Rock Church – Courtrooms of Heaven – Part 1, Order In The Court

Rock Church – Courtrooms of Heaven – Part 1, Order In The Court

[heart beating] [music] Order in the court! I said, order in the courts! As put in place, the heavens
shook from the power and presence of just one look. Order in the courts. As the eternal God takes his
place. Fire pours out of the throne of
grace. Thousands and thousands minister
to Elohim. Ten thousand times, ten thousand
stand before the king. Behold Jesus the Savior of the
world, God’s only begotten son, to Him was given dominion and
authority because victory was won. With wisdom and fortitude and
fire comes the Trinity’s third, He’s the Holy Spirit and
passion, tell me have you heard? The cross represents the blood,
and the accuser here’s here too, the book in the middle, that
represents you. Open your hearts and mind and
spirit as we encounter the book, Daniel 7. And please church stand to your
feet in all campuses and give God praise in the courtrooms of
heaven. Order in the courts! [Applause] Let’s give it up for the Lord
Jesus! What’s happening, what’s
happening? What’s happening, what’s
happening! [Applause] Amen, amen. Welcome to church today. Welcome to church today. I’m so jacked up today. I got — I got to get right to
the point. We have a lot of stuff to do. I am glad to be back, and if you
are a visitor, I am Pastor Miles and I have been gone for three
weeks and I went to Singapore and it was awesome but I am glad
to be home. Amen. I want to welcome all campuses
and all the people watching online, give them a hand. God bless you. Before I pray, I have in my life
used multiple countless exercise programs. Diets. Fasting. Lifting weights, running etc.
And the ones that worked the best were the ones that I did. [Laughter] Exercise works if you do it. Are y’all following what I am
saying? What we’re going to start today
is a series about the courtrooms of heaven. And how you operate in prayer in
the heavenly realms. If you do it, God will bless
you. And change your life and change
your perspective. But if it’s just hey, the throne
looks good, I will get one in front of my house and come every
other week and whatever, and just church as usual and you
won’t get anything out of it. But if you do it, and pay
attention and let God open the eyes of your heart to understand
what he’s doing in the heavenly realm and what you engage
without you realizing it. Your prayer life will change and
your perspective will change, amen. Let’s get on our knees and pray.
Amen. I’m going to read something to
you, Ephesians 1:15, let’s bow our heads and close our eyes and
it says… For this reason ever since I
heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all
God’s people, I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of
our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you
the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may know
him better. I pray that the eyes of your
heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope
to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious
inheritance in his holy people and his incomparably great power
for us who believe. Lord, we need to understand what
we don’t understand. Open the eyes of our heart that
we may see what you want us to see. In Jesus’ name amen. Hey, say hello to someone next
to you, give them a hug. Amen.
Let’s see your Bibles. See your Bibles. Get your Bibles out, church. One.
Two. Three.
Say word. One more time. Church, say word. Turn to Colossians 2. Colossians 2.
New Testament. Colossians 2. I spent like 40 hours on planes
in the last two weeks or so. And whenever I fly, I end up
talking to somebody about Jesus. When I look at the person next
to me that is seated next to me, I go, you are in trouble. And I talked to all the flight
attendants as well, and sometimes I will trap them by
the food area where they have their little thing. So one I had this stewardess
trapped, not really trapped, it’s a figure of speech. They are standing there and I’m
standing there and only way they can go out and I don’t move. And how you want want to
describe that. And she was blessing me, she was
a new Christian and learning amazing stuff. And when I walked back to my
seat and a few rows ahead of me and said this and a few rows
back and not yell but said it out loud. She said before you pray for
anything on earth you need to get a verdict from the court of
heaven. And I was getting in my seat and
it hit me and the Holy Spirit said you need to learn what that
means. And when I say Holy Spirit, we
did series on prophecy and sometimes it’s an impression or
vision or small, still voice. And always 100% consistent with
