Republicans=Party of SATAN: GOP's Inverted Star & Ideology of Evil Greedy Rich White 'Christians'!

Republicans=Party of SATAN: GOP's Inverted Star & Ideology of Evil Greedy Rich White 'Christians'!

the Republican Party in the inverted star on its logo changed in the year 1992 they got rid of the American star on the flag and they changed it to an inverted pentagram the top two edges represents the two horns on the goal and then the bottom represents its chin and then the outside represents the ears the Republican Party post-reagan after NAFTA sold out completely disabled they are the worst of the two wings and even today's Democratic Party have veered towards the center right but the difference is is that Republicans don't care at all the Republican Party is the party of Satan a Christian ray that supports the Republican Party support something that is completely anti-christian no minimum wages no living wages destroy the living environment the same living environment that was created by God pollute all you can without consequence cut social programs that benefit working people that they desperately need Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare cut Meals on Wheels programs for the elderly cutting these programs says a Donald Trump White House is out of compassion cutting health care for those who don't have it it desperately need it Donald Trump's gang try to cut health care for millions and millions of people that is what the satanical cult wants is complete income inequality and power to the multinational corporations based on a message of hate and uniting the white man against anything that is not why drug dealers criminals rapists that's what these dirtiest Mexicans are says Donald Trump a message based on fear hate and bigotry this is how you get Republicans to hate Muslims to be uh punch of suckers to get carried on and support these wars in the Middle East are not about fighting against Muslims I hate America like what the right wing lunatics think this is all about making money and the Republicans you know they cut taxes for a wealthy in the fiscal situation is actually worse with Republicans they don't say anything about the debt if there's a Republican in there but they sit here and whine and bitch about the debt under a Democrat even though the Democrats almost every single time lower the deficits that have been raised by Republican administrations the influence of the inverted star is very clear that this party is all about serving the wealthy in any way possible the Democrats turn to control pharmaceutical companies in the war manufacturers but do they want to repeal the minimum wage do they want to cut health care do they want to destroy the environment without limit that's why the Republicans are the party of Satan all-seeing eye of the Illuminati equals 56 it is the inverted star that represents the goal of Satan once again that is on the Republican logo that was not on the Democratic Party's logo the democratic party's giraffe did not undergo this change inverted star equals 155 grand old party equals hundred 55 and 65 the Grand Old Party the Republican Party equals 65 completely serving big business in the billionaire's Lucifer's party is who they are Lucifer's party equals 65 remember the crowds of people that cheered when Ron Paul said let him die he's got no health care let him die that's freedom that's your so-called Christian right the greedy old party which completely caters to the Christian white man rich white people primarily rich white people equals ninety one rich white people wanting to dominate society and poor white people the poor white people that the Republican Party don't care about they think it they get their vote by getting them to fear the Muslim and the immigrant and to hate the Muslim in the immigrant that's why the Republican Party is primarily a party of fear an outright paranoia in order to control the masses easily the glory of guns no gun grabbed was happening you got to vote based on some non-existent threat over your economic interests rich white people 172 conservatives equals hundred seventy-two and fifty-five conservatives equals 55 it is satan himself that equals 55 an ideology that is completely selfish and sociopathic and twisted sociopathic feels 5,500 18 anti jesus equals 118 Trump fan and greedy both equal 37 you know Trump's biggest fans are the billionaire class and outright in pickles in lowlifes across America that would support a person like that as you know the corn syrup stands for conning people calling them economically to vote against their best interest common servant if and the Republicans equal under 53 it is the Republicans that 63 they primarily served the corporation corporation equals 104 and that is the mark of the beast is the wealthy billionaire so seek to destroy the environment put profit over all else over all else this is what the Illuminati wants the quite ring the right-wing Republican Christians are the easiest people to control this is how we got into Iraq this is how the elites are able to divide and conquer the population under Obama by saying that Obama's a Muslim Arminius and all this Illuminati 48 it's Christians and equals 48 it's Republicans and equals 48 corporate equals 48 as well and it is Donald Trump the Beast himself that equals 48 Republicans the party of Satan party of Satan equals 48 and it is the most evil them all Evo equals 48 the Republican ideology repealing estate taxes for the wealthiest Americans raising taxes on the middle class that's the Republican Party for you there pumpkin party gets you to vote against our best economic interests and to vote for social issues and at little importance like guns and abortion all that crap social issues equals under 51 nothing but distractions for the elite evil politics of the right-wing Oh Bill Clinton was so popular we want impeach him because oh you worry about how that affair a big buddy big deal evil politics 61 of the right wing right wing equals 61 it is the right wing that served in the 115th Congress of Donald Trump under this time we have seen the party of Lucifer try to make the wealthy even wealthier trickle-down economics is a scam because under-15 money is the root of all evil president Donald John Trump 115 the Beast has been exposed himself the puppet of the deep state is Donald Trump know why so many retards like Donald Trump the number of the beast is 666 666 multiply stat 216 it is 2016 without the zero that equals 216 Donald Trump was the Beast he is the false prophet and it's these retarded right-wingers these identikey people that don't know any better Donald Trump said that he did love the uneducated well it's the best economy for all is a Democrat economy alone graduated market economy Democrats are not communists or socialists when we talk about the number of the beast Jesus would be a liberal feed the poor don't cut meals on wheels don't cut Social Security for the elderly and the disabled raise taxes on the wealthiest equal taxes to be based on who as all the income let's Eason the burden and those that need to get bright let's not destroy the environment let's make my plant legally Jesus would be a liberal but Donald Trump was a demagogue in his message it is based on fear hate and paranoia and all of his claims against Democrats are outright false violent crime false immigration false nat- since 2010 play you know it's a Christian right wing that supports the beast if they don't realize it as long as you're not black as long as you're not Mexican or colored it's okay we just want a white America our message our ideology is based on making the wealthy even wealthier and puttin in supporting and advocating for identity politics over what's best for all Americans it's very clear that the Republican ideology is the ideology of Satan himself and that is what the New World Order wants with NAFTA and with all these trade agreements all these corporate Democrats that went along with it the New World Order equals 207 that number the Beast 207 right-wing ideology which is all based on these on this corporate economics your right-wing tax breaks for the wealthy is all part of New World Order your right wing lunatics raising these deficits and increasing our interest is all about orchestrating economic collapses the merger of corporation in stay fascism is what libertarianism and what the Koch brothers seek to do was to have corporations dictate our lives and make the wealthiest even richer it to make this a debt ridden slave society the Republican party in the inverted star they are the party of the beast in Satan you are a willfully ignorant moron outright retarded an ethical a lowlife or all the above if you continue to be Republican and you put yourself over your country and your neighbor is what's best for America Mitch McConnell make Obama a one-term president right it's pretty clear you

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  1. Fuck the Democrats, fuck Joe Biden, fuck Bernie Sanders, fuck all those Democrat Party liberals SCUM!!!!! Go ahead, support those women right of abortion, killing little babies go ahead, support those legal immigration coming to America, go ahead, support the gay rights transgender using the women restroom or even being pedophiles touching little children! That's why Democrats are sick mentally ill. Go Trump 2020 #MAGA 🇺🇸 Donald Trump is not going anywhere, he ain't leaving the White House.

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