Poll on America’s Opinion of Socialism

Poll on America’s Opinion of Socialism

beat-up old americans have you on
socialism is a pupil of a respected and uh… some of the numbers are really
surprising first i guess one that is not as
surprising we ask americans overall what’s your view of socialism sixty percent say negative and only thirty one percent say positive but actually think that is already beginning to surprise
the same thirty one percent positive for
socialism is not a person in the country talks
possibly about socialism by other than morin and and bernie sanders and that’s it like nobody is like that that’s a lot to me right near and uh… and yet you still have thirty one
percent a country that no one making the case kodak allied solutions but it is a dumb question and it is only a question it should be
answer the question only relevant and i think frank luntz first how they talk reasoning you’re
talking about socialism like u_s_s_r_ woman then it’s a hundred nothing it’s
irrelevant if you’re talking about the site argument about the like that the
democratic socialism one and explain to people like that as
in those numbers are to be different than sixty whether i’m on that’s exactly
my point they know what is ever make that decision in fact socialism all he has a negative
connotation in america people only dehumanize the word right or
wrong and we think it’s wrong obviously so forty different what percentage of
others in this fetal decades of criticism of the war isn’t funny is that liberal would
probably get twenty free prints and once the thickness composed for we have
another uh… part of a call on that but they’re not let me show you the most
amazing part on young people he’s eighteen to twenty
nine forty three percent point were social
statement fourteen nine percent positive he’s month eighteen to twenty
nine-year-old with almost no one on its side the warranty lines for decades stalwarts maisie is amazing and what’s also
amazing is one of the during the health care debate when of the republicans for
instance is socialized medicine socialized medicine they had stopped start pulling away from
saying that uh… because that’s exactly right
michael in fact frank once you just mention a little while ago ben did a speech the republic governor’s
association saint don’t use the word capitalism anymore capitalism is becoming toxic in the
united states of america but i think that the that’s part of this
when it comes to eighteen to twenty nine-year-old specimen couples in as
well forty seven percent negative forty six
percent positive ibc unified but negative is actually
down silk capitalism c negatively socialism see possibly for people living outside
this country the it’s hard for them to understand how much that word socialism is the man
dies in this country in the work that was the reviews and with the all of that pressure all of that
propaganda and almost no opposition these numbers for stunning cafe that yet
and and and and owners capitalism as much anymore and certainly no use of
force bars anymore and uh… uh… you know that you hear with the
talk about is which is just private yet it’s a free market still put the
word free and they have a cab listens upon what such as miami on one more in
capitalism overall for americans forty percent negative fifty percent positive so what that means is faithful wait but
not by that much and again with no pressure on opposite
sides i think that what you did before you make it you can’t make it about not
not having anyone making the case it’s that still have those numbers so vision i
think it yet however i think it’s actually sent that some thought about your twenty
twelve we don’t know what’s gonna happen there if somebody makes a strong populist progressive there i say socialist case god knows what could happen it’s not that interested more apparently
do not have a lot of activity so and aunt finally when you look at the question that you were alluding to
michael what do they call themselves reviewed positively negatively liberal et cetera
of all the different words as sociated universal rosetta number one was progress okay so progressive finished had sixty percent i’m sorry uh… twenty two percent negative sixty seven
percent positive the very bottom of that chart ball on the right is positive so use sixty seven percent positive conservative and number two a sixty two liberal surprisingly at fifty percent
positive at thirty nine percent negative so it’s also actually overall into positive territory
began very denies the united states evil people denies labels except for the ones
who have success with them ninjas if liberals embrace being liberal mobile home different world of a
scientist i know that the change that decision to start uh… to admit to some
extent melting pot about gotten so much damage to it that
we’re not gonna try resurrected aggressively but will embrace progressive and run with that

100 thoughts on “Poll on America’s Opinion of Socialism

  1. You do realize that most of the countries on earth are run by Socialist political parties right? United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Israel… They ALL have either socialists as either the majority or opposition political parties…

  2. Hmm, you've obviously read no history. Hitler espoused no definitive economic policy. In fact he once said that "the basic feature of our economic theory is that we have no theory at all". The use of 'Socialist' was to give the illusion of social ownership of the means of production, which was obviously not true. However, for the most part Hitler supported the notion of private ownership whilst being economically self-sufficient. But I think Hitler just didn't know what he was talking about.

  3. Republicans have more in common with the nazi party than social democrats do, by far. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) has democratic in their title, doesn't mean they run any fucking elections. You are so damn stupid it hurts.