his word and what he wants to do in your life and character, etc.
I felt impression, find out what that means. So I have been reading about
that. When Jesus died on the cross,
his death on the cross was a legal transaction. All of us live under the
umbrella of a spiritual, legal system. And when Jesus died on the
cross, he was paying the legal penalty for our sin. The penalty required by the
father. Which is why we died. And when we pray, and we operate
in this spiritual realm which we are ever single day and we
engage in a legal system, and look at Colossians 2:13, it
says… Now let me read verse 14 in a
different translation, it says… When Jesus died, he was
fulfilling and satisfying a legal requirement for death, for
your sin and my sin. Over the next six weeks I want
to talk about the legal system in heaven. I want to talk about how the
Holy Spirit can guide you through the courtroom of heaven. I want to talk about the legal
access that the devil has to accuse you before the father. I want to talk about what God
has written in a book about you before you were even born that
God wrote in a book about your life and how he would gift you
and what he would call you to do. To give you context, I want to
give you a bunch of terms that are found in a court system. And before I do that, I want to
give a highlight of what is behind me. I want to explain it later and
all of this stuff has to do with a court system. You have 1, the judge. Everyone say judge. We will talk about that later. You have a mediator, say
mediator. That is Jesus by the way. He’s our mediator. You have a counselor. Say counselor. That’s the Holy Spirit, by the
way. And you have this sweater that
represents us, because we are seated at the right-hand of the
father. Can I get amen. We have blood of Christ that
speaks better than Abel’s blood and then you have a book — talk
about this in a few minutes. You have a book that documents
God’s plan for your life. You need to know what is in your
book. Let me read these terms. These are terms that are all
related to a court system. And all of these terms are in
the Bible and probably refer to all of them — most today but
definitely throughout the series. How many of you have been in
court, for any reason. Raise your hand. It’s a horrible place, unless
you work there. Not horrible but scary. I have been to court and the
only good part, last time at court I had to be a witness on a
trial. And I sat down and the judge
says, Pastor Miles how are the Chargers, and talking about
football, okay, I’m good. But let me read these terms and
then read Scriptures so you can get your mind focused on the
fact there is a judicial system in heaven. It’s going to be a lot of
information. But I pray that God will quicken
your understanding. Here’s some terms all in the
Bible but also in real life. Court is seated. Law is established. Judges are in place. Judges judge. Justice is established. Judgment is rendered. Innocence and guilt is decided. Bribes are offered. There are counselors, mediators
and accuser. The devil was up here a few
minutes and come back — I didn’t want him up while I was
speaking. And he is accuser. And we have agreement with the
devil. And talk about those. Accusations. Charges are made. Witnesses give sworn testimony. Cases are prepared. And cases are pleaded. Complaints are made. Vindication is granted. Hands are raised in oaths. The innocent is acquitted. Truth, lies, liar and murderer. People testify. Multiple witnesses is better
than one. Arguments is made and magistrate
and lawfulness is determine today. Deeds are determined. Justice is perverted. And office of prison. And death penalty is executed. All of that is in the Bible. Isaiah 33 says that the Lord is
our judge. Proverbs 23, a wicked man
accepts a bribe to convert the ways of justice. Job 23, saying that my complaint
is bitter. Says I am present my case and
fill my mouth with arguments. Job 13:18, see I now prepare my
face and know I shall be vindicated. When you go pray, you need to go
to God with your case. In other words, God I want a new
job. Well why? You weren’t faithful with the
last one. So tell me what is different? Don’t just go willy-nilly, I am
saved, give me what I ask for. There is a system. It says many times the prophets
would present their complaint to God or God would present his
complaint to Israel in the context of a court hearing. He would bring Israel up on
charges of unfaithfulness. Joel 3:21, for I will acquit
them of guilt of bloodshed which I have not acquitted. Micah 6:3, all my people what I
have done, God speaking. And said what have I done that
you shouldn’t trust me with everything you have? Tell me, this is God. We’re in court. Testify, give me your evidence
