(Night) RFA Khmer News, 05-June-2019, Khmer Hot News, Khmer Political News 2019

(Night) RFA Khmer News, 05-June-2019, Khmer Hot News, Khmer Political News 2019

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claim again which you win crappy on Anacapa rockman kappa take my crown the Vietnam through track coach Bob CAPA tonight even caimito Naomi Pomeroy size' from moon channel intensity Medtronic no Vatican is laboratory as is relatively today no mean technically exactly movie kappa chat's of genomic a mountain lake my camp you grab the a vietnam nunca Meredith and I mop like a team visited back my crown Java command module looked so into me too until you can be teased my come come acronym a city ballooning happy what an impractical surgeon return an achievement report – upon my Campeche crown Nancy DJ at Ichabod camera insane necrotic run San Jose California generating at your own economic a Matheny bank now at logic Baracus with his new McCann be commander modular not lead to the sonic knocked on command Rama as is Ray the Facebook robot eating a pool dive site to any time along [Applause] chattering in c3 meet Raja for midnight night light with the acousmatic tech man when June June songs I can I develop some lab commence Romanian imports on profit ibaka means that I know that oh like AK had pressed a new moment on it David he violence in tadaka planted those pamphlets map cryaotic lune some come civil to bring a Dalek AK had pressed a her new frontier to the legend some signage known Karen envelopes of not comment and pinion ik no cactus a new no naka met at a bar America to appletini key on which even just some snaps lady care about lumen de appearantly mantras Rob Sandra was Malcolm ad-rock but I'm kappa say no naturaiiy chips Theory the Bantam Donna marry me proposition 8 ham smart kid Banco sans number you know Sanatana what judgment be concatenate and blue from Lebanon Karin loves kitna Dnieper Putin's anxiety that's right time and climate the ones who mapped a sad movie can Blanco back happy say no no go back had prevent nu Nong Khai CPU by an Kirkland Jones on Sizemore mean which had a you my paper Muslim here come cause Hmong capita TPK me tonight nice rock me sank had prevent noon badminton the Suliban tall nice non carton go back happy say no crowd jobs on-site hub and blue balloons vodka martini bumpin milk had present carpeting item a paper moon Caillou spear snow can go back happy a new look to nuran prop crominus a poor million capital T by commit Renata Johnson say burns are Peter Kroon party band who's come up here from blue nonslip look my banana man look to nuran I don't eat her tunes on side bands RPG attack Alamo Club and prepared and boom bloop Balam mph Saints a much Monte advantage gloomy climate and climate Ichiban Tom no ahmadinejad humans appear Somalian JibJab high component of Jaffna people are trans abundance or damp upon editing doc people do pain tomorrow European oh god I didn't know it's not kind of go back hi person open Tia Tia tab item cancer to you known sewage him Lao Cham hidden boom mercury Kunta pop under bastions on sigh man mentee is hatchery Newman ban from community merchants ensemble immunity kumara Iran crew adopt Nam Trojan song siren bloops lab reai upon pro Kumari run Clooney a dupe is Nam Petrovich on Santa's lap demoniac Nam potato boy knock knock pray nope her personal standard Elohim the Limu the mender bond more compo happy my portion when happy Arab up or absence until another part biogenetic near death ma Tony to make us mounted Diana had our crews are children crew children oh gee blossom when prom tonight happen or Kumar h-bomb truck get caught with Runa Kamran blue blue horse lab gym Nakamura a t-bone katrell Keith called wisdom lab the Bible but more happy Russell SkyTeam a paper moon Caillou Speer new paid I book change the true guru nanak back there how in magenta each newly in chanak non put Nathan Mui like to work only incompetent opinion poll bonds rider Bachman is ready Ron crew looks right para prokta penny chrome Cruiser come to a bunt and open a boutique assault Alvin unicamp own temper but looks ready legends on sideburns blob loser even thought it I put my herbalist ready new route looks reputable junk who interlock a cat of June songs I can't go important your argument organized with my hair now to win Kamini Satya national prominence income Facebook mood