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  1. It’s truly disgusting how capitalism just take over the working class’ anger and use it as another way to get more profits. It happened with BLM, now it’s happening with XR.

  2. Revolution can only come from the Third World, seeing as the imperialist core's labour aristocracy receives in wages more than the value it creates. White people will never engage in revolution, but in actuality will only move further to the right.

  3. This, from Winter Oak Press, is an excellent exposé of the XR Business initiative – https://winteroak.org.uk/2019/04/23/rebellion-extinction-a-capitalist-scam-to-hijack-our-resistance/.

    Please share widely.

  4. As an "unpopular opinion" socialist that thinks socialism can't be reached before neoliberalism has fallen and a greenwashed social-democracy establishes itself while already dead, I see it cynically as a good thing that the core of Extinction Rebellion has been taken-over by reformist bullshit for a change (that's ironic).
    As a french guy, I can give some summed-up insights about the state of the Gilets Jaunes today that have been organized by the left-enough and far left since the new year more or less, but that still maintain the strenght it keeps having in a fair part because of the help of mostly:
    – Our reformist keyneysian formation (the FI), including one deputy in particular that's really awesome.
    – A guy that was destined to the spheres that created and elected Macron among the Paris high-bourgoisie circle, and wrote a book about what he saw to explain the level of corruption of these states, now siding strategically with the FI.
    – Some bourgeois far-left intellectuals gaining temporary mainstream mediatic exposure and a lot of internet popularity.

    It's surely not as crappy and sad than what's happening to Extinction Rebellion, but the morals are the same: I came some two years ago to the conclusion that the transition neoliberalism > socialism was ungrounded wishful thinking.
    Actual materialism is to strategically replace neoliberalism by this already dead gentle-capitalism that will immediately have to concede stuff to socialism to maintain an illusion of functionning, and die with a last crisis or final blow of any kind to transition wth the least possible blood and odds of counter-revolution.
    So yeah, I'm unironically a soc-dem accelerationist now, because of the simple realization that no matter how you look at it, take scandinavia, iceland or whatever most progressive place of the world and look if the material conditions are about to be met soon: hell the fuck no. Add to that capitalism operates in cycles by eating left-wing protests and becoming a bit less harsh to avoid socialism when funding/creating/associating with fascism isn't an option (like neoliberalism follows hippies, anti-viet-nam war protests, and may 68 as core events).
    Capitalism is stronger than us, period. It erased socialism the past decades at the price of absurd growth and pseudo-scientific economics justifying neoliberalism, creating a dominant middle class erasing socialism > it became stronger than us at the price of destructing the planet/climate, ending fossile fuels and eating almost all protests and crisises it can before implosion, but as raging as it can be, there's still one dish left to eat before implosion and wanting to skip it is talking alone in an echo chamber.
    So I really think we should adopt a new lens about reformism, greenwashing, keynesianism, post-neoliberal social-democracy etc… like considering this is happening and has to happen anyway, so how to reach socialism from there, invest it and hack it, instead of just blaming it and pointing at how petits-bourgeois hijack anti-capitalism. Stop seeing it as a deadend but a spring.

  5. I loved the vid, comrade. Well done. One thing I want to ask though is, if I show this to others, what kind of policy examples can I give of how Cuba is sustainable with this issue? That's something I kinda felt was missing at the end.

  6. Really helpful video thanks. I'm trying to learn about this stuff and have been reading Cory Morningstars writing on it. Can I ask anyone who knows, about Carbon Capture Technology? Isn't an easier and more natural solution planting more trees and forests?

  7. This 1 hour 50 minute interview with investigative journalist, research and author on the non-profit industrial complex, Cory Morningstar, is well worth a listen for anyone genuinely concerned about protecting nature from corporate greed. https://soundcloud.com/lastborninthewilderness/cory-morningstar

  8. XR are also a distraction. It takes a while for anyone sceptical about them to work it out. Even with lots of study the 'answers' are not really clear. The group are okay with 'gatekeepers' such as The Guardian's George Monbiot. He has supported war since 9/11 if not before. If XR was my baby then I would not want him on the podium and I would actually go out of the way to tell the guy to piss off, shaming him for being part of the problem and not the solution. He is utter scum in my opinion, part of the liberal elite that make things like war in Syria possible.
    Also suspicious with XR was the choice of targets, public transport infrastructure is part of the green future, the scientists at the Natural History Museum are natural allies and their 'die in' pissed them off. Corbyn's house – wtf? It was only on the last day that a few of them glued themselves to the doors of the stock exchange. Up until then there was denial of militarism and finance capital.
    They also do not know or acknowledge their history. This is not the first time that social justice warriors who get addicted to the spectacle of protest have waved banners for the corporate cameras in order to do their bit for raising awareness. There is nothing fundamentally oppositional about XR except they do piss people off. It is not a movement you feel obligated to join. Compare with the millions that turn up for anti-Brexit things or anti-Trump protests. It is not an inclusive movement.
    Leadership is also a thing. In the video you mention Cuba. Part of the deal is strong leadership. This is not to be confused with cult of personality, or 'dictatorship'. However, a political movement that has no leadership will be co-opted by someone if it ever gets anywhere.
    Another thing about XR is they use the same recipe and reading that informed the Arab Spring movements. So the American ideas on non-violent protest are what they are using, when combined with the acceptance of 'gatekeepers' and then the ludicrous access the 16 year old schoolkid gets, e.g. at Davos. So it strikes me as an interesting colour revolution. Could it be designed to fail so that real activism does not happen? I wonder if XR are as toxic as 'bitcoin', a distraction that promises nonsense and delivers nothing more than a hype bubble?
    Anyway, as expected best video yet on where it is going wrong with XR.