that justifies you not trusting me. I don’t want to talk about what
you feel, I want to talk about facts. When I have been unfaithful to
you and when have I given you reason not to testify. Testify. Micah 6:18. God saying I have sworn by
myself. I have sworn on my own
character, behold I will lift my hand in an oath to the nations. This is God speaking. Revelation 20:11, it says that I
saw a great white throne and him that sat on it from whom the
presence of earth and heaven fled away. And no place was found for them
and I saw the dead, the great and small, standing before the
throne and books were open. And another book was open. Which is the book of life. There were books and another
book. There are many books throughout
the Bible. And the dead were judged from
the things written in the books. You have a book. You have things documented about
you. Gifts. Opportunities.
Purpose. Paul says I press on that I may
apprehend that Christ apprehended for me. And says that books were open
and people judged according to the things written in the books
according to their deeds and the death of Hades given up to them
and everyone judged according to their deeds. And then lake of fire, second
death, and if anyone’s name written in a different book,
thrown in the lake of fire. Number 2 in your notes, the
courts of heaven are where prayers, as legal arguments, are
deliberated and decided. We have prayed for things over
and over and one of the reasons they are not answered because
they are tied up in lawsuit. What does that mean? We will learn but one lawsuit
that you are asking for God to bless you when you have a direct
violation of the sin you are asking for. You are saying God forgive me,
but you haven’t forgiven this person, there is a problem. God bless my financially but you
are not tithing and the heavens won’t open to you because you
are not faithful. We think I am saved by grace and
do whatever and get whatever. That’s not what grace means. Grace means God set up the rules
and by faith ask and he will forgive you. And now you walk in the
guidelines of his righteousness. Let me keep going. Amen. Daniel 7, sees a vision of four
pagan kingdoms that are going, to oppress God’s people. And then sees a vision of courts
in heaven and where a decision is made in court in heaven to
over throw those kingdoms. Where the decision is made to
overthrow the anti-Christ. Let me read Daniel 7:9 it
says… Everyone say thousands
thousands. That’s a whole lot. Say ten thousand times ten
thousand. Know that’s a whole lot. It’s countless. Court was seated and books were
opened. 7:25, speaking of anti-Christ… Let me give you eight
characteristics about the court behind me. Understand every time you try to
depict something in heaven, you fall short. There is a lot of stuff up here
that obviously it’s not what heaven looks like, it’s not like
the court looks like. And forgive me, isn’t the Holy
Spirit a dove and not a chair. It’s fine, he’s not a chair or
dove, he’s a spirit. He has characteristics of a
dove, by the way a dove will only rest on you if he feels
comfortable. The Holy Spirit is like trying
to get with you, but you are kind of awkward. “A” in your notes, God as judge
makes legal verdicts in the courts of heaven. God as judge. Why do I say God as judge? Because you have God the father,
he acts as a father. You have God a deliverer, he
acts as deliverer. And God as a Savior. This is God as a judge who gives
legal verdicts based on righteousness. Psalm 89:14… God as judge is not judging you
based on his whim or you messed up yesterday and now he’s mad at
you. Or you didn’t do good enough and
you have to earn it. He doesn’t base on you earning
it, he loves you based on his own love and grace towards you. And he can’t change that. We had a man’s event yesterday
and a guy was pouring his syrup on his pancakes and the top of
the syrup bottle fell off and all the syrup gushed on his
pancakes and he blurted out an MF expletive. [Bleep] And you know what — brother
we’ll fix it, it’s okay. And you know what God says,
let’s talk about it, big fella. Versus saying that God will hit
me with lightning bolts. Am I saying it’s okay? No, God doesn’t want us to say
that stuff and he judges on his righteousness and mercy. If you come to him and say I
messed up, yeah, let’s work that out. That’s what he decided to do, he
doesn’t up love you because you are white, rich, black or poor,
he made you in his image and decided to pour his overwhelming
love on you. Jesus as a mediator gives us
access to God. Jesus as mediator gives us
access to God. I Timothy 2:5, this is
awesome… Guess what? You don’t have to guess. If you are reading the inquirer,
