enough so it sounds like you're a personal plas pass but you might play for audience yeah good call Jeff that's why we have both we have our own pass or play in our recommended pass or play and the audience I'm gonna go next because I feel like I have the next most negative opinion on the show I actually liked it overall I thought in some ways it was pretty well made I agree it was maybe a little melodramatic at times I think my issue was sometimes shows like this are hard for me to buy into you know you have to suspend your disbelief to get into the show to really enjoy it and this premise is kind of bonkers so I feel like if you can get into the premise and really buy into the show I actually thought it's pretty well made I thought the performances were pretty good overall and the writing had some thought-provoking moments you know I think they're trying to like explore these interesting themes and when they're hitting on those themes and kind of making literary references or these allusions I think there's a lot of interesting stuff happening here just that premise for me took me a minute to really get into without me to be honest kind of my eyes Nina what do you think um so I'm guessing Linda has the most positive review that essentially lost but when you said Lord of the Flies I kept thinking okay is there gonna be a moment where they all kill Piggy and there's gonna be some sort of sacrifice looking forward to that I guess yeah there was no there is no death that they caused themselves so yeah yeah yeah not not yet which is which is great news but I like this because you know the whole Lord of the Flies element of how our kids going to interact each other with each other when there aren't adults around especially when they're like 17 18 it I feel like there could be this coming-of-age element there how will society function when there aren't police officers where there aren't people in charge how our group's going to be divided how our coalition's going to be made and I feel like this pilot kind of focused a lot on why are we here how did we get here but we have no answers but I love that they kept asking those questions because it really created this curiosity on my behalf at least where I'm thinking okay I really want to know now I'm invested I wasn't necessarily invested in the characters per se but I was invested in this story and the premise and I could get behind it because it felt like some sort of weird escape room like okay this is an escape room are these aliens that kidnap does what's going on here and I could get behind the premise I like the premise more than I liked anything else about the show interesting okay we're almost opposite honored yeah did you watch another I honestly want to now okay I'm so yeah play it sounds like you might recommend it yeah okay I recommend it I don't know I mean it could get really bad like the premise is good but I could see it either being really terrible or really great and I don't know which way it's gonna go so I do want to watch one more episode just enough get a better feel for it live aunt Leigh I'm all-in Hey and the reason why I'm all in ink that it hits its demographic which is young adult and Millennials and what would happen because that's how I'm in because I was like what would happen if all of a sudden my family's away and I'm in school and you know you have a little bit of classism in there you have a little bit of like lack of race and diversity in there so there was a lot of things going on at the same time that I thought they tackled very very well and I think that being a teenager and living in 2019 they were acting exactly how they would act like trying to figure it out but trying to figure out in the context of how they were currently living so I think they do a great job and I I'm all in for it and I love the Lord of the Flies kind of reference and how it's updated for 2019 so I'm curious to see where they go with it yeah I agree with you I actually did think that in general of performances in the writing felt pretty authentically high school which is impressive because actually the creator of this show has been working in television for like 35 years he and his now-wife created the show party of five in the 90s which is one of the first kind of really thought-provoking mature themes teen dramas so for him to still be able to really capture the voices of Gen Z and sort of the fact that they would all be on their cell phones and getting all that true is pretty impressive because very often I think television gets the voices of teenagers so wrong did you guys think that the show felt did these feel like believable teenagers to you yeah I mean yeah I certainly thought that they were believable I liked little moments where they were the one girl I forget what her name was was just sitting kind of calling her parents on the phone just relentlessly and having a moment there at the school of just like man this you every teenager is like oh she didn't have parents and then she's there and she's like this sucks and I really believed that moment that was a moment that I felt was not meant traumatic I thought it felt really realistic to me and yeah I believe they were all they're all teens of like bro man like what's going on that type of deal with like rich kids and then also poor kids and a different dynamic and exactly those rich kids that I knew in school acted just like that that's what I'm saying and I have a question for you though then don't you feel and remember in high school everything was melodramatic yeah I think was a good point yeah everything was a huge big deal yeah I guess I guess you're right I I think that the one moment that says she'll save it