Public Statement About Demonic and Fleshly Manifestations In The Church – PLEASE READ THIS TEXT…

Public Statement About Demonic and Fleshly Manifestations In The Church – PLEASE READ THIS TEXT…

Hey everyone out there!
I want to talk a little about manifestations and wrong spirits that are creeping
into the church. This video is going to shock some of you,
but I’ve been talking with people I work with, here in The Last Reformation
and people who are traveling and doing meetings all over, and we feel
it’s time to make a video about this. It’s time to be very, very clear when it comes
to these manifestations and what is happening in the church. What we see in the church today,
we see some manifestations where people are… how do I explain it?
It comes with tics and moving funny, and have a lot of body movements,
when they are in church and when they are worshiping God and
the presence of the Holy Spirit is there. I just want to say that I, myself,
I was in a church many, many years ago where I came to faith and I was at meetings
where there was a lot of those manifestations. There were people who were falling down
and rolling around on the floor. And I believed, at that time, it was all
the work of the Holy Spirit. And I was helping as an usher in the church
many, many years ago. And I was part of carrying people out
to the car who were ‘drunk’ in the Holy Spirit. But I saw many of them came back
the week after and they were not changed. Nothing have happened. Later God took me on a journey and
He started revealing a lot of things to me, and showed me that much of what we
saw in the church, some of it was flesh, it was fleshly manifestations,
it was emotions, and therefore there was not that
transformation, and other of it were demonic manifestations. And therefore we also did not see that
transformation we wanted to. You have to ask yourself, if those people
who experienced that, are really in the presence of God
as much as they say they are, why are they still struggling with sin,
many of them, why they are not really transformed? And the reason is that much of those
manifestations you see in the church today is really not the work of the Holy Spirit. What we see is that wrong spirits
crept into the church. And I’ve been sharing this with some of
our friends and people we work with, and it became a big burden for us,
a big problem, and we see people come to our meetings,
and as soon as you start to pray for them, they start to manifest and come with those
tics, or what you call it, and shake, and move in a funny way. Most of them really, truly believe that
that is the Holy Spirit. But very often it’s not. At one time, many years ago,
I have also believed it was the Holy Spirit. I was at meetings where people were
falling down and they were laying and shaking of the floor. And what everyone
did at that time, they were standing and saying: More Lord! More Lord!
More Lord! Come! More Lord! Because we believed at that time that
that was the Holy Spirit working in them and that was why they got that body moves
and they had tics like this. And we thought that was a sign
of the Holy Spirit. Today, I would not stand and say:
‘More Lord, more Lord’, when that happens. Today I would sit down and say:
Come out in the name of Jesus! Because what you truly see is that
it is the Holy Spirit that’s working and the presence of the Holy Spirit is there,
but then there’s the wrong spirit, there’s the demonic spirit, and those
demonic spirit starts to react and this is what you see. But, what is so sad with the church today
many places, that we have totally forgotten deliverance. We have forgotten all about
discerning spirits, discerning what is from God and
what is not from God, and then to cast out demons. And today, in the church, we have ministries,
we have movements, we have things where there is a lot of those manifestations,
but you never see deliverance. You never see them sit down and
actually cast out those demons. Because they believe that every manifestation
somehow is the manifestation of God, is the Holy Spirit. And we have seen that this is a growing
problem all over the world, and also, especially in America, where
I am now, where we have people come in to our meetings and they start
to manifest, and we need to set them free. And many have experienced freedom.
We have just shared a video, you can see it online, with a woman who
is telling her testimony, how she experienced a freedom. And I have
several of those videos where people have had manifestations and they have
thought it was the Holy Spirit, and then they come to our meeting
and experience the freedom and the peace that there is in Christ. When I ask those people where they got