  4. Socialism has gone far from what it originally meant, which is that things could be achieved through social change, not government through coercive force. Capitalism is what the people of the world wants, no where have I seen so many people being lifted out of poverty with socialism and yet there's a case by case example for capitalists. Go figure.

    Capitalism has been demonised by the Occupy movement and Socialists all over, I find it high hypocrisy that they cry poor over that. Grow up.

  5. Teenagers and young people tending to be socialist/leftist is not a surprise at all. It has been the case for a long time, if not always.
    People tend to move away from it once they better understand economics. Many don't, obviously, but then many don't migrate away from religion either.

  6. Absolutely agree, ignore theese people you can´t have a political debate with someone who thinks that nationalism and/or facism is the same as socialism, i mean what do you do with ppl like that? 😀

  7. socialism is economically impossible and will always fail…always. if the state truly owns the capital goods in the country, there is no market for those goods. no market, no price system, no price system, no efficient allocation, no efficient allocation, collapse. as has been the history of socialist governments from the USSR to the more benign EU. it cannot work. a socialist economy is no economy at all.

  8. But Socialism isn't about government ownership. There are various forms of Socialism. Of course, you Capitalists don't do research, so you wouldn't know that. The core of Socialism is worker ownership of the means of production. You go to work Monday through Thursday, and Friday you vote on what stances the company should take. Only certain Socialist theories believe in government takeover.
    Source: I read a ton of Karl Marx and Socialist theory.

    Good lecture: /watch?v=TZU3wfjtIJY

  9. But the state doesnt hold the capital goods, there are companies, services, a market.
    But youre too dumb and blind to see that.
    Your country is also in a dire situation and radical capitalism is at fault and not socialism.

  10. That's blatantly wrong. The entire capitalist industrial revolution lifted the masses out of poverty and created wealth for the poor at rates you couldn't possibly imagine. You are only as wealthy as you are today because of capitalism.

  11. Sigh… ><' It's communism you're talking about. Socialism is more about equal opportunity and no huge income differences. That doesn't mean absolutely no differences. Socialist economies work, in Norway and Sweden for example. Of course, those countries may or may not be socialist, depending on what you mean by socialism, but for me, as someone who supports the idea of socialism and who sees a difference between communism and socialism, those countries seem pretty socialistic.

  12. I'd like to see you survive in a world without any public investment, because all public spending is socialism.

  13. You wouldn't do that. I don't know what happened in this country where working, like having a job, suddenly became a bad thing. Everyone wants to be given something wah wah wah.

  14. socialism is the worse system ever, and socialist countries are the poorest of all, I come from a socialist country, and socialism doesn't work, Europe is becoming more and more socialist and yet any minor economical fluctuation send europe on a huge crisis.
    The Fed. Reserve is US a socialist program, it has devaluated the dollar 95%, that's one of the few socialist programs we've had here, and they dont work, they're a bunch of crap, designed to give the gov more power.

  15. con't I will add that –socialism only works in two places, in Heaven where they dont need it, and in Hell where they already have it" —

  16. National Socialists and Democratic Socialists are almost completely different. National Socialists believe a one party dictatorial society would be best and Democratic Socialist are very un-authoritarian. Which means there is no one party dictating a nation.

  17. A Google search will help you with your recent questions. Look here: diffen dot com/difference/Communism_vs_Socialism

    except you know, a "." instead of "dot"

  18. American left-wingers tend to believe that you can have an awful amount of "free" universal services only taxing the rich. Well, you mention scandinavians…Sweden has a 25% VAT, high taxes on labour income, and the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe. And school vouchers (a system widely rejected by liberals in America).
    In France, the VAT (a consumption flat tax), accounts for 50% of central goverment revenues.
    Socialism? Maybe. But with the money of working families and the middle class.

  19. People who hate socialism don't even understand it. Many use the experiences of Soviet Russia and Communist China to base their opinion.

  20. Socialism leads to tyranny!

    People fundamentally do not want to share. It’s in our nature. In order to force socialism upon the people the government takes on ever increasing powers and more power away from the people. This leads to communism, dictatorship, and tyranny.

    Capitalism has its faults, but at least under a free market, the government leaves us alone.

  21. Problem for you is, they didn't do "something else". They seized private businesses, assigned working hours, dictated lifestyle choices (Hitler's favourite dish had to be served on Sundays, if you refused you can end up in trouble). An all encompassing government that micromanages the economy is what socialism is all about.

