Hi there and welcome to real talk with
angry soccer mom. This week’s discussion topics anything you feel is newsworthy
about racism bigotry and inequality in America and like I usually say, that’s
pretty much everything at this point and it’s unfortunate but that’s true. If
you’re there please say hi. I’m going to adjust so I can’t see and we have a lot
going on today. I’m hoping that people who are watching will jump in and give
their put and tell me what they think because what’s going on and I can’t keep
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hello if you’re there and we’ll get started the show hey Neil thank you so
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wonderful . Lakisha, hi… lots going on… all right I’ll do my spiel and
then we’ll get to the stuff thank you so much for being here the show’s meant to
be an opportunity for viewers to speak their mind and also to serve as an
educational tool for white people to learn the truth about systemic racism in
America and the truth kind of tough to take sometimes hey Pat thank you for
being here um so before we get started if there’s anybody who’s not watching
live who doesn’t know me angry soccer mom and I’m more yeah I’m more angry a
lot of people try to accuse me of being guilty but I’m not guilty they’re
confused I’m pissed I hate to say it but this isn’t the
world that I thought I would raise my kids in and it’s definitely not the
world I want for your kids or for you so I’m fine Pat thank you so much for
asking I hope you’re good and jump in anytime and see whatever you feels on
your mind I oh my gosh I just read before we get started I just had someone
send me a tape of a woman who was in a hijab and
she was she was um obviously a muscleman woman and she was telling people how her
goal in life is just total propaganda I didn’t have time to look at it but her
goal in life is to gradually get the entire United States to follow her faith
and I was just like seriously dude so I guess someone’s kind of privy in
front today I kind of added people in it and who they were but it’s getting ugly
I’m getting sent there’s my first real propaganda so if you are watching and
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appreciate it um and Stevie you’re here hello welcome
yay I’m just getting started um and bring the Bell because the Bell gives
you notifications all my platforms are centered around educating white
Americans about our real racial history and what I do is I try to have all my
platforms using primary resources and I know I’m not trying to baby people but
the voice of the real people the closer I can get to primary resources the
better for everybody because I’m not living this everyone else is living it
you know who’s not a white person and I need them to tell other people what’s
going on and I’ll try to get it to as many people as possible not to make
saviours not to make heroes or way too late for that but because it’s the least
we can do is care about our fellow humans so the more I can get authentic I
don’t see anyone in this chat okay there’s a bunch of people in the chat
there’s like 1 2 3 4 5 5 people in it so maybe I’m not sure what’s going on glad
you said something though anyone have advice pets having trouble getting all
the way to see people I will say hello see if it shows up hello did you see
that hopefully you did well I’m just blabbing for a minute and now we’ll get
to the real stuff hopefully anyone knows what if anyone could help
pad that would be awesome so a lot of people question why I focus
on white people because that’s no trysting maybe maybe go out and come
back in I’m not sure I have no clue I’m technologically not as bad as it gets
but that’s thanks umm because can everybody else give me a yes if you can
see everyone else in the chat cuz I can always come back in if if it’s everybody
just let me know if you can so I wrote that you can see okay look you can
alright alright hmm I don’t know I would just definitely come back in if you can
that stinks oh cool yeah all right it’s not a best practice to focus on white
people when you’re trying to raise awareness and support black people or
non-white people of any sort it’s not a best practice and the reason I do it
it’s because even though I know what people will get their equality one way
or another because they’re doing it but I just feel really strongly that why
should they have why should they have support I mean this is ridiculous it’s
ridiculous it’s not even a close call all white people I feel should be
stepping up to the plate and and no one can say they don’t see it now that’s
just baloney I mean I’m not saying they should be leaders I’m not saying they
should take over but it’s really really here’s here’s the bottom line I can
start by telling you what I what I don’t do and I don’t want to make it about
white people be leaders I don’t want to make them saviours but what I do do and
what I do want to do is to help white people learn to be human and kneel Hey
while the show is just starting please share to your oh okay thank you nail I
appreciate it I appreciate so much I’d love to have more people come on who can
get this to more people um the bigger the better because I want
to know you think I want to get to people who
need to hear this so thanks Neal I appreciate it that’s awesome and I’m
really saying I want them to be human it’s really harsh and and kind of mean I
guess or whatever but I don’t mean it mean Lee
I just mean what’s your house to put it the bottom line is right now wait
America is not acting right and I mean obviously there are some people who are
but a lot of us are wandering through life completely ignorant towards what is
going on in our world and it’s not good it’s not cool and I just I can’t stand
it and so I I really really I know there are some good folks out there who if
they just got educated could support cuz you know
god forbid we support our brothers and sisters or black brown indigenous and of
mixed heritage and I mean it’s just it’s just common sense because I believe it’s
way past time for white America to take some racial responsibility and start
caring about the crime against humanity that we perpetrate by doing absolutely
nothing about systemic racism so hey that’s my rant and I want to say um jump
in anytime I have so much to tell you guys about and to learn from you cuz I
know a lots going on if you’re white and you’re listening to this it’s as simple
as making a friend with someone who is a different religion skin tone nationality
has a different language or ideology as you make friends who are different and
you’ll come to realize really fast they’re just like us they’re people also
not try to be belittling but it’s that’s what people have to do to realize we’re
all humans anyway most white folks do not have a single close
friend I’m talking about Americans a single close friend who’s not white so
they’re learning all this stuff if they are even learning it they’re learning it
from other white people our media may be Fox News or god forbid lying president
Trump so um let me see path you look at how those white
supremacist guys killed 49 people in yes this basically a lot of what I prepared
Pat is on that and we’re gonna discuss every aspect and anything else you guys
want to yes the New Zealand trashing is absolutely number one and just about to
dive right into that I want all your input I want what you think how you feel
how you feel it’s impacting anything learning social justice different
ideology not sure about that one what I mean is this here’s an example
and this is just my my take I did I did you know Jeff our interview on a man who
is a um I wanted a man who was a I’m just reading socialist oh no this is
gonna get thorny well I mean that’s what it is you know can’t always be
comfortable talking about this kind of stuff but um well you know we’ll do the
best we can there’s here’s the thing um when we talk about a different ideology
what I’m talking about is here’s an example I have learned so much from an
interview I did with a man who was an area in the Aryan Brotherhood he was the
leader of the Mississippi Aryan Brotherhood if you’d go on my YouTube
you can see part 1 part 2 part 3 you have to put up port 4 and he schooled me
he schooled me in humility he schooled me Wow
did I learn and I am absolutely a believer in and maybe not for people who
are brown or black or african-american who are tormented by this on a daily
basis they have to live it the last thing you want to do is hear some
baloney from somebody completely full but for me it is my
responsibility just just what I think to figure out what the other side is
thinking how could they possibly be so inhumane you know from what I’ve said
this isn’t about politics this is named about social issues this is about being
human to me but when I say learn another ideology I don’t mean you know take it
under your wing and and you know perpetuate it and share it I mean I just
get yourself on what these people could possibly be thinking because it helped
me oh god did it help me learning he taught me so much and I know it’s
extremely extremely hard to understand how somebody like that he’s reformed he
got out he paid a price they don’t he’s a leader they don’t they
don’t let you leave he was shot at point-blank range in the face in the
head and he’s aligned now and he he has a ton of medical issues um but he
escaped and he’s dedicated his life to helping people escape from that
lifestyle stuff he taught me was life changing and if you want to know more
about it you know obviously just PM me and I’ll tell you everything um that’s
just my take on learning so Joseph I’m against religion that cludes Islam does
that make me an Islamic oh well I’m agnostic so I would certainly hope not I
don’t know the definitions but and I don’t know what’s in your heart but I’m
not a big I’m not big into labels it seems like I am I use them because I’m
big into being a teacher that’s a great question I’m very much into having a
common language that that we can use but over all I have no clue what makes you
in a song info’ I mean I can definitely say things that if you did I would say
yeah I’d pricey that cat you know that that works but just for what you just
told me no idea that’s that’s in your heart and and I don’t know you
to know what you do or you know whatever but yeah good question I’m the white
nationalist aim to end multiculturalism restore a unified national cultures
reverse non-white immigration white demographic have like yeah they’re
worried about white demographic decline and they permit of right of all people
for self-determination is that a definition is it’s racially and
ethnically they want to racially and ethnically homogeneous homeland I think
a lot of these homophobes and that are kind of extreme like for example for let
me see for me I’m agnostic I don’t practice a faith absolutely supportive
of people who practice their faith in in a positive way I am NOT supportive of
people who use their faith as an excuse to do run or horrific things to people I
think that’s a bunch of crap personally and that it’s just an excuse so that’s
my take learn social justice I’m a socialist and I aim to end
multiculturalism – I don’t know enough about what you’re saying to judge you
I’d have to you know it’s kind of strange like I don’t really know you
well enough to know what you mean you mean do you want to go kill people or I
mean you know I wouldn’t say down here if I were you if that is what you want
to do in general that’s frowned upon and I know you’re not here on maybe you’re
not going to but I’m just saying like what do you mean by that I guess is what
I’m saying like what do you mean by that exactly but yeah to end multiculturalism
and also what does that mean and how can one person do that I mean it’s it’s hard
I I’m I’m not sure what to say on this but I definitely I accept what you’re
saying it’s that’s your thing I just I need I need the details okay and even
then I need to talk to you I’m not judge jury and front panel
prosecutor prosecutor I’m just a person so Pat
to me see here look white supremacist don’t see no one but themselves as equal
this is why they want to kill black people and they don’t see blacks as
human beings absolutely and it’s terrifying absolutely terrifying
it’s it’s terrifying 100% yes Lakeisha they want America to be white the white
only nation when America is black nation and a Native American a Native American
of course a white nation that’s it’s really quite ludicrous in the sense that
Americans right now who are white we weren’t here I mean I don’t need to
teach you best history you know yeah I mean this isn’t a white nation this is a
nation that white people decided to pretend they discovered and took over
boy I’m all about being real I understand the main thing that whites
Frances want I know there’s you know they’re different like sectors of these
people and they have different ideologies but I understand overall that
they are here’s the bottom line the idea that some groups are less
important than others is the root of all that is is awful in our world and that’s
a that’s a quote from dr. Paul Farmer who who traveled the world as a doctor
and saw the truth and that’s something that I hold really close to my heart
all people matter so I’m not I’m not sure where to go with this but I’m let
me see Lakeisha um yeah they want to be an
American nation only and and it’s just you know not what is learn social
justice pluralism diversity multiculturalism and something our
liberal ideologies ID pol teach me what does that what does I mean you have to
help me a little bit with that I’m lucky sure right and I want America to to only
be a socialist nation oh well you know what I don’t think that makes you a bad
guy I mean I think we already are social station but you’re saying more
more definitely um socialism is ethnically the best ideology better than
liberalism definitely if you’re if you’re gonna be academic about it and
use the the labels I’m personally as I said before the reason I use labels is
because I want a way to talk to groups of people that everyone gets what I’m
saying and what they’re saying but personally call it what you want I’m a
humanist I want equality I want people to make choices based on valuing all
humans and that’s where I draw the line if you’re I don’t know if you’re asking
me social justice about my own personal like affiliation but kitchen politics
where are you he’s coming yeah I just talked to him
actually but yeah I get it um we learn social justice okay sure
right and I want America to be is a socialist nation socialism is ethically
the best ideology better than liberalism identity politics learn so students know
we are a liberal nation yeah we yeah we’re a liberal nation like I guess
again I’m not into the like you’re very academic in the way you and I appreciate
that I’m not as much um call it whatever you want I don’t think we’re at a point
where we’re good that’s for sure that’s for sure welfare liberalism is
not socialism no I understand I understand that and if you want to
expand on that for people who want to know please do so you you have as a
socialist I’m assuming that that’s your as a socialist you know way more about
it you can explain things better so go for it and I will read it that would be
more in line with socialism liberalism means you should tolerate white
nationalism and other abhorrent ideologies but like hate speech yeah so
I I understand that I think ideally that would be nice it’s
right now we’re so far the one way that it’s hard to exactly imagine but yeah
that would be a really nice thing I know we don’t like to have that kind of thing made into laws like like for example the
UK they have you know they have paid specialist Australia has hate speech
lots and a lot of my groups that I run I’ll have people who and they’re so cute
because they have no idea they’ll be from in other country and
they’ll jump on and go oh they can’t say that and I’ll be like oh yeah the can
like isn’t that illegal you know it’s like very sweet I’m like no we don’t
have that here you can say what you want pretty much so it’s kind of interesting
but um I do appreciate your input learning social justice I I want to know
more you know I definitely welcome you to write to me and talk to me personally
because I want to learn all the stuff um let me see let me see who am i skipping
over Pat I don’t believe in all this religion however I am spiritual even
Jesus never spoke on religion he spoke on a kingdom a kingdom religion is to
whop washy back it makes you to try to be something you’re not
now I’m well where you talk about my beliefs Thank You Pat Forde thank you I
think a lot of people are spiritual I think that’s that’s great
um no white nationalist basic concept whiteness supremacist
what’s wrong with diversity okay white topia oh is this for like the
dictionary or something this is the white nationalist concept that I just
posted yeah I know I mean they like we were saying earlier they pretty much
want everything to be white um Pat oh I skipped what you said no I
think I went back right I hope I did ya learn sister France has a ban on on
burkas in public yeah it’s interesting very interesting I I don’t have the
answers but I can definitely say right now I mean not to like
not going out on a limb here thing we’re blowing it we’re going big time Big Time
and it’s all because people don’t want to open up a freaking book and I find
that just and I guess people just want to hate it it’s amazing there is no
reason why people in this day and age can’t educate themselves about the truth
about power absolutely barbaric history and there’s
no reason oh hello thank you for being here yay
thanks for saying hi if you’re listening and you’re trying to say hi don’t be shy
to say hi please I’d love to to know you’re here and Pat make sure I didn’t
skip you that I think I went back robear hello yeah it’s fueled by by a morality
greed and gluttony absolutely like um like Don said last time that all the you
know religiously I guess its religion the the seven sins and whatnot all I
know all I know for sure is that this nation has chosen greed over like it’s
rocket science greed greed over humans and it’s disgusting
so Oh Thank You Neil thank you so much I appreciate that so let’s get into our
topics for tonight and these are not the only topic so we have so bring up what
you want here and there and I will try not to skip anybody so while you’re