those things, many of them said that they got it in the church.
It was in the church they got it. And it’s really a problem. It’s a problem that we see
this have been spread to the church. I had a meeting some years ago
in South Africa, in Capetown, and there was a woman, she came up
in our meeting, and at our meeting we let everyone pray for each other
because we think it’s very important to train and disciple believers.
But one girl came to me and as soon as I started to talk with her
and pray for her, she started to move like this and start to come with those
movements. And I stopped her. I said: Stop, stop, stop. Do you know this is not Holy Spirit? And I said that to her. And often people
react very strong… some people react very strong and say:
What do you mean? Of course it’s the Holy Spirit. But this girl didn’t say that. She said:
Yes, I know it. Can you stop it? And I was surprised for her answer. And I was like: You know it?
Yes, can you please help me? Then I asked her:
How long time have you had it? And then she said: Ten minutes. And I said: What? And she said: Yeah, just before,
at your meeting here, somebody came and laid hands on me
and did something and I started to come with those tics.
Can you set me free? And there I prayed for her and she
experienced freedom. But of course I was really shocked because
she got that wrong spirit at our meeting, at a meeting where we let everyone
pray for each other. And it was really a big burden because
how do we hinder this? We don’t want to create a place where we
have to screen everyone and check everyone and go through their lives before
we allow them to pray for people, because then we lose the momentum
of discipleship. But at the same time we need to address
this issue because there is an issue, there are people in churches who are
spreading those wrong spirits. How do you know it’s not from God? One of the things you know it that fruit
of the Spirit is the self-control. Satan takes over and Satan is against
the self-control and people cannot control manifestations, cannot control
what is happening. Then it’s very often a very clear sign
that this is demonic. Because you cannot control it. It’s something that happens. And we had
hundreds of people now who experienced freedom and who have
come to us and said that it started good but in the end they couldn’t
be at worship, they couldn’t be at meetings because every time people talk with them
and wanted to pray for them, they came with that in their body.
And that is very, very clear sign that this is not from God,
this is not the Holy Spirit. Because when the Spirit is there,
there is freedom. And fruit of the Spirit is self-control. So, do you experience your body reacts
in a way, and something is happening with you when you are worshiping
and seeking God, or at meetings, and you cannot control it?
It’s not from God. When I would then say: If you can control it,
why do you do it? And I see there is also in the church that
people just try to pretend. I don’t say everything is demonic,
but I’ve talked with many, many people last years who’ve been in settings where
some people have been manifesting and they thought that for me to be holy
like them, “holy”, and acceptable, and close to God like it looked like they are,
I need to manifest, I need to do the same thing. And suddenly they are standing and moving
in a way, and it’s almost like you need to do it to be
a part of the inner core. You don’t need to have those manifestations.
You can just be in the presence of God and experience the peace in your heart. And you have self-control. And that is very, very important.
That is the fruit of it. What we see in the revival history,
if you study revival history, is that every time that have been
a real strong move of God, the Holy Spirit have come, when the Holy Spirit is present
there will always be demonic manifestations. Why? Because people need deliverance. But the problem was, we saw a move of God,
it was pure, it was holy, there was repentance, there was holiness,
there was good fruit, then demonic manifestations happen
in people. But instead of sitting down with those people
and saying: Come out in the name of Jesus, and set them free from that wrong spirit, people thought that was a fruit
of the Holy Spirit. And now they are standing and saying:
More Lord, more Lord, more Lord! And believe that those manifestations
are from God. I am worried. I am worried for America.
I am worried for the world today. I am worried for those things I see
that those spirits are creeping in, those manifestations are coming
into the body of Christ, and people cannot discern
that this is demonic and some of those ministries and