will save that yes that's a great tease if you have seen the episode Tara's gonna give her melodramatically on the show any thoughts on the authenticity of the way the teens are speaking on this show Meena yeah you know one of my favorite shows back in the day used to be Degrassi and I feel like if you want to say the word melodramatic nothing comes close to Degrassi so when I only compare it to the Degrassi scale of melodrama I just think it wasn't that melodramatic they could have made it more melodramatic by like really emphasizing oh what's this girl gonna do without her med yeah and oh this guy only communicates using sign language and they I thought I felt like they did it in a way where it wasn't like super focusing on people's either disabilities or hindrances but rather just showing it as an element of their personalities and I think they could have very easily gone the the melodramatic way but if you consider the premise I mean they're acting they're not overreacting I mean what would you do if you lived in a world where you have communication cut off to the outside world you don't know where you are and it feels like everything and like life as you know it has been replaced by another society that looks just like the one that your inviso or you would feel like you were losing your mind so I don't feel like it was melodramatic at all fair enough okay cool well speaking of these teens that were talking about we're gonna quickly discuss this cast there's a lot of characters so we'll try to go through it quickly but we have sort of an ensemble cast of up-and-coming talent in Hollywood so one thing that's fun about this show is you know that these are all the people who are gonna be winning Oscars in like ten years you know it's the fun thing about shows like this is you're getting a look at fresh young talent early so Linda do you mind taking us through yeah so we have Kathryn Newton she plays Allie you know her from big lies pokeyman and blockers next we have Gideon Alden at one yeah yeah just because her mom is Pamela add line yeah she plays Becca and she was also in blockers The Walking Dead American crime and then next up we have Sean Berdy and he plays Sam Elliot and you know I'm from switched at birth the Sandlot two and drunk history and then I believe we have the shock Diane I think I'm saying his name correctly shock : Coleman Coleman Holloman I think coloman Holloman uh you know he plays well and you know I'm from endless light sweet old world and blood brothers up next is Olivia de Jong and she plays el and you know her from the visit and stay dolls and we'll then we have Alex Fitz zahlen and he plays Harry you know I'm from Slenderman and if you watch Slenderman the get crash and burn all of them look like models in these pictures what is happening GQ model we have Christine up next Christine growths yes do we have Christina Rosa yeah yeah yeah she is known for apostle and she plays Kelly and I think we have two more that kind of made the top yeah we have Jose Jose Julian he plays Gordie you know I'm from shameless and a better life and then the second Alex McNichol plays Luke from transparent and McFarland USA well there they are that's a huge ensemble cast of characters trying to survive this new world and if you guys are interested in seeing more of these characters we actually did cover the red carpet for this so we have interviews with all of them on the red carpet on behalf of our network so make sure you check that out on our afterbuzz TV events channel and speaking of afterbuzz TV yes very smooth yes we'd like to thank you guys for making us the ESP of TV talk so make sure guys that you subscribe leave a comment like this video share with your friends and family we love being here the biggest thing about afterbuzz that I love is I get to come here with wonderful people and talk TV mmm and have you guys chat about it too so make sure you do all those things we love you so much love it if you guys losing on the podcast we do have a youtube video and all those names you were just hearing we have photos accompanying them so make sure you check that out alright at this point the show we're gonna talk a bit about the development because especially with the first episode it's always interesting to discuss the minds behind this show so the show was created as I mentioned earlier by Christopher Capp Chris hi Christopher Keyser who he and his wife typically actually write together this is one of the first time he's done something on his own but they've had a long history of television most notably the show party of five which I don't really know much about but was one of the most important sort of teen drama shows to sort of break ground in the same way that Degrassi did with issues based television very critically acclaimed show a lot of awards fodder and chatter around the show kind of so that makes sense to me I need party 5 fans here and you guys watching possibly I should know that speaking of being the ESPN of TV talk if you guys are party of 5 fans let us know down in the comments below cuz I'd love to hear your thoughts because it seems like the matically this show does kind of relate to that in terms of what it's dealing with it's just that this time they are in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned town so slightly different most interesting to me though is the other EP and director of this pilot is Marc Webb who god is break with the movie 500 days of summer starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph gordon-levitt since then he's produced the amazing produced and directed both of The Amazing Spider man's with Andrew Garfield and done some work on the show crazy