thinking of topics you want to discuss I want to go down a quick list of what
I’ve prepared and the first thing is Global’s and verses nationalism I like
to talk about that a lot the second thing that Trump Trump’s world influence
in regards to white nationalism and terrorists he’s having an influence and
it is not pretty online radicalization oh my god finally people are are getting
realizing what’s happening Trump’s personal ties to white supremacy for
some people who might not know I’m assuming
like everyone watching knows but you know what you there’s always something
more to learn I I learn something every time I go on here so the media’s
involvement in perpetuating white supremacy I’d love to talk about that
psychology of this denial and this all these lies surrounding racism and all
this you know gas lighting and oh it’s just crazy
and then Trump’s uh veto and his fake emergency to make a wall and then some
factual stuff about homegrown terrorism and white nationalists and terrorists
and other threats rhetoric against Muslim Americans and Muslims all over
the world and the influence so let me take some people
Lakeisha FoxNews talked about slavery but didn’t read the history because they
said slavery ended 150 years ago laughable and I’m you know it is so
funny I mean laughable like in the sense that I want to cry okay um it’s
ridiculous when I hear FoxNews they’re so a historical they they’re they’re its
is ludicrous they don’t I mean here’s the thing and and location I’m sure
you’d agree anyone can say anything if they’re just making up shit okay and
that’s basically what they are when you’re a historical you’re not into
science you know what you can just say anything you want because you’re not in
reality and you’re not in to our best knowledge in Valatie so I mean look you
know right they can just say whatever it’s it’s really quite scary in fact one
thing before I take more I’m I saw something on this just really got me
Jess I saw something where people left and right
are starting to I don’t mean the left left us and right I mean people all over
excuse me I shouldn’t gonna use that terminology are starting to actually get
Fox News to realize that they better they better stop doing what they’re
doing because people are trying to their their
sponsors are dropping because people are writing to their sponsors I would love
to start a campaign writing to all their sponsors saying you better you know get
lost because thing is with the whites are promising we have in America it’s
all about the money it’s pure evil greed greed greed greed over humans and they
respond to the bottom line it will make them not racist it won’t make them
humanistic but it shut them up and it’ll stop stop them for what they’re doing so
anyone who wants in on that he and me because I would love to start something
because I got really motivated by that thank you look you sure that’s
absolutely Pat I’m hatred is taught exactly
of course it’s taught and it can be taught and that’s why I’m all into
education robear we’re living in HG Wells the time machine yep
I have not read it or watched it but I know of it because you know just from
being around the block being old whatever absolutely or George Orwell’s
1984 cities Louise this this is scary and we are repeating history which is
something get into tonight Pat bridges slave Oh
slavery never ended as love as the 14th amendment still exists then it’s still
here no one should be sleeping another human being absolutely
Lakeisha did you see the white the the white teacher out of public wal-mart
calling a black couple the n-word yes in front of her children and yes I did I
couldn’t believe that she resigned immediately as it was podcast on oh yeah
that was her children my god talk about a direct lesson and evil
hatred that was unbelievable yeah I saw that I didn’t post it but I I was doing
other stuff but wow I I could believe it you know it’s kind of interesting when
people do that it’s like do they not catch on that no one’s gonna put up with
that from now on no one’s going to you know we have cameras we’re gonna video
and I’ll tell you from the people because I’m lucky enough to have a lot a
very large amount of people in the United States and spread out I get lots
of input and I’ll tell you it’s working you might be able to get away with
something legally but there are social consequences that are grim and you will
not get away with it socially just because it’s legal does not mean you are
not responsible for your behavior and anybody who wants to know about online
stuff because I hear what’s happening a lot from a ton of people it’s working
it’s working you know and at first I was like when I was like younger oh that’s
so mean that’s just so mean I’m like are you kidding me this is killing people
they continue that’s what’s so mean so lets me get off
my little high horse here hey sorry my high horse I’m often on a high horse but
I just I’m so passionate about this because I can’t stand that way folks
don’t care and and it makes me just crazy let me read some stuff um so yeah
I saw that um she was in the wrong and those girls didn’t know what that word
is yeah you know what was so strange I watched the little girls and they were
those poor children that was like abuse I mean obviously was abuse but I mean it
was like they were like a deer in headlights they they didn’t know what to
do or what to say I mean it’s it’s disgusting
totally disgusting did I skip anybody I hope not Neal prepare I agree I have
read them all so if you can find the ABC series America it is what is happening
today worth watching Thank You Neil definitely hello dr. Cindy yay nice to
see you thinks you’re being here we’re
talking about globe we’re just about to start to onto all these different
subjects jump in whenever you wish hey yeah I’m happy to see you I will
keep taking everyone’s comments as as much as possible I want to jump in I
heard a really decent podcast the other day on globalism versus nationalism and
it’s something I really don’t talk about that much so I figured I should yeah I
am so thrilled to have you dr. Cindy Yeah right now and just jump in anytime
right now our world is experiencing this push and pull with globalism and
nationalism and I’m sure people are on right now probably know this and stuff
but um I just think this is a topic that’s not going away and I saw a
podcast a while back and it was kind of telling and like I said listening to
other people’s ideologies even if they’re completely like opposed to mine
does teach me a lot and it’s something to think about you know the nationalism
putting your own interests your own nation’s interest you know I’m just
quickly going to define this cuz we’re gonna have some new people who are kind
of beginners watching it’s putting your own nation’s interests ahead of all else
globalism pride pride in your country but also having empathy for the world
and recognizing our interdependence and we need to count on other nations so why
do nationalist hate globalist so much I think and this is just a guess I don’t
know obviously I don’t speak for them that’s for sure
I only speak for me but Nationals way that globalists are not patriotic and
that they’re somehow disrespecting what came before us like by allowing foreign
invaders to come in the very a historic oftentimes because see white folks are
the foreign invaders in America confusing but people do not
understand is the prophecy in the Bible which is a historic book however man
made it into a religious book no one nation rules forever and the next nation
will begin right well yeah it’s a historical interpretation because a lot
of people have passed it down and definitely um they need to announce the
white supremacist as terrorist attacks absolutely absolutely and that’s
something that thank you Thank You Robbie that’s very nice view um oh my
god I’m so we’re okay thank you welcome to the show
so nationalist versus clueless so here’s the thing being you know they believe
nationalist globalist believe Nationals bully excuse me you really threw me
Robbie jeez Louise um Nationals believe that
you know we’re traitors basically and then that’s a to the extreme and I don’t
speak for them again but an example of Nationals pulling out of the Paris
Accord on global warming when we’re the second largest contributor of pollution
in the world Wow um no I’m so immature as I’m funny
I admit okay we are the second most polluting people what probably number
one now because China’s made so many changes and I don’t know for a fact but
I’m just guessing I do happen to work for a Chinese company little information
there but they don’t Global’s make the case that acknowledging and reinforcing
our reliance on others it’s a great way and probably the only way we can tackle
some of the biggest problems of our world like nuclear proliferation and
obviously climate change the global refugee crisis terrorism clean water
world hunger you name it yeah and learning social justice
nationalism is a generic term and you need to identify the ideology behind it
if you want to jump in into fine it I in my mind I’m a pragmatist and and I know
you’re academic and I can be academic but in my mind it’s a it’s a euphemism
for for being white supremacist and I know that’s probably not correct but
it’s the feel that I’m getting that the public is using it like that Ben has
been working towards worldwide white supremacy yeah absolutely which is not
nationalism but nationalism is necessary for each country in order to stroke the
flames of separatism it’s confusing yeah thank you dr. sunny yeah it’s I know in
the in the exact definition it’s not how we’re using it right now right now I
think we’re people are really using it as like basically you’re you’re racist
you know what you know you’re like they owe its promises to it
the actual term is probably not really what it was and the stuff I’ve been
reading is can I academic so they’re using it as not the extreme version a
pretty word for being white supremacist they’re not using it as that so it is
confusing yes I have had things um let me see
right nationalism is a mechanism designed by the New World Order yeah I
am I want to get into this a little bit you’re oh you’re good at making books
great all right that’s your job huh very funny
Neil White national son um wait extinction okay this is a definition
wait let me see you’ll just write a definition if you want to read it I’m
assuming that so definition just because of the numbers um here’s the thing we
have a lot of global problems and one of them might kill saw know to wait three
yeah four oh wow here we are so I’m just sitting the audience you need to have
some sort of balance between loving your country and giving a crap about your
fellow human I don’t think it’s rocket science personally because here’s the
thing we have all these problems then everybody and we’re humans and humans
are so lucky we don’t just go on instinct we actually can think and learn
so like I’m teaching you anything here no we can think and that’s what makes us
special and white folks need to act like humans and I know that sounds harsh but
what’s happening right now is harsh okay where we’re allowing our fellow humans
to die for nothing and that’s pretty harsh
so learning socials you need a balance between nationalism and world government
just like the states into balance with the federal it that is a fantastic thank
you fantastic analogy and tasks in house thank you
so I don’t see why we can’t have both people have multiple identities some
black people are of every religion some white people are of every religion we
have multiple identities you don’t have to say I’m not gonna go travel abroad
because my hunch is the best I mean give me a break so nationalism is however
what stops a lot of things from happening and what hurts people
nationalism is what stops immigration a lot of times or harms it or hurts it
when it’s been even when it’s beneficial – Islam stops people of certain faiths
in certain shades of skin tone from entering certain spaces and that’s not
equality that’s sick and nationalism stops people from feeling safe in their
own country and that makes me disgusted so thank you dr. Cindy now she actually
has always been a separatist ideology that says my country first white
nationalists take my country first and create my white country first thank you
so much for click right so it’s like taking it a whole nother level this is
the correct yes absolutely and again like like I say it’s so it’s a
historical and it’s not scientific in any way shape or form with
science or with you know the hardcore real science is of you know science
science it’s just it’s yeah and learn social justice what white country it’s
never been a white country it’s it you know a lot of this is just kind of
delusional kind of grandeur behavior I don’t know how to explain it if I could
maybe be a genius or something but I don’t get it so dr. sin yes it is and a
lot of this stuff is um rude it’s not rocket science this is just kind of
being being present and and being real and white folks do have to drop their
ego at the door a lot of white folks were brought up
because of we live in a society that was based on white supremacy brought up to
somehow whether it’s just you know subliminal or and plus bias to believe
that no we’re kind of like better in some way shape or form then then other
people who are not white and it’s gonna be a little painful for most white
people and you know what do it anyway it’s what you do because you care about
your fellow humans go through it’s it’s not gonna kill you it’s gonna make you a
better person so anyway I’m on a rampage white Robby
white supremacy isn’t for white people it’s for the 1% to bet for absolutely
and in fact one of the questions I was considering posing and not answering
here is actually maybe we could get into it next week if you guys want to is who
you know racism is a money maker systemic racism it is a great moneymaker
who are these people who are benefiting and how are they making money cuz I’ve
been starting to study that a little bit and I know a ton of you already know all
this stuff so let me get some comments let’s me see dr. Cindy like it or not
right um here’s one should we let the racist move to a state and let it be
theirs that’s a good question what do you guys
think I definitely have my own opinions and learn cells justice Robbie that’s
true yep dr. Cindy for people who say the one percent what and who do they
think these people are I would I don’t know if you’re asking me personally I
think they’re the wealthiest wealthiest people who benefit from keeping the
poorest white folks and the least educated white folks thinking and
blaming black people for everything that is their problem when the fact is the
most elite and wealthy people are taking over and it’s like capitalism unchecked
it’s it’s gone too far they’re not they’re in it for themselves that’s just
my thing but I’m definitely answered dr. Sidney posed a question so jump on in um
let me just let me see let me see I’ll back up okay look here’s the reason
why the white supremacists don’t want to give up their guns they’re afraid
because they feel vulnerable without guns this is why they’re pushing so hard
to ensure that yeah it’s an iffy fault again a false though it’s a false sense
of security and and like I said in and so the other um life shows that we’ve
been talking it’s they want to they don’t want to be safe this is a
distinction they want to feel safe like for example a wall
well it seems logical there’s a barrier but give me a break
that’s not gonna make us any safer that’s not how they get in that’s not
how terrorists come in for the most part they really don’t and everybody knows
that and but they want to feel safe so it’s kind of it kind of goes along with
their philosophy in life and I’m not speaking for anybody I’m just kind of
talking generally and off-the-cuff so you can tell me I’m
wrong if you want but they are in denial they don’t really want to know the truth
they just want to it’s all about emotion and it’s all about fear and Trump is
amazing at igniting all this and he just has to say a little bit he doesn’t let
me see Keesha says exactly Robbie Kim I run a
truth page on Facebook and will message you on oh that sounds fantastic thank
you so much that sounds awesome I would love that
Thanks let me see let me see I’m completely jazzed about that thank
you and now I’ve lost my place for America is stolen in the colonisers rape
Rob and murder and then name the land after themselves America was right it
was named after Amerigo Vespucci yeah it’s the whole thing’s ludicrous it’s in
general white American culture is is some fantasy pick a fantasy land I’m
sorry but it is it’s a fantasy land we don’t face our real history we don’t
take ownership of it we don’t try to make amends with reparations and with
everything we can do in stopping stem erases we just go about our business for
the most part that’s what white folks do and it is unacceptable and it’s cruel
it’s sick and it’s a lovely life for white folks who can go their entire life
not realizing what they’re living at what they are perpetuating by doing
absolutely nothing to stop and help and support black people lots of other
people who are not white who really don’t deserve what we perpetuate we
invented it and we love it and it’s really sad we’d like our racism in
America more than we like ourselves I know that’s a sign of sounds bizarre but
don’t get me started um let me see where am i Robert Oh
turtle island was in was its original name then then they have the nerve to
tell Mexico to go home when they were here and yeah exactly and absolutely
Leslie hello yeah I’m happy to see you absolutely Robert it’s it’s all you know
it’s kind of funny I’ve studied kim jeong-hoon for a while
because I worked for a for a while I was working for a company raising funds for
that and I learned a ton about North Korea and there’s a lot of fantasies
like you know Kim Jong Un’s father knew you know he found the first unicorn lair
you know there’s all these you know what we’re not quite we think oh that’s
ridiculous well you know what we’re not doing much better I mean obviously they
have some incredibly insane stuff going on there but I don’t know we’d really
like to talk about other nations when we really just need to look at ourselves
this isn’t our best this can’t be our best get so emotional right right the
true invaders are the colonizers it’s true and if it’s true I say it Neil dr.
