Rock Church – The Prophet – Part 4, Prophetic Redemption

Rock Church – The Prophet – Part 4, Prophetic Redemption

The life of a prophet is not
hidden. It’s not to be kept in crypts or
temples made by human hands. There is no end to the love of
God. His grace doesn’t run out. So why keep it to ourselves? He’s made a way for every heart. He’s given a word of life for
every soul. You were made for this. To carry his word like precious
gold. The time is now. Step into the life of a prophet. [Applause] What’s up! What’s up! Who’s the man? Jesus. Can I ask you to stand up,
how are you doing? Say hello to the people in all
campuses and those watching from the military, God bless y’all. Welcome to the Rock Church, my
name is Miles. We will have a great message. When you come to church, ask God
to challenge you and say God get in your business. God is going to get in your
business, all of y’alls business and my business. Before we start, say hello to
someone and look at someone next to you that you do not know. You are in a friendly place. And you are going to ask them
their name and then you are going to say to them, using
their name, God sees you. Everyone say God sees you. And God loves you. Let’s pray. Lord I pray that You challenge
us today and bless us today and thank You for all watching online. Lord, we pray for miracles in
people’s hearts today. That lives change today, amen. What is your name, God sees you. God loves you.
Find somebody. What’s up, what’s up. Get your Bibles out church. On the count of three, lift your
Bibles and say word. One, two, three. Say word.
One more time, say word. Turn to the book of Ezekiel. Reading through the Bible and
start the book of Ezekiel today, Ezekiel 2, and while you turn
there I will tell you a story. There is a term called shekinah,
and it means dwelling and pictured as fire. The presence of God is often
represented as fire. And brightness, rainbows and
lightning. As a matter of fact lightning
hit a golf course, I don’t know if you saw it, watch ESPN, the
most pure channel on television, everything else is fake news. Baby. Watch ESPN, it’s the truth. And anyway, there was a
lightning bolt that hit the golf course and thank God no one
killed. The shekinah glory is this
awesome brightness. And at City Heights campus, a
woman saw that kind of glory. And we talk about God whisper
and some people get impressions about God. And some people God speaks to in
dreams. Totally God speaks to me in
dreams sometimes. But some people see the
spiritual realm, and this woman saw the shekinah glory of God
and said pastor Michael, I saw it, cool. And a few minutes later the fire
department shows up at the church. They say that the alarm went
off, where is the fire. There was no fire. So y’all like — what’s up. So y’all thinking that the fire
of God put the alarm on and yet no physical fire and the alarm
to the fire department. The only fire here is fire of
God, y’all are missing it, I’m telling you. I’m not making this up. Why is this relevant? Not only is it true but relevant
in Ezekiel 1, he sees the shekinah glory of God and in
chapter 2 he gives a prophecy. And his prophecy is going to
challenge us today. Prophecy is when you get a word
of God that becomes a thing. God fulfills his word. When he tells us something he
did it and expands his kingdom, not your kingdom. Last week we spoke of speaking
words to people, amen. If you were not here watch
online. And in Ezekiel 2:8… He’s telling them don’t be line
the Jews that you are in captivity with and the reason
they are in captivity because disobedience. Verse 9… In other words, bad news was
written on the scroll. It says… When we read the Bible or when
you supposed the Bible every day and memorize the Bible every day
and study the Bible every day. At some point you are feeding
your soul. You are actually spiritually
feeding yourself. You should get fed when you come
here but most definitely should be feeding yourself. The problem is are you digesting
and living out what you are eating? so reading, I love my neighbor,
are you actually doing that? In our country we have a lot of
division and I wrote a book “Third Option” and all about how
God can bring us together if we focus on what we have in common. And the topics of white
supremacy, etc. I have a good friend that has
been a friend for two decades. Taz a former white supremacist,
God spoke to him in the 90s, I didn’t know him, and the gospel
changed his heart. You can put laws in place and
should all of that, the hate and dividers. But really what will change our
country is when our hearts are change. And the only thing that will
change our hearts is love of God, amen. That’s our business, we are in
the love somebody straight business. I want you to stand up and give
Taz a love, warming Rock Church welcome, come on church. Give him a big hand, come on. [Applause] Good to have you here my
brother. Good to be here. You lost a lot of weight the