some prophets out in the desert and New Mexico and portal to
heaven. No, there is one God, and one
mediator, Jesus Christ. And the man, Christ Jesus that
gave himself to be a ransom… This is good news. When you come to court, you know
there is one God who is going to judge things, your prayers and
request and desire for transformation. He’s going to judge those things
and request according to his righteousness and truth and
mercy and grace go out from him. And there is one mediator, and
guess what that mediator does? Brings us in the presence of the
father. You don’t go on your own. You can’t go on your own. Look at “C” in your notes… Watch this, this is God, and
Jesus the mediator, and this sweater is us, we die. Just our clothes. And when God looks at his son,
he sees us. You are not over here coming to
the Court, please mercy on the court. I’m scared. No, I come to the throne of
grace with boldness because I sit in Christ. And Christ’s blood covers me
because he died for my sins. And I am praying and oh, my
beloved son and daughter, your sins are forgiven. You are seated at the right-hand
of the authority. You need to know that. When you go and pray, you are
not praying fearful. And not worried is God going to
bless me and maybe I shouldn’t ask and probably asking for
something too big. You are probably not asking for
anything big enough. God wants to do exceedingly what
you can ask or imagine. And God is saying, that’s all
you got. Letter “D”… When you come to court, the
father wants to render verdicts on your prayers. You are seated at the right hand
of the father. You are in a good place but you
want to come and know that the Holy Spirit is there to guide
you. The Holy Spirit is there to tell
you what to pray for. Look at what it says in Romans
8. And I want you to think about it
in this context when you come to court, do you know what is your
book? Do you know how the devil is
attacking you and talk about that, and how he attacks you. The Holy Spirit is there to
guide you. That’s his job. So when you get up in the
morning and a lot of times praying out of our head. We are praying out of our fear. We are praying out of our
stress. And praying, God help me out I
don’t know what to do. And you are worried about stuff
when you don’t realize you are seated at the right-hand of the
father. Let me ask a question, if you
knew — this has wheels and I don’t want to skid across the
stage. Imagine you sitting here and
Jesus is all over you, the father is lightning and bolts of
lightning and angels singing ten thousand times ten thousand and
a book amazing what God predicted for you to do. And you go I don’t know what to
do. And everyone in the court
saying, why are you trippin? We are on your side, look where
you are seated. When you come to court, Holy
Spirit help me understand what this means. Look — and next week talk about
the Holy Spirit. Look at Romans 8:26… You know that God has a plan for
me life? He has a plan for you life? You know what the Holy Spirit is
praying? That prayer, not anything else. You may be praying something
else. Dear Lord, I want to marry that
girl. That girl is already married. The Holy Spirit is not praying
that, never will, never come in agreement with that. But you’re praying that; right. Imagine if all you said, Holy
Spirit, tell me what to pray. I don’t want to pray anything
else. I don’t want to desire anything
else. Psalm 37:4, if you desire
yourself in the Lord, he will give the desires of your heart. Guess what means? If you say Jesus I love you,
guess what, the desires that God has will be desires of my heart. Not that I want five Mercedes,
and dear God I love you, five Mercedes. No, that’s not what that means. Letter “E,” next week talk about
the Holy Spirit, letter “E.” I just got to say this. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will
have you pray for something that is so big you will hesitate to
pray it. Because you just can’t believe
it. That’s all I am going to say,
don’t give the secret. Tell you next week about that. I don’t want to spoil it, letter
“E”… Genesis 4, Cain, Adam and Eve’s
son, killed his brother Abel. God said to Cain, where is your
brother. And Cain said, am I my brother’s
keeper, basically is he my responsibility. And God says, so that’s your
answer. Your brother’s blood cries out
from the ground. By the way, one of the things
about the animal kingdom, when we see how the animal kingdom
operates and we get a glimpse and hint and realization, there
are ways to see, hear and smell far beyond our ways to hear, see
and smell. When you realize that elephants
hear through their feet. And when an elephant raises one