ex-girlfriend so Minah you said that you felt like this was sort of a strange pairing yeah I mean a strange pairing and in what sense you said earlier because I read that the director was the same director who directed 500 days of summer and I was like this doesn't feel like a five days of summer show at all and I was like trying to understand like how the directing style of 500 days of summer would be similar to this show and I didn't see any sort of like resemblance between the two did you know no yeah I mean this is more shot like TV yeah very specifically like following a bit of a method the one thing I will say though is I feeling somatically it does have some similarities to 500 days of summer cuz you mentioned there's like a huge coming-of-age component to all of this especially with the spider-man movies Peter Parker's so of like a teenager finding who he is so I feel like even though this is totally a different genre he Marc Webb seems to be very interested in like the journeys of young people as they like figure out who they are in the world this was so dark I got back yeah the common ground though but even Spiderman even though there was some darkness to it wasn't this type of dark right now coloring if you if you pay attention to the colors in this show it's a lot of Gray's a lot of Blues yeah a lot of neutral color is not a lot of pops of color right like in 500 days of summer is very happy there were yellows there were greens there were Reds there were dancing yeah and this was very much like okay Gray's neutrals very dark and depressing yeah I just think I'm not surprised he'd be interested in a show like this to bring to come on board with cuz it seems like these types of stories he's interested in maybe I don't know let us know what you think of including Marc Webb on the show whether or not he directed the pilot well okay so we're gonna get into our spoiler section now any last thoughts on development overall thoughts with the show before we talk about specifics all right well let's drop that spoiler alert all right that's the fun of live TV you guys okay so I want to start with Tara because yeah the edge of your seat what did you feel like was this some overly dramatic moment for you that comes out of it I felt like there were two there's one where Gordie and Cassandra were trying to find our medication on the bathroom floor Jordie said two words he just I don't even remember it he said it was two words he was like well if and then kiss and I was like don't give me one of your speeches it was just like he wasn't he said two words it just it was too much it was a forced moment that was not earned and the second one I felt like with the snake part when she was bitten by the snake it felt very adult to me that two of them would wander off as teenager boys me like gotta figure out a way to tell them man to break the news before she dies in front of us and you're like no she's just she's gonna die like you guys would all be freaking out no one would be like hey let's have an aside real quick these kids who are also our same age that this girl's gonna die from a snakebite I was a no you couldn't get in it no what did Linda what do you think like as a young person I probably was that person where someone who knows you very well you know they're about to give you a speech so even if they say one word to you if they don't yell at me or stop talking or whatever because you've already heard it a gazillion times before if they know you very well so like I get what you're saying but I also think it works for the show because they aren't teenagers and everything is always so extra the sidebar part yeah that seemed a little weird it did seem a little weird I think that they would probably be freaking know cuz I was thinking like if I was in that moment and I see my friend get a snake bite novices she's turning blue and dying yeah I'd be freaking out yeah someone should have known CPR I'm just saying I have none of you in 2090 know CPR wasn't one I'm a lifeguard or something something like you guys what what school do you go to my favorite part was when the person's like wait there Cobras in Connecticut like like maybe but yeah but then someone else said oh but she's probably just allergic to snake bites maybe it wasn't a cobra but it looked like a cobra I think one of the things I'm bumping with with the show a little bit is the fact that on some levels it feels so grounded it feels like a world we recognize and know it's shot like a world we recognize and know like it's shot like any other like nine oh two one oh type of high school drama but for some reason there's no service on their cell phones it's all the roads are covered in forest and it just feels like I'm the style and direction and feel of the show seems to be bumping up against how outlandish this premises for me so even though again I like it I'm just having trouble literally buying in like I know no one had difficulty buying into lost and isn't that kind of a similar premise when you find out what happens in the very very end yeah the very last episode you find out what it all meant I guess that's a good point just I think like with the way loss was even scored with the music that's accompanying it there's just an element of fantasy there on an island at least so something about the way lost was shot and scored and edited made me allow me to escape a little more I just feel like especially with teen dramas I'm so used to seeing high schoolers when they're shot and presented in this way in such conventional situations that I just found some cognitive dissonance in my brain as I was watching the show it's a good point you bring up though because lost is in someone's