last 12 months. What were you a year another? 295. 295, what are you now, 285? 225. Jiu jitsu. 225, good. So listen, we’re so happy to
have you, a lot of new stories and stuff in the news about
white supremacy and division and hate in the world. You came out of that and we’re
very excited to see how God changed your life and I want to
go back before the tattoos and people know you like I know you. And take us through the journey
of how the gospel is changing your life. Let’s go back to when you were a
kid and where you grew up. Yeah, I grew up, well we
moved around a lot my family. It was really difficult but we
all played football. My dad didn’t care what you did,
just be a good football player. He was a smart man. He was a smart man. So — he literally, like my mom
would feed us and we played football. We played since little but moved
a lot and it was very difficult. But every time I went to a new
city or place or state, I would be on the team. So you got a lot of camaraderie
and meet a lot of people and that helped me. You grew up in New York, you
started in New York? I have been all over, New
York, Maine, Reno and L.A. You came here from Maine? Culture shock. Tell us about that. Maine is beautiful, our house
was giant but you guys don’t wear shoes. And like — chill and do all of
that. It was weird. Where in Maine? Portland, Maine. I went to Deering High School — anybody, no. So you come out here, play
football and went to high school how long? Two weeks.
Just a little visit. And why did you leave? I came out here and it was a
lot, I had a girlfriend back then. So I went to mission bay and it
was a culture shock, and really flip flops at school, we don’t
do that. And I was playing ball, I was
doing good and the coaches really liked me. And you know I had some friends
but I didn’t feel a part of. So I got a Greyhound bus four
days and went back and she was messing with my friend and got
arrested and deported back. Transported. Transported, sorry. Wrong word. [Laughter] My bad. That’s another group. Transported. That’s a whole other problem. Sorry about that. So we have a picture of you back
then, I think. Yeah — That’s me. Those are traps. Those are traps right there. That’s a real trap. I don’t have them anymore. For people that don’t know
what traps are, it’s the muscle between his shoulder and neck,
if you want them, do shrugs like that. Yeah, you have to shrug it
out. One tattoo, this little guy
here and I thought I was cool. So tell us, you went to high
school, you go back and get transported back to San Diego. Transported. And how did you get into
white supremacy? So I came back from there and
I wanted pick up football again and my dad kept saying football,
football all right. And I went to Mesa College
playing ball there and I am young, got guys that are 40 and
50 on the team and 60 or 80 guys. And these guys, like a senior
league. And it was good football, Mesa
is good football. And I was in a class room and a
pretty girl walked by and going to punk rock shows. I was in punk rock music mash
and mosh pit. And let me backtrack and every
city I went in I became part of different gangs. And we were here and invited me
to a party and met skin heads and got to know everybody. And you became part of them
and they told you what? The rules and regulations,
you know the rule book. You are superior to everybody
else. We kind of know that. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. In every way. Every way.
So smarter. More talented. Favor, highly favored by God,
all of that stuff. Yeah, pretty much. When you were hearing that
and living that out, was there a conflict in your heart? Because you have history playing
football and meeting guys that I imagine you think back and I
didn’t experience that or maybe you did. Yes, I come from like when
you play football, not so much in Maine. We didn’t have a lot of brothers
in Maine. I don’t think we had one at our
school. It was white. But yeah, I had diversity in my
background, I didn’t grow up that way. My family didn’t believe that. So when I got involved in it, I
started to learn everything and then when I really dove in, then
I started to like really embrace all of that. Embrace it to believe it and
live it? Both, yeah. And how was it expressed in
your life? What did we do? Yeah. Oh — Well, you know we did day-to-day
operations. We didn’t wake up and say hey,
who we looking for. But we had an outfit and got
fatigued up and you wear Dickies and Doc Martens and different
laces and that stuff to represent different things and
mob around town, like. Well, we were looking for
trouble. What percentage of your
violence against nonwhites versus whites. I am giving you my testimony,
I am not speaking for anybody else, I am telling you what I
experienced from my lens and that’s what I am trying to help
you see what I have been through. I would say 95%, and it was all
violence. A lot of violence was against
white guys. Explain that. They were just being stupid. Say it again?