some of those places where you see the lot of it – ask yourself: If they have some much of the Holy Spirit,
why don’t they never cast out demons? Some of those people who bring this
never cast out demons. But when people come to God,
many people need deliverance and we know that is biblical –
to cast out demons. This issue is something we have addressed
with the leader team in the Last Reformation, and those people we have worked with.
And we feel it’s time to really go public and say that we don’t want anything
to do with it. Because there is also people who
somehow follow the Last Reformation and love what we are teaching,
when we talk about the discipleship, and the gospel, and healing the sick,
and some of that, but they still try to bring this in.
And we just don’t want it. We don’t believe in it.
We don’t see it as the work of the Holy Spirit. And it’s something we often address
in our schools, because people come to our schools
and as soon as they start to hear our teaching about discerning spirits and wrong spirits
in the church, we also have a video about that – their eyes open and now
they see how demonic it is, and see the fruit of this, that those
manifestations, that have taken the focus away from Christ
and what He have done and the discipleship, and how it’s very
often demonic or it’s fleshly manifestations. And people have experienced freedom.
But now we feel it’s time to go broader and go out there and say:
Guys, we don’t want it. We have kickstart weekends,
we have meetings all over, if you want to come,
we are going to address it in our meetings, and we just need to say it plainly, as it is,
if you come to our meetings where we let everyone pray for everyone,
if you walk around with this, with those tics and body manifestations,
and really believe all of this is the Holy Spirit, sorry, yeah, you are
allowed to come experience freedom, but don’t come and lay hands on people.
Don’t come at our meetings and go around and lay hands on people
and spread this, because we don’t want it. And I know it’s strong, but I will end
this video with just linking to three different videos where there is
more teaching about it, where you can hear people who have been
in it and tell their testimonies how they have experienced the freedom.
But I just want to end up and say: We are called to test everything
and hold on to what is good. And those manifestations, those things,
we have been testing it in our leadership, people we work with,
we have now seen so many people experiencing freedom from it
and it’s time to go up and be more and more clear and say:
It’s not from the Holy Spirit, it’s not from God. By saying this, we are not saying that
some of those places and movements and churches and people who are bringing
this, that everything they are doing is demonic. We are not saying that.
We are not saying that they don’t focus on Jesus, they don’t focus on Christ,
they don’t focus on God, and we are not saying that everyone
who have that is totally deceived and totally wrong in every area in life.
We are not saying that. But we are saying that this thing
with manifestations – that is demonic. That is soulish or demonic
and it’s time we, in the body of Christ, we start to address it as it is.
And it’s time that we start to learn to discern spirits and cast out demons.
We need to bring deliverance back to the church and we need to
say it as it is: That is not from the Holy Spirit.
That is not self-control. That is not a good fruit.
And we need to do something about it. If you want more,
look at videos I’ve done here. I hope this video can help you.
See that videos we are linking to. This video it’s not only my own video.
This is from behalf of the Last Reformation and people I work with, who have seen
this video, and it’s something we have talked about and something
we now want to address. Sorry, don’t bring it in the Last Reformation. If you don’t agree and if you are, somehow,
part of the network and say: I believe it’s from the Holy Spirit,
I would say: Repent or maybe leave. Sorry, to be so correct.
But we don’t want it inhere. Then it’s not the Last Reformation
you should work with, because God have been really after us
and we need to address it, we need to make clear that we want
this to be holy, we want this to be what God wants it to be. You can comment this video
if you have questions. I don’t want to go in and discuss names
and churches and where it came from. I just want to address the case, and what
we have been talking about, those manifestations, drunk in the Spirit
and the lack of the self-control. Okay, I hope this video will help you.
God bless you! I will address more of this later.
Bye-bye! Subtitles by the community

