Rock Church – The Pursuit – Part 1, The Pursuit

Rock Church – The Pursuit – Part 1, The Pursuit

If you are new here LIFE
Class is the way to discover your God-given design and find
out more about our church. rGroups at Rock Church is how
you get connected. DGroups are to help you pursue
the heart of God. Have your dGroup up by January
27, join the pastoral team, and it’s a one year commitment. Join The Rock Church open house. Text info to 52525 for more
information on all of these amazing opportunities. And now let’s get ready for the
message. Father, give me a heart that
desires to be with you more than anything else. That chooses to avoid anything
that displeases you. Help me humbly embrace a kingdom
mind set and value making disciples. Create in me a heart that is
guided by your word, that grows in generosity, that beats for
the lost. I want to discover how you use
the gifts you have given me. Holy Spirit, develop in me a
heart that gives and receives forgiveness quickly. That worships you with
everything that I have. A heart that depends completely
on the power of prayer and chooses to serve others with
humility. [Applause]
What’s up church! Happy new year, happy new year. Happy new year. Everybody smile. Today is the first day of the
rest of your life. I know it’s a cliché but it is
actually factual. It’s the first Sunday of the
rest of your life. Let’s make a decision today to
do the rest of our life different than the past amen. Stand to your feet and welcome
all campuses and the people watching online and in prison,
give them a big hand. And the people in the military,
God bless y’all. [Applause]
If you are a visitor, my name is Miles, welcome to the Rock
Church and ending our 18th year, we started in February, 2000,
February will be 19 years. Welcome everyone. This year we will read through
the Bible and teach through the Bible. And give information for the
small groups based on the same reading. And give the information in
dGroups, talk about today, discipleship groups same reading
and when we talk to people, talk about who we are reading about. And reading through Isaac and
Jacob, how many of you never read through the Bible? Amen. Guess what, let’s start. Well, I am already six days
behind. Let’s get to it. And spend an hour and get caught
up and the information on the website and lesson plan. I want to say hello to everyone
out. We will memorize one verse or
passage every month and today is Genesis 1:26-27, so put on the
screen. If you are thinking man that is
a lot of stuff, we have a month to memorize. One, two, three… If you are married, all of your
ladies, your husbands are that creeps that creep on the ground. Just a little jokey joke. Kind of get you started and
engaged. Verse 27, one, two, three… All of y’all — sorry, all of
you male and female created in God’s image, no more, no less,
amen. Turn to the person next to you
and say, you are created in the image of almighty God. You may be seated, you may be
seated. Before we pray, tomorrow we
start our 21-day fast. How many of you going to do the
fast with us, raise your hand. Fabulous, fabulous. If you don’t know anything about
the fast, text DISCIPLE, to 52525, it’s in your bulletin, in
the lesson plan. You get information on the fast. It’s 21 days and can do any kind
of fast. Preferably it’s something that
you are ingesting. Don’t consider fasting gossip a
fast. If you have never fasted food,
there is a process and be careful. What I do is a week of
preparation, fruits and vegetables and middle week is
juice and water and then more or less and ease back into it. There is a lot of different ways
to do it. The key is to give up food and
focus more on God. If you have never done a fast
before, you may wonder what does eating have to do with being
spiritual. When you stop eating, you will
find out. All I got to say. Like when people have a baby,
you hear some people have a baby and say you never have love like
when you have a baby. You are like I don’t get it. When you have a baby, you know. I encourage you to get
information about the fast and today talk about discipleship
and clear that’s where we are going for the new year. My prayer that I am going to do here in a
minute is that God will give you the desire to
be a disciple. Amen. And there is a difference
between being a Christian and disciple. I want to talk about that. Let’s get on our knees. Come on, come on. Oh, Lord —
Oh, Lord — I got to get some lotion for my
knees. Does he know this is concrete,
yep, I do. This is concrete too, so I won’t
be down here long. Lord Jesus, thank You, speak to
our hearts, challenge us. 2018 is gone and will never come
back, never come back. 2019 is fresh. We dedicate this year to You. We want to be disciples. Everyone say disciples. In Jesus’ name, amen. Give the person next to you a
big hug, high-five or som’thun. So I brought out the big guns
right here, look at that. That’s the Bible right there,
like five Bibles in one. Lift your Bible on the count of
three and say word. Word —
That’s going to be my deathbed prayer, nurse on the
count of three, say word. One, two, three, say word.
