SCP-001 The Broken God | Maksur | Church of the Broken God scp

SCP-001 The Broken God | Maksur | Church of the Broken God scp

SCP-001 “The Broken God” Object Class: Maksur “TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal” By Order of the Overseer Council. The following file describes a Maksur-Class
Entity. This Information is protected by level 5 classification. Dissemination of Maksur class information
is strictly forbidden, and poses an imminent threat to the SCP foundation and its interests. Individuals accessing this file must provide
level 5 security credentials, and be innoculated against against az109 memetic hazards. Failure to do so will result in immediate
“Carrier Omega” memetic termination upon accessing this file. Life signs detected. Memetic inoculation ascertained. Welcome, Overseer. Item #: SCP-001 Object Class: Maksur Special Containment Procedures: Information
on the relevancy of SCP-001 to the related anomalous objects are to be omitted from the
respective objects’ documentation. While connections with the Church of the Broken
God can remain available, the origins of the items are to be omitted or obfuscated. The inactive component of SCP-001 is to remain
in its current location, and any shipping or diving is forbidden in that area. Civilian discovery of SCP-001 is to be suppressed,
and amnestics are to be utilized in order to maintain classification. Persons affiliated with the Church of the
Broken God who make active attempts to seek out the inactive component of SCP-001 are
to be taken into Foundation custody and questioned. Information pertaining to SCP-001, whether
physical or digital, is to be confiscated and contained. The inactive component of SCP-001 is expected
to remain inanimate; however, should SCP-001 experience spontaneous reanimation, all active
Mobile Task Force units at nearby Site-27, Site-44, Site-90, and Site-101 are to be assigned
to active countermeasures. Should this event (currently designated an
001-Apotheosis Event) occur in the modern world, it is believed that current means of
information suppression would be insufficient. It is likely that an 001-Apotheosis Event
would result in a SK-Class “Broken Masquerade” scenario, and likely following that, an XK-class
“End-of-the-World” scenario. Extant active components of SCP-001 are not
to come within 20km of the inactive component of SCP-001 under any circumstances. Description: SCP-001 is a collection of anomalous
items, formerly a single, massive mechanical entity assembled by members of the Church
of the Broken God in late 1942 near La Paz, Mexico. Items include SCP-217, SCP-1139, SCP-882,
and several internal components of SCP-629. A full list is available here. Members of the Church combined the various
anomalous objects in an effort to restore their deity. Upon activation, SCP-001 reportedly began
to integrate metallic objects into itself while actively seeking other anomalous objects. SCP-001, and the resulting “001-Apotheosis”
event that took place as a result of its assembly, was the cause of significant environmental
changes in western Mexico, and required one of the most widespread use of amnestics to
date. Post-event, the active components of SCP-001
were taken to Foundation sites for containment, while the inactive component of SCP-001 remained
on the bottom of the Gulf of California, at approximately 23.807269, -108.418369. Addendum 001.01: Collected Information Describing
SCP-001 Transcription of statement by Father Jorge
Castillo, August 1945 Fernand was the first… I think, the first who contacted me after
they had found the heart. The way they described it, the fervor that
was in their eyes, it captivated me and I knew then. I knew that they had done it. I went to meet with Anthony and Salvador the
weekend after my sister’s confirmation… when they showed it to me I was taken aback. It was little more than a pile of gears, pistons,
ticking pieces of clockwork and lubricated metal parts, all dutifully churning along
without a power source. Within it I saw the heart, just as they described. It spoke to me. Not like you and I would speak to each other,
but… with images, and feelings. And pain. It was in so much pain. Like the spark that had given it life had
made it realize what it was, or what it wasn’t, and it desired only to be whole again. Desire is a strong word, perhaps. Not desire, more than it was impulse. Something within the creature drove it forward
towards some unthinking, unfaltering end. The creature they presented to me was not
like the other artifacts I had found and blessed. This one was different, there was something
wrong with it, and I did not know until later what they had done… I begged Salvador to take it back to that
beach and undo it, that it was not right, but they would hear nothing of it. It started moving before I left, shaking enough
from side to side that it could achieve locomotion. It hobbled over a wrench, and the wrench became
part of its body. They said to me, “Our God is unbroken!” I never saw them again. Excerpt from an interview with Francis Bollinger
in 1946 It didn’t use words, or any kind of language. It would make metallic sounds but at the same
time… Images and concepts would come to mind when
we were around it. Have you ever felt, when you have a thought
or idea— and it’s all there, born whole in your mind— you still had to think the
words for it, despite knowing the sentiment before you finish the sentence? It was like that, but from an alien mind. Truly the words of the divine. Excerpt from an interview in 2007 with Trixie
Silva, agent of the Unusual Incidents Unit There were a few Wolves — wait, you know
what those are, right? They’re like… like hunters, they work for
the Horizon Initiative. They confronted us near a church in Santa
Margarita, wanted us to turn in the stuff that we had collected for the Church of the
Broken God, like the Abrahamic stuff we handed over. We deliberated on whether we should give it
to them — our stance with the HI has been a bit shaky, moreso in recent memory. While we have been on good terms with the
local Broken Churchgoers, the Wolves were more… well, are more aggressive. We looked over what we had, and while we did,
this woman walked up. I don’t know where she came from. She dressed like a hippie; thin, iron chains
for hair, but she seemed distant the whole time. The look in her eyes, her abnormal smile,