city when I was hosting is the white Oh NAT white nationalist manifesto that I
researched so I’m agreeing with you okay got it
kitchen politics where have you been we’ve all missed you but I’m happier
here yeah Florida bill will allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s
license representative Anna is Kimani democrat
sponsor the bill is it a trap very little GOP support it allow illegal
immigrants to get driver’s licenses that would have to come with something else
too because if somebody is here if they’re undocumented as as we say they
can get a driver’s license then they’re on record and standing out so I don’t
know more about that that’s you know I’m white and I don’t
trust our government I can’t imagine that you mean managed okay very good
typo it’s okay dr. sunny white nationalist want a totalitarian
government where the country continues to remain white and blacks cater like
before or the Magnum AK mantra absolutely they they want to set us back
yeah oh yeah it’s terrifying they want to I don’t speak for them but it seems
like they want to put it back so that most people like I think you know the
people who are non-white are not like human or something I mean this is this
is crazy this is I’m sorry I’m saying it like it is
oh message not Minaj okay okay learn social justice what about blacks
that are right-wing Oh Maj Trump supporters yeah that’s that’s it it’s
kind of a mystery it’s not my place to say but you guys definitely can talk
about it it makes me sad I know a lot of people a lot of people I mean after
you’re bombarded and bombarded and bombarded with with you’re not enough
you’re not enough you’re not good enough I mean in every everywhere you turn they
buy into it I don’t know and I don’t have the answer but and it’s not my
place to criticize but it’s really sad because it’s like they’ve been crushed
by sick white supremacy and I don’t know why maybe maybe someone who does know or
has ideas can speak to that I don’t know I just it makes me so incredibly sad but
again how can I judge as a white person I’m not going through it
maybe maybe if I was a black person I be like that too because I would just be
just crushed by all this up I don’t know so it’s not really my place
to say but yeah but go for it you guys talk about it and I will read what you
say okay okay Robbie stop saying man PF color okay
you’re you’re black of color is too bright be more specific and black is
yeah it’s a lot of a lot of people it’s kind of interesting I’ve gone full full
circle I’ve come full circle like with because I do it’s like a lot well a lot
of volume and what I do so I can’t win and some people get very very upset if I
say person of color and they get very very upset if I say black person and
they get very very obsessive like it’s hard to find your I mean you have to
find your own thing so as a white person I do the best I can
I understand what your sentiment is and I’m happy to read that I’ve heard that
before um part of the problem is this and for
white folks who might be listening who maybe don’t really know oftentimes will
try to group everyone together but the experience of black people in America
and I’m talking about people who answers were forced into a non human status by
white people is markedly different than any group you know and in in America and
so to group them together is a disservice is not to say that your
personal experience hasn’t been horrific or but in general chattel slavery and
the I’m just telling like for white beginners chattel slavery
and the horror and barbaric you know atrocities that occurred is it’s
markedly different and so if you have to be really careful not to group everybody
so you know no one’s ever going to be completely happy but definitely
something to talk about I will shut up if that’s possible and I will keep
reading mr. FS black hello
Yorick senator Jesse Hamilton wants to make it an official hate crime to call
the police on innocent black people I know that and I as a person who lives in
New York I am thrilled because I’ll tell you there’s no name before this there is
nothing that stops white fragility and fear more and better and faster suddenly
all this fear will just dissipate and I know that sounds really bitchy but it’s
true you should watch I love you love that that dude for doing that learning
social justice Oh anything that votes the cells out of Republicans out of
Florida yeah dr. city there are the 1% wealthy white
people did I skip that these are the 1% wealthy white people if I do skip you
come back and definitely right right in what you want to say and all I’ll be
like a shame whatever come kitchen politics driver’s license will not
entrap illegal immigrants it says of course it does but we all know better
it’s Florida after all Florida does not have a good record for that after all
Andrew Gilliam leading a registration drive as we march to the 2020 election
at lunch today yeah it’s scary stuff gone are the days where
you don’t have to do your own research they have to do our own research big
time and check in three times I mean it’s it’s a lot of work and there are
some places that are trusts you know I’m trust but let’s just say personally my
my trust isn’t growing it’s it’s it’s going downhill as I’m sure everyone
understands and probably feels the same way
dr. Cindy they support white supremacy Robbie as a man of color I can say black
Trump supporters are under a strong delusion thank you yeah and it’s it’s
for as a white person that makes me really really sad because it makes me
feel like my god they’ve gotten to them like Dave and you know what I’m really
sensitive person I could I could seem I don’t know how
I’d be and that’s why I don’t know I mean I know my am now non-white so I
probably in a mental hospital somewhere I don’t yeah Thank You Robbie you should
Robert they’re cowards without their guns they’re nothing right their loss
for themselves and against all on what see here’s the thing here’s here’s a
scoop that that I like to talk about they’re delusional with their guns too
I’m sorry if somebody wants to take over not every time okay tell me what you
think of this if somebody wants to take over they’re going to try off the
electricity okay the electricity bye-bye no electricity
that’s all I have to do and then wait use time as a weapon they’ll have time
as a weapon and that’s what they’ll do or and you know a large bomb on your
house I mean look they do to black Wall Street I mean a gun a little pistol
that’s nice again I truly believe in this is just my
opinion the whole thing is it’s for to feel safe but it’s not really to be safe
okay should be safe a little bit more than your little pistol but just my take
Pat says that’s right doctor dr. Sidney whoa it scrolled up and I lost you
um let me find that again lost it I apologize Wow
a lot of people have sets up I’m squirrel okay doctor say it’s always
existed does not reflect the whole of the race okay kitchen politics assassin
Trump will still still going after the former Tallahassee mayor who is black
even though the FBI cleared him of any and all wrongdoing
of course of course of course that’s what he does anything to deflect his own
wrongdoings he’s he’s got like this pretty mentally ill save here welcome to
the show and thank you for saying hi pretty much it right on the head their
spirits are broken in a way they just want to be accepted and I can’t blame
them I mean if you’re a person of color you can blame them do what you want I
totally get it but I don’t have the right okay so that’s thank you I just
can’t imagine um dr. Cindy there even black people who think racism really
ended I sometimes I get them and it’s it’s beyond disturbing in my groups
sometimes the people come my groups and I’ll be like I’ll look it up and oh like
I never go into people’s home pages cuz I’m I’m just just don’t I guess you know
I get like a feel for what they say I’ll be like oh my god is that a black person
saying that it’s like shocking I can’t believe they’re they’re basically
working against like they’re cruel to their own their own selves it’s and so
I’ll go on and collect maybe that’s a fake you know I’ll try to like it’s
curtain I sit but yeah it’s shocking but the society white people decided evil barbaric
things too that’s pretty fucked up and that’s intense we’re all born into
it and we didn’t create it but if we love God we need to support and to it
and in my views as many of you know I promised I wouldn’t be going on and on
but of course I always do if you’re doing nothing and you’re white oh you’re
doing something alright there’s no neutral
there’s no neutral if you do nothing you are supporting systemic racism oh it’s
disgusting cruel and murderous ways it’s just the way it is so you got it if
you’re white you got it educate yourself it’ll be scary yes and yeah you’re gonna
feel pretty stupid and you’re gonna feel a little racist here and there and
you’re gonna make mistakes but do it anyway Pat then they are delusional
Walker yeah I’m learning to pitch politics yeah we need to do something in
Florida Florida’s Florida’s brutal I’ve just heard so much and read so much
about Florida kitchen politics college emissions scandal causes a major fallout
people color memories or denied entry into Ivy League colleges even though
they qualify what do you think it’s been done what do you think will be done as
punishment for guilty parents kitchen politics are you asking me or hopefully
you’re asking everybody I’m disgusted by that that is I hope that the the wrath
of the law falls upon them what they’ve taught their children what God see
here’s my thing if you’re powerful and wealthy in America it just you are
powerful if you are wealthy no to certain degrees depending if your boy
person and where your but what you do with that but I am way
all about that spider-man mantra with great great power comes greater think I
just made that up responsibility if you’re wealthy you can pay your way out
of anything and you need to be responsible you need
to be able to look yourself in the mirror and have personal integrity and
if you’re really really impoverished in America I’m not saying you should be
able to go be a criminal but for God’s sakes we criminalize poverty we make it
harder and harder and harder for you to get anywhere and we will make you feel
like you are dirt those are the people who should be the ones having moral
issues that you know issues of character the wealthy people there’s no excuse not
that there’s an excuse for people who aren’t wealthy I guess what I’m trying
to say is that’s disgusting the wealthiest people doing something
like that it takes some gall so yeah okay I’m
going to show yes so yes not good um how’s that oh I’m not gonna read that
social justice okay um Rob when I speak to Kim I’m gonna reveal information
that’s gonna blow your mind I have no doubt – well I can’t wait to
talk to you and I got to tell you about Neil cuz we Liz okay I’m just gonna tell
you right now Neil’s one of my friends and I know he’s
listening you’re listening um and he had a syndicated radio show for a number of
years and he did a lot on stuff he has connections and he is very very smart
and he’s gonna want he’s gonna want in on whatever you say – I can just tell
you right now just speaking for you Neil okay mister FS black politicians use
broad terms like people of color to act like they’re for equality while doing
absolutely nothing for the black community absolutely
axis stinkin lovely like when the politicians that are coming up for
election right now I I’m not you know leading any anything but I will not even
consider a vote for somebody until they have a total agenda and are
gonna tell me what they are gonna do about systemic racism from black
Americans what they’re gonna do about reparations I want to know what they’re
gonna do and if they take any PAC money any anything they get nothing for me and
that’s my bottom line that’s the least I can do they have to have an agenda
that’s a real agenda not rhetoric what they are going to do to end this because
the white wealthiest wealthiest people are not going down without a fight
do this and that just brings me to a lot of different things but anyway I’ll keep
I’ll keep taking them I have so many things to talk to you guys about tonight
um absolutely mr. SF Blackie yes dr. Cindy the term people of color came
loosely from a statement from Martin Luther King in the 60s where he used
citizens of color and was there was a way of making white people weren’t
comfortable than using the emerging black and you know what everything’s
about making white people comfortable in America I would see but so it totally
makes sense what you’re saying I did not realize that but I believe it yep um
black identification fast forward black people are emerging again and a
more and a more comfortable people of color is dot dot
let me find is used but it’s even more complex since it works with the fallacy
of diversity which pretends to include black people as people of color
I don’t include that I I sometimes say other people of color but I tried to
separate black people and I don’t know why I do that it just seems like I kind
of do but I don’t know yeah it’s it’s really strange because there’s a white
person like I try to go with what I try to go with what the best practice of the
time is and because I am absolutely passionate about this it’s nothing
totally correct it’s being human and I’m not correct at all politically
correct would mean that I don’t feel that way and I’m using language that I’m
using just because I want to cover up the way I feel now I actually feel that
equality’s is a good thing so it’s kind of a it sounds like I’m being
politically correct but no it’s called being human it’s called having some
respect and it’s called being a decent human so
yeah and I’m gonna go back back back back thank you for reading yes okay
thank you for I could I was following that comment now let me go back back
back back back okay Robert like the civil rights to look it’s to the rights
bill benefit white women more than exactly they benefit we’ve benefits
white women more than black people even in a lot of ways also the other people
of color try to jump on the bandwagon help black still have not got theirs yet
right and that’s Robert that’s my biggest thing and when I say I don’t
know why I said that but I do it’s it’s because like I said at the beginning of
this some of our chat this isn’t this chattel slavery and people who are put
in a non human status and over all the atrocities the barbaric or fair
treatment you know that history that white folks don’t know about because
they don’t want to know and they don’t you know they’re taking recent
responsibility good luck you know it’s that stuff there’s no experience like it
and I’m not saying that individual cases you know obviously haven’t been
tormented more than others but overall it’s exactly close call there’s there’s
been no experience it was centuries of barbaric
chattel slavery so putting him together like like I know the the one the new
Congress congresswoman had had kind of done when