Word. Turn to Genesis 32. Genesis chapter 32. Genesis-henesis 32. I was on a conference call about
two months ago. And our team was talking to a
pastor, actually a pastor was talking to us about
discipleship. And he asked a very powerful
question that has been ringing in my head. He said to me, to us, to me,
what kind of church to you want to have in 10-15 years? And I said, I want to have a
vibrant growing church where people are growing in the faith
and exercising gifts in the community and miracles are
happening and more and more people are coming. And then he said, what if you
only had three years left as being pastor. What would you do in three years
to make sure in 15 years that is happening? Now, I have no plans of leaving
in three years. This is just a question that he
asked me. I don’t know how long I will be
here but I definitely don’t have a three-year plan to leave. But it was an interesting
question, it’s Jesus’ dilemma. He had three years of ministry
and had to do something that after he died, resurrected and
went to heaven, Christianity was spread to the world. What did he do? He built this gigantic church —
let me say this — he built this gigantic building with all of
these seats and had services every week — no. He made disciples. He had 12. One betrayed him. Why would Jesus pick someone to
betray him? Because you know that always
someone close to you that will betray you. And 11 that were left that were
faithful and through that he spent 90% of his time with the
11 and three. He said, make disciples. And now the conversation I had
with the pastor, a month or two after I was laying in bed one
day and God said Septemberish — he said, make disciples. Very clearly. And I said, God disciples are
made, no, I’m telling you make disciples. And I went in search what that
means in our context. He wasn’t just speaking to me,
he was speaking to me for us. I appointed you pastor of the
church, I want you to make disciples. We are going on this journey to
put together a system to facilitate the discipleship of
all of you, that you become a disciple whom makes disciples. So we start this series today
that ends on when we die. But this initial series will
culminate on Easter, three months from now, April 21. My prayer is that God prepare
your heart to receive what he has for you. How many of you believe in your
heart if you had someone in your life to hold you accountable to
read the Bible, you would read the Bible better. By the way, and to raise your
hand we put our elbow above our ear — kind of like whatever. How many of you believe if you
pray more faithfully that God will bless your life, marriage
and business and relationships. Amen. And how many of believe that if
you had someone that trusted and share your junk and keep it
confidential and have more of a relationship with God and walk
faithfully. This is discipleship. And talk about that and
introduce the concept of discipleship. And read Genesis, and understand
this we are reading through the Bible. As part of our discipleship and
we read through the Bible, January 6, if you don’t have the
plan, text DISCIPLE to 52525. The 2019 plan is different than
the 2018 plan, if you are behind get caught up and start today. Let’s go. We will teach every week based
on what you read, what you hear today you will read in a few
days. Our rGroups that we talk about
will get information based on the meeting. Our dGroups that we talk about
today will get information on the reading. And with the kids and youth and
if you see me in the mall, ask me about the memory work, and I
will ask you. And hold each other
accountability and share and encourage each other. Does this make sense to you? This is what we are working as a
staff and our prayer is that we work together and the spirit of
God speak to us about the same thing and hear it over and over. Genesis 32, here’s the deal,
there is 66 books in the Bible. How many books in the Bible? The more you repeat what I ask,
the more we participate, the more you are going to learn. You learn more when you say and
do versus when you watch and hear. How many books in the Bible? 66. There is two parts in the Bible,
Old Testament and New Testament. How many parts. The Old Testament sets up the
New Testament, they go together. The old testament does what to
the New Testament? Sets up. They go —
Together. First book is Genesis, it
means the book of beginning. God put it in the beginning, as
a matter of fact what God started in Genesis 1 and 2, he
finishes in Revelation 21 and 22, they go together, first two
and last two chapters and everything in between is the
story of salvation. Pretty cool.