like she was hardly there. She looked at what we had and said she only
wanted this, uh. I don’t actually know what it was. A metal box, it whirred and clicked, and put
out this little beam of light on one end when I picked it up. Felt lighter than I would have thought. I asked why that was important to her, and
she said that it’d be easier to show me than tell. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. She didn’t move or speak after that, so I
closed my eyes as well. She brought her forehead to mine, but kind
of offset. We stood like that for a second, foi muito
estranho, before she suddenly moved her chin down, made me jerk down slightly. The world dropped beneath me and I fell. Something clicked in my mind, an image of
two gears, formerly meshed together, now broken away. I felt the teeth of my spine arch out as I
bent over, one step and I clicked along on the multidimensional cog that was the planet. It spun around the furnace of the sun, tethered
to it by the chain that was gravity, and we hurtled together through an oily cosmos with
all the power of an infinitely unwinding spring… …S-sorry. It was an experience. No, it was not a religious experience, but…
yeah. She told me to pick the box back up and it
felt a lot heavier than before. I couldn’t tell if it actually had more weight,
or if it felt more… significant. I gave it to her and wouldn’t hear anything
otherwise from the Wolves or my teammates or my superior. Addendum 001.02: Interview with Excommunicated
Church of the Broken God priest Father Dolorous Randall, June 1945 [EXTRANEOUS DIALOGUE REMOVED] Williams: Alright. You mentioned the heart earlier. Were you there when they found it? Randall: No, not at all. I was out of the country at the time, working
with a new mission in Panama. I only heard about Ezekiel after the fact. Williams: Who was Ezekiel? Randall: One of Bumaro’s agents. Before he was made leader of the church, Robert
would keep a number of them around, these individuals who were in tune with God and
could feel its presence, speak to it. Ezekiel had discovered an artifact of some
value, and Bumaro took him on afterwards. These agents were the first to experiment
with the augmentations, as well. As you can imagine, many of them died. Williams: But not Ezekiel? Randall: No. He was very close to Bumaro, and I don’t know
if he would have risked Ezekiel’s well-being. It doesn’t matter, Ezekiel didn’t need augmentations
to speak to the God. He was just… capable. Williams: So what does Ezekiel have to do
with the heart? Randall: You heard Avery tell you that they
had a stockpile of artifacts, right? Anything that one of these agents touched,
if they felt something they would have it shipped to La Paz with the rest of it. Most of it was worthless, but every now and
then they would find something legitimate. The purifier, the one— whatever you call
it, one of the agents discovered that near Nepal. They had tendons and ligaments and everything
else, but they were all just parts. They would move on their own, but they didn’t
do anything together. Williams: How do you mean? Randall: The texts refer to the God reassembling
itself once the pieces are brought before its heart. All you need do is to feed the heart a limb,
and the God will have a limb. But they couldn’t find a heart. There were (pauses) a couple of agents who
had claimed to have found one, but they were all the same useless piece of machinery as
the rest. Williams: Where does Ezekiel figure into this? Randall: Ezekiel was the one who told Bumaro
that, if they could not find a heart, maybe they could build one of their own. This, at the time, flew directly in the face
of the Church doctrine. The leadership, if they had known, would have
excommunicated him. But it was quickly becoming clear that the
project couldn’t last through to the summer. I was sent in with my mission to resupply
them after Ezekiel had left, and their supplies were nearly exhausted. Williams: Our records indicate that the heart
was something they discovered. Is that not true? Randall: Of course it isn’t true. You can’t preach to a congregation about God
giving parts of himself to you and then turn around and tell them that the most essential
part is something you conjured up out of nothing. Worse than nothing, though. The details of what they did to create that
heart and make it live were never revealed to me, but you can draw conclusions from evidence. There was a drought that year, and the polio
crisis hit an all time high. Thousands died, all of natural causes. A freak event, never accurately recorded because
of the attention on the war. Dios mio, but who can say. Williams: You think the two are related? Randall: I think the timing is too coincidental. And knowing what I know about what that thing
became, I think the answer is clear. That was not the heart of God, agent. That was something altogether different. [EXTRANEOUS DIALOGUE REMOVED] Addendum 001.03: Recovered Video Transcript,
November 1942 Video recovered from local documentary film
crew. Shot begins on a destroyed home, the wreckage
centered around the garage. Metal fragments and strips of rubber trail
down the driveway and onto the asphalt, and go down the street. Pieces of various automobiles are strewn across
the street and sidewalk. The trail leads to SCP-001, which is integrating
a truck into its chassis. SCP-001 continues to the nearest house, where
it begins consuming the gutters. Residents of the area flee the scene, several
injured by discarded shards of glass and twisted metal discharged by SCP-001. Lights produced from various parts of SCP-001’s
body focus on the various prone figures. A section along the undercarriage of SCP-001
alters and drops away from the main body, which continues down the street in search
of more sources of material. The ejected subsection continues alterations,
forming a vertical pod somewhat resembling a human spine and rib cage. Pod collapses in various areas, the rib-like
protrusions extending outward as the rest of the pod changes into a humanoid form roughly
three meters tall. Light is produced from the head, which is
focused on a nearby civilian. The metal humanoid picks up the civilian,
who appears to be dead, and places it into a small chamber between the humanoid’s ribs. The ribs vibrate as the humanoid approaches
a second civilian, who is attempting to crawl away. She attempts to struggle as the humanoid lifts
