On Criticizing Religion

On Criticizing Religion

Hey everyone
I wanted to make a video about criticizing religion
Somebody mentioned to me when I made a comment “Why do you want to criticize Islam?” Do you have an ego problem? Do you think you’re better than everybody
else? Do you think you are so smart? Now you left Islam you must think you are
better than everyone else, smarter than 1 billion Muslims in the world, right? And I wanted to reply and make a short video
about this. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’m smarter than anybody else! Infact I think that I just came to my own
conclusions. Why should we speak about Islam and why should
we speak about other religions in the world today? Why should we criticize it, why do we have
a right to criticize it? Don’t Muslim preachers, mullahs, sheikhs and
scholars spend day and night promoting Islam? Isn’t Hizbut Tahrir working to reestablish
the Islamic state? We live in a world where Islam is trying to
come back in a very big way, and not just spiritually but politically as well. The Quran itself says ” لِيُظْهِرَهُ عَلَى الدِّينِ كُلِّهِ
“li yudhirahu ala deeni kulli” It says in multiple verses in the Quran, I
think three or four times, that Islam will dominate itself over all other religions. We’re talking about a religion that wants
to become the power of the world. Why is it that Muslims can spread their religion,
do “dawah” on street corners, give out flyers, make videos, criticize and debate, but when
someone wants to speak against Islam Muslims get offended (not all Muslims of course) and
say you shouldn’t criticize Islam. This is my way of life, this is my religion. But the thing is, if you want to live in a
world where everyone is free to practice their own religion you should give people the right
to criticize. If you want to promote your way of life, then
you should let others promote their way of life too, right? Isn’t it true that the Quran itself criticizes
other religions? The Quran says that some people are deaf,
dumb, and blind – People that don’t believe in Islam. That sound’s like a pretty harsh criticism. The Quran says that the mushrikeen (the polytheists)
that worship more than one God they are “nujus” (filth). The Quran also says that certain religious
followers are cursed by Allah. And others are misguided. So these are pretty strong words to be throwing
about. And if you want to live in a world where you
are free to promote your religion just realize that people should be free to criticize. I mean you are on the religion of truth from
God Almighty.What’s there to be scared of? What can a person like me or anybody else
say? The fact is you’re on the truth from God so
if someone comes and says “There’s a mistake in the Quran” or “Your religion has problems”
you don’t need to be scared, you don’t need to be offended, you don’t need to be defensive. Just respond to those points. The truth will become the truth and it will
become clear at the end of the day, right? The truth will become clear, so there’s nothing
to be scared of. The Quran says “truth has become clear from
falsehood” right, and the right way will make itself known. The other thing is that if the Islamic State
ever comes back there is going to be two classes of people. There’s going to be “dhimmis” (like non-Muslims)
and there’s going to be Muslims. I don’t want to live in a world where there’s
a two tier system – believers and non-believers. I don’t think that’s right, I think everybody
should be treated equally and this is why I think secularism is the best way. That way you never have the Christians or
Muslims or Jews or anybody having the upper hand over anybody else. It’s a fair system and everybody has their
own choice, you know? I will actually support you and anybody else
who wants to practice their religion as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. You’re free to practice your religion. I will support anybody that wants to wear
hijab, pray five times a day, fast, go to the mosque, I’m all for freedom of religion. But at the same time I would stop and say
that your rights end where someone else’s rights start. “It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance
and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although those who associate
others with Allah dislike it.” (61:9)
Also in 48:28, 9:33. I feel like if this is a religion that wants
to dominate itself over the entire world and this is according to the Quran itself. I think we have a right to say something against
it and at the same time that doesn’t mean that people should be treating Muslims bad. I don’t think Muslims should be treated unfairly,
should be treated badly. I think Muslims should be treated fairly like
everybody else should be. Everybody has a right to live, everybody has
a right to choose their own religion and at the end of the day everybody has a right to
say what they think is good and true and fair. And at the same time try to converse with
people with respect with dignity and you will find that you will reach more people that
way. Thanks for watching, take care, bye!

34 thoughts on “On Criticizing Religion

  1. Bravo I think you have found the Crux of the issue. criticism allows people to use their rational mind. why would a God give us intelligence command us to take dominion over the world and then require that logic to be suspended.