foot and pressing the other foot to the ground to hear other
elephants miles away. That’s a fact. You understand what I am saying. I don’t have time to explain but
it’s true. One more illustration. A shark can smell a drop of
blood a mile away in the ocean. I don’t know how that works, I
can’t do that. If you try to do that, you will
drown. Abel’s blood is in the ground
crying out and God hears it. And God hears the condemnation
of his brother. Watch this, Hebrews 12:22… This is what we are talking
about in heaven and then it says… Abel’s blood spoke condemnation. God’s blood, Jesus’ blood,
speaks forgiveness, and redemption and renewal. When you are sitting here at the
right hand of the father and you come to God and covered in the
blood of lamb. And the blood is screaming I
have a new life and you are forgiven and seated at the right
hand of the father. That’s a witness in heaven. Why is this important? Because when you come you need
to understand the leverage. If you haven’t asked Christ to
be your Savior, yes, you are. But you can fix that. What the law says, if you
confess that Jesus is Lord and that God raised him from the
dead, he will accept you and seat you in that chair. You don’t have to come with
money. I’m going to prove myself, I am
going to earn it. No, my son died for you, he
paid the price. Two more. Letter “F”… Your life was documented. Psalm 139:15… Everyone say book. The Bible says in Ephesians
2:10, you and I are his workmanship poem, created in
Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared beforehand. You — the only thing you need
to fight for is what is in that book. Who are you? What is your purpose? What is your destiny? Your book is God’s prophetic
testimony of your kingdom purpose. Just did a series on being a
prophet, when God speaks something he brings it to
fruition. If you submit to God, he will
bring your book to life. The Bible says that Jesus was
the word and the word with God and John 1:14 the word became
flesh. You and I need to bring our book
into the flesh. And live out what he has. You need to know, if there is
anything you ask God every day. Please, listen to your prayers,
and if you pray dear God bless me, I am having a hard day. Forgive me. Stop.
Don’t do that. Do this first. Holy Spirit, what’s in my book? For the rest of your days, Holy
Spirit, what’s in my book? What am I supposed to do? Who am I? How am I gifted? Remember, he is the helper. Talk about the spirit, that’s
one of his roles in your life is to reveal to you your book. Can I get an amen from somebody. Come on now. Letter “G”… He’s a little early but that’s
okay, give him a boo. Yeah, give him a boo. Hopefully the other campuses can
see him. Hebrews 11, in Hebrews 11 there
was a list of people that were faithful, Abraham, Isaac, Sarah,
Jacob, Moses, Enoch, Adam it says… Let me read chapter 12:1-2… What does this mean? That the efforts of Abraham and
Isaac and Jacob and Moses, what they did is part of our journey. What they did by faith never
seeing Jesus, never receiving the full promise. We are part of their journey and
we are part of their journey. We are not just in it for
ourselves, there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering for
us. And lastly, it’s Satan. Satan, our accuser brings
charges against us day and night. Revelation 12:10… In a few weeks we’re going to
talk about the devil and his legal access to bring accusation
against every single one of us. Unfortunately it’s true. And the reason that he’s here is
not only because he’s in the Bible, but the reason he’s here
is because y’all brought him here. I brought him here. Why? Because every time we sin, we
have a legal contract with the devil. You have an agreement to trust
him versus God. You have an agreement. I’m not going to tithe because
he said I don’t have to. I’m not going to read my Bible,
he said I don’t have to. I’m not going to church every
week, he said I don’t have to. That’s okay, I can have my cake
and eat it too, because he said I can, have a legal contract. And when he comes before God, he
brings that contract. And we are praying for one thing
and the devil says, what about this. In a minute I’m going to pray. And here’s my prayer, is that
all of you in here say, you know what, I need 1, break up those
contracts and we need to do a sermon on the devil and this is
powerful. If you can identify one contract
you need to break. You say Holy Spirit, reveal
something to me. I want to come to court and I
want you to guide me Holy Spirit. So I am praying for what’s in my
book. That I understand that I am
seated at the right hand of the father. That I’m in Christ, that the
blood covers me. There are ten thousands of ten