her and places her inside its chest cavity. The humanoid turns away from the camera to
approach a third civilian, and what appears to be the woman’s dismembered hand falls to
the floor. A growth on the humanoid’s back slowly expands
as it continues to gather bodies, the body of the humanoid decreasing in size as it does
so. By the sixth consumed body the growth is larger
than the humanoid, and it is unable to continue bipedal movement. The limbs recede into the body and the ribs
extend to allow it to scuttle onto the roof of a nearby house. It remains in place for twenty minutes. The bulbous exterior cracks and is torn away
from within, revealing three humanoids. They each appear to be symptomatic of SCP-217,
and exhibit physical characteristics of the six captured civilians. One, a female with chains extending from its
scalp, shakes another, which appears to be dead. The third, a male with clockwork limbs, examines
itself before jumping from the roof, landing on its stomach. It does not appear to be damaged by this,
which seems to cause it distress. It then pursues SCP-001, which is consuming
another vehicle farther down the street. The female humanoid notices the camera crew. It begins to wave, but quickly stops. It looks toward SCP-001 before jumping into
the backyard, and out of the camera’s view. Addendum 001.04: Taped Phone Conversation
with Robert Bumaro Note: The following is audio from a taped
phone conversation between an agent of the Church of the Broken God (name unknown) and
Robert Bumaro. The call was recorded in December of 1942,
and was collected by Foundation personnel during a raid on a Church stronghold in 1966. [CALL BEGINS] Bumaro: Hello? Agent: Bless you father. Bumaro: Dmitri? Agent: No. Bumaro: Ah, of course. Bless you, child. How is the little lord? Agent: Stronger every day. We had to move him from the back of our office
into a warehouse nearby. Bumaro: He’s being fed? Agent: As you required. Bumaro: Good. When will you be moving to Peñasco? Agent: Within the week. We are only waiting for the next train. Bumaro: It may need to be sooner. There was a raid in La Paz two weeks ago. Three of our men have not been accounted for. There is growing Foundation activity nearby—
(cuts out momentarily) Agent: Father? Bumaro: (To someone in the background) Tomorrow,
tomorrow. Agent: Father? Bumaro: Yes. We had expected them to head north, but they’ve
come west instead. A minor setback. Agent: What about the safehouse? There are nearly a hundred other artifacts
there, and— Bumaro: (Cuts off) A minor setback. They don’t know where it is, and even if they
did, that isn’t their priority right now. Their eyes, and the eyes of the rest of the
world, are on Europe. As their gaze settles there, they will not
realize our accomplishment until they are powerless to stop him. Agent: That was, uh, something else I needed
to ask you, Father. Bumaro: Yes? Agent: Our God, uh… is ravenous. We cannot seem to satiate him, the supplies
we were given are not— Bumaro: (Cuts off again) What is the issue? Agent: Father, our… the Lord is eating its
own housing. We cannot convince him to stop, he cannot
be reasoned with, it— Bumaro: Nonsense. The heart of the devout may speak directly
to our God. Can you not hear his words when he reaches
out to you? Do you not feel the machine moving inside
of you? Or do you need more proof other than the living,
breathing God before your own eyes? Agent: No! Father, it is not that, it is— Bumaro: I will hear nothing of it. For years, we have prayed and asked for our
God to be unbroken before us. And now, he has presented himself. We know that the divine will speak to the
heart of the devout. If you are telling me that there are none
among you who are devout enough to commune with our Lord, tell me now so you can be replaced. Agent: Our faith is strong, Father. Please, forgive my insolence. I am only misguided. Bumaro: See to yourself, then. I worry for your faith. Have one of your brothers, one who is stronger
than you, have him speak to the Lord and tell him of the necessity for secrecy. Our Lord will understand, no doubt. The Unbroken God is a reasonable god. Agent: Yes, bless you Father. Bumaro: Bless you, child. [CALL ENDS] Addendum 001.05: Escalation Report, December
1943 The following is an interview conducted with
Foundation Commander Mark Peterson of Site-74. The director, who prior to the 001-Apotheosis
Event was stationed in Mexico City, was on-site with Foundation personnel in La Paz during
the Event. Director Cornwell: Start again from the top,
we’re recording now. Commander Peterson: Alright. The first reports we got about Church activity
in Mexico were in ’41, but it was all pretty minor at the time. We had just finished field operations near
the border up north and were preparing to move our assets to Atlanta for deployment
to France. We had just gotten our orders to retrieve
a series of sensitive objects that they didn’t want to get into the hands of the krauts,
and they were going to move our entire division to get it done. Leadership wasn’t sure that Roosevelt would
make the call to move in enough time for us to blend in with the Americans, so we were
going to have to go in separately. The whole thing was a mess. Director Cornwell: What kept you in La Paz? Commander Peterson: I was there on accident. One of our trains had taken the overland route
to La Paz, probably to pick up some of the armaments we had there. Turns out that train was supposed to head
north. So all of a sudden most of the leadership
south of the Rio Grande is in La Paz, which in retrospect probably did us a lot of good
as far as the overall effort is concerned. Director Cornwell: When did you first hear
about the 001-Apotheosis Entity? Commander Peterson: (Laughs) Jesus. Is that what they’re calling it now? The machine, I guess, we first heard through
the grape vine of increased activity in the area in… I guess it would’ve been a little over a year
ago. We ended up in La Paz in October of ’42, so…
yeah, that sounds right. The first concrete evidence we got that something
was wrong was when a train of… refugees? Seems kind of silly to call them that, but
I guess that’s accurate. They showed up in La Paz near the end of October,
talking about how their entire town had been mulched. They didn’t really elaborate much, just kept
saying “la máquina, la máquina,” you know, “the machine”. That’s why we were calling it that, by the
