Official Trailer: “Ready to Love,” with Host Nephew Tommy | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Official Trailer: “Ready to Love,” with Host Nephew Tommy | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Tommy Miles, welcome to Atlanta. A city with a dating problem. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I am a African American woman in a predominantly black city, with 20 women to 1 man. TOMMY MILES: All that’s about to change. We’re bringing 20 single people together. To find something real. [MUSIC PLAYING] TOMMY MILES: I wanna be like Oprah. You get a man and you get a man- [CHEERING] and you get a man! [LAUGHING] You got me blushin’. -I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years. She wasn’t forever. -I know who I want, I know where I’m goin’ with this. This is with you. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I’ve already had sex with him in my head. -Wait a minute. -I have! -Wait a minute! -They want the chocolate testidy. They like the chocolate testidy. TOMMY MILES: First the women will narrow down the men. -I’m lookin’ for love. For me, he’s at the bottom. -I’m done. TOMMY MILES: Then the men will narrow down the women. Break it off and tell them why. -This [BEEP] is real! -As far as seein’ that wifey side, your journey has come to an end. [MUSIC PLAYING] TOMMY MILES: ‘Til only 3 couples remain. Hopefully soulmates. -If there were more women out here in Atlanta like you, the game would be dead. -Buckle up ’cause the girls are probably gonna be really trying to give their A game. -I feel like there is some tension. -You’re like low-key, like, coming for me. -I’m not coming for you- -You, you, you are! [INTERPOSING VOICES] -I was so distracted by him, I didn’t even really look at the menu. -I see what I want. -He asked everybody to leave, it was just me and him! -Wait, wait, wait, wait, no, no, no. TOMMY MILES: We’ll go inside the minds of men to find out what they really think, when women aren’t around. -I wanna hear this! -I don’t wanna take hope away from these women. TOMMY MILES: You done led ’em on, man. -I’ma be transparent. -Please. And that’s what I’m here for. -Well, I never addressed you like a sucker. -You talkin’ to me like a sucker though. -You are too strong for your own good. -I’m too strong for you. -Premarital sex is a big issue. I want to wait. -I would just make bad decisions. -To start from square one again…that’s me risking it all. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I hurt you. -For me, love isn’t what I could give you. It’s what I’ll sacrifice for you. -Teamwork make the dream work. -Mhm. [KISS] [SCREAMING] -I’m not gonna play with your heart. I’m not gonna lie to you. -Who is going to be my hero? -Ask that question again. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I’m ready to find forever. [MUSIC PLAYING] READY TO LOVE, SERIES PREMIERE TUESDAY OCTOBER 23 10/9C.

100 thoughts on “Official Trailer: “Ready to Love,” with Host Nephew Tommy | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Lord how mercy…I could never live in Atlanta….it's no men….the straight ones are bums…and the ones that are about something is Gay…I'm so glad I live in NYC…it's so much going on and so much to do…you never get desperate to be a wife or somebody's girlfriend…if you choose you can hang with a different dude every night if you want…

  2. Baby these are some gorgeous black folks! I'm watching this for the black beauty of it all. Please keep it grown and sexy OWN.

  3. what's wrong with having a dating show about black people. We're barely represented in some of the other dating shows out there. I'll watch an all black cast

  4. Does everyone in Atlanta look good? The woman were beautiful and the men wete handsome. Looks like a fun show to watch.

  5. It's hard to find a good quality black queen 👑 into American. If she is not on Instagram or Facebook shown all her body parts or a video model taken off her close. That's all that seems to be out her for us MEN these days. A man also has to be a bad boy just to get a woman to talk to them or a date. I'm 37 5'9 single with 2 college degrees and no kids and my black Queen's only want thug life sad and breaks my ❤. Love black women but sometimes they don't always love us black men back.

  6. lol this is obviously a superficial entertainment only show…but I feel for them tho bc w the 20/1 ratio in Atlanta, then w more than half of those men being gay, there really aren’t many options for straight women in Atlanta

  7. Soooo another show about women competing for the attention of man, in hopes of the man CHOOSING them for marriage. My expectations of OWN remain low

  8. Something different I will give it a try. I like to help anybody ratings and show if they bring realistic not fake.

  9. Is it not racist, when the lady says the ratio between women and black men, my white best friend's girlfriend is black, and this lady just cuts them out( (the white lads I mean)

  10. Ok own network. An all black dating show. I love it and im ready!!! Long time overdue.

    Whoever speaking negative about it can go watch the bachelor!