thousands cheering for me, praying for me. That the Holy Spirit is guiding
me and praying for me. And that the father loves me and
one adversary over whom I am given authority and I’m sitting
here trippin’. And instead of trippin’ I’m
going to walk in victory and faithfulness and power and
anointing in my life. I ask all of you to bow your
heads and close your eyes. Some of y’all need to walk out
of your old mentality. You need to walk out of coming
to court, praying aimlessly. Not even coming here or fearful
that God will hit you with lightning bolts. No, I am going to the throne of
grace with boldness and confidence because God has
forgive me and anointed me and cheered for me and supporting
me. Has given me all authority in
heaven and earth. Pray this prayer if you would
like to walk away from a small mentality. There was a lady that had two
dogs and a multimillionaire and died and left all the money to
the dogs. So the people who were taking
care of the dogs had management of her house, big house. And the dogs. And all the money was to be
stewarded for the dogs and when they died I think that the money
went to a dog kennel but the people didn’t get it. And the dogs were walking around
filthy rich eating Alpo. I wonder how many of you living
like dogs that are filthy rich? That you are in heaven and it
breaks God on the floor scared of him when he loves you so
much. It’s a simple prayer. If you close your eyes and bow
your heads and do it different today. If the spirit of God is
encouraging you right now. I love you.
I love you. I love you. I to forgive you. I want to encourage you. I want to use you. I want you to get out your seat
in all campuses. I want to understand my
authority. I want to be forgiven. I want to have more anointing on
my life. I want to understand my position
in the courts of heaven. Get up out of your seat. This may be vague to you but
that’s okay. You are feeling an unction, I
need more in my life. Get out of your seat all
campuses. God bless you. Walk down to the front. We are not going to spend time
with the altar call. Walk down. Grab the person next to you.
God bless you. Eyes closed. Heads bowed. And all campuses get out of your
seat. God bless you.
Come down to the altar. God is stirring you and you are
saying I want more. I do not want to live a defeated
life. I want to live a victorious life
and encouraged life. God bless you. If you are in the balcony, walk
up and the ushers bring you down. People coming down
on their knees. Lord Jesus, I pray for victory. Lord there is an unseen world
that can be seen. There is a visible world that
can be visible. There is a spiritual world that
can be visual and I pray that you bring us into that world and
what you called us to say and minister to other people and
encouraged. Mostly we need to be victorious
in our own life and other lives. I pray for the people that come
down in all campuses. I pray that You bless them with
clarity. Courage.
Power. Boldness. Lord, I pray that we stop
believing lies. But Lord like I said in the very
beginning, you can have an exercise program but if you
don’t exercise it’s not going to do you any good. You can have a prayer strategy
but if you don’t pray, to don’t do good. Lord I pray that we come
faithfully and read the Scriptures. And pray faithfully. And go to court every
single day. Knowing that we are seated at
the right-hand of the father and saying, Holy Spirit, what’s in
my book? Holy Spirit, what should I pray? Holy Spirit, what I am being
accused of? Holy Spirit, I don’t need to
waste a lot of words, you love me. You have forgiven me. I don’t need to earn it with a
lot of words and yelling and screaming. I lay my life down at your feet. Rock Family, stop living the way
you are living. Stop striving. Lay your life at the foot of the
cross. God loves you. Lord, thank You so much for Your
faithfulness. In Jesus’ name amen. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, It’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord. That He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to Hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, if you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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  2. Yeshua, the TRUE Jesus Christ, wouldn't approve of this ear tickling, dancing like the world, mess. NO Gospel…WHO has been to court before"? Yeah THAT'S preaching God's word.. It's churches (so called) like this, that keep the TRUE believer home and on our knees praying for Christ to appear..THEN, you can have it! This is NO Godly sermon!!
    EDIT — I shake my head and GRIEVE that you're pulling SIX WEEKS of this NONSENSE!!