How many books in the Bible? 66. Three patriarchs in the
Bible, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham had a son named Isaac. He had a son named Jacob. Isaac had twins, Jacob and Esau,
the older. Jacob tricked his father to give
the blessing due Esau. He robbed his brother of a
blessing, Esau said I will kill you for robbing me of my
blessing. And the mother said, Jacob you
need to run, because your brother will kill you and go to
my brother and stay there until he cools down. He does, and long story short,
Jacob says I want to see my brother, and sends a messenger
and he said I saw Esau and he’s coming to see you and 400
soldiers. Abraham had a son named Isaac. And had a son named Jacob. Jacob had a twin brother, Esau,
older brother and robbed his birthright and blessing and Esau
says I will kill you and sends the message that I am coming to
see you, I have 400 soldiers. So Jacob gets scared and starts
sending gifts to his brother Esau, and sends him camels. Hopefully that will make him
happy. He sends him donkeys hopefully
that will make him happy. He sends him sheep, hopefully
that will make him happy. And sends cattle and then all of
a sudden Jacob is by himself and then we read this story. In this story we read Jacob
wrestling with an angel. And the question is what is a
disciple and what does Jacob has to do with being a disciple. Let’s read the story… It says, verse 24… Every sake God, I will not let
you go until you bless me. God would be so excited if you
had that passion for him. God would be so excited if you
said, God I’m not letting you go ever. You are not optional in my life. I can’t go a day without talking
to you. Hearing your voice. Sensing your presence. I can’t go into a meeting
without knowing you are with me. And then he says… This is where Israel came from,
he changed his name to Israel. In verse 30… Here’s the thing, real simple,
Jacob sends all of his resources, wives and camels to
his brother to appease his brother. And says, God bless me. What is your name, Jacob. And no, I will call you
something else and touches his hip and for the rest of his life
he walks like this… If you ever see someone walking
like that, you need to say, hey you know where that came from? God must have touched your hip,
brother. My understanding of a disciple
was someone who sat in a class and taught by someone
information. I got saved in 1994 and
committed my life once and for all in 1984. And I was discipled by a guy
four of us, we met every Tuesday our day off and met for three
hours. When I was first saved I was
going around the locker room, teammates can you teach me this,
and what does the Bible mean. And a friend of mine said you
need to be discipled. I said what is that, you need
someone to help you understand those things and I said, you do
it. And he said no. I said, what kind of Christian
are you. Think about that. He was a believer. He said no. He wasn’t ready to help me. And not that I was something
special but another believer. And we saw each other every day. And he said, you need to ask him
and I said, you disciple me. And he said, I will pray about
it, and the Christian way to say no. And I was trying to learn to
grow, and to make long story short he did it every three
hours. And on Wednesday we had wives
and teammates and this 30 something people, met twice a
week. rGroup and small group what we
will call dGroup. That was my understanding and I
got information and do what God had me do. Anything wrong with that? Absolutely not, read the Bible
every day. And even if you don’t understand
the Bible, I don’t understand everything. And why you have books and that
is fine, there is so much to learn and layers. Because the word of God is
living and active and it will speak to you and change your
heart. So we would read and pray and go
to church and serve and then share our faith in the locker
room. We would be in the locker room,
I don’t know if you know the stadium in San Diego, the
Charger locker was in the basement and we took the
elevator. And every day in the elevator. Imagine 20 guys, grown men in
the elevator, shoulder-to-shoulder and we
would jump in the elevator, because there were guys scared
and it was that deal. And grown men — stop. And we would be in the elevator
and the guy that discipled me. His name Sherman, brother Miles,
what is your memory verse. And I would say, you ask me in
front of the people. And he would say, are you
ashamed of the gospel brother. And that was my discipleship. And God, you want me to make
disciples. He says, I want to add something
to that. If you look in your notes, the
triangle says to the top left, thoughts. Top right, actions. Say amen if you see that
triangle. Often we think I am going to get
information in my head and do that information. And we focus on the transference
of information, and skill. And ability. And even when you come here,
okay, God give me information. And then we have thoughts. And God said to me, I don’t want
you to throw it out. That’s so important. But what I want you to focus on,
this is me and God talking, the bottom, the heart. The motivation behind getting
that information. The motivation behind worship. In other words we ask you to
worship and come forward on all campuses and raise your hand and
you are like okay. But why? We ask you to read your Bible. But why? We ask you to give. But why? It’s something that we want you
to do because you want to do it. You have a passion to do it. And I want you to read this
definition of discipleship that the Lord gave us, it’s in the
lesson plan, called do something disciple. Say do something disciple. It says… Read it again… On the screen as well. A heart being perfected in the
love of God and people. Lord, I want you to imagine
saying this to God every day, Lord give me your heart. Give me your desire. Give me your passion. Give me your affections. All the ladies in the house say
hey. Hey. All the ladies in the house
say HEEEYY. Have you ever said to a guy I
love you or ask does he love you. And he went, yeah, I love you. And you are like —
Say amen sometimes that happened to you and you know what I am
talking about ladies. You can say the words but this
is not here. So when we talk about a disciple
here, a do-something disciple, someone who has a disciplined
pursuit of God’s heart. His passion. His desires. His motivation. And imagine if you said, God