99 thoughts on “Public Statement About Demonic and Fleshly Manifestations In The Church – PLEASE READ THIS TEXT…

  1. Torbin, this is spot on, you call it. I'm glad that you able to see what this is and called it out. Be careful who prays for you not matter who it is.

  2. Hello Torben, thanks for your openness about the subject. Who are you to judge churches all across the globe? Just make sure that you're not going to quench the flame of the Holy Spirit in your own ministry. Stay humble, read your bible and communicate with the Lord – this will help any believer to sort through and test the spirits. I don't think that you're called to point to other churches in this regard

  3. So true, sir. Many Christians fail to realise that it IS biblical to cast out demons but NOT biblical to be "slain in the spirit". In fact, there is NO biblical verse that talks of any believer ever being "slain in the spirit".
    This inability to differentiate between what is biblical and unbiblical concerning the Holy Spirit and the demonic is a very grevious lapse in our understanding of God's Word. The price we end up paying is allowing (deliberately or unwittingly) the wolves and demons to come rushing into our churches. The churches and shepherds need to WAKE UP and see the devil in their midst… and cast him out!

  4. Not True …not everything is always demonic… If it is demonic, most of the time they scresm very loud or shake in a epileptic way with no control, but if the Holy Spirit is shaking a person its mostly combined with Joy and the person has control about it and is aware of it + the enjoy it. I tell you if God touches you , you will move, our body just sometimes dont know how to reaced to the power of God… And if you dont feel anything or shake or laugh so be it… but dont tell the people its demonic… I have seen demonic Manifestations and they look totaly different…

  5. You are so right! I hardly ever hear about pastors in churches casting out demons. Why do they ignore this? I’m so glad that you are bringing this out, Torben. Bless you!

  6. It is so prevalent in the church today that most believers are being deceived and cannot discern what is demonic and what is from God…God bless ur ministry and ur family Pst Torben.

  7. Bethel church in Redding with the pastor Bill Johnson would be one of them where such manifestations go on.. We need do be aware having discernment.
    There's weird jerkings and people on the ground with twitching and weird acts.. you can find videos on them. But sadly many connected to TLR don't even have the discernment about them.

  8. Thank you Thorben and team. My husband and me have experiences about this and an absolutly YES about that, what you share!!!

  9. I know believers that have these demonic spirits on them from these meetings and they think it is the power of God. I try to show them that it is not from God. It is hard to explain this to someone that is convinced otherwise. These types of people do not deliver people. They are self deceived. But if you tell someone the truth is in love and they will not receive it then these people are following another jesus, gospel and spirit and they are not bothered by that. These are new age Christians and likely many are not born again.

  10. At last, someone is coming out and telling the truth; all that shaking and writhing on the floor and screaming out is not of the Holy Spirit

  11. And that “grave sucking”/ that is done by Bethel Church in CA- that is demonic also. You don’t go lay on somebody’s grave and think you’re going to get more of their anointing & spirit by doing so! Not only is that nuts, crazy, delusional but it is very demonic stuff. Run, run as fast as you can away from those people Who do all of that stuff

  12. Cant believe this stuff is still going on I was going to services like that in 1994 but thought it was all gone now but then again I stopped going to meetings like that many years ago but did see a lot of weird stuff

  13. Isn't one of the fruits of the Spirit self-control? I always struggled with reconciling it with so-called holy laughter, slaying in spirit and such

  14. Is 'holy laughter' demonic? because I experienced it once. I don't think the church has a history of holy laughter.

  15. I follow Christ and he says “if you are not doing the will of God then you are doing the will of your father the devil.”

    The church is in Christ not in a building. “Many are called but few are chosen.” Christ lives in me and not in a building built by man’s hands.

    Up is simply up and down will never be up. The earth is stretched out and flat.

  16. Thank you. I've wondered about ths too. Please pray for my husband and I as we do deliverance and prayer ministry at our church. Love and the Lord's blessing for you!

  17. Wooow thank you brother Torben for this powerful information and it help to much to see the real and not to be desive 😇God bless you guys i really appreciate you teaching and we thanks God for you 😇

  18. Baptists have always believed that Charismatics and Pentacostals are manifesting demonic spirits and speaking jibberish when speaking in tongues. This has caused most Baptists to excommunicate themselves from those denominations as well as disbelieve in speaking in tongues and other gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  19. Danke Torben für Deinen Mut und die Wahrheit , das ist so wichtig , die Menschen und Kirchen darauf anzusprechen !!! Aber man kann schwer mit diesen Menschen darüber sprechen , oft fühlen sie sich noch wohl darin.

  20. Thank you for sharing this video. I think it is a good point. But we must also be careful not to generalize. There are good manifestations and there are bad manifestations, sometimes both happening in the same meeting. That's quite confusing, I think. I have been in meetings with a lot of manifestations. I realized that some of them were holy, some not. I think it is difficult. I experience manifestations sometimes when I pray, of when I am prayed for. How can I discern. It does not feel wrong. I can take control of it. Sometimes nothing happens, which is okay for me. This video somehow makes me wonder. What I always experience is the fear of the Lord. Is that a protection shield? I think so! I hope somebody will response on my post with good advice.