we talked about reparations um of course I was like wow that was just dank so
yeah it’s not it’s not okay Shh ah I can’t read your location but I’m
everyone else can um Leslie black 45 supporters are better known in the hood
as house oh yeah yeah I know there’s all these words for which I can’t really
read because I want to keep saying on here but ya know everyone else can read
that I know and that’s not my place to say but it’s just so I can’t imagine I
just can’t imagine I truly like to believe that people do things because of
their own personal pain and whatnot but it must be enraging to see somebody do
that as a person a black president I can’t imagine oh hello I’m so happy
you’re here in Anthony hello this is exciting
I’m so happy everybody um I have skipped stuff back I apologize um Neil I’m
trying to make you blush um let me back up a ton of people goodness narcissistic
Lakeisha narcissistic delusional racist dr. Cindy agrees with pet kitchen
politics ask asking everybody Lori Loughlin says she thought nothing about
it according to reliable news sources well of course she didn’t learn social
justice abolish billionaires you know here’s the thing if you’re a billionaire I honestly could care less what I care
about I don’t know what you’re doing to help society with your billions okay
that you’re a billionaire one time I was at a book fair cave reuse books and an
elderly man helped me out she was very sweet and I said thank you so much
they said Do You Know Who I am and I was like yes you’re a man who’s helping me
out okay I’m not trying to Tracy put it’s like no I’m mayor I was mayor of
this town and I was like blown away not that he was mayor that he had to
tell me cuz he no offense with all due respect that’s nice and
happy for him but it doesn’t mean he’s a good person it doesn’t mean like a
billionaire I’m trying to compare this to like you’re a billionaire in America
people bow down to you give me a break Jenny wealthy in America has a lot of
luck to it okay I know so many people who are incredibly talented who are
practically on the streets who should be I mean it’s it’s not all about who’s
best it’s about who has connections and and what not it’s a lot so I guess what
I’m trying to say is this guy reminded me of of what white folks often look up
to and people like drunk he’s rich he’s when I did my interviews with the with
the people on the street do me around but he’s gonna give us he’s gonna not
even take a salary it’s like his salary is that’s like a gumball machine salary
for him you know people just don’t get it and they look up to and they they act
like wealth the wealth is just the end-all and there’s such great people or
not they’re lucky people and I’m not unhappy for them but I don’t really care
this mayor wanted me to so yeah of course I said oh wow that’s so great I
wasn’t him he’s an older man and stuff but Wow
it was it was just weird that’s all but anyway I will stop laughing where am I
Leslie people people people if these rich people she didn’t lie to the IRS if
they if they don’t do some serious time you will see what we people of color
already know about white privilege at work right and you know what plus 100%
white folks need to get this we absolutely economically speaking
we are not wealthy need to unite with the black folks and other non white
folks and come together and say we’re done we’re done but every time just like
michelle is an egg’s anders book every time people start getting closer to
realizing this common play the propaganda machine does its work and
makes people blame black people or everything all their problems acts when
actually the truth is the opposite wait folks paused with red lightning my god
child slavery and Black Codes sundown towns I mean I say this every time we
created this yet we blame the victim of these over the centuries the victim of
it it’s sick it’s really sick all right let’s take some things less absolutely
pitch politics multiple news sources as well I hope they throw the book at all
them involved you know it’s kind of interesting I hope so too
um it’s it’s a really sick thing to did with all that I mean those are the same
people who affirmative action they don’t even get what affirm reduction is they
just don’t get it and they don’t know their history and they’re entitled and I
don’t I’m not trying to be all over them but
they have privilege they have extra courage they’d economic privilege and
they still decided to be immoral and they took the they took the places of
people who don’t have that privilege and that is something I can really relate to
and I think lots of people can relate and when I heard those people talking
about them some of the people who were in the cases and stuff I noticed they
were normally they you know why flukes scale up get away with murder literally
but they were brutal with them and I was like who are these people I want to know
them they actually seemed like they were taking it seriously but because we know
our own history here wealthy people somehow get wealthy
attorneys and they do what they need to do to get away with murder so I’m not
the system is it’s working in a six sort of way when it comes to giving
reparations to black people they see them they see a problem with it oh of
course but they tend to give it all and to give it all give it to all the other
races but black people it’s only with black people they don’t want to get it
yeah and you know that is it’s like the sick hatred I mean so many other groups
got reparations maybe not enough but they got them the one group it’s like
it’s like the opposite of what they should be doing
it’s enraging yeah good great point Pat thank you for okay reparations to Roddy
it’s not gonna end because the elite no but the so-called Negroes are the true
biblical Israelites and part of the twelve tribes yeah
I think it’s not going to end great points it’s not going to end because yes
I definitely have been studying that it’s not gonna end because wait when
Americans are greediest you know what and they will not allow it pissed off
without some serious yeah there’s just so much to it it seems so
simple but it’s just so Robbie we Deuteronomy 28 thank you for that and
I’ll go back and look at what everyone says dr. city it is what it is what it
is used by institutionalized racism not necessarily interpersonal relationships
good point and sometimes to be honest I have a little bit of trouble kind of
separating the two it’s it’s hard it’s complicated
thank you for for that nice comment on Anthony hi mom hate the fact that I
always catch you when I’m going to bed love you oh thank you so much for being
here Anthony I really appreciate you thank
you so much you add so much to this and I know it’s getting late you must be on
like East Coast or have to get up earthy no problem I’m thrilled to have you here
oh my gosh I finally caught up Anastasia doctor wow I am way behind okay dr. sim
people of color is used by institutionalized racism in order to
pretend that diversity is working when the specific people racism was designed
for are still excluded and discriminated against padua’s point yep I love the way
you say things the way you put things it’s really it’s easy to understand
kitchen whoa okay when I first when I swirl a little it just goes like this kitchen politics you got nabbed for
something thirty-year-old wait police gets five
years probation for sex with a 14 year old black girl I won’t have to register
as a sex offender thoughts very disgusting
there are when I went over some of the crimes because people are starting to
have actual records of now there it’s still voluntary but you’re supposed to
turn in like if if there’s an incident yours in your police station you’re
supposed to turn things in and there are surveys so it’s getting ever so slightly
better but not obviously any opportunity there are more cases of police raping
people on in the line of duty it’s like police in America that’s like
a whole another show it we the way we have it is absolutely purposeful there
is nothing chance about what’s going on they are such things that are such
low-hanging fruit in the sense that we could make our police incredible
training just screenings and better a and test for implicit bias and
continuing don’t even get me started we just don’t want to white people don’t definitely i’m if you have something to
say about what kitchen politics is talking about jump in there Robert
did you know they made shoes and purses out of yes yes yes yes yes no I know
that’s like I don’t get heebie-jeebie like I like you know bogs are like
spiders or snakes but that’s just–that’s it’s I studied some
of the the Florida you know crocodile stuff and I just actually want to make
another video on it but I’m I don’t really want to it’s so painful to yeah
yeah anesthesia had a racism forum but like I
said I tagged you in it oh you know what anesthesia I have been completely out of
touch with I just haven’t been following anything I should give you my number
because um I have I have my number because sometimes I get so bombarded was
like 80 or 90 or hundred like tags and then my family got sick this week so I
kind of I was I think I let a lot of people down but it’s kind of a crazy
week but yes I want to hear all about it and I want to know did you do the forum
or pretty in it or oh I would love to know using Pat black people this country
have been treated worse than any other race in the face of the planet
absolutely that’s it’s that’s why I did this video the video they did get the
most shit about I guess just to put it bluntly is the the average we’re not
we’re not slaves okay people they go nuts at me and it’s like I’m not saying
the Irish didn’t have things have it it’s just there’s such a huge it’s a
joke and they just don’t get it they don’t want to get it so it’s crazy
absolutely we’re Robbie there’s a reason for that
Robbie it’s biblical I don’t even if I’m pronouncing this but
you are not allowed to use words I can’t pronounce that’s treating Deuteronomy on
phonics specialist don’t make fun of me 28 and the curses dr. Cindy you know
what while chatter slavery was horrendous the
worst ways commoditization another person using
words I don’t know this is where black bodies were monetized and used as
investment instruments on Wall Street yeah yeah yes I’ve heard it I didn’t
know that’s what it was called yeah it’s the whole thing’s unbelievable the
dehumanization and the cruel stuff and I am I refuse to believe that oh that was
just what they did that now that’s another denial it’s just people white
folks love to tell me that that’s just what they did then you can’t judge the
buyer yeah you can what you think we’re doing now it’s like judgment by our
standards people haven’t involved that much we were just animals then but now
we’re not not buying it sorry and which this is dr. sandy and which caused the
breeding of child girls and women stuttered of boys and men and the
destruction of the family Sioux forceful say yeah and all that stuff that is in
my next video so white folks I do my videos are for white people and anyone
can watch them obviously but they’re there if you know your you know your own
history obviously like you don’t you torture it getting them to white people
is nice but they’re dumbed down I don’t mean that rudely it’s just most white
folks have absolutely not the first clue about our real racial history I mean
it’s unbelievable I’ve had people come up to me and go kidnapped huh what what
do you mean what do you mean like their children taken from them and I’m like
seriously I’ve had white folks tell me not to say the word black don’t say that
don’t say that these are screening and I’m like why so I won’t get into what I
say but don’t ever underestimate nice the sick sick sick yeah I know what
you’re talking about at least I know the names but stud farms and the breaking
farms in the hood learn social justice we to March and protest your socialism
first first all other protests can come later so learn social justice
I used explain what you mean way too much and protest versus socialism first yeah explain what you mean I’m not quite
getting it and I apologize let me see welcome to the live show hello I am very
happy you’re here I’m late oh you’re not late you’re just on time right here I
will have to watch the whole thing later oh thank you so much oh my god thank you
so so much and thank you for being here and if my dog does mister stop
scratching that door once in he wants me um I am thrilled that you were here it’s
a lot of places of premises at work to keep wealth within that 1 or 2 percent
so it’s not luck at all it’s orchestrated that way by the white
supremacist elite well right and for them it’s probably not luck what I’m
saying I’m just talking about becoming very wealthy excuse me for one second
I’m going to make a quick call because my poor little puppy wants in and nobody
is letting so I’ll just do something I apologize for the delay so where was I
Jamie hello thank you so much for being here
I’m thrilled to have you as you have you like I’m having you um let me see yeah I
know you’re saying I get we were saying I was kind of referring to like people
who kind of make it and are doing really well not the one in two percent of
course they it’s like they’re kind of all in each other’s club or something
did you ever get it it just seems like like okay I’m gonna be really like
upfront here you know these people who are pedophiles like that are wealthy
wealthy people who enjoy doing horrific things to children innocent children
like Epstein just all these guys seems like they all know each other you guys
ever get that feeling after I was studying some of it for last week’s show
I’m like this is incestuous and not and not in the literal sense but these
people cover for each other these people know what they’re doing they know where
to go and who to go to it’s a it’s a club so yeah in that sense
absolutely me my people are put the love for money over the love of humanity
especially over black people yep that’s our motto it’s sick I mean just in in every area –
in every area I always tell people insurance it costs more – if you cost
less to kill you insurance companies will go for I mean it’s true anyone
who’s ever had anything wrong with them knows if it costs less to kill you don’t
do it and I absolutely did serious – they won’t give you the right medicine
that you need they’ll make you trial something else I mean it’s had a lot of
experience with that unfortunately and I can’t even imagine
somebody who is really really having a rough time economically dealing with greeting papers I’m a teacher and that’s
why I’m like well that’s a good excuse but you’re not late you can come in any
time dr. Cindy um white people only to a white people I’m gonna just assume white
people okay sorry uh-huh it’s good of me white people only dwell on fieldwork and
ownership like oh you corrected it yeah hey I got you doctor said you’re fine
I’m just thrilled you’re here show for the masses of white people just like
black people real wealth is a fallacy although white people have a modicum of