    Sorry, but Nazi Germany was a socialist country.

  22. Why would it matter if Nazi Germany was socialist? Socialism doesn't entail genocide and world conquest. If anything, Germany showed just how efficient the system can be.

  23. @kimbo kinz communism has been a failure for the most part but not so much for socialism. Reformist types of socialism like social democracy, or as it is known in the US progressivism, has been very successful in almost every country, excluding the US. It is very clear that democratic socialism is going to be the future for civilization, simply because it works. However it's easier if we just call that progressivism, clearly.

  24. Nazis were not socialist…fascist was what they were, authoritarian, Right-Wing, while socialism and communism are on the far left side of the spectrum.

  25. Fascism leverages a powerful central authority to protect a supposedly superior, but embattled religious, cultural, or racial identity. Fascism is totalitarian, using fear to support the complete elimination of basic civil liberties. In a Socialist system the government owns the companies in key sectors of the economy (usually, steel, airlines, utilities, energy, and major manufacturers), while private economic activity is otherwise permitted. Basically Post WW2 Europe, these are the facts.

  26. Socialism is a very very bad idea in america. A professor did a small experiment with his students. After asking his students if they thought socialism was a good idea for america which all replied yes.. He gave a series of tests. the first test came back to the students which averaged a C+ The ones who hardly studied and prepared were happy because it brought there grade from F to C+. The ones who studied hard were mad because there score from A to C+. The ones who studied hard now studied

  27. less and the ones who hardly studies didnt study at all. the next test came back with average of a D. The students started to get angry and blaming each other. The next test came back with an average grade F. This continued throughout the semester. The professor who never failed a student prior to this ended up failing the whole class!!! True story.

  28. Your math skills are sub-par, either you are naive or you know you are in the wrong, seeing as half plus half equals a whole. Nit-picks aside, iv come to the conclusion that you are either a very well-written troll, or are completely deluded, not once have i stated my personal economic beliefs, yet you assume im some sort of super-capitalist evil dude or a naive person falling into traps…what if im communist? Fascist? Socialist? What if im completely against capitalism?

  29. Thats not so much a experiment as it is fucking with your students…and thats not an accurate representation of socialism either, thats communism, communism and socialism are very much like the three main religions of today, all from the same source (God, supposedly) yet are so very different in theory and practice. Read up and about socialism, its not nearly as bad as you make it out to be.

  30. I appreciate you draw the line between fascism and republicans c: And fine. Ill cave and give up on trying to not tell you my values on this. Im libertarian, borderline anarchist, and hate government, i want a small as government as possible that uses as little force as possible, that being said, lying about what other systems are like will not get me what i want, we have to acknowledge to pros and cons of each system, none are entirely bad or good, once we do that, we as a people can talk.

  31. Actually it was an experiment. They could have all studied hard but the majority studied less n less instead of more and more. I have looked up socialism and it can be applied a couple different ways. it can be easily corruptible even more back room deals.There is many ways socialism can be applied some good systems and some not so good, and with the people in our government now. it would create more laziness.

  32. leftists believe in big government interventionalism and not so in individual freedom and responsibility. they get angry with the utrarich-which controls BOTH republicans AND democratics,but they automatically assume that making the government bigger than the private sector (which they presume the ultrarich has a bigger stake in)will tilt the playing field back in favor of the lower classes(of course class warfare is the language of envious). since reality isn't their strong suit, it needs to be pointed out that since the ultrawealthy already control the existing political structure,increasing the size of that government machinery only makes the banksters even more powerful.
    the result; the wealthy middle class is reduced to a fraction and the lower classes increase to form the vast majority like how the entire world used to be  throughout history.back to fuedalism where a tiny elite own everything but in this case the poor masses can only realize what they used to have before the age of government deficit financing, fiat money and welfare entitlement.
    it makes little difference if it's a vast military or a bloated civil service-that's where the remaining wealth gets absorbed, while the private sector worker gets much less-before the age of "income redistribution".

  33. The distinction that hasn't been made is between USSR-style State-run Authoritarian Socialism (which the media demonized as Communism) & Libertarian, Democratic Socialism, where the state is less or nonexistent, which has only been tried in small pockets worldwide.

  34. The deception is that there actually is NOT a distinction between USSR-style Authoritarian Socialism and Democratic Socialism.  They are both Authoritarian and force a collective of responsible people (those who produce) to support the irresponsible (those who do not produce). Communism/Socialism is brutal to the individual freedoms we have come to take for granted.