give me your heart for lost people. I want my heart to break with
them. As you fast, Lord give me your
heart for the people that I don’t get along with. Give me your heart please. Give me your heart for the word. I want to know why this is
valuable because you wrote it. Give me that passion. Give me a heart for worship. When I come to church to me it’s
not just words. Every day my wife and I when
either one of us leave the house or come into the house. We give each other a kiss. Every night before we go to bed,
we give each other a kiss. Every night. Even if we are mad it’s like —
Sometimes things ain’t right up in paradise and you are like —
And listen, we want to keep that thing and you always know and
what happens at those times. Okay let’s just hug and don’t
say anything — okay, okay. Okay. Because it’s right here, it’s
not about the act, it’s about the heart. Are you following what I am
saying? Our desire is to put you in the
situation where you have the heart of the father. Read it one more time… Every say pursuit. Say this out loud, say dear
father, give me your heart. Okay, fill these three blanks
in. Number 1, like Jacob, don’t let
go of your pursuit of the heart of God. My encouragement to you this
year is that you will not give up your pursuit of the heart of
God. Now, will that encourage you to
pray more? Yeah. Will that encourage you to read
the Bible and be guided by the word of God? Yes. Will it encourage you to worship
and for the first time do this and come down at the stage on
all campuses. Yes. Will it encourage you to be
faithful and more generous and to see the hurting and pray for
them. Yes. Will it encourage you to say
sorry when you are wrong? Yes. But you do it because God is
challenging your heart. He’s giving you a passion to do
it. Because you and him are on the
same spiritual emotional page. Number 2, don’t let go of your
passion. Just like Jacob, don’t let go
until you bless me, I am going to bless you and give you the
desire to want what I want to give you. That’s what happens when you
pray. God gives you the desire for
what he wants you to have, and a higher percentage of your
prayers get answered because he’s praying what he wants you
to. And if you ask for what God
wants you to have, he will give you to you. 2, change your title from
Christian to disciple. I’m a Christian. What does that mean to you? I prayed a prayer. Matthew 26 it says — go what? Come on now church. Go what? Mumbo jumbo, say it on three. Go therefore and make disciples
of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit. Fabulous, go therefore and make
disciples. Give yourself a hand. He didn’t say go therefore — by
the way, our mission is save, equip, send. Save is step 1 and equip is
discipleship and send. Change your name, look at
yourself in the mirror and say, I’m a disciple. HA, HA. Number 3, number 3, allow God to
change the way you walk, your lifestyle. Start walking like this. Is this how you walk? No offense, just a metaphor. Start walking like this. No offense, just a metaphor. Put a little more rhythm in it,
Lord, Holy Spirit, not saying this is more spiritual but more
rhythmic, just a metaphor, don’t get tripping. Turn to the back of your notes,
what are we going to do? rGroup/dGroup. We have rGroups and some
churches call them small groups. On the screen you will see the
difference between rGroup and dGroup. We encourage you to do both. How do you do both? Change your schedule. I am getting an rGroup and a
dGroup. Okay. Will it require more time? Yeah. Are the benefits going to be
whoa — yeah. Okay. Let’s look at it. What these are. rGroup is open to anyone, like a
home group. 5, 10, 30 people. A dGroup, which is a
discipleship group is closed only to believers by invite. In other words, me you, me you. And once we get our group, you
can always invite people but more high accountability and
high confidentiality, we are committed to each other. rGroup is 3-12 or more. DGroup is 3-5. Very small. rGroup is co-ed. DGroup is gender specific. A few of us guys are going to
talk about guy things and only keep this information here. And a few girls talk about girl
things, and of course the Bible. But hey, what are you struggling
with? Ask questions, what are you
struggling with, and any sin to confess but it’s private. Next screen. rGroup to make sure that
everyone has a chance to grow in Christ. And dGroup pretty much same
thing but teach to be self-feeding believers that
reproduce themselves in somebody else. Talk more about that in a
minute. Time in it, 30-90 minutes. Except the dGroup lasts one
year. The rGroup can go on forever. The dGroup is one year. In other words I have 3-5 people
and me and two other guys and meet for one year. Once a week. However you do it. Next screen. The rGroup is flexibility and
expectations as members, people come and go. DGroup is a high expectation and
the participants hold covenants of consistency and
accountability. In other words, we commit to
each other, dGroup 3-5 people total and commit to each other
for one year. We challenge as deep as we can
be challenged. We know at church it’s surface,
praise the Lord, hey, God bless you. And the sermon great and not
come back throughout the year and robbing banks and stuff. Where do you confess that you
rob the bank? In dGroup. Hey, I’m having an issue with
banks. I don’t understand the deposit
slip, I have to take the money. Can you pray for me. So that’s — that happens, you
are not in the general public in rGroup, hey, with your wife
there, I am dealing with pornography, can someone help a
brother out and love blonds and five blonds in the room, you
don’t do that. That’s a dGroup, I am not
confessing anything, just hypothetical. Guess what I heard —
Leadership, one or two people to nurture spiritual growth, one
leader that helps growth in maturity and prepares to lead
future groups. By the way, in the dGroup you
are not required to be a Bible scholar. We are going to give you the
questions to ask. We will share those with you. And here on Sunday. But questions like, it has to do
with your heart. What are you learning from the
reading? What is God speaking to you? Anything in your life that you
struggle with, anything we can pray for. Anyone that you share your faith
with. Imagine if someone asked that
each week. Who do you share your faith
with. Nobody.