cell phones right there were in cell phones in line they they wouldn't have service on an island in LA so I guess just the fact I hate when you have to explain away the cell phone thing that's ruined horror movies you know it's done a lot to make writing challenging for TV and film writers whenever it's like that I mean I don't have service but I guess I can call you but I don't have Wi-Fi but I can I guess you don't have Wi-Fi with you just some of that I thought they kept having to explain why this premise works to me and I sometimes that just frustrates me as a TV viewer yeah but I may be the only one yeah no I don't like exposition either yeah I just write it more like just assume that we're gonna be smarter about it and you can explain it once and we'll just go okay this is it this is the world now yeah I usually in in that I think that you have to think that your viewers are smarter but again I'm gonna defend this I think that with teenagers they would talk it out like that because their phone is their life so yeah oh we can text each other but we can't get on Wi-Fi but we can call each other we can be in the group chat like I think they would be talking about their phones that much because it is their life I totally agree with you I feel like it wasn't crazy to me that they were saying how come it works with you and I yeah yeah because they kept showing even like when that it would go it would go to voicemail with all the adults and I I think them questioning it so much made it a point in our minds to question it and try to figure out why is this working how come this doesn't defy the laws of like Wi-Fi but everything else does like we kind of have to accept it I I feel like out of all the things that there are suspension of disbelief for this is the easiest one to kind of like get into the fact that the cell phones work in this vicinity for me and when she said why is my text green I laughed my face off yes that's true you know when someone doesn't have an iPhone you're like wait what what's happening here another filter hacks yeah in fun fact do you guys know that Apple did focus group testing and found out that blue was a much more pleasant color on a screen than green so to incentivize people to get more iPhones and asked the competition very interesting oh by the way can I add what I thought the most dramatic moment was okay dramatic moment there were two obviously the very end where she's being like sacrificed but they're showing her dead body and it feels like a sacrifice just the way it's shot and how she's kind of like this Christ figure in the middle of the room and everyone's gathered around yes very very intense but also the scene where Cassandra is telling the guy not to send the text to everyone and he's like I'm gonna send it and then he sends it and everyone's like yeah that was very unnecessarily dramatic but then at the same time it was also necessary yeah to show the implication of like everyone's gonna know now like do we really want to play our cards that way right yeah what's yours undone my dramatic moment was at the very end when the guy came into the church with the shotgun in the air yeah are we all the way over there there's always that one that is the extra right was the extra for me like first of all what are you mad about second of all you guys are talking through what you think should happen and how you should handle things so why the gun and then when he was like whoever is with me follow me I would not follow you with your guns I agree with you he was maybe like a little one-dimensional II villainous I think in that moment and it sort of took me out of it and I guess that's part of it's interesting I bring I've been bringing up the point for personally the suspension of disbelief thing I almost would have really loved to see this story told in the form of a novel because I think it's easier sometimes to disappear into these kinds of leaps of logic if you're reading it and not seeing it especially when it's shot in such a naturalistic way but it does bring me to my next point which is the fact that this show clearly is borrowing from a book like Lord of the Flies and the show was full of literary allusions and references to other books and quotes and that's actually something I really liked about the show I thought it was a very interesting kind of if you're gonna do a show like this you're gonna want to explore some of these more intellectual and thematic threads that are naturally tied to this type of content how did you guys feel about some of the references and sort of literary moments in the pilot I really liked the one where they're talking about Poseidon decided beside an adventure yeah I mean it's Ali who's saying what would I do and she's talk and she saying would I climb up to the bottom of the ship would I do this would I do that I liked it because it's kind of like drawing a parallel between the world they're in and a literary world but then putting yourself in the position of the characters of that world to see how you would act in a similar situation but there's nothing comparable to the situation that they're in so I like that they brought in that you know that reference I thought they did a good job with that I didn't catch a lot of other references though well there was the write the graffiti on the wall yes you had the translation oh yeah I did so it said many many Tekel upharsin hmm which they're saying that's the writing on the wall which means that I'm just gonna read it verbatim God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end the tekele part is you have been weighed and found wanting and then the press part your kingdom is divided and given to the Metis and