Just being stupid. It’s weird, almost seemed like
the other races, I’m sure they didn’t like what we were doing
or who we are. I don’t want to say a respect
but okay they are doing their thing. Those guys would always say
something to us. The white guys say something. Usually something or drinking
and then trouble. So we’re talking about and
when we talk about these things and talk about what spiritual
battles and the devil deceives you to do stuff
self-destructive. Many of you say I am not white
supremacist, I want you to listen to the parallel of how
the devil deceived him to self-destruct. He does it whether pornography,
it’s the same goal to destroy your relationship with God and
you. Make sense. You are told you are superior to
everybody else. There is a conflict in your
heart at least, is that true in every single way. And will you are fighting
against the people who a lot of your fights 90%, against the
people that are superior with you. That seems like a whole lot of
contradictions. Yeah, pretty much. Tell me about what was going
on in your heart? Well, at first it was like,
all right, let me see what the rules, what the regulations are,
what the program is. And then I got so deep into it I
just like, I hated myself so much and it got worse and worse. Any kind of empathy I had for
anybody, then I lost it all and all right, it’s on. Let’s do this. Tell me about the hate you
had for yourself. Yeah, when you don’t like
yourself, I hated my self and it got ugly. And some football guy and then
my world got really small. And then a smaller circle. Because we only hung out with
certain people. And I am like man my world got
real small quick. You said when you hate
yourself you can only express hate to other people or when you
express hate to other people all the time it’s a reflection that
you hate yourself. This is for me, yeah, it got
ugly, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I drank a lot. And violence was an outlet. For me I didn’t know how to deal
with people, beat them up I guess. This is back then — this is
back then. Not now. You may be a gossip and you
are always trying to pull people down probably because you feel
below them. You may be a liar because you
are scared of the truth. The Bible says that the mouth
speaks from the overflow of the heart. And when the mouth speaks not
only what you say but how you think. And if you look at your life and
monitor how much garbage is coming out and a symbol of the
people coming out too, it’s a symbol of what is in your heart. I met many white supremacists in
my life, if I have hate towards them, not what they believe,
it’s in my heart. That love will overflow them. That’s the gospel. So — so I have a theory, what
if you found out a guy was in your group, he’s white and then
he did his DNA and he was part black. Well, you said you got the rule
book. What does it say about that? That’s on page 8. So — That’s a closed door
discussion. So in my book I write about a
guy white supremacist and 16% black, DNA, you know what that
means? He’s black. Oops. In reality all people are 99.5%
identical. So you and me are 99.5%
identical. Can you believe you are 99.5% of
this? [Laughter] I want you to talk about I think
you called them supporters, cheer leaders. We’re going to stick with the
first word. Supporters.
Yeah. Explain that. You know somebody — I’m
talking about my life. I am not trying to peel a scab. Of course you come to church for
healing and unity. I am giving you my life so the
Holy Spirit can talk to you through what I am saying. He will touch all of you
differently. He doesn’t represent all
white supremacists but him. Yeah, it’s my testimony and
not speaking on someone’s program or business. When you told me about this,
I wanted him to say this to kind of step on toes. I don’t have a problem stepping
on toes but give him an opportunity. What was the question? Supporters. Yeah, I’m sure maybe now but
back then I know there were people that agreed with what we
are doing that maybe weren’t shaving their heads and stomping
around and smashing people. They were cool, do your thing. And we all have, all of us
have people in our family who are racist or haters or this or
that. Can I get amen. And as far as they have their
group racism does not discriminate. Discrimination doesn’t
discriminate. Equal opportunity offender. And people out there doing that
and a lot other people who say yep, we with you. And so I want to challenge
y’all, not only the people who with them, whatever ethnicity
you are, that we all have people in our lives that are saying
stuff behind closed doors. That we are the light of that
conversation and we are the sharing the gospel that we get
into a minute, that changed his life. And the gospel is powerful. And to that end tell the story
about the PE block party and walking down the street with
your boys. PE used to have a block
party, they no longer have a block party because it got too
crazy and we are walking down and have the shirt up and
swastika and I’m the man and deep and out of nowhere an older
Jewish man came up to me. How I anyhow he was Jewish, hey
