ASMR MOST POPULAR FOOD at CHURCH’S CHICKEN (Fried Chicken, Tenders, Sandwich, Honey Biscuit) MUKBANG

Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Spicy Fried Chicken Drumstick Double Crispy Chicken Sandwich Chicken Tenders Honey Butter Biscuits The best condiment for Fried Chicken, Honey! First bite is all yours 🙂 Delicious!! Wish these bites were a little more crunchy tho Thanks for watching!!

The More You Get Arrested, The More Confident You Are | Ridiculousness

(audience claps) – Look, over the years I have found that the more times I got arrested, the more confidence I had inside handcuffs. (audience laughs) You know? Can either of you relate? – Nah, I ain’t ever been arrested. That’s y’all two. Y’all can have a convo. (audience laughter) Continue Reading

United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Daylight Saving Time Opt-Out | The Daily Show

LYDIC: Time. It flies when you’re having fun, but it also killed Peepaw. Every March and November, we try to control it. Daylight Saving Time is about to begin. Remember, we fall back tomorrow night. Set the clocks back. MAN: Springing forward, and I hate it. WOMAN: That one hour… Continue Reading

THE LIGHTHOUSE | Cult Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

(low, echoing horn blowing) (slow dark eerie music) – [Thomas] Tell me, what’s a timber man want with being a wicky? – Just looking to earn a living, just like any man. Startin’ new. – On the run. – Basically, my brother had an idea for a ghost story in Continue Reading

50 countries controlling entry of South Koreans

as the number of coronavirus cases continues to surge here in South Korea more countries are controlling the entry of South Koreans according to the foreign ministry here in Seoul 25 countries are banning entry and another 25 countries have strengthened screening methods despite more countries imposing an entry ban Continue Reading

You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little diner — a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking Continue Reading

Pellissippi State Welcome Video 2016

(Dr. Wise enters) DR. WISE: Good morning everybody. GROUP: Morning! DR. WISE: It is time to produce the annual video to welcome our students back to campus and we don’t have a lot of time so I’d like to get this thing wrapped up. I’ve asked you here to help Continue Reading

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Welcome to Hammonasset Beach State Park. With over 900 acres, the park offers many ways to enjoy your visit. Start exploring here at the Meigs Point Nature Center. With exciting displays and programs, you can learn how Hammonasset Beach was formed and all about the creatures that make the park Continue Reading