  11. 20 women to 1 men. The numbers are so disproportionate, Which why so many black women are single and black men have multiple mates.

  12. “I’m not going to play with your heart, I’m not going to lie to you”…….He lied as soon as he said I’m 🙄

  13. No go for me…..but OWN need to spruce up their line-up. Somebody will watch. What threw me off was the 20 women to 1 man…then we see it's a show about women fighting for men attention. I don't know what type of show can be put in its place but….

  14. I'll be watching… All these complaints about black people always being shown in a negative light but when positive movies are being put out and not supported what you expect MARSHALL AND BIRTH OF A NATION WERE AWESOME MAJORITY BLACK MOVIES low ratings find something worth while to complain over watch or don't watch but don't put the content down because its all just entertainment there's a lot of ratchet white shows out there with high ratings COME ON MY PEOPLE WATCH WHAT WE PUT OUT THERE BLACK ENT. IS BLACK ENT. MAKE OUR COMMUNITIES BETTER TEACH THE BABIES RIGHT FROM WRONG STOP FOCUSING SO MUCH ON TV AND SOCIAL MEDIA ✌

  15. I’m for seeing us represented, but from that clip, it doesn’t seem like all are taking this serious. The show married without sight or something like that did a spin off of 4 black women, and they were all serious and honest…they talked to doctors to help self identify. If Nephew Tommy is the only voice of reason… shade….is this entertainment or really trying to help…..iyanla vanzant should be on here also IMO.

  16. Typical Black community dysfunction. Why not a dating show where the Black woman is the prize? Why do the women outnumber the men? Since this is a dating show that is clearly for Black women to find love …Why not have men of all races that are interested in dating Black women? Oprah said on her show years ago Black women need to expand their options because it's not enough Black men. Now, there is a dating show on OWN and she has Black women fighting over a few dusty Black dudes. Black women stop going on these dating shows that embarrass you. And, most definitely stop fighting over Black men. The effort is not worth the "prize."


  18. I'm torn. Sounds like a great idea and I love to hear constructive conversations among men, but I can do without some of the cattiness of women. We'll see.

  19. Just for entertainment of it all, they said it's in the ATL…. Could an LGBT spin off with people of color work as well…???

  20. I watched the full episode today. and checked to see if there was another episode and the first one i watched today is no longer available. What happened?

  21. A bunch of people who want to be on tv, increase their exposure and profile…if this promo was supposed to sell me on watching, it failed horribly

  22. i know one of the guys on the show; he is NOT a "regular" dude. He's a business man and model and had a small part in RHOA. how is that regular??

  23. Why all Blacks though?? Why not include other races too? Especially in regards to the men…the Black man is not the Black woman's only option! :/

  24. This world has a right to be what it is today, ain't nothing private anymore. Some of you black folks need to go and relax, too many reliaty stupidness on TV that make no sense but brainwashed the viewers and public. Won't be watching 👎

  25. With a ratio of 20 women to 1 man such a situation will not be resolved through a dating show. As black people we need to think outside the white European definition of relationship and unions. As a staunch polygyny advocate I know that the vast majority of black women deserve love, commitment, honesty, communication, loyalty and emotional / financial protection. Polygyny isn't a game of sexual conquest, it is black men who are prepared to step up emotional, financially and physically for black women which we love. This isn't for everyone, but it should be an option. Now if you can't accept this as a discussion point of view, then return to the round robin game of cheating, being played or being a player and lonely hearts which is the genesis of the horrendous dating situation for black women and men are experiencing throughout this country.

  26. I'm watching this….just because its Oprah network and the couples are all in there 30's, i believe this will be a pretty good show!

  27. I’m rooting for Mike to get his woman, hopefully it’s Shatava. There are plenty of fine sisters represented on this show.

  28. Oprah Winfrey should be called out for all these shows on her network that star only black people. It’s pretty clear that she is a racist at the highest degree.

  29. So they had a light skinned mixed woman, why couldn’t they find a light skinned mixed man? I’d like to see both sides represented

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