     "The overall problem with Socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money."- Margaret Thatcher,Former Prime Minister Great Britain

    Everywhere, any kind of Socialism has been tried, it has failed to improve the standard of living, encourage wealth creation, grow an economy, or reduce unemployment.  Do the research, it has failed over and over again in those areas.  It is frightening to live in the USA and have so many opinions that prefer Socialism over Capitalism. 
    People will perish due to lack of knowledge.  Do not be deceived by labels. Risk of success or failure should not be eliminated by some socialist government that tries to provide everything and eliminates risk and incentives to succeed, eliminates private ownership, eliminates creative, independent thought, but on the other hand creates a generation of dependents on the government.  Eventually the money runs out. 
    >  If the government provides food, clothing, shelter, transportation and now health care, why should anyone get a job? 
    >  What if everyone accepted all the government benefits as a way of life, who would pay taxes to support the collective recipient population?  
    > The US Government is so far in debt giving money away it does not have, do you think that arrangement can continue forever? 
    > If the government could collect 100% of all income, could it pay off the debt and continue to give the same services?  (no)
    >  Now that the electorate can vote themselves the government treasury, is the republic set on a path of failure or success?
    [If the dollars remains the reserve currency of the world, it may continue for a while, but China is campaigning to make their currency the world reserve currency which will end the ability of the Federal Reserve to buy the Debt created by the US Government it needs to operate.] 
    if you really want to understand the value of capitalism vs. socialism, research the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
    Capitalism may not be perfect, but people flee socialist countries everyday in droves to have free market opportunities to work and improve their standard of living.  Do not be deceived. 

  35. You're being awfully mainstream in your choice of American socialists. There are many very serious socialists in America. The most well-known is probably Noam Chomsky, who is an Anarcho-Syndicalist. There is a good amount of socialist thought in America (not suprisingly really because socialism was very popular among the American labour movement before capitalists managed crush opposition using the combined forces of the state and economy in the first half of the 20th century), but it's all marginalized and is all but invisible to those who do not actively seek it out. For a "younger" socialist magazine than most (Socialism in America for so long has been restricted to academics that most of the material tends to be quite dense to the layman), check out the quarterly Jacobin Magazine.

    The very simple distinction between Socialism and Capitalism, btw, is in ownership and control of the means of production. In Capitalism, it is in the hands of the few, the so called capitalists, who bear interest (the system is thus self-perpetuating, concentrating the wealth in the hands of an ever-fewer number of people) and in the end manage to control both the economy and politics. Essentially, it's the textbook definition of a plutocracy.

    In a socialist economy on the other hand, the means of production is in the hands of the workers themselves, in one way or another. Socialism can be many things, and the major distinction between branches is how the people control the means of production, and this can vary from the Anarchist (most of whom are also Socialists) view that no-one should retain ownership of the means of production, and each individual retains the fruits of his or her individual labour, to the Marxist-Leninist view that the state, representing the workers, should own and coordinate the means of production. Socialism is essentially another word for "economic democracy", something that in my view at least is crucial even to the workings of a political democracy, simply because those who control the economy also control politics.

    Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle, I believe that infrastructure and crucial services (including banking) should be in the control of the state, whereas cooperatives of workers should control the rest of the economy, with compensation varying by the amount of work put in, but without the ability to exploit the work of others. In other words, you should be compensated for the work you do, not for what you own, as is the case in a capitalist economy.

    It should be obvious of course to anyone having actually read this entire post and who possess the the ability to draw logical conclusions from this that if the means of production is under state control, but the state is not itself under the control of workers, it's not socialism, this is what we call "state capitalism", a policial elite is exploiting the workers rather than traditional capitalists. For state ownership to be socialism, the state has to be under the control of the working class.

  36. Sorry that I don't want to give over half of what I make to the government to pay for an illegal aliens healthcare. Oh wait I'm not. Socialism has never worked, and never will. Human nature will realize that if the government can give them money, food, and healthcare, why work to begin with?

  37. There are federal laws and a constitution there for a reason I guess these ruskies are exempt from our way of life.

  38. People have to realise that capitalism has once again (after 80 years) evolved to show its true face. The think tanks of our corporate overlords are trying hard to divert the attention, thus they come up with clever but absurd rhetoric such as the notion of "crony capitalisms". Don't be fooled! The neoliberal agenda is beyond reform. Capitalism and democracy have become an oxymoron. We need to democratize capital, and start with our own projects, from the bottom up!

