Rudy Giuliani on Trump’s acquittal, State of the Union

Rudy Giuliani on Trump’s acquittal, State of the Union

94 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani on Trump’s acquittal, State of the Union

  1. A speech full of lies and nothing that would bring everyone together. The Senate didn't find Trump not guilty, they looked the other way because they didn't want Trump lashing out on them.. Chickens. They only care about what's good for them and nothing to do with representing the people who voted them into office…Trump thinks he can win with only his followers voting for him…

  2. I hope the people of America demand justice and that indictments are forth coming. Good luck to 5he American people and to POTUS from the UK

  3. It is still going on because the dem/lib/left have something else going on, that isn't out in the open yet & they aren't letting it out !!! I'll bet on it !!! How else could they still feel empowered to continue !!!

  4. Guantánamo Bay Cuba for all the Soroscratic party ! Will stop the Do Nothing Democ’rat’s from wasting American Tax money on their own agenda !

  5. What a load of “BS”… the president was not acquitted …the “No Balls” Rep Senators …basically showed that they loved their jobs more than their country.. Mitt Showed what it is to be a real American

  6. giuliani is a liar, biden worked in the ukraine under u.s. policy, giuliani did not, if it was so true why did the investigation, done at the time, not reveal this, because it is not true.

  7. why does fox have to call democrats "the radical dems" and not just plain old democrats? other channels do not do this because it is juvenile.

  8. Trump is the kind of old man that while drowning in the pool will flail helplessly and pull down everyone trying to save him. And once the bodies of the attempted heros are stacked high enough in the pool he will crawl out of the pool on their lifeless bodies and walk away and never look back to those who helped. He cheats in his golf game, he cheated in his business, he cheated on All of his wives with girlfriends he cheated on with paid porn stars, he cheated on his taxes and he cheated in the election and is trying to again, he's cheated our national security and he has cheated on America. He cheats on his color, he cheats on his weight, he cheats with that 3 ft long wrap around combover. You can play the Pee-Wee Herman defense all day long- "I know you are but what am I?" but you have turned your back to God and embraced corruption, dishonesty, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony and the biggest sin Trumps Pride in only himself "Unmatched Genius" – You have disagreed with the teachings of Christ- You might as well melt your 401 gold down and make a Trump statue to worship.

  9. You really ought to stop comparing President Trump to Ronald Regan, compared to Trump Regan was not all that, but President Trump is a force of nature.

  10. People research Bernie's agenda. I just did a couple days ago!! I heard about Bernie's socialism crap but for real look at his agenda!! Scary

  11. Tip to Lou, focus on all things positive about trump and his admin. Focus on happy American, talk about their successes. Give 2 seconds to the dems with little fan fare.

  12. Adam Schiff and the ringleaders should be prosecuted for defamation. You should NOT allow this to occur in America because they will do this again and again. Trump made a brilliant speech. He is a man of his time and always ready to lead. Pelosi secretly loved it. She tore up that to try to be a heroine to her base. She should return to California and resign. Fix your state Ms Pelosi. You are like my Italian Grandmother. You are adorable when furious. President Trump, thank you!

  13. The only good mayor of NYC should show the other cities how to deal with affordable housing and homelessness. Mayor Giuliani is an expert on being effective. He is still very relevant. I was so impressed when I returned to visit NYC after years of being away. He had done the impossible. Mayor Giuliani needs to educate mayors in other cities.

  14. Loony Left, has NOT left. New York = Giuliani vs Bloomberg, Nadler vs Trump, etc??? Next series of BS against legitimate 2016 election results seem to indicate US President's tax records might be fully examined, right from the day he was born?

  15. Loony Left, has NOT left. New York = Giuliani vs Bloomberg, Nadler vs Trump, etc??? Next series of BS against legitimate 2016 election results seem to indicate US President's tax records might be fully examined, right from the day he was born?

  16. Loony Left, has NOT left. New York = Giuliani vs Bloomberg, Nadler vs Trump, etc??? Next series of BS against legitimate 2016 election results seem to indicate US President's tax records might be fully examined, right from the day he was born?

  17. I was born abroad but came here to live and became american because I loved the American way… since Obama I felt that something was VERY WRONG with the country and the Dummycrats it is so easy to see that they do not care about this Country, their culture and their people….they just want your vote, the power and be loyal to the corporations,….Hello Hellary and Bill…and Obamas…… are the opposite that what the profess

  18. A person must be judged for what he has committed, after evaluating all the facts and listening to all the witnesses. If a judgment is influenced only by belonging to a certain group, this becomes the law of the herd. The herd judges on the basis of the sense of belonging and not on the basis of what has been committed. Otherwise we apply this rule in all criminal trials. So a person can be sentenced to dependency on belonging to a group.

    Question: In the case of President Trump's impeachment request, were all investigations made and all witnesses listened to,  or he  was acquitted because Republican?

    I am aware that this reasoning may seem naive but it is right to do it.

  19. Less partisan? Better than Reagan? That was not a speech, that was a rant! You guys love a spoiled brat who gets his way, this says alot about his supporters.
    Other than the second amendment, I don't think his supporters have ever read the constitution. These hillbillies and old timers are still confused of what the 2nd amendment means. They think it's to shoot anybody who disagrees with them. These fools can't even agree on a slogan, is it "make" or "keep" which one is it. Did you guys watch the state of the union with the sound off or something? Don't take it from me, I dare any Trump supporter to fact-check anyting Trump said at the State of the Union.
    By the way, he was exonerated by a bunch of cowards, and you know this! This has become America's new sport. Lmfao, You people really think they'll never be a democrat in office again?
    Do you people even think?

  20. President Donald Trump has set a new standard for SOTU addresses. Not only was there all great policy generated news, it was scripted well enough to make Nancy Pelosi snap.

  21. Right to lifers always support politicians that want to cut health care, education, you known all of those things that children need— what the Hell? We have a child poverty crisis in the US. Trump never talks about that——

  22. No treasonous lawless traitor or leaker should ever be given a free path to the Presidency!
    No more lies or victimization of the American people , ever again I pray.
    DO JUSTICE. ..convict the guilty and great blessings will come
    Proverbs 24:25

  23. Find Roger Stone and help him. and Flynn.. and Assauge.. why can demonstrate lie and nothing is done to them. How can they put a gag order on people so they cannot defend themselves.. why can demobrats have witnessed but Republicans can Nancy Pelosi rip the speech up and nothing is done.. people it's time we took our power

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  26. Cartoon f**** character Rudy Giuliani don't know what the f*** to do anymore after getting Donald Trump impeached digging up dirt on Joe Biden I'm f**** real these f**** low lies

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