Our Journey In Service of Society – Dr. BR and CR Shetty Foundation

Our Journey In Service of Society - Dr. BR and CR Shetty Foundation

I landed in 1973 and I started my career as a medical representative throughout my life I have been always practicing inspired by people about the commitment conference philanthropy and also genuineness of their work through this dr. B I see our foundation we want to help in the path planet all the needy people who are sufferers are not suffering irrespective of the caste creed and nationality we want to make people's life better dear friends and well wishes I'm glad to inform you that dr. V R and C are City foundation he is completing one successful year today in supporting and reaching to the neediest people the foundation of register on 3rd of July 2018 in Bangalore with the vision of actively participate in nation-building by improving access to health and education for millions of people in India through a sustainability approach we address the most untouched areas of development which aims to empower the rural community in progressing towards self sustainability self-respect and healthy family life all the programs are designed to address the community's health needs in improving standard of living and making a meaningful impact on people's lives both my husband and myself they want you to give that to the society and this is how we started the foundation and this is the way we are doing our job I'm very happy that we've now completed the one year since we started the foundation the doctor BR and CR Shetty foundation and we have a lot to show for what we've done the foundation has been working in the thematic areas of Education Health poverty alleviation and community empowerment the foundation reaches out to the marginalized and needy population through the existing NGOs and voluntary organizations that have an in-depth understanding of the community engagements and an innovative approach to reach out to the larger population the program implementation is an interactive engagement model with all the stakeholders to ensure maximum participation and course-correction to reach its fullest purpose the problems are identified through a scientific need assessment study which covers multiple factors of the thematic areas that we work in at every stage of the strategy development experts are brought in to contribute in terms of methodology and innovations in the year 2018 and 19 we've worked with NGOs such as the Akshay putter foundation to provide midday meals to government schools children in Bellary a thousand poor children studying in three each of the Dehlia schools were supported by providing scholarship for their studies we work with India Cancer Society to provide financial assistance for the diagnosis and limited time treatment to the needy from the low-income patients diagnosed with any kind of curable cancer and also organised 20 awareness and detection camps in the duction a Canada region we've installed 64 digital classrooms in car Cola and copper region of would be district to improve the quality of classroom education and increasing learning effectiveness by implementing the digital education content and the tools which are powered by solar energy in the rural schools in collaboration with cellco foundation 25 hungin wadi centres were chosen in calculi region of would be to uplift and improve the quality and delivery of services related to the angular body centers by empowering the stakeholders the teachers and the children with value-added programs with the expertise of worker foundation 22 toilet blocks are being constructed in kapu region under the swatch bharat' swatch video liya initiative we have launched the dr. BR and CR Shetty scholarship for academic excellence to support 50 students from would-be district who are joining for medical related courses such as BSC gnm allied health bachelor programs and diploma programs as well this is every year with a scholarship amount of sixty thousand rupees we're also launching a teacher professional training program in would be to improve the overall teaching and learning experience in the government schools and to Train three hundred teachers on the modern teaching methodology and pedagogy and last but not the least we've supported several individuals schools and institutions in the form of grants materials and equipment we've been following the vision of my father mother in terms of contributing back to the society and we continue to excel as a foundation and reach out to many more untouched areas of development thank you very much I [Applause] think enhance being to reduce the campaign's things and educating today and the initiative foundation has helped us a long way in achieving this we've been able to concentrate on more and more rural areas of – in Canada the last one year because of this foundation and going forward we've been trying to cover all areas such as be destroyed as well as not-for-profit organization that you know they have established there's a normal 20 patients coming from the rural areas from villages who cannot actually not afford any sort of treatment so there are bridge fund that you guys have been you know but you have initiated was very you know a burn for such patients and it's like they come to us and we find that they do not have any money for the initial diagnostics or even to find out what their what their ailment is this bridge fund actually has helped then start the treatment both of the diagnostics and it has helped us pinpoint what exactly cancer what cancer are they are suffering from the initial takeoff is from the bridge fund that you have begged us you

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