way. We had no idea what it was supposed to be. Director Cornwell: What about your first interaction
with the entity? Commander Peterson: Well, the rail stopped
running, if that’s what you mean. We got word from the local authorities that
there had been an accident up north, and that the trains weren’t heading to the border anymore. It wasn’t a huge issue for us, since we could’ve
taken a couple of vehicles and headed east until we hit one of those little towns at
the foot of the mountains. Most of them were hooked up to a separate
rail line entirely, and we could’ve gotten out that way. But the big stuff, the stuff that the train
had been sent to La Paz for, couldn’t just be moved. So we were going to wait it out. Then DeMarco had the bright idea to send a
party up the rail-line to see where the hold up was, and see what we could do to clear
it. He led the expedition himself. Director Cornwell: What happened to Agent
DeMarco? Commander Peterson: You know damn well what
happened to him, Bill. Director Cornwell: For the record. Commander Peterson: Fine. We didn’t hear back from them after three
days, and were going to send the rest of the leadership east anyway so they didn’t have
to wait, but then after five days one of DeMarco’s guys showed up at our camp. He was delirious, talking about the “world
eater”, and how the rest of the guys had gotten mulched. And they had, hadn’t they? I know it wasn’t as big then as it ended up,
but it wasn’t something to fuck around with. DeMarco… Director Cornwell: Are you alright? Commander Peterson: Yeah. He tried to kill it. He probably knew then what we wouldn’t find
out until later; that we couldn’t contain this thing. There wasn’t a hole in the world big enough
to put it in, or a box that it wouldn’t eat its way out of. But it didn’t matter for him, or anyone he
went with. The Machine didn’t care. Director Cornwell: When did you first see
it? Commander Peterson: December. Once we’d hunkered in, I was part of an expeditionary
team that flew up there to get a good look at it. It was already… I mean, you saw what it did to that side of
the country. I’ve never seen anything that big that could
move. It was like a mountain of moving parts, blackening
the sky as it burned through whatever it was shoveling into its chest. And it was small then! It was… I don’t know. We all had XK-Event preparation training,
but this went above and beyond anything we had trained for. It was inevitability. We knew that we were going to die, and this
thing was going to kill us. It was just a matter of when. Addendum 001.06: Collected Foundation Correspondences Note: The following are excerpts from written
correspondences by Foundation personnel stationed at La Paz, recovered from the temporary site
in the wake of the 001-Apotheosis Event. Names have been omitted. Dear ███████, I don’t even know if this will get to you. None of the trains are running, but our commander
says that we can still get letters out. I hope it does, I’d like you to read it. The skies down here have been dark for weeks. Smoke from up north every day, makes it hard
to breathe. They still don’t have indoor plumbing here,
and nobody but the other guys in our company speak English. We still don’t know what we’re down here to
do, either. I keep hearing we’re here to fix the rails,
but why aren’t we going north? Aren’t the breaks in the rails up north? A man came into town today with damn near
half of his face cooked off. He was like a dead-man, didn’t respond to
anybody. He got towards the middle of town and collapsed. When he finally woke up in the infirmary later,
he was delirious. Telling a story about a machine the size of
a mountain that spoke to you. Said there were people jumping out of their
homes and running, just to throw themselves in it. Said they were shredded, like jumping under
a lawn-mower. Then he died, and nobody knows why. The mountains crumbled before our own eyes. We saw a figure rising through the smoke,
slow and lumbering but with terrifying momentum. It didn’t crawl like a beast or walk like
a man, but was propelled forwards by the turning of a million cogs, like an iron centipede. Its body extended upwards, into the smoke,
higher than we could make out. Within its chest we saw fire, like the furnaces
of Hell. It came to the mountains north of us and did
not stop, or go around, but went through, and devoured them. It reached out with a long, pulsing arm, and
pulled an entire village into its maw. I saw men leaping to their death as their
homes were swept away, into the same inferno as the rest. And it howled, not just through the grinding
of the gears and the churning of the machine, but in our minds. I could hear it in my heart. It was screaming. Directive: Central Command, Site-001 Courtesy of: █████████████ Temp site lost. La Paz in ruins. Mechanical entity contained. Massive geological alterations. XK avoided. Requesting amnestic support. Addendum 001.07: Interview with GOC Lieutenant
“Revenant” Note: The following is an excerpt of a post-event
interview conducted with a GOC lieutenant, codenamed “Revenant”. The recording of the interview, and all transcripts
thereof, were collected by Foundation agents during a negotiated information exchange in
1992. To date, the identity of “Revenant” is unknown. There’s this story that gets told among Foundation
agents, something that the grizzled veterans will tell the greenhorns during the long nights
of guard duty on some cell block or another. I don’t know who started it, but I know they
still tell it. It’s been a half-century, and they still get
it right. You can give them that much credit. They say, “Don’t you know? The GOC killed God.” But the greenhorns will say, “No, that’s not
true. God is in a cell at site-whatever. The GOC didn’t kill God.” And they’re talking about that type green
they’ve got locked up somewhere, the one who thinks he’s the Christian god. Then the vets will smile and shake their heads,
and won’t say anything. Because they all know. They know that in 1943, in the midst of the
Apocalypse, the Foundation could do nothing but watch the end while the Allied Occult
Initiative, a poorly funded, undermanned, inadequate predecessor to the Coalition, saved
the world. The metaphorical gun was found on an island
off the coast of Greece. I can’t even remember what it looked like,
