Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Well folks, two very brave journalists from the Washington times have uncovered the scoop of the century that is absolutely going to destroy the career, nay. The life of representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they have somehow done the digging, made the phone calls, and they have uncovered the biggest scandal Continue Reading


Hello, everyone, welcome to Weekendr Girl channel. It’s another weekend, it’s freezingly cold, only plus 8 degrees Celsius in June, so if you ever had any disagreements with British weather, welcome to Russia, but, to be precise, welcome to Novgorod. We’re exploring a bit of Russia’s European north, so if Continue Reading

Unity of Religion: How Do We Talk About It? – Full Video

The following study is going to be an exploration of some of the quotes from the Baha’i Writings related to the Unity of Religion. In this study, we’re going to try and take a look at how we can begin to see these apparently disparate Faiths, like Christianity, or Islam, Continue Reading

Ryan Wants To Expand Bud’s Buds | Season 7 Ep. 15 | LAST MAN STANDING

True Bodybuilding Begins with Health

Hi friends, it’s Victor Costa. Peace, love and muscles. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re having an outstanding day Thanks so much for the likes the shares and the subs. I truly appreciate it very much please follow me at vixx natural on Instagram and also on Facebook and Today Continue Reading

Why Do We ❤️ SERIAL KILLERS!? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Have you heard the news, dear viewer? It’s horrible—they just caught the Killer Clown of Charlotte and found the bones of 47 people buried under his bungalow. And it seems he didn’t just strangle his victims, as the early cases suggested. He had moved on to feasting on their bodies. Continue Reading