noon Bantam tea I mean care cup – / Hajj Volusion since I died Paquita took time the moon it's a hack Coco privé Simon Koo look lengthy kappa damn damn people on the moon Luke Ronson with robandloopy I'm cash mob somebody I kept oppa hockey would let you neither him loop some lap c'mon c'mon tiger Omo loop 1 loop Jeremy – when did you around the tube until tonight trauma stimulation colleague though look arms man little entire bar peanut Milton will nice canopy bastions anxiety when guru means handsome rare tone arm will eternity look you'll test happen and watch Bob Rita like a coupon on Tito blue tune songs I actually a key or Moochie but now come on damn me from the New Scientist Oh fabulous but now me inherent good coaches are we from cosine which is the key for watching and in cast their CD and Nene die moon trace Robson Lewis Malcolm at hope but I'm high pass a new that's very tips theory with John Cohen Teleca 92 Luo Tian's anxiety the time Jabara ba Kampuchea the mean strap crewman tradition comes well behind a blue a brown piece but a paperback my kunai bouquets i'm keiko entire karen bloop kumar through her chin Dawkins lab coma no time and talk I'm in London on some come company Luke ohms man guilt happen honey Mandar mo Pippen ham with nan og panic room Ian Cruiser one can watch but no me and Peter loom Montalban Jordan tulum three peacock appeal is a training Kumar Salah tourism completo Phnom Penh Hamilton Rebecca promote hydrogen carbon colleague and Obon hunter Karimloo bloomer Minchin has obtained a how can I don't go non coaching a good car love some lab coat my opinion kappa cirno kappa tech ID my people born caillou spear simbad minute as israeli be Rodney Washington Jalan an intimate reporter mean that you inserted the truth man I didn't at all a cock had pressed a her new car Billy get money to bunching the cat come clean hit the car died some lab committee opinion upon Tanika at Halle Channing on PID calm slamming boom capita see her new I don't have turned to opt out let's move meeting with jet truck man the man are you catch our program template guy family cast on at Hammond children soup sewage a moon people moon my roomie mark hit the camera means at hand to moon tooth time it repeated be nature mighty Mui nichrome from the one and what kita compliment Aruna cam I'm cuckoo he'll read on perm loops absent area Mitra Europe Romney chrome from the one challening entity meet write my name in the need Nick Cannon and you Mike men with new languages at my Conoco bomb non-treated nom Kampuchea outreach Imran to move K hat and achievable thorny you bite my chest I achieve up to on you might way back even car can happen you might might my and what Wapato and you bite my needle day Janek no you think I'd put the pram committin assignee challenge and mod noon some Robson blue Nativity canna stuff with you as his raiment I'm by me local ecology need about the money and Carmela peep Kampuchea engineered with but now muy Nicole covenant puppet on you might meet chilli cumin just so much alone in a room jump snap ninja room time and snap now me tray children identity meet Rachel Lauren interment stop born in Bridgehampton I referred to as Israel side chains rattle in Washington days are on a Marine Justin on in Iran jams not Nativity can stop with you as Israeli people take did knee salude ET de mettre chat even thought a technique which you Nativity can stop a disarray [Applause] Witek honest up with you Aziza right Janek him so much beep suicide it American Luna like a moon cat amnon snap cap side mojave to as either a giant gasps oh my goodness how come come my Campeche ground band room can I borrow coops of genomic at McMahon technique my Campeche Graham to our Vietnam knew they time but the people including I ate food that man is about to veggie be in character but Ninh cat food took moment in shortening Janek nobody can is not needed named MVP sab be carried Chum with here Amla cooped up in carrot but macaque had come from price right alumnus ridin by I'll come around man to do city's repeal inland attack my crown and full weight of the multi number a cookie ID advance a cheaper rod nice my much cheaper cheated Janek non-gaap EPS and eulogizing me in via comment Peru blue Luke selling tomb 219 EU can be teenage imma come back and which economy satima new nan Epione noon predict broken Sonya nocturnal achievement rate Bornean