all I get is that sort of fuzzy recollection the amnestics leave you with. But I distinctly recall it wasn’t as heavy
as you’d think. Why the amnestics? I was with the detachment deployed to the
area, and apparently one of the pieces had some mind altering effect to it. I have a vague sense of feeling something
wrong, so I’ll take their word for it. I don’t remember what it looked like, I can’t
recall how it destroyed that much land. Hell, I barely remember when it happened and
the only reason I know where is all the before and after maps. But I can still feel it, in my gut, that that
wasn’t how things were meant to be. We stood before what looked to be an angry
and vengeful God, and all it did was beg us to kill it. We were all too happy to oblige. Addendum 001.08: Recovered Video Transcript Note: The following is a transcript of recovered
video footage, roughly thirty seconds in duration. The transcript of the clip was authored shortly
after its recovery, though the video has since degraded and is no longer legible. The footage’s audio is in acceptable condition,
and is available for access below. Recovered Audio: Warning: The following audio
snippet is at a high volume. Addendum 001.09: Neutralization of SCP-001 On July 17th, 1943, agents from the Allied
Occult Initiative contacted Foundation directors stationed at La Paz, Mexico, and requested
assistance with transportation towards the site of the 001-Apotheosis entity. Foundation operatives moved quickly to dispatch
a plane to retrieve the AOI members. After arriving, the agents described a unique
anomalous artifact they had in their custody, and how it might be used to slow the advance
of the 001-Apotheosis entity. Three days after arriving at La Paz, on July
24th, 1943, the Allied Occult Initiative dispatched a single agent to the site of the 001-Apotheosis
entity, with the anomalous artifact on their person. On the morning of July 25th, 1943, as the
001-Apotheosis entity approached the shore of the Pacific Ocean another massive, mechanical
construct appeared overhead. The origin of this entity is currently unknown. Records of the event following the appearance
of SCP-2399 are incomplete and likely inaccurate. The result of this engagement was the annihilation
of SCP-001. SCP-2399 disappeared and was later discovered
in low-Jupiter orbit in a state of disrepair, though the reason for this is currently unknown. The remaining inactive component of SCP-001,
a massive, unassembled group of machine parts, remains at the bottom of the Gulf of California. Upon removing SCP-882 from the inactive superstructure,
the remainder collapsed and became wholly inert. Following the 001-Apotheosis Event, a massive
amnesticization of individuals in and around the area now known as Baja California took
place. These efforts were aided by the quantity of
thick, black smoke that accompanied SCP-001, and current historical records describe the
event as a forest fire. Significant effort was made to adjust maps
of the area, as well as relocate displaced civilians. Because of the need for a widespread amnestic
regimen, several experimental neurotransformers were used, and because of their poorly understood
side effects, it is estimated that no fewer than two million people across the world died
in the decade following the 001-Apotheosis Event. Addendum 001.10: Collected Allied Occult Initiative
Documentation Note: The following document was given to
Foundation personnel by POI-004D/001 (See Addendum 001.12). It is currently unknown how the document came
into POI-004D/001’s possession. ATTN: General Darius Artifact Collection Report Authored: Lieutenant Van Pelt
C.O: Colonel Baghram Report Length: 57 pgs Summary of Report: On December 30th, 1942,
a rogue humanoid entity, anomalous in nature, was sighted by a patrol near a small island
off the coast of Greece. This entity, who claimed no name and did not
communicate readily in the English tongue, was carrying a small, cubic artifact no larger
than a baseball. The entity appeared to be feminine and had
a number of steel chains extending from its scalp. Entity was originally willing to give up possession
of artifact (classified AR-213), but become hostile shortly thereafter and began speaking. Entity made threats on the lives of the squad,
and subdued two officers before being incapacitated by Sergeant Dixon. Entity made reference to the west of the Mexican
country, demanding to be freed so that the artifact could be taken there. Further research has uncovered increased SCP
Foundation activity in that area, as well as some minor geological disturbances. On the orders of Colonel Baghram, 2nd Platoon
was ordered to ship to the site of the disturbances with the entity (classified EN-340) in tow. After boarding the ship bound for America,
EN-340 became passive, albeit obviously uncomfortable and disturbed. Recommending further psychological evaluation
of EN-340 upon return prior to termination. Once analysis of AR-213 is completed, artifact
will be shipped to Zurich for incineration. REPORT IS ATTACHED FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION Lt. R. Van Pelt
2nd Platoon Allied Occult Initiative Peacekeepers Addendum 001.11: Agent Ruberson’s Statement,
January 1944 .
Note: Agent Aaron Ruberson was on-site during the collection of SCP-001 artifacts. As the most senior member of Foundation staff
assigned to the collection effort, he was required to submit a post-event statement. This report was filed at Site-17, until it
was added to the other classified material related to SCP-001. It is unknown whether any other individuals
had knowledge of this report, or if any copies were made. The following is an excerpt from that statement. We took what we could from the shores first. Little things, gears and pulleys and pistons,
things like that. A lot of it was garbage, but they were still
twitching, spinning, turning. They still had life in them. The small stuff sort of died off after a couple
hours, but I heard that the bigger pieces were still churning weeks later. Like cutting the head off a chicken. The important parts, the ones we knew were
actual Church artifacts, we managed to bag and get moved to the train in La Paz for transport. I counted, Christ, maybe a hundred? Individual anomalous artifacts. Some of the boys at the train station joked
that they’d have to build a whole new site just to keep it all. We kept casualties low, fortunately. Mostly guys just being dumb around machinery,