wealth and black people have virtually none as a result of racism absolutely
it’s when you compare dr. city that’s an awesome point when you compare the
wealth discrepancies it’s absolutely out of control it’s it’s unbelievable it’s
truly and that’s a great point and it’s we did this black people struggle
whenever black people did accumulate wealth as a group or as you know
anything significant we tried to destroy it it’s like your worst white folks are
our worst nightmare I mean we are I don’t know guilty about
that one bit I’m pissed it makes me sick it’s disgusting
great so you get me everyone have a biblical name and if
they knew their biblical names they would realize they match the
characteristics to a teak and everything that’s going on now has been written in
the Bible prophecy yeah I know you know what I don’t follow I’m not religious
I mean I don’t follow a faith as it I think I mentioned earlier so I don’t
know a lot about that but um I would love to hear more about about what
you’re saying very interesting I know that history goes gosh history does seem
to be a push and a pull and keep this up we’re gonna get to see in our own
lifetime I repeat kitchen politics if Trump supporters what did you just say if Trump
supporters or cousins get divorced are they still cousins ah ha ha very funny
everybody you are so funny doctor said with regard to slavery the statement
above okay what you were saying about ok yep gotcha
thank you dr. Cindy okay so we’re I’m loving how many people are talking in if
you are listening and you’re not feeling comfortable jumping in please jump in
and say what you think I’m I spent three years confessions I was on Facebook for
three years before I wrote one little like and then I actually wrote a comment
and guess what I guess it was controversial because somebody said
something mean and I delete it right away I was like oh my gosh okay
I have changed but jump in the more you jump in
I move the shy i was the shyest person on the planet and then this one thing
that makes me not shy and that’s watching with our our culture I don’t
know what it is but okay enough about me let’s keep I got some serious okay
so as we were talking about oh wait dr. Cindy the entire ideology demands a full
sense of a level playing field exactly since in order to feel superior there
can’t be a thumb on the scale so to speak at the same time they I’ll wait for you I’m waiting for you
I’m gonna read somebody else’s I hate to do this Lily I’m sorry if you’ve covered
this already but I’m curious what guy you interested in social justice racial
justice and I’m so happy you’re doing so thank you so much let me drop down to
Cindy so doctor city at the same time they must believe the scale is tilted in
the favor of blacks exactly and part of the thing is because it’s a straight I
mean doctor City nailed it part of the thing is because it’s a
historical kind of they can make up whatever they want and they don’t want
to learn it because that’ll room they’re kind of in their room there the reality
for lack of a better way to put it the reality great points you have to go on
the show guess those you’d be amazing I’ll just sit aside and just kind of
like three things and you can you’re you’re awesome dr. Cindy and everybody
thank you so much for your support being here I’m gonna run back here to thanks
for the joke kitchen politics very funny ah what got you know what oh really
really briefly and I can talk to you in private about it and I God knows I’d
love to talk about myself um Lily what got me interested in social justice was
when I was six years old I saw a man who I was I was like a little little kid I
was around six I saw a man and it was a black man but I didn’t know what that
was at the time but looking back in my memories he was a he was a man he’s
black or brown or you know and he needed us and it’s all feeling out of it I was
six I didn’t know what was going on my person teach me all that stuff and he
needed us in the adults walking by acted like they didn’t see him did like they
didn’t like literally they didn’t see him I saw him and I thought I was I
didn’t understand why people weren’t helping him
and I was like death stated and I was being dragged along you know we’re
rushing somewhere and I kept looking and I wanted to go up to him and say ah I’ll
be a friend I like you and you know what I made eye contact with them and he was
scared of me too and I can tell and that’s just it’s just to feel it’s just
how I was born and then ever since then I wanted to figure it out like what is
this thing and then when I was 12 I figured it out and you know when I was
18 I I learned about Jane Elliott and I was like oh my god somebody gets is this
is something real and then I just then I worked in Compton um when I was 23 I was
teacher so I totally get ready I was a teacher in Compton for a number of years
and it was during the LA riots so I got the experience of a lifetime with nine
eight shootouts in a nine-month period in our area where you could hear
basically Bam Bam and everything’s closed there’s a code yellow
they had a code yellow for it I mean it had a and then the Wrights cake so
that’s kind of like a quick thank you for asking but thanks so I just I want
to know so thank you for asking Lee and Robert with history culture and
bloodline book and the white men made it into a religion called Christianity
thank you for educating dr. Weiss krola no trouble Cindy okay Neil if you’re
watching but not subscribe – oh thanks me like reading like froat Thank You
Neil oh my gosh I would love I mean I would love for you to tag you know take
people on Facebook get people interested it’s not for everybody if you’re if
you’re not white and you deal with this crap all day I could totally see where
you the last thing you want to do is this have a listen to some white woman
yakking about you know absolutely but for some people they they really
glean something from it and and again a lot of times it’s good for I want the
white folks that I try to dole this out to I want them to hear from real people
caring for me whatever I’m just a stupid way first you know I mean I don’t care
from real people who live this every day I want them see I want them to feel the
pain and I don’t mean it rudely I just want them to get what they’re doing
nothing does to people that’s all I just I’m watching well come on thank you for
saying interesting ok good jump right in if you have anything to say don’t be shy
Jeanne I can’t believe the Trump is still talking about about John McCain
and Trump won’t leave his ship I’m Scott that’s disgusting yes I don’t care if
you were against what he said is what John McCain stood for but you know what
I didn’t say he might have make mistakes I’m sure he did but he was a man who who
actually stood up to what was wrong he had principle at least for a lot of
things that I saw and Trump is I get what chumps doing because John McCain
and you know I’m not a Republican I’m not a Democrat is everything he could
never ever ever be yeah King I agree it’s it’s disgusting not yet I hope I’m
saying your name right and you can break me you can tell me if I’m not Tammy I’m
being used by Most High God explain tell me more tell me more
so it’s interesting I’m not hundred I don’t want to misrepresent you so I’m
not a hundred percent what you’re saying just roll children are so innocent
humble entry so you were six years old but you knew deep down in your god-given
goodness that was not right to ignore a fellow human beings thank you for thank
you so much for asking it was I know this sounds crazy but it was confusing
and I mean I see things like that as a little little kid
it’s very isolating and that’s why that’s probably one of the reasons like
there’s nothing I’d rather do and then talk about racism bigotry and equality
and help educate the white people because it made me realize I wasn’t
alone and I was really seeing something and I know it sounds stupid but that’s
I’m just being real thank you thank you so much Lila you are sweetheart
I’m Oh Robert Koch he is saying nothing happened by happens by chance
okay thanks Robert I appreciate it okay yeah that’s something that was a hard
lesson for me personally to work when I was very very little and just trying to
figure this out hey don’t throw things at me but I was
like I don’t okay I thought I’ll just say I thought maybe the white people
just didn’t like yet that they were hurting people’s feelings okay I was
very sheltered kid I was like maybe we could just tell them like maybe they
just don’t realize it and it was kind of hard to realize like I have come a long
ways so yeah about the nationalism versus you
know the whole nationalism thing versus globalism nationalism it’s like duh
tilt it builds walls instead of ridges and I know that’s really cliche
nationalism utilizing state sponsored propaganda it drives itself with fear
and insecurity it humanizes OH ignorance and false Dogma
but here’s the problem I was watching this amazing show on
globalism and and everything the world value survey that this guy referenced in
the show said it looked over 60 nations thousands of people and eighty eight
point five percent said they are very proud or quite proud of their country so
see here’s the thing p-nut globalist it doesn’t mean you’re betraying your
country it just means you have enough social empathy that you actually can
project some of it outside of your national borders I guess that’s a good
way to put it but the fact is that much of the stuff that we love so I guess I
guess the thing is loving our country is here to stay if that’s what nationalism
is because most people do eighty eight point whatever but if we really looked
into it well notice this is this is the guy’s point we really look into it we’ll
notice that a lot of the things we love about our nation and our country in our
countries is actually from other nations and I want to discover some quick
examples like our alphabet do you help a bit English alphabet more from from
Egyptian hieroglyphics supposedly and I mean you think about that I mean what is
American said that must have just got invented okay the United Kingdom’s
monarchy queen elizabeth ii has german ancestry in fact if you look on the
marquis royal coat of arms it’s written in french so the french eiffel tower was
inspired by an architectural structure in the united states
chinese official ideology of Marxism was invented in germany Chinese Buddhists
from India imported so a lot of times will say we love our national traditions
but they’re really from another wave of globalization
and we gotta make this stuff gotta bring it in so that it’s not so extreme Telmar
welcome to the show yay thanks for being here
I’m just kind of gonna back it up because of course I’m blabbing let me
see Neil lately it’s a little it is little children who can teach adults
more about love than adults can about getting rid of racism I think you nailed
it we do thanks Neil for pointing that out you know I always wondered if I was
a psychologist love to see the point where I see the little children they
just want to play they don’t get one tan tan mist you are they don’t care what
your melanin your coat of melon ization they just want to play at what point teaching of evil comes in and starts
changing they don’t care they’re like we just want to play what point does it
happen and it’s just a weird I just don’t get
it um I’m a weirdo but hey it’s me Pat most ways we’re not taught about black
history they hide it from their children absolutely
Mike I never heard my parents or my grandparents not a single one uh Terr a
race racial slur in my entire life but on the other hand they didn’t teach me
anything now so it’s kinda I know that’s just me personally but yeah it’s that’s
why I’m all about education so Pat
Robert each weight supremacist speed their so-called religion into the slaves
as a method of manipulation and control absolutely that’s one of the things that
makes me very suspect of religion in general is that the Christians as I
I mean honestly beating the living crap and cruelty and rape and just don’t even
get me started and then on Sunday let’s all pray
together I mean give me a break that’s I going on and I do jump on in
anybody who wants to say anything so right now we’re in a wave of what’s a
nationalism and obviously it’s on the upswing and I cannot help but feel like
education it’s so key and it’s not gonna come from top down like I need to tell
you that um let me see Robert I just wanna make sure it isn’t it’s not gonna
come from top down so it needs to be grassroots up and that’s why I’m
absolutely obsessed with with trying to educate white white people and it’s not
easy because for the most part it’s so painful it just I don’t get it there’s
so defensive and they’re so freaked out about it and it’s it’s really crazy it
has to happen not because black people need a Savior not because they need a
leader they’re the leaders it’s not our place because it’s called dr. city
actually statistically h3 is typically when they first see color black people
generally get their first mic regression at about five thank you
I knew you’d know all this stuff I was just wonder like that psychological
transformation of of kind of yeah and usually by white adults oh yeah you know
what yep yep yep oh it’s all coming back yeah I was so sheltered I just didn’t
get it I’m glad I was I mean I’m glad I was none glad I kind of figure it out
but here’s the thing if you’re white and you’re trying to educate yourself
there’s no end to it it’s not like oh now I know in the walk white person and
then and then first of all you don’t get to say you’re the world quite person
you’re the white person that is not for you to say it’s a life long process that
we white people if we you know choose to take it upon ourselves and it’ll last
till the day I die and I still won’t know everything not even close but it’s
just something you do because I’ll say it again I hope people pray sick of me
sick of me saying this you don’t walk by people around you being harmed people
around you drowning in a pool slowly over time and I didn’t make the pool I
don’t give a shit that’s like sick I didn’t shove him in
not my problem but that’s what we do it’s disgusting love your master and do what he has
ordered you and then you get you should get rewarded in the afterlife this was
the level brainwashing it’s disgusting yeah it’s I mean it’s disgusting
Neil dr. Cynthia thank you for information I thought it might be in an
older age yeah you guys are guys are great you guys are amazing helping
educate me and having compassion for it for those who we don’t know isn’t
anti-patriotic it’s being human we can have a balance with this because right
now we don’t have about we don’t have a balance and whereas it’s nice to believe
that we’ll just swing back naturally and and become you know more globalist right
now we’re not coming together and it’s so dr. Cindy these are typical there’s
there are studies out there where children’s units three are given black