I was in a concentration camp and showed the Numbers on his
arm. And right in my face but little,
he was little. He said do you know what that
means to me and this and that and I was like yeah, yeah, okay. But like it affected me, you
know. I want to show some pictures
of you, because I want to get to that story. I am going to run through a few
pictures to tell us about who these people are. That’s me when I had some
size. And that’s my son like two I
think. That’s my three-foot Italian
mom, boss hog. That’s a wooden spoon survivor. That’s my granddaughter. You know that guy — We were going to get, I used to
have triangles on my face and going to get those lasered. I tried to get a job at a
Chinese restaurant, that didn’t work. I don’t mean to be racial
man, but if I came in a Chinese restaurant and you cooking my
chow, that would be a conflict. No, I would hook you up. You went to the hospital, you
got stand and you had an interesting encounter with your
doctor. Yeah, imagine you are me, Joe
skin head. Stomping around town, think you
are invincible and a stabbing without details, somebody got
stabbed and few weeks later I got stabbed and like put your
hand in paint and when you get the wind knocked out of you and
doesn’t come back and went like that and all blood. And I went to the hospital, UFD,
and African-American doctor and a woman that saved me. Tell the relevance about the
woman that saved you, being a woman. A woman, because as a young
guy and thought I had the world in my hand and no God and I had
no respect for women and make them do things, whatever,
disrespectful and crime too. We would put it on them. So you had no respect for
women. No. And you thought blacks were
inferior to you and these were the two people that saved your
life. Yes. Now if I’m God, I’m laughing. Oh, we’re going to get this
brother right now. The thing about it, and not that
God was getting you, God was loving you. I’m sure he was laughing too. He was laughing too. So what happened? Well, that hurt. And so a few days later, I had a
chest tube in me, like a garden-sized hose, they stick in
and check it out. And he kept checking on me, very
kind. I had my stuff on me and laying
there and never once asked me about any of that stuff. What did he ask you? How you doing? Maybe some family stuff, but
nothing — you know, said be careful. When you are out there and lucky
you are alive. When I got stabbed in my back,
it almost went through my heart. So he’s ministering to you
and what is it doing here? It’s crushing my heart, I’m
sure he could step on the cord and choke me out and cut the
oxygen off. Oops. Sorry. He comes in and takes the
tube out. That I’m sure there were a lot
other experiences where God was preparing you for the day you
came to Horizon. When I was preaching in the 90s. Tell us about that. Yeah, well, five of us, five
skin head guys were a hot mess. We started to realize we got to
do something, we are falling apart. We are all shot out. We have to change our life or we
are done. You either die or go to prison. And I was kind of ready to die,
I was living like I was ready to die. I really didn’t want to go to
prison, it’s not a good place. Five of us with Horizon. Horizon is a church in San
Diego that I teach on Sunday night. Yeah, and we had been gone
and scoping him out, like doing surveillance. Is this guy for real? So check out the
surveillance, this is the thing about God. God is the bomb. God is like yeah these dudes
hate black people, so I get them to go to a church with a black
guy. And I will get a black surgeon
to save his life and get a Jewish man to get in his face
and a woman to save his life. That’s how God is. He’s funny. He’s awesome. [Applause] You go to church. We go church, we had been
going a few times, we were like there. But this one time we were like
we go. And we locked arms like the
Wizard of Oz and went down — okay. But out of those five guys, two
are doing life in prison. One is deceased. Myself and one other guy is not
locked up but he’s not a Christian. Did all of them come forward
or you? We all did. All of you said you are going
to give your life to Jesus. At that time we did. And now you went through PTSD
and have a Bible study on Thursday, tell us where that is
at. Okay, well — we have — so
the whole point of me giving this testimony thing is to show
no matter what you are in. That was my thing that I went
through. Everybody is going through
something. You all have your sins you are
dealing with, demons. We do a church Thursday downtown
at Presbyterian. And The Rock had a Thursday and
every Thursday come as you are, if you look weird we want you. He is serving God and you
have a landscape business and a lot of times people hire you on
the phone and when you show up, you have someone else. Yeah, I am about ready to get
a new business, I bid the job and one lady specifically said
— oh, oh, my nephew is going to do it, thanks for coming out. Oh, man, you waste my gas. A few of groups deal
with that. Mine is tattooism. Exactly, ours we were born
with it. Listen — hey, here’s the thing. God loves us all and God can
redeem us all, amen. You have a verse, you have a