the Persians so interesting interesting your date your God is numbered the days of your kingdom I think that that's probably the depart in part a very ominous yeah and brought it to an end Tara do you like this sort of intellectualization of the world do you think it's like an interesting or do you think it's a little forced I think it's a little force isn't like we didn't need that writing that then disappeared it was like there one that they looked at north don't the writings gone yeah but like also like you're surrounded by a forest like the roads are gone you know like we didn't really need the writing's on the wall it's true I mean maybe down the line it'll come back as a call back cool reel it back in somehow in an intelligent way otherwise I was like I don't think that's needed yeah this is another force kind of weird moment yeah I just um I I think this shows smart to lean into some of the theat the sort of society and cultural components of what's happening because on one hand if this were just a thriller about kids trying to figure their Shi T out it might not be very interesting but the fact that it's kind of becoming this show about like how do factions form and what do governments look like I think it's smart I think that's gonna make the show more interesting and my favorite part of what I was seeing in this pilot I do want to talk about we talked about who these shows are for often like who we think the audience of not only this pilot but this show is and it's so interesting to me because to me this feels exactly like a CW show and I think it's very strange that it's very clearly an show for adults the way it's with the language and the mature themes and I was surprised you know this was an effort every other minute and you know when I was growing up I don't think my parents would have liked me watching this type of show did that did that kind of bump for any of you guys I'm not saying it's good or bad I was just surprised that this premise and show was packaged the way that it was with such adult content I feel like now you know kids want that type of content though I feel like it's changing we saw that with 13 reasons why and how even that young adult genre has become more has become a lot darker I guess more you touch on themes of suicide and depression and mental illness and I feel like our society is changing in a way where kids are savvy and they understand these concepts so for me it didn't feel like a CW show it the only way it felt like a CW show was that it's a bunch of teens in a school and that's it but the the sci-fi element of it and the dystopian society world part of it didn't feel very CW at all it actually felt very Netflix II in the same vein of like a 13 reasons why type of show fun fact there is going to be a scene where they reference Riverdale and it's not in a good way so I agree with you and that sounds like I don't I I don't think it's an adult show I think it's a young adult show and I think that back in our day it was different I think that teenagers are dealing with a lot darker times and a lot more uncertain times and I think that this is a reflection of that and you know marijuana is legal and they just legalized some mushrooms somewhere in the US and and all of these things are true and so as the times are changing these teenagers are changing him this is how they talk so I think that the this is exactly who's gonna tune in you're gonna have you know these young adults tuning in watching the show that they can relate to because they speak that way they speak the language yeah yeah yeah people in the chat are excited and vo x98 says I've been waiting since I finished the show just to see if you did an afterbuzz so I'm waiting and people are excited that we're talking about this and uh Michael says um Dawson's Creek is much more melodramatic and that's true yeah well thanks for joining us in the chat guys and one of the reasons we run this show is to decide for some of our bubble shows whether or not we do want to do an after show for it so it sounds like based on the chat that you guys would be excited for an after show for us to cover all ten and if you're watching after the fact please let us know down in the comments below if you'd like an after show for this the society because it will sway the producers so you're gonna say something about the language and just was that bumping for you at all in today's society you just can't control what teenagers are watching with a cell phone and a computer like everybody has Netflix everybody's access to anything that has graphic violence nudity and language right parents just cannot control it so I think maybe back in the day sure but now in you asking that question it's not something I've ever had to think about but I'm like yeah I guess they watch it probably all of the time maybe not with your parents at home but certainly any other hours of the day they're totally inundated with all of that yeah it's true it's yeah I didn't think it was bad that the show was packaged this way I just was a little surprised because on pitch and on premise it feels like the kind of thing that might sell on network but in presentation and sort of theme themes it felt like something that was more aired for streaming so I I just thought that was interesting the way it was kind of packaged and presented and it does make me wonder do we think this show is gonna find an audience because I I have to feel like this show actually might have done really well I think of that show the outpost on CW that was sort of dystopian and I think this show could have done really well on network the creator of this show started on network and I I have to wonder it's so hard to