  9. This was an excellent and enjoyable video laying out the issues for those with more than a little background in the issue. Unfortunately, for a person asking 'what's wrong with 350.org, or Extinction Rebellion (which you do touch on but in terms familiar to the initiated, not the newbie)' there's insufficient background to make a cogent argument to someone who believes in the corporate-NGO complex as the 'cure for what ails us' to cause them to have an epiphany. Similarly and as a strong advocate of Cory Morningstar's work (who has read all 6 'acts' of her doctoral dissertation-level take down of the Greta Thunberg media construct and the 'Green New Deal' economic revolution she and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are fronting – 112 pages when reformatted into MSWord for filing) which does provide all the necessary background & more, the average concerned citizen will be unlikely to read it all, or even in part until they're motivated to 'question more'. If there's to be any hope of mobilizing sufficient numbers of people, in sufficient time, to stave off catastrophe, a simple, straightforward, engaging means of telling people: "The environmental NGO's are corporate fronts that will not stop climate change because they're not meant to", "Climate change (as your video states) is a direct product of Capitalism and cannot be rectified by more Capitalism" ("'Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them." – A. Einstein), and "our entire lifestyle is incompatible with continued survival of the human species and must radically change if we hope to survive as a species". I only wish I know how that could be accomplished.

  10. XR don't advocate any particular 'solution' except system change.

  11. Why do all predictions of unsustainable futures and doom ignore the recent history which shows fewer people living in poverty than ever, more people enjoying the benefits of available electricity, increased crop yields and reduced hunger much of which is due to capitalism and use of the most efficient energy source fossil fuels? Warnings of unsustainable populations devouring the Earth's resources go back to at least Malthus in the late 1700s. They have always been wrong.

  12. Just a few points, the current mass extinction till now hasn't been caused by climate change, by just addressing carbon you risk promoting a speculative bubble and nothing else, protecting natural ecosystems is essential to guarantee real solutions. As for the criticism against XR you promote socialism but seem worried that XR want to repeat what was considered socialism's greatest hour, the post war Marshall plan, nation health service, voting equality etc etc, can you explain? What XR want to do is create a political situation in which solutions can be adopted. Secondly XR does not have leaders, XR UK is just one of 40 national branches and the others don't share the same demands, you may have missed it but including protecting biodiversity into our demands is a guarantee that we are not just promoting a carbon speculation bubble but that we are protecting natural ecosystems, we are not promoting green growth, we are extremely skeptical to green growth!! Thirdly and the most important, XR does not have leaders, we are organised in a way that we can never have leaders, we are comprised of autonomous groups who are networked together to form a structure with the complexity needed to deal with the complexity of society, representative democracy is failing because it is incapable to do this. Also the labour party is also calling for climate emergency, I presume as socialist you are pro Corbyn, maybe you missed his video.

  13. A must-read piece on the problems with Extinction Rebellion's two key demands. https://timhayward.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/trees-dont-grow-on-money-or-why-you-dont-get-to-rebel-against-extinction/

  14. I am so grateful that you have created such a fantastic and important video. . I have followed WKOG for years but have been having a difficult time sharing their vitally important research, presentations and articles on social networks as it is such detailed reporting that most people don't take the time to read it. I think it's safe to say that a video is likely to grab their attention more, and the message will hopefully circulate on a wider basis so people can decide for themselves what to do with this information and reconsider the propaganda that these profit based environmental groups are putting out there. Capitalism/Imperialism will be the cause of our demise if we keep falling for the false destructive narrative we are being fed by those who stand to make a killing off the killing.

    Thank you comrades. I will share far and wide to my social media networks and friends and hope others will do the same. I have been mocked and ridiculed by people for these viewpoints or just plain shunned. I have been told I am discouraging today's youth in their fight against the chaos of climate change. It's infuriating and frustrating. I ask any youth looking at this information to keep an open mind as I know your intentions are good, but you are being lied to by the non profit industrial complex and the corporate powers that have taken over.. Thanks again Prolekult. I look forward to more of your good works.