and white dolls and they already self-identified yeah and in the black
white doll studies have been also not to jump on end but has been proven over
time to be early consistent good like accurate studies and that’s what they
used in the Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka Kansas that’s the
science they used were these type of things to show separate but equal is not
equal I mean so I actually in one of the videos I did when my very first videos I
show some clips a modern-day rendition of that study done way back you know in
the in the olden days I guess you could say and you got to see this kids it’s
just like you can see the wheels turning six thing just the sickest thing kitchen
politics did everyone see the shop Ranson where current Ron called Becky
fool the n-word and spit on them twice is that the kitchen politics is that the
one I can’t keep him telling more is that that’s not the one with a teacher
that was Oh was that the one with the teacher but her children were there that
we were talking about earlier or I’m actually getting these things mixed up
god I can’t see straight yes okay yes not only that dr. cindy
internalized inferiority and superiority are evident in the discussions about the
good and bad dolls oh yeah I mean yeah what’s what’s the good oh it’s I think a
bunch of different like they this is such a yes dr. something maybe you can
help me like a named green thing that you actually you can replicate this
thing they’ve replicated it over over and over I mean high school
replicated it and oh it happened three days ago and she was fired from the
school board kitchen politics thank you recently okay
ah yes she thank you she worked at the school you guys are thank you um lately
as far as the shop right worker I read she resigned so quickly so she could get
benefits Wow without getting fired anywhere people
were angry at that oh I believe it too it’s like these people have the gall to
do all this kind of stuff it’s like they actually like catch on to the nuances of
how to that’s unbelievable dr. city indoctrination is deep yeah just I’ve
watched that video so many times in because I made the video but watching
that over and over again it never gets and never gets normalized
I see those kids faces like it’s just you got it guys if you have not seen
your white person or ever you haven’t seen it truly speaks to like doctor said
he was saying deep these are like three and four-year-olds three four five six
these kids know without being told who’s good kitchen politics New Haven
Connecticut I was late and I didn’t know you spoke about a right it’s okay see
the video okay thanks no no problem at all of course
Neil America better learn a lesson er we’re gonna be the next fall of Rome the
Roman Empire I’m including the immorality as well as the disrespect for
each other now I agree it’s so simple but it’s so and the white folks choose
to remain ignorant and hateful they’re going against their own
best interest times a thousand and they have no idea they’re destroying
themselves everyone else thanks nail that’s absolutely spot judge politics
will she be arrested for attempted assault by spitting she’s disgusting
trash who needs her kids taken away interested yeah I didn’t follow that
closely but I just don’t get these white folks who keep doing this why do they
keep doing it I mean do they not have is it that hard to control themselves
I don’t think we can change people’s hearts and minds but for God’s sakes
shut up in public about it don’t don’t do it in public people who do it in
public that’s out of control I mean I wish we
could help people to learn to be human but sometimes the best we can do is is
make it so they don’t you know do it to people and they don’t get to keep that
job they don’t get to have that microphone and they don’t you know they
don’t get the power but people who see what’s going on and still do it I think
that’s that’s really that’s amazing yeah I don’t know what’s gonna happen um
with her but I’ll definitely keep track um so where was I
if you guys can stay I want to talk a little bit about trumps world influence
of white supremacy and I know a lot of us including me are very very captivated
and kind of set with what’s going on in our nation because it’s terrifying but
he’s having an impact on the world and the way I look at it is this they’ve
been looking for a leader since the Civil War America American Way Americans
are professionals that’s his stock racism and now we have a president who
was seen as a leader so we have a president today who’s seen it as talk
about the world whose Nations don’t look at us as a role
model for the free world but they definitely look at us as a role model
guess what they look at us as motivation for hate separatism authoritarian
authoritarian movement around the authoritarian moving around the world
and pure you know racism and white supremacy and Trump’s seen as a leader
to these white nationalists and our nation is is like famous for it now and
I truly believe he is viewed as the de facto leader of the modern you know what
suppress movement it was cruel and inhumane group of white terrorists since
Hitler’s Nazi Germany he can deny it all he wants he can say oh I’m not that you
know all of his little like gaslighting it’s ridiculous but in this business it
seems that talk is cheap money actions speak volumes and I know everybody is
aware of the mass shooting where the shooters this is white nationalist you
know white supremacists storm two mosques and New Zealand killing you know
50-plus people and and it was a white terrorist attack and you know what
struck me as so bizarre about it well that he’s people yes but it’s from these
really bizarre was how it was just so telling um throughout this massacre
this is spotlighting who inspired him he live streaming it I mean he live
streamed harming human beings kill me and he went on a murdering teachers he
was all set up and look before he started doing and he’s he’s yelled
subscribe to a PewDiePie I mean I don’t know what you guys think
if sure to tip I was thrilled with that I don’t follow
PewDiePie and I know he has a very controversial figure but dang prior to
the attack there I don’t know if a lot of you who’s read or you know got to
hear about the manifesto on one main detail this horrific hatred from Muslims
and who inspired him and the list of influencers included British fascist
Oswald lastly the Norwegian murderer Anders Frank Vic Rebeck know if I’m
saying it right I can’t run around it pronounce his name very well but he
cited President Donald Trump as a person who has renewed renewed symbol of white
identity was the quote so I mean this is and supposedly this guy while he’s in
court being charged with murder is accused of and he’s a native Australian
he’s flashing some sort of waste promised his sign I mean and then they
found out I heard today the the this way you know this white supremacist who has
this whole manifesto he’s on saying they found out he’s gonna go to a third place
to kill me mom I mean question Oh Lily what website is oh it’s if I got all my
research for everywhere but everyone wants to throw on our website um
absolutely do so and I can give you them later I my stuff everywhere
dr. Cindy I read where she is supposed to be arrested for the spitting that’s
supposed to be a great result in that state yeah it’s so state to state thanks
dr. sandy yeah definitely but yeah so um I can maybe I can tell you later what
where I’m getting my stuff cuz it’s everywhere cuz I I’m one of those nerds
i triple check almost everything so it’s everywhere
according to Robert Mikey Trump and he’s a I don’t know he stole professor
professor at Berkeley but he’s been in high up in politics continuously um Pat
well it only spiked when he got in office oh absolutely
Oh people are talking here can you message man face oh yes
absolutely I will Lily absolutely thanks Yanks Fox News contributor last night
says on the air America doesn’t get enough credit for ending slavery thing I
saw that oh my god that lady was yes they lost the Civil War had they won it
they would have continued it when I saw her talking Asian politics I was just
like yeah I couldn’t like the gall the nerve that how dare she talk like that
credit you want credit for allowing human beings to have a human being
status it’s like no you don’t get credit for that I just don’t even get me
started kitchen politics you always get me riled
up like this is this what you were referring to him I cannot tell right now
but it’s the robber right he’s amazing he was high up in government as an
advisor dr. Cindy they were forced to during the post-racial period now that
they think they can but now that they think they can they’re losing their
minds yeah you saw that video cool yeah he’s he just gets it I love his
stuff and I wish I had a I had a lot of professors from Berkeley who came to my
school because I was raised up in that area when I was a kid in college and I
could have had him as a professor I would have died a thousand deaths
okay so Robert bright believes that Trump’s providing cover to authoritative
authoritarian leaders around the world or acting we’re actively attacking the
media and that he is kind of helping people come together and have a base
from which to work and feel supported about suppressing the media and he’s
very concerned that was one of his number-one concerns he wants to control
the world and he sees these alliances as his way to get there absolutely
absolutely he there’s a reason he can’t help
himself saying he looks up to kim jeong-hoon
and and the Russian dictator he he can’t help it because he does and he can’t say
quite about it he looks at partnership as long as it brings him more wealth you
know this is dr. sandy please come on here come on this because you are
wonderful um so here’s what’s been going on and a lot of people there so it’s
like a daily shop stuff coming on to all of us like just being bombarded with the
media we’re missing things I mean it’s so hard to keep up but Robert Reich he
is a team and he is absolutely with it and he outlines some things that are
going on that would have fought but I mean it’s not pretty
Robert Wright believes that trumps provided this this kind of covered for
authoritarian leaders around the world to actively attack the media and
discredit it and suppress the truth and that’s classic dictator behavior I mean
that’s what they do I mean if you ever read the book of steps of how to become
a dictator that’s Trump congratulated the Hungarian president Orban about his
electoral electoral victory despite the fact that the dude undermined democracy
in his nation and he stifles freedom of the press
that’s that’s hungry for it on Twitter Trump out to join the join the Polish
leader Sudan Andre do Dada to stop fake news so these people are
picking up his terminology and they’re being emboldened not just white
supremacists who are everyday whites versus these people are looking to our
leader not for equality not for fairness but for how to be a better dictator and
how to embolden themselves how to get the people to lose faith in the media I
mean this is not good Trump welcomed the Egyptian president whose walk up
thousands of people for political reasons and destroying it destroyed a
lot of human rights in in Egypt from reached out to the Filipino Rodrigo
Duterte always say this wrong doot-doot-doot Erte am I saying it right
don’t hate me he uses Hitler’s ideology of mass
extermination and believe these are like ideologies that he espouses to and
believes that basically what Hitler do to the Jewish people into black people
into people who are LGBTQ people as a model for how he wants to handle drug
dealers so I mean he’s made an excuse after excuse for Putin who murders and
Russian you know the Russian journalists essentially Trump’s racist immigration
policies and rhetoric have made racist racism and discrimination a legitimate
policy in parts of Europe so I mean this whole fear and nationalism stuff and
empowering people it’s not just inside our country it’s it’s spreading all over
now I will shut up and I will kitchen politics Germany wants us ambassador to
Germany be called ambassador john crenel trump appointees
jokes far-right neo-nazis in Germany you know it’s bad when Germany wants America
gone because of Nazism yeah that’s yeah can you post that
um can you post that I’m very interested in reading that this has gone too far
what do you guys think dr. Cindy um what I meant what I meant above was that
these mass racists were forced to behave and go underground but now they think
they can now they think they can they’re losing their minds with their perceived
new power thank you for getting I got it so
they’re becoming emboldened and they’re they they can’t believe this is like
their day in the Sun kind of is that kind of wait like this is this is their
time it’s their time to get to be you know acting out all these yeah he’s he’s
embolden people the Keisha Kim watch the news it’s news it’s good it’s about 5g
coming to cities near you more details on Yahoo thank you Lakeisha I absolutely
will I gotta get back I just been kind of trying to be good
yes I definitely I’m just thrilled you guys are here absolutely so another
thing that this is just a number of things like the Brazilian President
kissed Trump’s ass I mean unless you guys saw this but he spoke of fake news
and making Brazil great again and he is just in love with drunk a trump excuse
me um dr. Cindy what she said on Fox had that superior flavor did doctors me when
I saw that it was like a mix of the most entitled white supremacist sanctimonious
like I didn’t have a word for it she I don’t condone violence but I do
understand how Little Miss hand turns in a Little Miss
slap because that was I just I’ve never seen somebody with such golf it was just
maybe I’m just jealous I don’t have that kind of confidence but I’m kidding
I don’t I’m not confidence in real faction this lady is just make it up
shit and just yeah it was it was it was I could actually took me on Sakai I
couldn’t stand watching it I could watch nothing I was like it’s disgusting do
you guys remember that of course you remember oh the Oh Italian oh yeah the
ditalion prime minister so fini he campaigned on mass deportation and his
quoted as saying that people shouldn’t worry about other extremists other than
Muslim ones I mean we got some serious serious dehumanization of scapegoating
going on and lack of reality I’m talking like like I need to tell you guys
remember Christopher hands passing I guess the place a with the US Coast
Guard lieutenant guy who was accused of basically plotting to kill this is nice
plotting to kill the politicians and journalists in a quest for white home to
get a white homeland apparently he didn’t just have guns and ammunition and
all that stuff but they found apparently he found inspiration in the 1500
manifesto written by Anders Breivik the Norwegian extremist souls and they
are finding Trump Anton yes have you here oh my goodness let me just back it
up great to have you here and I knew you come with your famous mantra