  2. Sadly, the two major mono theistic faiths, Christianity and Islam, have wanted to dominate the world. The result, death and destruction. They followers of each criticize each other. The only difference as I see it, only Islam demands killing of those who do so, We used to several hundred years ago after the Protestant Revolution but now use dialogue within the Christian faith.
    The books of both faiths were written/compiled by people in a different place and time. They had a different understanding than we have today. The same applies to the Jewish faith which is the basis of Christianity and Islam. If one is flawed, they all are.

  3. people like u and other youtubers who criticised religion are great i am a hindu and i belive religion does not exit although i have a tatoo of shiva (god of hindu)thankfully i found you

  4. not being able to except criticism is a reflection of the person ..It shows insecurities inferiority. .. Could this be islam?? people have a right not to submit don't they ? we are all humans. .

  5. Muslims take offence just because you are not them. They move their business from using one service to another, because the place they took their business from, they have not paid for months, to just do and do the same to someone else.

    This is infringing on the rights of others who everyone else pays their bills and that is it.

  6. islam is the religion of satan ,  better know as the anti Christ ,  just look  at the persecutions of Christians in  muslim dominated lands ,

  7. As a Christian I am perfectly comfortable with criticism. I would prefer well informed criticism, but that is unlikely. Most people don't have the time to commit themselves to an exhaustive study so rely on information they are provided.

    The issue for me is that there is this uniquely authenticated historical affirmation of the deity, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that will not go away. You can reject it, you can continue to explore it or you can accept it. Each one has consequences for your life, you are welcome to make the decision for yourself.

    From the limited study of Islam that I have done my heart goes out to all Muslims, because there are some of the central truth claims that I do not think stand up to scrutiny and destroy Islam's veracity.

    It might seem weird and probably self-serving, but I want to be honest. I pray for atheists in Muslim countries. They are under constant threat of persecution and death. They have enough conviction in what they believe that they can no longer go along with what everyone else believes even with this threat.

    I could put some trite blessing here that most atheists would just roll their eyes at. Suffice to say: be safe Abdullah.

  8. Fantastic questions which no doubt provoke a great deal of thinking. Isn't it interesting that someone could be liked or loved although not a Muslim? Are you really nobody if nobody (Muslim) loves you?

  9. All major religions influence the world, including influencing those who are not members of that religion. As long as that fact holds true, religions are open for criticism, just as I, an American, can citizen the tenets of a British political party. The minute the world's first theist proclaimed that his god knew best how people should live their lives, that person's theism became fair game for criticism.

  10. Thank you for your video.  I left Islam 10 years ago and a far better person for it.  Allah is just the second personality of Mohammed.  The Qu'ran is written by Mohammed to his benefit.  In fact, taken together with the Tafsir it because apparent that Allah is nothing but just a personality of Mohammed.

  11. im 30 now.. i am sure.. by the time im 80. no one but a verry few poor people from a very few poor countrys will still believe in any god. religion is dying real real fast..!!! atheism is growing and growing an growing…

  12. abdullah…thank you very much for your videos and your spirit. i am from indonesia and live with islamic family although i am an atheist in my heart secretly. i was exposing myself to my family that i am an atheist at past and my family want to sue me and it will affect my future life (i am college years old). so my solution is i am acting i am come back as a muslim. please keep your spirit to enlight the world with your enriching explanation. you are like my guidance light. thank you very much then. (i am become atheist because i read quran translation 4 times, learn philosophy, and psychology).

  13. If you want to impose your beliefs to others, and you can not tolerate criticism, than you have a dumb kind of belief. Sincerely, when I see all this zeal from muslims over their religion, and the extreme devotion, and excess of prayers and rage over critics, I more and more believe that they have huge doubts over their beliefs in their intimous and struggle with all their strenght to destroy the doubts and look to themselves and to God as true believers. Even the case of suicide bombers, I believe it is the utter try to show God they were believers as if they felt somewhat guilty for not believing truly. The intolerance for critics only shows the weakness of the faith.

  14. You are speaking to the deaf dumb and blind. And if any non believer asks for their rights in an Islamic state then most probably they would get their heads chopped off.

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