Next week. Nobody. Next week. Dude. I don’t know how, let’s pray for
that. And if you shared your faith and
imagine the power, can you imagine if you came to church
before the first song because your heart was passionate to
worship because it was the father’s heart. That’s what we are talking
about. rGroups are designed to grow and
multiply into a biblical community. DGroups designed to replicate
disciple makers. The cool thing, my guys and one
year and after that year my two or three guys have to go out and
get two or three guys. Every week we will say, who are
you praying about to disciple. And in that year you grow in the
understanding of the word and having your father’s heart. And go out and get two more
people. Imagine all of you in rGroup and
that rGroup you met people to put in your dGroup. Or knew someone to be in your
dGroup. And you say, listen, can we do
accountability together. And imagine if you went out and
got two or three people and went out in a year and y’all got two
or three people. You know in 13 years one person
did that with three people — watch this, 13 years and one
person did that with three people. If I had three people and we all
got three and they got three, in 13 years we would have all of
San Diego. That’s just one person. That’s how — so when Jesus said
I will make disciples. That’s what happens, he knew
math. By the way, if you don’t like
math, Jesus is a math guy. This is exponential growth. That is a 11th grade word that
you forgot, as soon as 11th ended. What does that mean? Let me end with this, my
challenge to you, text disciple, to 52525. Get your information about the
Bible reading, the fast, and dGroup rGroups, if you are not
in an rGroup, join one and if not in a dGroup, think of
accountability people and find in your rGroup or you just know
them. And say, Lord, you said to make
disciples. I want your heart. I want to be in an
accountability relationship where your heart is transferred
to me and I can walk with you now. Some of you say, I don’t have
Jesus as my Savior, great, start. We will pray for you. Because step 1 is I got to get
in the game and ask Christ to be my Savior. And there is also of you in
here, you have been a Christian for a long time but not a
disciple. And that’s been okay for you. But your life isn’t that much
different than anybody else. Some of you. And God says, you know what,
imagine how much more blessed your life can be, your marriage,
your business, your relationships, your worship. But imagine what good I can do
in someone else’s life, if that guy never discipled me. If that guy never discipled me. I would not be here. He was a teammate. He was three or four years older
than me. He wasn’t a pastor. And he put work in my life. Thank God that guy said yes to
me. There is people in your life
that need what you have. And I want to challenge you to
say, Lord I want to be a discipler and a disciple. So we’re going to pray in a
minute, and this prayer is for all of you to say, Lord I’m
ready to take the next step. So all of you bow your heads and
close your eyes on all campuses. Lord, if we all just did a
little bit. If we all just obeyed you. My prayer is that people would
make decisions to text word “disciple” to 52525. It’s in their bulletin and say,
I want to get in an rGroup, and get in a dGroup. I need to change my life. I need to read the Bible. This year can be so amazing. Today is a fork in the road, I
can go left and everything can be the same. Or I can go right and everything
can be so much better. If you would like to surrender
2019 to the Lord, for some of you that’s salvation. For some of you that’s just a
refreshed, renewed commitment. I want you to pray this prayer
with me in the privacy of your heart. Pray, dear God, like Jacob I
need you. I surrender my life to you. Jesus, please forgive me. Of all of my sin. I surrender my life to you. I surrender 2019 to you. I want to walk more faithfully. Forgive me. Accept me. As our eyes are closed and heads
bowed, if you prayed that prayer, stand to your feet. And as you stand you are walking
away from 2018, walking into a new reality for your life. So if you prayed that prayer on
the count of three, stand to your feet. One. Two. Three.
Stand to your feet. God bless If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, it’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then, confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared, We want to send you free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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  1. If you want to understand how to be a man after God's own heart study king David and apply his example to your life.
    Why do church's these days preach out of a retranslated bible these days and neglecting to acknowledge the true word of God in the English translation. By retranslated I mean every other English bible has been retranslated from the original English translation the KJV. If you want true deciples and to make a true life changing impact on your community build your foundation strong by leading and teaching from the true word of God in the English launguage. Your work, leadership, and teaching will be judged and these perversions will be huge reason for the weeping and whaling and gnashing of teeth in reaction to Christ Jesus telling them to "depart from me I never knew you". If your gonna be held accountable for teaching Gods word. Why is it such a problem for preachers and teachers to teach out of the true and only word of God written in the English language?

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