acting like it still couldn’t take their arms off. Rodriguez got his hand crunched, and we had
to help move him to the local clinic. I think we only had one death the entire time. One of the locals we hired to help dive down
into the bay and get straps around the heart so we could pull it up. I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. Said they found him with his head smashed
between two moving pieces. Said it looked like he’d shoved it in there
himself. But I don’t know, I didn’t see it. I did see the tags, though. You know, when a place manufactures something,
and in order to identify where the part came from, they’ll get a big piece of metal with
their name on it and stick it on the side of the part? We saw plenty of those on other parts, the
stuff that it had collected while it was eating its way to the sea. None of the Church artifacts did, though. They all buzzed along like everything else,
but they weren’t marked. You could feel something when standing next
to them, like serenity. The whole project was like that, it felt calm. Like relief. Except for the heart. When we finally got it out of the bay, we
had to keep it on the shore for a day because of the weather. Some of the locals started to get itchy. Said they were hearing voices, wouldn’t go
near it. Didn’t matter how much money we offered them. Had to wait to bring in more support from
the base up north just to get it loaded on a ship. I… man, I don’t know. I’ve seen all kinds of things, but my memetic
resistance is pretty high. I had to pass a handful of tests just to get
this assignment, and everything was clean. But I can’t deny getting another kind of feeling
around the heart. I don’t know if I’d say I was hearing voices,
but… Right, the tags. It was as we were leaving and loading it on
the ship that was going to take it north that I saw them for the first time. I didn’t even think to say anything then,
didn’t even pass my mind until I started looking into some other files. Then that ship crashed in the storm, and they
lost the heart, and the whole time I kept thinking about those goddamn metal tags. I realized it then, I think. That wasn’t a Church artifact, Johnny. They said “Property of The Factory”. Addendum 001.12: Interview with POI-004D/001 Note: The following is an excerpt from an
interview in 2009 with POI-004D/001, who claims to be part of a previously unknown sect of
the Church of the Broken God. Contact was made with the cooperation of the
Unusual Incidents Unit, who had interacted with POI-004D/001 as detailed in Addendum
001.01. So, tell me what you think you know. I see. Interesting. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. And that’s commendable, in this day and age. There are a few key details I feel you may
be overlooking, and you may be overvaluing information handed to you by a self-admitted
amnesiac. Let me set the record straight. The GOC did not kill Yahweh, as they may so
proudly proclaim. And that was not the Broken God they destroyed. It was a piece of it, surely, but would you
show me a camshaft and call it a car? Oh, so you have some parts together. An engine, perhaps. But not a car. God is much simpler than that. God is everything. From the biggest star to the smallest particle. Each tiny parts, completely insignificant
on their own. Doing whatever it is they’re meant to do. Meshing together, gnashing at each other. All a part of a cosmic machine. The machine aspect was, at some point, likely
simply a metaphor. An idea. But as I’m sure you know, ideas are powerful. They make things from nothing, or change things
already there. And with a small spark of the divine, a symbol
becomes real. Have a planet with as much life as there is
here, you generate a lot of ideas. And you may ask me, “Why is it called the
Broken God?” There are a few possible answers. Something as simple as translation issues. Reinterpretations made physical by the devout. Is “Broken” simply a poor translation of some
more nuanced word? Was God a being that broke in the Big Bang? If so, why did it break? And what will happen if it’s repaired? I can answer none of the questions save the
last, but you already know the answer. Whatever God once was doesn’t matter, ultimately. What matters, to you, is that that it must
remain as it is. “Broken.” God knows that. The more powerful parts, the mechanical components
the more conventional sects may label as holy, they know they are not meant to be one solid
thing. And even when forced together, a foreign force
driving them, they know what they really are. Bits of the monster will work to destroy itself,
deploy smaller entities to do the job. The GOC didn’t kill it, they took the gun
from its own hand and claimed credit when they pulled the trigger. The problem is that humans are too small a
part of God to remember. Remember what it was like before. And so those like Bumaro will invent new ways
to push us toward a singularity. Because that’s what will happen. Did you see the underside of the destroyer? It was damaged even before the encounter in
’43. And if you looked very closely, you might
have seen the scars were getting closer and closer to the power core. It even managed to damage whatever lets it
slip between the layers of reality this time. Eventually the monster will win. It will destroy the destroyer, devour it,
and with its power consume everything. And I mean everything. God will return to being one gestalt being,
a singularity, and then break. Only this time it may have some outside force
within it. The rust of The Factory. The blood of a Daevite king. The Fifthists, Wondertainment, some random
person on the street with enough spark in them to be a reality bender. They will have a hand in remaking the universe,
and close the secondary loop of all this. No, that doesn’t concern me. It’s an eventuality, it’s meant to happen. Who’s to say it hasn’t already happened, and
your people were the winner? Maybe humanity itself was the winner. But that doesn’t mean I’d be against putting
it off, allowing the primary loop to continue. Yes, it’s possible. I know you couldn’t damage the monster last
time, and that the destroyer may not be able to repair itself by the time it is needed. But who’s to say you can’t aid it? Or mimic those who will seek to rebuild God,
and acquire outside help? Working together, nothing is impossible. Apart, we are Broken. But united, we are God.

