Sorry, Donald Trump, you’re busted | POLITICS NEWS

right after the New York Times reported on Sunday afternoon the Deutsche Bank flag Donald Trump for foreign money laundering in 2016 and 2017 Trump suddenly decided that he needed to create a distraction by threatening Iran the thing is we've seen him do this before to a different country Continue Reading

The Society Cast Toby Wallace & Alex Fitzalan Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

Morning! Morning. Good morning! Alex. Hi, Netflix! Netflix! How ya doin'? We knew that it was a thing that we wouldwake up and you guys would be here. But we're glad that you let yourselves inand everything. We're pretty good friends, we thought we'dtake the BFF Test today. So, welcome Continue Reading

10 Of The Sexiest Women In Politics

stuff the old gray-haired men that's a likely image that pops up when most of us think about what a politician looks like in many cases this is true but it's not a complete picture there's a growing number of women getting into politics and as you'll see they looked Continue Reading