  39. I reckon that the reason why the young adults were more positive towards socialism is because of the internet. They can talk to people who live in functioning social democracies and actually LEARN what it includes. USSR it's much more reasonable to refer to as communist, and a lot of young people are becoming aware of the differences between those two branches of ideology (Of which there are many). I think that it's just going to increase.

  40. The explanation about this newly enhanced "Socialism" in America, brought to you by a liberal ideologist, President Obama could "luckily" be different in form and system, than the European "Socialism", which, with the social media in Europe and the television, have made to the "jurisdiction", that European Socialism, is not, at all be considered an "example"! For example: almost 70 per cent of belgians who depend on the "subsidy" of 800 euro a month, can not afford heating energy during the winter, and that "children" of such families become a "generation impoverished individuals" for the comming years! It is never relevant to "depend" on the government subsidy for life, for those who have severe invalidities. It's either, that these people are 'obliged' to work, or deal with "poverty"! People in poverty do not want to open up their problems, and they would choose to "succumb" to their situation, not to be named: impoverished!

    Likewise, it is relevant, that, if the government can not "provide" jobs to their citizens, or lack the knowledge and art of economy, they would tend to "shutter", until a new ideology comes in! Belgium is a good example of a Socialistic State/Nation, by which, provision to the work force and its capacity "depends", or "depended" on the American "multinationals", which gave them jobs on the "car industry" and so many established multinational business endeavours, but since the "globalization" era, this has declined, and has become, even so, an economic downfall to the country!

    To my opinion, according to my personal studies on the matter, America need not copy the same system! It has a catchy undertone, and once you are in the "socialistic poverty", it takes everything away from you…your happiness, your health, your freedom to evolve and explore life, to the utmost will of total happiness and acquisition of wealth in the material sense! Nothing is more "demeaning" than a "society" that lives on the broken backs of some others, in order to live like a sick rat in the cage!

    It is time to establish democracy in Europe, with a good socialistic program, and it is time for America to "learn" from this planet!

    To a "healthy" political and economic sytem at 2015!

  41. capitalism benefits the rich, and socialism benefits the poor. even though there is more poor than rich, money=power so socialism will never happen, but it needs too

  42. The reality is socialism does not work. It never has , never will. Socialism removes Freedom from the people.The idea of a socialist America is sickening!

  43. OK capitalism is what this country was founded on don't forget that to these communist fucking traitors!!!

  44. No surprise that the younger generation who have virtually no credible real world experience feel less apprehensive about socialism. They have yet to understand that all big government ends up doing is being run by the very free market entities it was meant to keep in check.

  45. Fellow capitalists, we have work to do:
    "In fact, a 2010 CBS/New York Times survey found that when Americans were asked to use their own words to define the word “socialism” millennials were the least able to do so. According to the survey, only 16 percent of millennials could define socialism as government ownership, or some variation thereof. In contrast, 30 percent of Americans over 30 could do the same (and 57% of tea partiers, incidentally)."

  46. Jacob is absolutely right,the USSR was not socialist or communist,it was state capitalist,genuine socialism is when the workers own and plan the means of production through democratic means.the phrase "dictatorship of the proletariat" dose not mean the workers are presided over by a dictator ,it means the workers ( proletariat) dictate society by democratic means, workers councils etc

  47. 3 indicators that americans are getting more and more stupid : 1. This poll showing young people have a favorable view of socialm. 2. The election and re-election of barack hussein obama. 3. The fact that one or more people actually subscribe to the young turds network. Have a nice day.

  48. Young people tends to like socialism, very normal. However, when you are in your 40s and still believe in socialism, you are an idiot.

  49. USSR was not socialism, its an a political project with a socialist component just like Nazism was an evil political project with a industrial capitalist component. Just like you cant judge capitalism by looking at Nazism, nor can you judge socialism by the Soviet Union

  50. Naturally the young people favors Socialism, they are indoctrinated in public schools and universities. They think wealth distribution will give them more money from someone else's hard work, they don't know we will almost all be reduced to severe poverty and there will still be an Elite ruling class.

  51. Capitalism to American dream but Socialism to American dream? My ancestors came here to seek the american dream and it was only possible with americas vibrant capitalistic economy… But i cant imagine a socialistic America  and people wanting to come to the states to seek an American dream in the future.

  52. Socialism wins for stupid 20 year olds that have went K – College and got a doctorate in english. What do expect. Kids are dumb.

  53. To be successful, you'd have to be part socialist, part capitalist and part fascist. Who's gonna lead this movement and when does the disarmament start?

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