upon my Campeche crown hi Katya pressure Attica board camera and saying ignore the grown San Jose at California upon Channing him semangat absolute certain to try course on tribology couldn't send in retina now Verlander tonight some new team or manic humanism elliptic can look a certain team tune China local Atlanta pal a capital coupe sets of genomic about mountain lake my Kampuchea Crowley tonight it won't have me tone and each I'm insert an opinion McFly how a car group Newman Cacho room with helping me and Coco wrote about Ramon a multiple Naomi yeah it's good kaguro me look you mean some people officer human died near cause even cat memoriam call it intelligent man – okay yeah yeah Toki you gonna back at all York entire those Sabha people died in between each room today lookit cast the most about here 90 sake or not she be sad no tell him get up I don't know man I mean yeah then you came to come back at a horrible person and again put obesity or not you tilt it up.i am the medium crack your own gun Coco Dan Kerman quickly murder they who are soft right attack he and tickle are making probably a chronic I don't know me and comfort nomadic Nikki enter to P up room brick repair cell window million key with a soccer not more than technique at our board meeting our map my Wrangler the catsup of more accessable southwell me don't you mean clips rock mop with over me until about the technical issue but they call socks right look aerosol don't you try to look around or sadness canopy as computing Moya like you know sir to come tonight work I could you try on keyring cut a lot people can oh oh people a mockery include all real people you must amplified you can tell I didn't have Mankato room boy geun-hye camp II know but mean you can come to Rome cannot guys and I think the hey knock long bitkha a sake romantic table sorry but I can't order come in so much Cajun after Isis times it will limit your room you don't know period then what Camino Khan Gardi cake through some kind of can make me your remove like riding together no longer something like a pair of akkad I don't mean to break it open and you got gotten tighter I know and apparently they gave me at work cleaning Mauna Kea forgive me honey yeah look Jim to Lausanne Cancun your midnight and postage at my poor heart attack my car America commander runic not like my Kampuchea unity patrick said katya midnight Mincha jangjorim in catch each other make last dollar for our comic rounds ago thing I'd like my ground chat too catchy thing I hear come to cheat come on John no company nunca gentium Tran keep sell me and I'm up people didn't console cap see embryo cut back me and Myanmar on mature on high media forums and clang but I'm the butler stone steel is gonna open again after what itself note the lips and I can a guy up on what knee and if you have fun don't move make an enemy below could they do play that make up the key table take a poke at camp around the loop pineapple on it can you have a ramen more somebody didn't have a couple of the mean of a sauna rooms no comedy robot yeah we like them runny cancel a new bun – you saw that oh but yeah there are some commandment and some weight among emote opieop ass up among like mommy yep then with – you didn't hear Jack Janek insomnia though but i couldnt sonya not allow a wingman on yeah they couldn't canal Jung and the rally camp but I couldn't believe pattern no Kalama no mean Carol and her I mean kept Athena but we can can't talk shit come and it cannot be they mean capital Patil equipment Ramadan and I mean Anthony I'm a girl I couldn't meet Erica Rooney pong gonna talk some back yet come in yet clear my here you take I'm Akira by n Hmong did they wake him like Tom Nativity Cambodia no Jeannie hi away the Unabomber in million took young talk came JB Saku took the training could have an idea up on plagued by analyzing rabbit-ear per hour come here Tirupati Airport come here chrome but can I can't open our neck no my Campeche grounding on Isle of Manhattan L shattered I'm really gonna stroke America no Vietnam take through the Kalka miracle Jamaican mean Castro's route meet at 4 inch engineer and I'm letting island time long young Anakin Divya can took tonight you want me to die and I'm with born from one draw SSO from boo and call me – nah people on top number one ankle can be jumpy porn more hotness I have for my committee acromion cool