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  2. So, 2399 attacked SCP001? Huh… Maybe it's connected to scp001? One(2399) is to protect the world and the other is meant to…do something.(001)

  3. The day the GOC killed god, not a god of man but a god of old. A god of beings man would consider gods in their own right, an angry god a god in pain. A god that was dead a god that wanted to stay dead.

  4. Well, I seem to recall that the Foundation traced the origin of the Signal that was giving orders to SCP 2399 originating from the Triangulum Galaxy, so maybe it the Foundation can find some way to communicate with the signal and explain the situation with SCP-001 Broken God and SCP 001 Factory if necessary, and maybe the signal senders might send in another destroyer into the system to prevent another incident. And the Allied Occult has the artifact that they used to call it in the first place, so that may help.

  5. Oh no, you friends are super awesome and super smart!
    Oh, you friends are super awesome and super smart!
    Oh, I'm so sorry friends.

    Class Of The Subject-Expained or Thaumiel

  7. Mekhane (the broken God) is an elder God of technology. He fought with jaldabaoth because of a little argument they had. Jaldabaoth wanted creatures to be more primal and rely on instincts, while Mekhane wanted creatures to use their intellect to create technology to assist them. Overall Mekhane fucked up jaldabaoth. But I don't know how Mekhane ended up broken on earth. That, I still haven't figured out, I need to dig deeper I guess.

  8. My favorite classification is: Euclid and Safe

    And my favorite classification of people

    is Mobile Task Force (MTF) and Nine tailed Fox (NTF)

  9. You guys should watch 035’s sedition tapes. At one point, Watch asks 035 their thoughts on 001 and 035 said “Which one…how many are there now like, twenty”

  10. This thing is ruining my life when I knew all about the scp!!! TELL ME!!! IS IT THAT THING IS FREAKING REAL!!!!????

  11. 627k has successfully been terminated on omega class excremental scale for accessing level 5 clearance file without O-5 council's approval

  12. Out of all the huge scps and dangerous ones this one THIS ONE would scare 682 because well if it’s a world destroying scp just throw 682 in there I mean the worlds gone but yay?

