33 thoughts on “Sarah Huckabee Sanders just made things even worse | POLITICS NEWS

  1. This guy trump just keeps getting more and more out of control, when will they remove this reality tv actor out? Whats it gonna take?

  2. Yesterday is was reported that Russia, North Korea, and possibly China has our country's cyberspace software etc. Now we are wondering how they got it? Oh I wonder who? Impeachment is too good for Trump…he needs to face the firing squad .

  3. Frau Goebbels is clearly showing how blindly ignorant she is and when the clown goes down, she and all of his inner circle should be changed with treason for defending his actions!!!

  4. Who else is gonna throw a HUGE Celebration when this Evil cunt ⚰️ πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΎπŸŽˆ

  5. Sarah is complicit with Trumps treasonous comments. Trump siding with Kim(his new love)over our country men Joe Biden. Trump and Sarah should be tarred and feathered(traitors)!

  6. How well do I remember, it was just this past December,

    I was tweeting untrue facts with manly pride

    When my heart began to flutter, and I fell into the gutter,

    and a pig came up and lay down by my side

    As I lay there in the gutter, with my heart still in a flutter,

    a lady passing by began to say

    'You can tell a man who lies, by the allies at his side'

    And the pig got up, and slowly walked away

    With apologies to John Leroy Maxwell

  7. Trump refuses to take an I. Q. Exam. He has been offered the opportunity several times so he could prove his claim of being a genius. He knows already that his I.Q. is way below average.

  8. Kim Jong-Un, like so many others, plays Trump (the greatest negotiator the world has ever known) like a stringed instrument.
    It'd be funny, were it not so sad.

  9. Is there anything more hideous than this FAT MAN-WOMAN with pearls. Hey fat-ass, no more "press confrences". Fraidy cat

  10. She is such a piglet. Watch her go into hiding more now. She will never work again unless it is for fox news

  11. What a terrible excuse for a woman she is – utterly repulsive in every way – goes well with her mob boss and his band of criminals πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ™ˆ

  12. The unspoken protocol is to not diss public officials [or those that have been] on foreign soil. Remember the Dixie Chicks?? Wrong, Wrong, WRONG and on many levels!! Coming from a president is unconscionable! SHAME!!

  13. Thomas F….I’ve not called Republicans murderers! But aborting a clump if cell at 6 to 8 weeks is not murder! At that age the fetus has gills and looks more like a fish than anything! No humanity there! I don’t support full term abortions…but to save the mothers life…OK!

  14. Don't be so hard on cyclops she's just doing her job. Truly is amazing that we pay her with our tax paying dollars not to give White House briefings anymore that used to be a daily thing during the Obama administration and everyone before that. No now she gets paid tax paying money and gets to go on the propaganda Channel Fox network how much longer till she's on with Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh disgusting piece of s*** disgrace to the white race she needs to take some orange makeup on.

  15. Sarah fuckabee slanders is a moron thet is only there to lie for trump so his fongue can get a rest from lying. She s a perfect idiot tgat does trumps bidding. She s bound for hell

  16. Thomas F…I watch many news outlets….and I’m far from a dummy! Have you read or studied your own Constitution? If you have you would know who the dummies are…

  17. Sarah Sanders is ugly, she is cow looking, fat just like Trump, and a lot of other things just like Trump, and the truth of the matter is, this is the most attention she had in her sorry pathetic life, and when it's all over, she will crash and burn, she will never work in Washington ever again, she is one ugly fat Despicable lying bitch, their time will come sooner or later

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