  15. Cuba is a socialist nation.
    However the whole premise of the Green New Deal is socialism – not the good socialism – top down authoritarian communism.

  16. I knew the Green New Deal was next to useless the second I heard that it advocates phasing out nuclear power, the safest, most reliable, most easy to implement, and least exploitative form of low-carbon energy available currently. However, it isn't nearly as profitable as solar and wind so it's no surprise that there's such opposition to its use lol.

  17. I think this video has a serious chance of being censored in the near future, or more likely just very greatly limited on youtube in terms of reach. There is too much concentrated truth in these few minutes.

  18. I agree with a lot of this, capitalism and neoliberalsim's agenda has destroyed our world and the lives of many on it. I have to say i find your take on XR divisive and out of touch. I feel held and inspired by a movement, and activism and class consciousness are not new to me. Ok so it doesn't blatantly say "revolution" but that doesn't mean its capitalist, it isn't capitalist. Its not communist either, but from my experience almost everyone i've met in xr are for equality and justice, for the people and for the planet. The 10 principles are great, people's assemblies are not elitist and with a little bit of training/reading anyone can do them. Anyway, i think i understand your sentiment, i'm not saying XR is perfect. its definitely not, i just don't find your attitude in this video constructive. Its easy to be bitter, the real work is how we move forward to a bright future together.

  19. Great video – Only there is no climate crisis – We do have a pollution problem, but the world is not ending – C02 will not destroy mankind, it is, in fact, our saving grace. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/the-stunning-statistical-fraud-behind-the-global-warming-scare/

  20. The fact that this only has five thousand views – and that your channel only has one and a half thousand subscribers – is depressing. Thank you for putting out all this amazing content!

  21. No organic movement ever gets so much mainstream media coverage.

    Extinction Rebellion is very clearly controlled opposition.

  22. This video fails to address that there is no climate emergency. The anthropogenic climate change scam is the behest of the same capitalist system you're exposing. You're the same as Extinction Rebellion, a truther rabbit hole, herding those awakening to the crimes of the neoliberal plutocratic hegemony into another form of their agenda in socialism and cultural marxism. This is all outlined in UN Agenda 21/2030/2050 the source of the Green New Deal and Extinction Rebellion via the NGO and Not For Profit Industrial Complex. The rapid transformation of society into a mish-mash of socialist communism resulting in an Orwellian/Huxleyan dystopia. The capitalist system isn't exploiting the climate emergency, it created the entire bullshit narrative by obfuscating the wealth of scientific literature, which destroys the entire anthropogenic climate change thesis. Solar cycles dictate climate, along with cloud cover and ocean cycles, all omitted from current computer models, which create a fictional warming environment. Anthropogenic climate change has never been proven in any experiment outside of these fallacious computer generated scenarios. The evidence actually shows we're heading towards another mini iceage, which will be truly devastating to our societies who're anticipating a warming environment. Bio fuel crop failures, wind turbines and solar panels rendered useless by a new colder environment, drought and famine etc — fun times lol. And Kind of ironic that the fear generated around the fake climate emergency will create a real one lol.

  23. Organize, educate, and agitate. Get out with these protestors and subvert the bourgeoisie movement! This is where the people are at and socialists must be there and building worker solidarity against the future the ruling class would have us live.

    "If you want to help the “masses” and win the sympathy and support of the “masses,” you should not fear difficulties, or pinpricks, chicanery, insults and persecution from the “leaders,” but must absolutely work wherever the masses are to be found." V. I. Lenin

  24. My comment regarding this video was censored by YouTube and now my google account (Google owns YouTube in case you didn't know) is apparently being shut down and my personal files on google drive is going to be deleted (unclear when according to their mail). I only wrote that this video had a good amount of truths that you've have a hard time comming by elsewhere and that it might be removed for that reason. I've been researching xrs accounting which is shady to say the least, for a couple of months now, as well contacting one of the original creators of xr from riseup and the more you find the more shady it gets. XR leader Gail issued a purposely vauge statement a couple of months ago regarding their monetary situation that is now public on the fact that XR are going to accept donations from corporations. (which they did anyway right from the start by the way)
    I've read through Youtubes commenting policy guidelines don't see any reason at all for why the would delete my comment.
    But yeah free to screenshot this while it lasts…

  25. So if the only options to save the world are socialism or regulated eco-capitalism, which one do you think we're more likely to achieve in the next 15 years before it all becomes moot?

  26. XR is fully supported by those same ngo s and capitalist enteties .. all of whom promote the green new deal . THE REAL TRUTH is that any changes in the weather are a result of years of Geoengineering activity .. which according to geoengineering reports , if should suddenly just stop , would give rise for rapid massive global warming .. It is this subject which needs to be approached !

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