Lakeisha racists are narcissistic human beings over and over and even fake
liberals who aren’t all they just as racist in covert and and their covert
narcissist yes I’ve had Keisha I cannot agree more
and it’s disgusting I’ve had horrific experiences with fake liberals
absolutely like life-changing people who know me really really well they know my
story fake liberals have a special place hello
yes I can’t read that and you always get now done it but I’m glad you put it
everyone else please read what Anton has written and kitchen politics singer
Trump is so dumb that he is fighting a dead guy and the dead guys what I think
it’s actually very good very good I’m blown away by what he’s doing to
McCain that’s what classes piece of shit I mean I’m sorry
Pat people are getting tired of all the racist crap that’s going on look how the
white guy shot the black guy in the back for no reason just because he was parked
in a handicap zone now the black guy can’t ever walk you know what Pat he
just brought up a point that is extremely important if you think about
this I saw a special this is a while ago and I don’t remember what it was I saw a
special on special oh my god it was on this ice how crazy all the people who
got shot who didn’t die and what they’re dealing with now there are thousands
thousands racism doesn’t just kill you I mean if it does kill if it doesn’t kill
you it makes you for life racism these police who are just out of control
Eric welcome thank you thank you I’m so happy you’re here awesome jump right in
we’re talking about nationalists white supremacy Trump’s
impact on the entire world and just this this kind of connection these supposedly
Wolf’s aren’t mumbles they’re relating to each other they’re all empowering it
in an emboldened in each other so these lost souls they want a leader they’re
looking for a leader and they’ve found one and the Southern Poverty Law Center
said that the atrocity in New Zealand shows us the scope of what we’re really
dealing with in today’s world they truly believe that this is a quote from the
Southern Poverty Law Center they said it’s an international terrorist movement
linked by a dangerous white supremacist ideology it’s Internet chat rooms any of
you guys been seeing the articles that are coming out on how the Internet is
radicalizing white supremacist I mean it’s not rocket science
obviously like left and right let me go get some questions here and comments
Neal Trump could be left off some oh right it’s very good I read I read about
that I hadn’t read in-depth um truck Neil says Trump could be left off some
states ballots in 2020 if these bills come become law I hope they Trump works
around the spirit of laws he works around them because that’s what he does
he’s a very sick sick man like I need to tell you and I hate to say it but I once
had somebody tell me somebody’s this is sick advice but it was true for what
they were talking about they said you know what I could I always like to play
fair sometimes you can’t believe when the odds are stacked against you
and I don’t know if I truly believe that or not but
people who are making those kind of laws in the States I hope keep him off the
ballot if he’s he doesn’t play fair and it’s not really that unfair it’s legal
it’s legal but I mean he circumvents the spirit of what it means to be an
American every turn he’s a real sicko and I could just ran for ten years on
them but I will don’t worry let me see here
um now several state houses are looking at making their release that can the
release of his I think you’re referring to his taxes as a condition of his 2020
presidential election show us your tax returns you can’t be on
the ballot wasn’t I Lakeisha police aren’t police they’re
KKK members undercover absolutely yes it’s yeah Eric I saw you on Dixon
white oh cool it Dixon is a friend of mine and he has
been incredibly inspirational and actually did an interview in a while I
did an interview where he’s his amazing we did an interview on him and he’s he
is my buddy I adore him and everybody okay don’t hate me he’s gonna kill me
write to him and say why are you come on okay like tell him to come on home come
on angry it’s gonna come on angry soccer moms of if you know Dixon or get out of
here like if you follow this stuff come on angry soccer moms live show we need
to you tell him that and he’s I already told was gonna do it so oh well but he’s
he’s a really great me on he has overcome so much in his life he he was
raised racist like full-blown like actress implicit bias but like full long
so he’s he’s really he’s an amazing person that I adore 18 states are
looking into this awesome I love it she’s not playing fair they’re all under
direct orders from the Anton yep we cannot let him do this to us
that’s why I am so into getting white folks to catch on to this not because
black people need a leader not because black people need a hero ooh
too late for that but because we don’t just sit in here and watch this stuff
it’s insane what sit there and watch while your fellow humans being tormented
and it’s all because completely made-up joke of a human construct so yeah I mean
it is way past time for white people to start taking some racial responsibility
absolutely giving a shit about their fellow humans um okay
thanks um scrolling issues here okay no good um robber Lakeisha bridges the
first police officers came from slavery but they were called right absolutely
slave patrol the the southern the southern uh slave patrol people morphed
into the sheriff and the police that we have today it’s a built in culture absolutely do something if we wanted to
people who just so sick Robert Creek thank you for pointing that out and a
lot of white folks don’t realize it’s in the culture of police I’m not saying
every police force does but you know what I gotta say they are I don’t wanna
get on a rant here but if they aren’t doing implicit bias testing if they
aren’t having continuous training on cultural competency they aren’t
implementing best practices from the models that have changed and completely
switched over from police killing people to police helping people all people not
just the way people then they’re not doing that
hang to get real educated people who get this there’s no excuse I got I was a
teacher I was I was taught more when I read the stats on on in general what
people are trained in to be police officers I was taught the escalation
more than most of them a few to be kidding me
I had nine and ten-year-olds and it’s just it’s all purposeful we could have
an amazing amazing community policing I’m blabbing as usual
Lakeisha they made lots to keep black people down white people have always
looked down unless by writing in our coattails for for absolutely because
it’s I don’t get it and I’m not saying I know the answers
but it’s this white supremacy here so I think it’s like an insecurity we’re so
insecure I mean I’m constantly saying it sounds
so nasty but if the best thing you ever did was be born white you got some
serious issues don’t get it but um yeah okay SH I had dr. Cindy enable the
racist should be a crime absolutely and these people honestly like I was saying
earlier I don’t know if you were here but that’s the effect I need to be funny
but the fastest cure for white fragility and for a white fear of what people is
when they call the police charging them and all of a sudden their fear will just
disappear you will not you’ll be here because it seems like they just choose
greed over humans but their greed is strong so I’m just saying it should be a
la you call the police on somebody a black person for existing that you
should pay the price let me tell you it’ll be okay but I need therapy they
just need that role don’t care all sudden their fear will dissipate
sorry I’m not trying to be funny but lets me see let me see an enabling
racist should should be a crime and also putting putting people in danger for
existing while black should be a very very discouraged apathy is Eric apathy
is worse than hate yeah I at this point yeah I mean it makes sense yeah it makes
sense to Eric that is true apathy is worse like the opposite of love is
ignoring say Monday yeah totally I know you’re saying yeah if you just don’t
care I think and this is kind of going out on the limb I don’t deny love
basically not being able to handle the truth like I get continuously told you
just do this because you feel guilty I’m like what no no no someone who says that
to me they just don’t get it I didn’t do anything I’m pissed
this isn’t right this is not no laughing I know that from the heart it’s like you
guys are gonna think I’m nuts something just went terribly wrong just feel so
wrong to me personally Neal Lakeisha it should be a hate crime
to disable reasons and I’m including police absolutely
legally amen Neal definitely Eric Lee yes for the community where we live is
very important we need to collaborate with white people who are willing to
help us yeah I think Eric I know I get mostly incredibly positive positive
feedback from from people who follow me who are black people and and and other
people or not white but aren’t really don’t consider themselves black per se
or brown or indigenous or you know whatever they they believe that you know
what they are I get tons of support but the thing that gets me and it’s just
it’s a fact of being white person I’ll never be trusted I’m not saying by
individuals I know a lot of people that are my friends who are black trust me I
know they do is very very close but I’m talking about when people meet me I
start all over every single time and that’s probably normal for most people
but it’s the price I pay for living in a society that is based on white supremacy
I wouldn’t trust me why should somebody trust me how many what people have to
screw you over and your ancestors in your history until you decide you know
they’re gonna have to prove themselves so a lot of people you know not a lot
but there’s a percentage and I don’t blame them one day you just look at me
like you’re right lady you know and it’s sad I lose people that way but I get it
and another part of that is why should people listen to me it makes me sick
they listen to me sometimes over the people living it
themselves that’s disgusting it’s like they need me some white person
to say it and then oh well she’s saying it you know she’s waited no you listen
to the people who live it saying that’s why I love doing interviews of non-white
people who have storage adèle I love doing in Hebrews just to not to
that’s a plug my interviews but I want to tell roughly famous to have a story
to tell anyone who lives in this culture of white supremacy probably has a story
to tell now some people it wouldn’t be good for
them to tell the story it would hurt them it would make them feel awful but
some people want to tell us during they want a forum to do that in and I do that
too and it’s not live and as anyone you know Dixon or the the man who I met who
is a good friend of mine now who is a is a former head of the Aryan Brotherhood
the Mississippi was leader of Mississippi Aryan Brotherhood that he
can tell you I’m all about integrity you bail anytime you want there’s no
questions asked I will not post anything without your verbal approval and it’s
not about me it’s about you and if you decide you know what I don’t like this
then you’re out it’s I I like to get people’s story serve don’t be famous to
get your stories also I’m blabbing of course and not Lakeisha racism is a
self-esteem problem and a mental illness like yeah I just like wonder it’s gotta
be some sort of propensity to be a mental illness I’m just guessing from my
you know layperson experience because about this some people who are raised in
racist households like really racist households break free somehow and figure
it out so and then some people who were raised in races households at all have
this propensity to kind of almost like well something that we can talk about a
little bit the extremists in religious and you know
religious faiths are a lot similar to the white nationalist extremists or
terrorists it’s their dis they’re kind of alone and they’re looking for
something and we will get to that but yeah it’s something Eric I admit I’m
scared of the police hell yeah I’m white and I’m scared of
the police because I see all this and I see what they do and and if you check
out something like my videos from this week did you guys see what they did I
laugh you saw my videos but did you see what they did the the the two women who
were um she dared to call the police because somebody stuck to her face and
this officer went there with a whole bunch of how much people and that’s
basically saying like accusing her of course she’s the criminal now and they
created like a frickin criminal it was a sickest sickest I had to watch the thing
to do the video i watch it so many times it was disgusting they they treated her
like the criminal she called them she’s not the criminal she’s the person who
needs help and she was so upset somehow deserving
it anyway watch the video it’s it’s one of them i commentated because a friend
of mine i’ve so please sent me the please camp I hadn’t seen it and you
know white folks go oh what did they do before the camera you know that like BS
racist little cliche denial well this showed exactly what happened
before the women started their camera and lo and behold it was exactly what
they said wha-hoo big shock so let me see here I am blogging again oh my goodness God Lili says yes Derek
dr. Sidney snow it’s le ha no originally originally the theology developed in in
Italy they assured a one-party dictatorship this is the route
centralized totalitarian government in a one-party state
if Trump succeeds he will destroy democracy and in the Democratic Party if
you pay close attention he’s doing it all he’s doing all this now he is
demonizing the entire party I’m on I’m on other sides yeah yeah it’s when I was
watching Robert Reich because I think she’s like the god of like you know of
knowing this stuff yeah check out his video I posted it today and I’m taking a
lot of stuff from him thank you doctor city kitchen politics
anchor Laura Ingraham and guess macht AOC I know I saw that on air by doing
her accent on air isn’t that racist um yeah
why she’s still in the air Laureen Ingram Ingram is in undercover races
like Tucker Carlson for John foxes yeah I heard about that it’s like what’s
wrong with people it’s rhetorical but I mean what’s wrong with people why do
they do with this I just I think it’s secure do they have that self esteem I
don’t know Lakeisha reparations land business loans
individual universal basic resources no more paying slavery property taxes like
I said earlier I’m Lakeisha I don’t know if you were here I’m strongly
encouraging anyone who will listen to vote for a person who is not taking a
cent from and who has an absolute plan and
stop systemic racism and if they don’t have a plan they’re not getting my boat
and I mean a good plan I don’t mean just you know talk I mean a plan is this is
ridiculous this is we have aided and abetted this crime