calf subside or a bomb own you know club to Tegel Angela or it an alternate II who want me to now numb me pondrom bwando I say someone who you marry of Chompy we have can took know your Courtney okay Batman today come here chrome to bio a bomb on you I know you mean the Pablo man Kereopa ban people looked at it made about you boy here tom ban batmunk oh but they have Vietnam JB sayin oh cool bomb on my committee a crowbar you know loot if they come with your chrome and a tree of jump 30 we're can to clickety be open but monkeys may come here chrome know who you know Sauron I'm Rick no Canada no clumping Luciano potamia near to Algeria anonymity for which Michael Young me a nappy I catch an ankle or a bomb on you recall Atika laying nappa know I could talk my picture on you can i qu throat April planned by oriental it not I know you Mak bong technical technique committee along about years bar canonical so my look sir Jim to Nguyen no champion no mantle but the core a jabber man thing I'm only the mighty Joe room who Jets of genomic my capital criminal aerobatic arena Yannick limine catch or umrah comb in car audio she took that idea to Patrick Dermott nights him to poke out your room that nothing new channel stream to inter Jochem June will be hunky on Beta Kappa had less I open her up a chickadee so many mile Philippa Gordon certainly not the name around yeah good night they couldn't be in Cali lumpy gas now some team tears at each spice and ragged Ibaka my Campeche ground I wish he could alter thing I move some rap card in T satiric okay I could compromise will you not be our background man man mamama watching a birch each evening opening in cabbie what do you mean I did I couldn't add a preppy poor Meany monte de Kooning demand for Brady McNabb damn dance not to exceed a year to the Taha'a History Channel Nikki a política Pisa some rap Khmer Cambodia chrome robonyan Cuba say song khmer comedy a chrome vanity of jump to TV as a tea some right B as an affluent no akyuu and you know no longer with me and Sunday P apnea teak Ramallah a but the whole Lanka beating item way kami – na janam peep on top ROM born can long Tony hey young chrome Bettina particles that summer aqueous an affluent no akyuu an egg or high need to be a cop gets up tempting I make ROM no chromium a nanny come you and something I know I call you me and the tearin' apart EMN two entities are at some can brought her in to : artists who something I know crap attaining good and by Monique no no problem by young naku – er no septum acquiesce an affluent Noah cloon-tang he succeeds I'm like vsonic ruined our crew and any profit empty map on cast advocate years on track yet and may abound on young man you're on PA cetera ba Lu and no long straw I can be set a new Korean vanity of John no cannot be me and Sunday P up near the criminal Anika young man in Kenya commentator Andrew man trying on peace at sobriety SNL crew on TOEIC Luang Oh Jenna you entire circus I'm like we are now crew and no clue and any answer has some can climb higher gravity operatic my you know a little a come here chrome bar good night they couldn't they don't turn in captivity is a tea so I some right trigger steel and a chimichurri cleaned my Campeche Kremlin not empty I mean cat your room you make last day but I'm a Tucson Anakin with the hardwood ji Kang summer Cumbre go on Karabakh microns otaku room cleaning my house I had Kumu Hina Barak micromanagement otaku that William McLaren by our a cat in Tiananmen at the polling Lagoon they couldn't learn look an anti any good like can I can I am I couldn't connect switch it might not get that don't an intact no paid a mean cat theme tears at each spice and brightening um keep on dreamin on Qasim Akuma Campeche crown hiding a Baraka my crowning cool tie Acho room your McLaren way I got in Tiananmen at the pool I interact unique a yo check took that McCune forty million you know throws column piece after box Lewin a eunuch he make Rome agent yet damn or of knowledge it may come not from affluent 480 PDS didn't throw their group room summer creek near for 2:10 be public and heart and billion didn't Oh untracked yet oh yeah okay so called tip data by Utley a young come in you don't know let it make him not about you Thank You incoming entity some right no exclude an egg no techno chrome and an eco more about half a day Vietnam name in Tokyo young band subside jolinar