  3. Y’all people in the comments are forgetting that God has a unique plan for everyone, and has placed a talent/passion in us that can contribute to leading others to the kingdom of God. This includes forms of art like dance, music, etc. Creatives and artists can use their gift to expand the kingdom too. A piece of art can translate well for someone whose learning language is also art. Non creatives aren’t the only ones living on earth.

  4. This service message is so timely how I'm in the book of Revelation once again. How, reading the first 2-3 chapters is making me see the image of heaven or the courtroom. Miss Pastor Miles' sermons and glad to have a new one from him that's from God. These are 100% truths. the spirit and truths of preaching. Biblical. ..and we'll lead us to spirit and truth living, mindset, faith. Grace and peace!

  5. scottie clarke, everything paul including the blessed hope rapture was a mysterious secret hidden in god in "times past"; “but now”, paul has revealed it as revelation, the rapture is “but now” a; scottie clarke wait for it………scottie wait for it…………….wait for it …………….

    that’s right scottie, the rapture in "times past" was mystery, “but now”, the rapture is a “but now” prophetic event or prophecy!!!!!!!!!!?????????

    scottie, kjv dispers such as the old yoda jedi knight rodney beau like to get too cute with their word play or semantics such as prophecy, mystery, prophecy. rodney is absolutely adamant that nothing prophetic or no prophecy cannot or will not happen during the pauline grace age. rodney is stubbornly adamant that everything paul is still mystery in times past and in the “but now”, thus making the blessed hope rapture a mysterious secret and not prophetic.

    scottie how can anyone be saved in the pauline grace age by the gospel of grace if it is still a “but now” mystery or a mysterious secret that nobody can even know about it in the “but now”???????!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie, what happens when paul reveals the “times past” mystery rapture in the “but now” and it is suppose to happen in the future? – the rapture becomes; scottie clarke wait for it…..…scottie wait for it ……wait for it……………

    scottie, the old yoda kjv disper jedi knight rodney beau is scared to death to admit that everything paul is “but now” prophecy or prophetic. rodney insists that everything paul is still a “but now” mystery; this is rodney’s way of suppressing the truth denying that the spiritual gifts such as prophecy and tongues are still in play in the “but now”!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

    scottie, do u honestly believe that a times past mysterious secret, last trump, in the twinkling of an eye, kjv disper anytime doctrine blessed hope rapture that you cannot even know about (because it is still a “but now” mystery according to rodney) will somehow mysteriously and spontaneously happen at anytime while scottie clarke is taking his good morning dump, reading this comment on his smart phone while rodney is picking his nose at the dinner table??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie i commented to u many times before warning u to not let anyone bastardize ur research, or blitz or grevas research on the prophetic joel blood moons and the rev 12 sign. i guess the holy spirit knew or sensed that the kjv disper such as rodney was going to throw u off with their prejudice against the past abuse of pentecostal, or aog churches?????????*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have heard those comments before regarding the pentecostal and aog churches that breaker, kim and other kjv dispers talk about as if they were molested by them. they pressure believers into speaking in tongues as evidence of salvation????!!!!!!!!

    rodney believes that tongues, prophecy and knowledge has ceased, failed and vanished in the “but now”. paul said that this would happen at the “but then” face to face. for “but now” we see through a glass darkly, “but then face to face” at the bema seat of christ, rapture perfection “day of christ” (not the day of the lord) will tongues, prophecy, and knowledge; cease, fail and vanish. scottie, i commented to u many times on this before. please reread my previous blogs comments again????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie, the spiritual gifts like the gift of salvation cannot be earned, be paid for, or be studied for etc. spiritual gifts are given to u freely. not because u are a perfect pastor at a mega church. a pastor said that he witnessed destitute street people coming off the streets to his church and then they were baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues like there was no tomorrow. i have heard multiple stories of kids baptized in the spirit speaking in tongues, but later in life they go hog wild hardcore on drugs, sex and rock and roll or whatever – they saw demons while on drugs, but later they became pastors. if anything, spiritual gifts at the will of the holy spirit are not given to perfect or deserving people. kjv dispers, scottie, pentecostals are not perfect or deserving people. u do not have to be studied, rich, or a mega church pastor to receive the free gift of salvation or receive spiritual gifts!!!!!?????