  13. Hey uhh not to spoil the party but this SCP-001 is fake, scp 184 is the real scp 0… wait you only have class 2 clearance nevermind come here for some amnestics, yeah this is real guys

  14. A.I: Message recently recived from council 05-6, open?
    ME: yes
    A.I: File opening thank you for your patience 05-1
    Message: There is an XK-class end of the world scenario is happening please assist the broken god has been re-made.
    ME: send mesage, begin live transmission
    ME: The "Broken god" Scp-001 is not real therfore it is not causing an XK-CLASS END OF THE WORLD SCENAIRO therefore we are safe.
    ME:(from initial dimension) HOLY SHIT, oh wait… this is from me, 45 seconds ago????? OH A TRANSMISSION FROM ANOTHER DEMONSION.
    ME: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Explosion*, *Darkness*, *Everything is dead

    Just a little rp just for fun.

  15. The Broken God It's just made of tools and metals and he's alive? Then…… That's the reason people that respected him was people that joined the Church of The Broken God. (CBG) That's all? And I'm a MTF Level-5 Clearance, I'm going to turn into a O5 soon.

  16. I think this is some lost interview or whatever but I recently found it from an unknown website. Somebody with the name "Site-12 Foundation/Scp-10010" said he copied it from another person but the person was lost and forgotten forever in his mind. Anyways, he still copied it from the forgotten person and extracted it from an unknown website. That website didn't have a name or anything so I suppose that's the SCP-Foundation secretive website for Scientists and MTF Guards to review their works on some forgotten SCPs. So me and my friend "Fransisco10" checked the unnamed/unknown website and some of it's secrets were hidden in public view. So supposedly this guy who just copied from a real SCP scientist could of have been terminated by the SCP-Foundation or just got hostage by them. Whatever, here is the copied interview by some "terminated" person who copied it.
    Interviewer: Hello, SCP-10010.
    SCP-10010: Hello there, Doctor.
    Interviewer: I got to ask you some questions from other scientists I know that leaves them and me baffled for days. Please refrain to my voice as I got a severe cold from another SCP.
    SCP-10010: Ok, just get a SCP-500 from the containment chamber and we can keep going.
    Interviewer: I'll do it later, I got questions to ask you before I take a pill of SCP-500. I suppose we can do another interview later.
    SCP-10010: Alright Doctor, what questions would you ask me?
    Interviewer: Why do you create memetic kill agents, cognitohazards, and infohazards to our files?
    SCP-10010: I put those hazards to keep people away from knowing our secrets.
    Interviewer: Wait, you got the wrong idea pal. We create memetic kill agents for our top secret SCPs but you create Class V Infohazards in things that we don't need to have!
    SCP-10010: I just want you to know that the SCP Foundation is a secretive foundation and you people created a website in which people would know our secrets? That's betraying our own power!
    Interviewer: I guess we should do another interview tomorrow.
    SCP-10010: Yeah, great idea.
    [End Log #1]

  17. Now THAT was a BRILLIANT 001 proposal! Bringing in other existing SCPs, raising existential questions about the Church, about the very universe itself… This is the SCP universe at its finest!

  18. 19:45 alright I know scp's are just fan fiction/science fiction. But before 1943 that was NOT what mexico looked like. And scp 001 wasn't real after 1943, if it was it would cause most of the world to die. But that didn't happen, because the world wouldn't have this much people. I know this Is just fake and stuff but this is what I think, alright?

  19. (me being the 666.666 view) I̞͕͈̼̦̻̗̩͚͎͖̻̺͑ͭͫͫ͋͆͊ͩͩ̍̊̌̔̄ͅḾ ̺̺͈̳̑̾̋͑Ả̴̵̛̓ͦ̍̽̊ͫͩ̈ͯ̔ͮ̋͋ ̝͈̹̰̭͚̙̳͇̣̰̏̽̅̓̎̅ͦ͋̓̃̓B͕̦̲̹͉͎̉̄ͨ̊̇ͥȐ̛̙̹̗̩̻̦̯͇̦͙̘̘̯̲ͩ͂ͮ̈ͤͧͪͯ̆̾ͦ̌̎ͯͅO̡͖̳͚̖̠̮̫͖̓̏̔̓́ͦ̈̂̀͜K̡͉̟̞̣̦̪̘̪̤͇̰ͦ̂ͯ̾̌ͫͣ̓̋̐ͨ̅ͅĖ̳̰͖̻̖̥͚͎̲͖̪̪͎ͪ̔ͭ͗ͥ̓̋͂ͩͣ͐̚̕͢͠N ̘͉̩̠̞̱͖͉̪͖͎̗͓̌̓̏̅͗̑ͤ̑ͫ̿̃̿ͮG̀ͦ͛ͧ̈́ͨ̓ͥͥͭͭ̎̈́́ͧ͠O͚͔̝͕̹͓̎̀̈̉ͭͤD̛ͭͭ̌ͯͨ̒̒͒̂ͩ̔́̚

  20. Mekhanus didn't break for this

    This message has been kindly provided to you by the church of the broken god

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