verse that I want to translation to, because this is your verse,
your favorite verse. The reason this is my
favorite verse because so when you look like me or whatever,
you don’t feel worthy and you don’t forgive yourself. Coming in here is like — that’s
like me taking you guys to a biker party or skin head party,
and this levels the playing field. That’s him saying I should
take over. For all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God. Every single one of is a sinner. Amen. The penalty of that is death. Every single one of is going to
die, if we don’t ask for forgiveness we will die and go
to hell. We are eternal beings, I have
never done one that they are in a better place, because we know
there is something else. The problem they may not be in a
better place. If you confess with your mouth
that you are Lord, God you died and rose for my sin. On Easter the world celebrates
the resurrection of a Savior, and the tomb is empty, you
cannot find his body, because he rose. If you say Lord, I believe that
I am a sinner and that you died and rose for my sin. I surrender my life to you. He will transform your life with
his presence and start it over. As he was in horrible as it was
and I will send you to this guy and the very people that he
hated God used to redeem and use it. In a minute we will pray and
give you an opportunity, Lord I want to give my heart to the
Lord. Let me say this, this is not
white supremacy Sunday. What I mean by that, this is not
only for white people. Sometimes when we do altar calls
and if the topic is pornography, if I go down there, it admits
pornography. This is church, amen. Get that out of your head, the
devil is going to use any excuse to not give your life to Him. Does God love you. Yes. Does God want to forgive you? Yes. But if He’s calling you have
pick up the phone or doesn’t do any good. All bow your heads and close
your eyes and think of the voice in your heart, if you hear a
voice saying is I love you. That is not you, that’s God. If you hear a voice that says I
want to redeem your life that’s God. And if you hear a voice, this
dude is telling the truth, from the Bible. If you hear that I what you have
done and willing to forget it and bring it up again, that’s
God. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God. The penalty is death. Physical and spiritual. But the Bible says if you can
confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and He will save
you and forgive you. In a minute I will lead you in a
prayer, a simple prayer saying Lord I surrender my life to You. I want to live my life to honor
You. It’s a simple prayer of
establishing a relationship with God. So eyes closed, heads bowed all
campuses and everybody watching online. If you would like it give your
life to Jesus, pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your
heart. Pray, dear God, I believe You
love me. I believe You have a plan
for me. I believe that Jesus died and
rose from the dead. Jesus, I surrender my life to
You. Fill me with the spirit of God. I want to live for You. Thank You, God. For Your patience. And Your love. As our eyes are closed and heads
are bowed. If you prayed that prayer, in a
minute I will ask you to stand up and as you stand up you are
resurrecting to a new life. If you want someone to stand
with you and encourage you, tap them on the shoulder, but you
are with family. You don’t have to be ashamed. We are going to celebrate you. On the count of three all
campuses if you prayed that prayer, I want to surrender my
life or recommit my life to You. On the count of three I ask you
to stand up. Don’t worry about anyone is
thinking but be excited that you are honoring your heavenly
Father. On the count of three if you
prayed that prayer, stand up. One, two, three. Stand to your feet.
God bless you. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, it’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then, confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say “Dear God, I believe that I am sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to Hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, if you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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  1. Where did Shekhinah cloud originate, and why is pastor miles wasting time talking about this unbiblical theory. Shekhinah is feminine, and we know that God is not. This series is very deceiving, and out right blasphemous…this is sad to see the Rock head in this direction, in the way of the "wide path."

  2. I am sadden by this Theological trainwreck happening in front of us. If mile McPherson only knew a little bit about shakina glory/cloud, he would never equate God with such a blasphemous idea. Sad

  3. I really tried not to post this but Miles your sense of humor in this situation isnt funny. The jokes that you've thrown at this man can do harm. I know that God has healed this man and saved him but joking like that in front of a congregation could opens wounds. Leave inside jokes inside.

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