against humanity for centuries because we keep getting born into it as a white
person well yeah I was born you know it is our responsibility
absolutely people can go on and on about the cliche denial oh my ancestors you
know enslave oh who they weren’t they made all his life
we started this okay I don’t care if you don’t kind of look at yourself as a
white person doesn’t matter we did this we need to help end it and support our
black brothers and sisters and it’s not like complicated stuff um thanks
location for your client um kitchen politics zinger number cute kitchen
politics you are 92 night I never met a trump supporter who wasn’t
an uneducated racist and treasonous piece of shit have you
oh is that original is that original original work are you getting that um I
actually haven’t it’s hard to say boyfriend’s lifetime supporters but yeah
and when I’m on the street people think like if I’m walking by like it’s so
weird people think like cuz I’m white that I like get them like I am not like
you I am NOT your kin I am NOT here no no no
you can just they don’t get they they actually like when I went to interview
those people um a couple years back they were like come on over I was gonna tell
them I’m I’m interviewing you know I’m going to ask you some hard questions but
I didn’t have to say a thing they’re like oh you must support they saw my
skin and like you might sell our trunk I was like I got a car only a couple extra
questions and because I kept my mouth shut but it’s like Club but I don’t want to be Eric the black
young guy that got killed by the cops just for being black Eric I don’t even
know which one you’re talking about because there’s been so many
I think that’s pathetic I don’t know who you referring to
because it’s like continuous but yeah Oh kiss Paul today we say I have a black
friend oh you gotta love that you have a black a token black friend well that’s
lovely if somebody has a black friend congratulations
but what do they do what do they personally take on to help dismantle
systemic racism that’s what I want to know what are they doing not who’s your
friend that’s lovely because the fact is three
out of four white Americans today do not have a single close friend it’s not they
have no cool they’re very they don’t know the history it’s been white
Washington they weren’t taught their parents aren’t going to teach them we’re
ground doctor City as I explained above the Italian president follows Mussolini
interesting Trump is using the same playbook I thought he was using Hitler’s
honestly because I know one of his men this is not my area I mean like I have
an area but whose PlayBook just because there was an ex-wife of Trump’s who was
quieted with money I she was paid off to keep her mouth shut
well guess what she said something before she was paid off and it’s an old
old article one time ago about how he loved him was like totally into him and
now she’s been silenced but still find me boy I think it was in I have to
figure out and the thing that gets me is the cops
just killed just as many white people as black people it’s just the black people
get all the publicity because the publicity cops or the most worthless
waste of space on the planet and it’s not a black here’s the thing
Anton totally I think I get your point if I’m misrepresenting you tell me
here’s the just kind of like what I can do and I don’t need to be critical and
like put down but this is ridiculous the okay considered police and the
overall extremely lack lack of education like a you know just all the stuff that
they have going on they’re not bias their their salaries are low enough that
they can you know they don’t require like a huge huge amount of education for
the most part I know sheriff’s more and much more I mean much more the average
police they’re not checking to see if they hate black people they have a gun
for God’s sakes can i something you might want to check on make sure they’re
not gonna just you know do horrible things to do black people and the
craziest thing is okay I’ve totally lost mine yes the craziest thing is that
white people make up more of the population they do some of these things
to white people but they’re racist so much they don’t realize it numbers why
is this probably even though it’s obviously many many times
percentage-wise way way WAY worse for black people in color you don’t think
they’re doing some of this crap to white people of course they are but white
people love their racism more than they love themselves
that’s why ever he wanted kill a person in Times Square whatever he said finally found the man they’ve been
looking for since the Civil War somebody gets them sorry I’m being so
sarcastic but somebody’s saying good night and lily I do not want to good
night I just saw that I want to go back um
thank you so much for being here you are wonderful wonderful wonderful
and so happy you’re here come next week and share share share if you know anyone
who would glean anything from this kind of thing
bring them on it’s not for everybody but I would love it
good night and I’m gonna go back up goodness so I don’t know if I
misrepresented you Antoine tell me if I did because I don’t want to do that but
yeah it’s ridiculous the whole kitchen politics when we invade Venezuela for
their oil not stupid Walker see of course Trump we use it as an excuse to
gain more presidential power we’re quickly becoming yeah and so many
levels it’s it’s I don’t know if it’s too late location exactly
Neil read Hitler’s manifesto and you will understand the direction Trump is
taking us Anton it’s a corruption issue they’re murdering every thank you yes
okay it’s like kind of yeah this is not rocket science okay training on a
federal level standards certain pay a certain amount of training and
de-escalation and not just in shooting people
this is there are state of the art programs all of our country that are perfectly they can be replicated
replicatable don’t know if it’s a word they can be replicated
hey what they did in Oakland California it was amazing I mean their program
that are working and that are wonderful but you see we don’t we collectively
those that are have power don’t want that they like the status quo they like
having human beings treated like crap like their third fourth fifth class
citizens they like it this is a curable thing there are solutions we just don’t
want that’s the truth just sickening Lakeisha do you have friends who are
teachers neighbors co-workers volunteers Kim no not really
long story we’ll talk I had I kind of did
it’s a long story but no not really no I am i salon story but not really I have
tons of amazing online friends and maybe a couple talk I there was a time when I
did well it’s a long story thanks for asking you triggered me oh
just me I’m easily triggered Eric white people need to wake up yeah yes yes yes
great point kitchen politics ready for World War
three it’s not a matter of if but when Trump will be the cause he is erotic and
foolish he is Putin’s homeboy and yeah I’m not gonna read that because I don’t
want to stay I want to think the good graces of YouTube but um yeah it’s okay well your chances are a lot better than
any black person you can use your white privilege and the cops will not kill you
but a black person will that’s totally different thing altogether and Pat
that’s exactly if you’re still with us that’s exactly what I want to do is use
my white privilege to do what ever I’m not an idiot I know this is way way
way bigger weight will be bigger than than any one person and I’m just a
nobody but so help me God I’m gonna do what I can do all on this earth to try
to if I help one person to get it just one because I’m not sitting here doing
nothing I cannot stand watching this discussed
oh it’s not my problem or whatever it’s it’s too painful to just do nothing kitchen politics we’re in speculation
going on around former US senator and Secretary of State John Kerry is
contemplating running for oh my gosh thoughts anybody I think everybody is
dying for well I mean come on if people outside to be rude but Trump
can if Trump can become president anybody because he is absolutely a
horrific human being so they’ve heard figure hey with that good and I don’t
know I’m not saying about John Kerry’s just the amount of people who are
running the same just be very very extreme doctor City who do you think
Hitler took his cues from I actually haven’t studied him but are you saying
with Selena you’re saying like is that kinda what you’re saying yeah I have not
studied all over the place but um yeah I think don’t tell us more teach us we
need you I need you um Eric I’m gonna follow you on Instagram I think I’ve
seen you on a Facebook fire video before I you know what I’ve never gone viral I
had the best I’ve ever done is like five hundred thousand and that’s not that’s
not really viral it was good for me I’m not complaining but um it wasn’t um I
guess I was like but when a mine got to 500,000 and then
on YouTube it gots like thirteen or fourteen thousand or something like that
but um yeah I wish because the only reason I wear it is because the more I
can spread the word it needs to get to not the people who get this although I
love people get this but it needs to get to the people who need to hear it want
to least hear it but I also run a bunch of on communities online some are
specialized for very specific white folks who need to be handheld and I know
that’s absolutely not a best practice why they also know that there’s some
people who are just sensitive and they can come around thank you Eric um thank
you for that it’s great – great to meet you online and definitely if you’re on
Facebook say hi to me um kitchen politics Oh Hitler learned from
Mussolini I did not know that I have I’m not surprised at all doctor recently
came to power 90 20 lessons I wouldn’t do it seriously do some research every
day I learn something new thank you so much deputy Mussolini’s party was called
the Republican fascist party that’s a whole nother show but definitely tell us
what you think also you think a lot of people feel that way but a lot of people
don’t I’ve heard that I wanna know what you think if you care to share dr. Cindy you’re right and if people do
their research they will find out you are right and yeah yeah doctors to be
spot-on absolutely well I I have so much
research to do but I appreciated it on Eric are you an activist well is that
question for me or for dr. send me maybe you’re I don’t know I’m a humanist I I’m
a teacher that’s yeah that’s alright I am a teacher by school I have a master’s
degree in special education and I’m a specialist so I can teach I could teach
like a dog to read because I know my final adji and there is a pattern to it
but anyway that’s all of the story there is a pattern to reading and English
language is just very obscure but yeah I’m a teacher and I learned about Jane
Elliott when I was 18 I learned what racism is when I was 12 I saw what
racism was when I was six but I didn’t know what it was I was very disturbed
and so I kind of made it my life’s work to figure it out obviously I’m never
gonna figure out but but yeah I run a bunch of online communities and my
YouTube channel and this slideshow and I also do I do interviews for people who
want their voice heard who are not getting their voice heard and who need
to have memories heard so I hope that kind of clarifies I guess Dark City Neil
it is some complex stuff that I try it is some complex stuff but I try to open
minds dr. Cindy you’re amazing and everybody here is just oh my god I
cannot thank you enough I’m sure some people really need to go to bed so even
though we didn’t get through everything I really wanted to talk about white
supremacists and how they’re radicalized on the internet but I think
hi anyone have anything they want to add that they didn’t get to say absolutely
anything I love that people are here teaching politics read up on general
sweetie but who didn’t eat better was the bush crime family sickens me senator
Prescott Bush Republican of Connecticut financed Hitler and the Third Reich for
many years even after America entered World War two thank you for that
Anton Chum tells us we have and we have an agenda Obama lied the whole eight
years Obama just satisfied the elites okay dr. Cindy I think he is trying to
be the anti Biden to the center-right okay definitely tell anti tell me more
tell me where I can you can like talk to me you know personal not some your
something’s I want to know I know no more if you if you want to share it I’m
gonna say good night to everybody and I really want to talk about white
supremacist how they’re radicalized about mr. Steve King oh my god yeah
Trump’s personal ties to racism are always incredibly shocking thing for
white folks to hear if they don’t know or anyone who doesn’t know I also have a
ton of stuff on mainstream media’s involvement and how they are follow like
I need to tell you that the psychological game that Trump’s playing there’s so much to talk about the facts
about homegrown white supremacists we blame all you know Trump would have us
blame all the lessons or everything I’m sorry
homegrown white supremacist we have these white folks are total anti gay
politics boo boo band boo boo in America behold the pale horse explains
everything also wrapped in the flag by Claire
Conner Claire Conner Mork is on Facebook by her book thank you for that yeah
banned Oh banned books I meant okay dr. Cindy your open people’s minds and I
thank you from me guys thank you to everybody wonderful absolutely wonderful
and if this ever goes anywhere this you know gets a little bit bigger I will put
everything on telephone so that the real people can just say they’re you know
talk and I would just love to have you talking and not me repeating what you I
want your voices and if you know anybody who would benefit or needs to come to
the show or she couldn’t come watch videos please support me by watching
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nice and sweet kind of like my old stuff I used to be nice love you dr. Cindy
thank you so much for everything and everybody here for all of your input and
your knowledge I used to be nice then I kept learning the truth now I’m good
night everybody


  1. Kewl, You should do a vide on hate speech from arguments out of this book
    (Delgado, 2018) Must We Defend Nazis?: Why We Should Not Protect Hate Speech

  2. Hello. Soccer mom have u seen the lastest video of past being beat for turning around in parking lot. I'm so upset 😭 this morning

  3. Even if racism and bigotry were a real problem, Why would you care as a white woman? As a white mother of white children, you should have a protectionist view to ensure evolutionary advantage.

  4. You keep talking about "education". You are not educated. Go read about the Frankfurt school. Go travel outside the US and see how whites are treated in other countries or how blacks are treated in Latin America. Your self hate is projection (like with all BRAINWASHED public schooled libs).

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