  21. ,I have seen what your talking about so many times , specially with the more more more of it, when what we need is deliverence from the more more more of it, thanks be too God for your works, stay blessed

  22. I dont want to limit God, but from the fruits you will know if the tree is good or not. I experienced screaming and shaking before and I felt hot feeling before, since then my life transforms I am not easy to get angry anymore and jealous and envy and I prayed for someone and healed. I love God more than anything. There is no fear in me and I have a boldness to tell gospel to people. I begun to write songs for the Lord. Some people think my experience was a demonic thing. I am not searching for manifestation I am searching for transformation. I wont judge any manifestation that happened to people I judge their fruits unless Holy Spirit told me if it is not of His. Just because they are under cleansing of God doesnt mean it was demonic. Cleansing is when Holy spirit does the work, it is His work to destroy the strongholds and belieft system in people's mind. I look at it that way cus I felt that time when Holy Spirit cleansed me I felt the love and peace of God in me. I want Him to cleanse me more with our without manifestation.

  23. I remember buying a Brownsville worship cd. Weird. Lots of screaming. Not joyful , more like screams of fear,sheer terror. Threw it away. That was in the 90s. I didn't know they were into the 'gold dust' thing

  24. Awesome thank you so much !! Please continue to feed the sheep. May God continue to Bless you and your ministry.

  25. Thank you for your honest message Torben. That was a amazing idea, to adress it like that. God is faithful. Jesus is Awesome. Let us go on walking together on the narrow path.
    Thank you Torben.

  26. Thank you SO MUCH for talking about this. I have been VERY concerned about this! I was glad that you pointed out that in these false movements you don't see any deliverance. THAT might be a key to recognizing true vs false moves, in addition to REPENTANCE!

  27. "Manifestation excesses" set into Toronto six weeks in, leading people to call the church "barnyard" instead of "vineyard". Same thing happened in the 1904 Welsh revival, whose leader later wrote this cautionary account:

  28. Thank you Torbin for addressing this. At a couple of your kickstarts, there were people at your meetings and praying over people who have been involved with this bad stuff (Bethel Redding, etc) . Praying God sets these people free. Praying God continues to give you courage to address this and set people free…

  29. What are your thoughts about manifestations where the pastor says laughing drunkenly is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit?

  30. It is– the demonic spirit. CAST it OUT! Say " in the name of Jesus Keep your hands off me satan., GET OUT!!" Be very careful (not polite)and decerning who is praying for you. I feel safe under Torbens care. Amen Amen Amen. You are truly a man of God. Thank you Jesus . You are decerning and teaching right. Thank you for having eyes to see and the courage to stand up. I pray for your safety and protection.

  31. Thanks Torben, we too have run into this in our kickstart meetings. And we have also prayed for people who were taught this and we have prayed for them and casted out the demons and they got delivered. Many come to the meetings looking for the manifestations and we tell them that some of these manifestations are not the Holy Spirit (which is what you already said in this video). Thank you for sharing, because people who have seen your videos think that there's always manifestations. Love ya'll and God bless ya'll

  32. Thanks brother…. appreciate your sincerity and thoughts.

    All what you are saying and more is addressed by the message of brother William Branham- the 7th angel of the Laodicean church age which we are currently in.

  33. What God is doing with His church only concerns to God, I am not against neither in favor but I believe that God speak individual to each one of us and there is not third party, the True will set you free if you wants to know the True go God not to you tube, if this movement is not of God will banish without a problem but if it is be careful not to be fighting against God, look yourself and how to present the Gospel of the Good News to people who need it, you will not taking your doctrine to heaven to teach God but what you can take is the souls that you preach the Gospel, expend your time and efforts in to the things that matters to the KOG (Kingdom of God)

  34. Unfortunately all this "New ageism " and the tolerance of it is bringing demons I to the churches. Some ministers allow yoga some have a form of Christian tarot reading some are messing with crystals. All these things are beckons for demons. Some churches have become like a circus; people go for an encounter or an experience, but it's not with God. Only false gods. It's time to say it as it is. People rolling on the floor shaking and screaming is NOT CHRISTIAN AND NOT FROM THE TRUE AND ONLY GOD.