grab Network audiences but to me this isn't that actually could have like thrived on like a CW or even like a TNT or something I don't know I was just gonna say I think that you go where your audiences and I think that the younger generation is streaming and like like Tara said they're watching on their phones they're sharing with each other and they're not gonna just sit down at 9 o'clock on Wednesday night network TV watch the show they're gonna binge it on Netflix yeah I may have time on the go so I think it landed exactly where I should and this format is very bendable so I straight I think it would have done well on CW actually because I think there would be a demand for that and teens would get into this but like you said Linda I just feel like this ends on a cliffhanger where you want to know what it's about that it's so Benjamin that I wouldn't be surprised if people just watch the entire season just in a couple days you know you agreed well we only have a couple more segments but any more thoughts on what the show gave us characters writing performances anything else before you move on to our final segments guys I guess what I like about it is it shows how different characters react to adversity like it shows how there's gonna be one character that's like what do we do in another character who freaks out and it's like well you lead the way and someone else who's like I gotta take care of me and I like that it shows how different people react in the same environment in the same situation because that makes it easier to understand a person's character arc on the show yeah by just giving them like that same type of adversity to deal with but then at the same time each character has different levels within that context of adversity like what am I gonna do without my meds what am I gonna do when I'm in love with this person who isn't in love with me so you still have that highschool element that would happen on a typical show but just adding another layer of but we're in this society and we don't know what's happening so I think it's very interesting how the writers are dealing with all of that it's true it's sort of like takes the classic high school shows we're used to and amps up the stakes a little bit mm-hmm cool any other thoughts so the last thing we do if you guys are tuning in is we rate the show out of 5 so we're gonna give just the pilot our score out of 5 I'm gonna give this a three point nine and I think it's quite a four what's Tara given I was gonna do a three point six okay yeah yeah you know it's so hard to rate this as a standalone because I don't know where what direction it's going in but assuming the best that it gets better and better and I can rate this show as a four just the pilot just the pilot is a four as a four yeah okay I am gonna say three point six okay nice I'm surprised I rated higher than you yeah interesting I think it's solid but well it doesn't for the most part we actually liked this show I think there's good even if we had a couple things we were bumping against we liked the pilot overall there are nine more episodes and it sounds like some of us might be watching them great Linda and sweet well and speaking of let us know if you'd be interested in an after show for this because one more time it might sway the producers in our decision because we are after by CVD ESPN MTV Talk and we thank you guys so much for tuning in today my name is Jeff Graham if you wanna catch me online you can do that at Jeffrey C Graham we're here every Wednesday at 5 p.m. reviewing a new pilot each week and we got some new fresh voices on the panel which is great so I know we've taken a couple weeks off which we apologize for but we're back in and we're back to bring you more coverage I'm social media you can find me there hit me up if you want to continue the discussions hey everyone I'm Nina Lahab and you can follow me on instagram at nina makes magic and I am Tara Erickson find me on youtube also Instagram all over the Internet Tara Erickson t-ara Eri C KS o n cuz sometimes when I say my name it sounds like Terry that's not it alright guys thanks for tuning in we'll see you next week at 5 p.m. here on TV Pilar abused our founder Keven Undergaro and me Maria Menounos would like to thank you for tuning in to afterbuzz TV remember we're not just the first were the biggest in the world and we're the only destination for all your favorite TV shows whatever you crave we've got it so go to afterbuzz TV comm and check out our lineup buzz see you later the views expressed herein are those of the hosts only you do not necessarily reflect the views of afterbuzz TV or its owners or principals

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  1. I'm ALL IN! And I just binged the entire season and being a true connoisseur of good TV I would recommend, I don't recall ever being bored or in disbelief of how the kids acted. Some plot points are easily foreseeable but still a really good show and what happens at the end is a true WTF I need to see more cliffhanger… Was looking for an Aftershow for every episode, hope you guys do it, I'm in board to help review, I have so many thoughts about it.

  2. I'd love an after-show the acting is meh at parts(which is why obviously non of these actors for the most part are currently on a CW, FREEFORM or other TV show aside from Rachel Keller & Kathryn Newton) but there is promise. I get a Black Mirror meets Westworld meets CW's 100 feel to it, but not anywhere near executed as well as those 3 shows. If they do make a season 2 the writing, & pacing needs to improve that is what is really holding the show from being a true hit.

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