    paul only said to eagerly desire spiritual gifts from the father – as children would eagerly desire gifts or toys for christmas from santa claus or their parents!? scottie, instead of eagerly desiring more toys or trump guns for ur gun collection, i challenge scottie clarke along with all the kjv dispers to eagerly desire free spiritual gifts from the holy spirit such as tongues, prophesy, gifts of healing, discernment of spirits, workers of miracles etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    as imperfect children or entrusted with free gifts for christmas, pentecostals, aogs and the like need instruction and care on how to take care of their toys or how to develop and use those free gifts given to unperfect, underserving people. kat kerr says that she has eaten pizza and chocolate ice cream in heaven made of light and that god loves to eat and that kat kerr is best friends with many angels assigned under the archangel gabriel!!!???!!!???

    jennifer eivaz said that developing the gift of discernment will require u to see demons and angels. eivaz says the angels under lucifer are now demons. enoch people believe that demons are not angels of lucifer but they are evil spirits from the dead hybrid giants who had human mothers and lucifer angels as fathers???????!!!!!!!!!!!

    nobody is perfect, including pentecostals, aogs, children speaking in tongues, nor kjv dispers such as breaker or kim, nobody is perfect. but paul did say eagerly desire spiritual gifts such as tongues or prophesy etc. as imperfect and undeserving children would eagerly desire free gifts from their parents during christmas!!!!!!!!!!??????????

    john bevere, the tongue speaker holy spirit teacher said he struggled with porn along the way and he can see how it affected his future christian marriage????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    speaking in tongues of men and angels. even though u being evil know how to give gifts to ur children, how much more is god willing to give u the holy spirit to those who ask? many people want the gifts of healing but are deathly afraid of tongues. the big elephant in the room, how does a believer know that the tongues of angels is not coming from a lucifer angel posing as an angel of light?! a pastor told me that trained engineers and scientists have a hard time believing in jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    maybe its too late for rodney to eagerly desire spiritual gifts as some people would say that he is too old, hardcore set in his ways – or in star wars speak, he is too old to be entered into the jedi knight school or training????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for the sake of argument, rodney is scottie clarkes grade school sex ed teacher – behold, scottie boy, i show u a mystery, scottie boy will be changed into a teen angst a-hole against the whole world with emotions for the opposite sex and scottie boy will grow pubic hairs. the mystery of pubic hairs revealed by rodney with video, becomes revelation to scottie boy and therefore it can no longer be a secret mystery withheld by protective parents, in fact, pubic hairs becomes prophetic or prophecy because scottie the drummer boy still has a few more years before he starts to see pubic hairs on his body along with everything else that comes with puberty. everything paul is no longer a secret mystery, because paul revealed that mystery as revelation therefore making the rapture prophetic and prophecy – get it??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie, kjv dispers such as rodney, breaker and kim among many others are the reason y there is that ugly monster called the secret mysterious anytime doctrine imminent rapture that nobody is suppose to know anything about because it is still a mystery and therefore it cannot be prophetic because gosh darn it nothing prophetic can ever happen in the pauline grace age according to rodney, lest those pesky charismatic pentecostal churches are really practicing spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy like doctors trying to practice medicine – scottie can u see it now????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottie i warned u before in a blog comment that kjv dispers are right about a lot of things but they are not right about everything. – do no let rodney bastardize ur research on the prophetic rapture that is still yet to happen in the future!!!!!!!!!!????????

    did the ambiguous great sign that john saw, could it be the prophetic pauline boc rapture transition piece into the 70th week!!!!!!!!!???????????

    ur thoughts?

    what scottie clarke doesn't know???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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