  35. Wonderful to hear the truth spoken , Father is doing a cleansing and purifying, Jesus is coming for a Bride without spot and blemish. Do not apologise for the truth dear brother , the Lord bless your ministry👑

  36. Torbin, how do we find a church where they truly do cast these out and God is allowed to give 100% deliverance?

    My dear one has been terribly afflicted and no one has been able to help us for years. Where can we go?

  37. Where the Spirit of God works there also is the devil mingling… he's not going to sit down quietly.. It needs the Spirit of discernment to be able to tell the difference and I agree with you pastor. The Spirit of God gives freedom, peace and self control – to mention a few of His attributes. Where the Holy Spirit is present there is peace Joy and HARMONY Conviction, Repentance and Deliverance. If these are absent we know for sure then that tares are being sown with the wheat and we need to call upon the Lord to stamp those spirit out..
    I've witnessed these phenomenon before but didn't understand them then..

  38. Nobody counterfeits a penny. You counterfeit $100 dollar bills.

    There's so much value in being Holy Spirit filled and yet so many write it off out of fear of false spirits. They're living a powerless life. It's all from lack of discernment.

    Could you imagine going through life afraid to have a $100 bill in your wallet because it might be fake? No! You learn to tell the real from the fake.

  39. I went to a holy roller church a long time ago and really wasn't a christian . there wasn't any teaching. People just started falling on the floor and rolling around. I was the only one standing. It just seem okword .

  40. My grandma always told me becareful with the laying on of hands. Becareful whom you allow to pray over you and for you. And she said if you don't you could get demon Hopper's. That's what the old ministries called it .

  41. Come to new Zealand brother. Many nzers and the maori people especially have many demons. We need Godly people to come and deliver our people from these demons. Love you brother. God bless

  42. God bless you for delivering that message with such humility, and not wanting to hurt those who haven’t realised those manifestations are not of God… This is something I’ve been concerned about, but just thought I was thinking bad thoughts about a ‘move’ of God. Being afraid of offending the Holy Spirit if I questioned this in my mind.
    My mind is now at ease after hearing this very important information…
    Thank you so much brother for speaking the Truth ✝️🙏✝️

  43. Yes Torben. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!👍😊❤️👏💕We need leaders to say it and stand up against it. It is such a huge problem. It in fashion now so this movement is what we need!!!
    I have been very ill but if I can get well I want to come to your Luke 10 school.

  44. True. There's another ministry exposing this too: Arizona Deliverance Ministry aka Hardcore Christianity. The brother is Mike Smith. He saw the same thing, false spirits that were cast out that had come from "revival" in some well-known places. We need discernment because the church is being compromised from within.

  45. Years ago I experienced a twitching in my shoulders during a service, it was a new church to me, and others were convulsing too. But the Pastor just acted like it was the glory of God…when in fact Myself and the others were needing to be delivered.

  46. Good Morning Thorben, thank You for the warning also from deciples of your ministry. some years ago, when i become a desciple of Jesus, he showed me also your ministry-videos. but i became afraid how easy it was for people to lay hand on others and pray for them, even when it is not guided by the Holy Spirit , often the ego guided. Jesus warns us and reject souls, who proclaimed to heal and to deliver in His Holy Name and said 'i do not know You'. This means it was not guided by the Holy Spirit, the Will of Father and therefore is a sin. Thank You for repentance. God bless You and Your ministry for God's Glory.
    i belong since 2016 to the ministry of prophet t.b. joshua SCOAN. i have
    seen many pastors being deliverded from demonic spirits and sickness
    after they have prayed for church people. the power of the demon was
    stronger than the power of the pastor and so they became posessed.
    to learn more watsch EmmanuelTV on Youtube. God bless You.

  47. I grew up in a charismatic Word of Faith church and in the 90’s when all of the drunk in the Holy Spirit and holy laughter movement rolled through our church there was zero discernment. Everything was deemed of God. You will notice now those exact same people like John and Carol Arnott from Toronto Blessing are pushing the Vatican/Pope Francis unity heresy. They all went to the Vatican and sing the praises of Pope Francis. Coincidence?! I do not think it is. How can you discern that a spirit is from God if you can’t even discern that Pope Francis is a agent of the New World Order.

  48. I agree that sometimes evil spirits manifest and people think it is the Holy Spirit. I've seen it. However, we also need to be confused about not discerning when something is the Holy Spirit. We have also seen people manifest even in strange ways but their lives were completely transformed. Heidi Baker for example was set on her head repeatedly and dropped and the Holy Spirit was showing her that her idea of apostleship was upside-down.

    I'm not a big manifestation guy…I rarely fall on the ground when someone prays for me…but I've seen people shake strongly under God's power and seen the fruit later…we must discern but failing to discern what is God is just as much an error as is failing to discern what is not God. Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland and many other people who went on to lead apostolic movements had manifestations that could be called "uncontrollable." Sometimes it's not that there's a lack of self-control, but there is a giving over of control to the Holy Spirit. If we are going to say something is not God because it looks "uncontrolled" to us, we will have to dismiss a lot of revivals and ministries both historically and today.

  49. GOD is not the author of confusion! It's a problem because it Does Look Demonic. Satan/demons want to act like the Holy Spirit..but the Holy Spirit does not "act" like demonic manifestations!

  50. Glad to hear this, it is my prayers daily for Christians to wake up!! But I also understand you cannot have a Revelation of the word of God unless you seek Him with ALL your heart, strength, mind, spirit and soul. And learn to wait upon the Lord. His peace is key for understanding.

  51. I wish this man could see me. I am 42 and got baptized 2 years ago. After a series of crazy dreams and a few verbal attacks in my head here and there I have come to believe I have two evil spirits a man and a woman trying to keep my faith from maturing as a Christian. I think they have been with me since I was young and started making awful decisions throughout my life. There is no one in my church qualified to deal with this so I havnt even said anything about it. There is a couple of old habits that I am completely powerless over such as my two pack a day smoking habit. I pray daily to have my chains broken and for God to finish my transformation into my completely new life.

  52. So true!!! We do not command Holy Spirit He leads and commands us! Yes I agree the enemy must be met or how can we ever be free??? How can we unite if we are divided? How can we say we love our brothers and sisters if we allow them to be dominated and enslaved? How? It is necessary that we strike back to free them and so that they will see clearly. And unite. Indeed! We must be VERY CAREFUL on who we let pray over whom! Thank you dear brother! Brother Torben knows.

  53. Wow! I was confusing with this issue whether it was the holy spirit or wrong spirit…now I know it…thank you for making this video.

  54. Oh how a lot of people who claim to be Christian are fooled in to believing they have the Holy Spirit. Some believe that their is a baptism afar from water baptism to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit . A lot of Christian do not realize when they are baptize by water into Jesus receive the third person the Holy Spirit. When a person does not have knowledge of Jesus from the Bible then they do not have the Holy Spirit. When you read the scriptures you hear the Holy Spirit teaching you Jesus words to walk with him. The more you read the Bible the more you have discernment of Satan deception. Yes Jesus is real . He is coming for his bride . Do not be fooled by out side of spirits that tells you things that are not of the scriptures. When you do not have the knowledge of the Bible you are easily deceived by Satan Jesus has the power and authority to cast out demons, not us. We are to do and say everything in Jesus name. His name is powerful .

  55. Pastor I'm.from India. I have been raised in a religious Christian home and from last years got entangled into a lot of current day ministries.. emotions.. forced to speak in tongues for long hours.. manifestations of holyspiirt.

    Now I understand it was not work of holyspiirt. Please can help me be delivered and be free to walk with God!

    My number is +919741840918 or my mail I'd is [email protected]

    Would appreciate your help that I can be delivered and walk in freedom

  56. I have had experience of this in a church last year it just didn't sit well, How to you cast out, do you need training? Or will the holy spirit tell you its for you?

  57. the late Derek Prince taught extensively on demons and unclean spirits. He said many Christians have demons and he also said dont let just anyone lay hands on you. His teaching is still very useful for today's Church. He left a lot of good teaching. We need the knowledge and fruits of the Spirit more than the manifestations without them. Good teaching Torben! 

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