toss or about years old young now a bomb only it's called cetera box Lewin a said prepare McLuhan nope Nancarrow no I am tonight you be say or the key Autobot yearly coupon your lumpy flu and Enghien honor including here Khmer Krom from NOLA technical not McLuhan and I even throw their company dal-su Hockney and my supporter York no septum like we as an affluent Oakland hang well guitar some conclusion room near signing in to Jalen and by longhand contract yet against cholera is called crew on a young send 10 million is called through and upon you right iam when I couldn't learn it I sent a mean nest nap on young component a room cam to Luke or a each my cambogia come out erkang Union United all one are belonging at your human you I wouldn't engage moving through the Balkan Tranter pneumonia : I stopped in and Lord nothing wrong awkwardness improper Simoni protonic they come here come the tunity the bank Banco but they have Vietnam Canadian me – Nam we pop-up window SS upon bueno James I have one come here come here Chrome no gravity do you come from ah su something I know which a contract evening Luigi young a common P O'Neill or is a hack come on track evening bank tools called eun-geum a chrome or gets called young Here Come a chrome a year in conning me in – yep Colucci carryin on P O'Neill I have come on track he attend in fact a TomTom welcome to a new tool on track Oh Miriam today come here chrome encounter duty a car and a copy genomic along – come here Chrome Canary up jump to a sunny said poetry MP Khmer Krom look longer pizza peel bar impound a virgin a haiku young not a mean case in common Indian Kazu to a young lion a twig nap do you know pineal boys are come on Trent eating bangers College earning them Newark Archie open top and top some rap guy unity emptier set some write PS an affluent Oakland anchor luigia technique i'm giacomo about you have a good night lacunae learning obsidium that don't they Lou or certain Jim Jones and amber look man showroom economic a meaty you not a teacher and it him some jobs on that ham Nativity can establish you assisted I even time nothing I shiny you know mean fifty P sadly but you know Martin my mu exactly a tomato many criminal Nika Nana you might wake me which rule Atlantis at my neck no Cubano chewy that Nam cambogia outreach Imran to move how they had an equity puppet or you might money just on wait 30 Papa torn you might away shiitake Drebin card can happen you might my damn way and what a baton you might mean it out the genican on witty can establish you as his raiment I'm the opportunity boom boom Ibrahim it honest I Anita look children what news Nativity can is Napa to us instrument I'm nude I mean look pretty color Tina you put the money on Carmen are people Kampuchea and she never whooping am they cool come up at all and you buy to my new chibi come on just so many children a new room jams happening showroom with he can it's not about time need not me trying just even thought of the attending him some onion tubes with the chicken so Union agenda tournament are tonight had that way I mean a tip or minute her capivara baccata sumatera Bach my crowning I mean Hank I am i did that my areola chunk asthma come which he had come reporter comic Romanian money time mean people in America means I'm lighting the annoyed no not known min colleague lumpy preach about Easter I like he mean people on chronic non-cat in theorem when you later became away no fatale mean pankajam midnight they will come in Connecticut Tannen through a mean Karen fingering warm knows there poor are Israelite Iroquois McNichol the culligan Rd jackhammer sheikh adil achievement gap it by Jerome such a nothing any type one to some reports kept me in pain Hodja Sharon intimate returning him some need more affordably and giving Madan check Rashad I mean panic no cardiac tone which in a saloon and in snap for me and Muay Thai V can you talk to a sick lady care about Luke wine so made yet Taunton and the cheap erotic known a kind of the Nigeria the man congealed amputate not become to not be nonstop agreed on and stop Orion banjo cat means na Medina pumpkin has apnea bellman clumps at the entire item home by po neeta Bikram one champion said kite maker first plums happy panda new band called okra only cat-boy passport I'll pray to neuter the one poem Czech Republic ultimate ear but one place round you teaching rocks at pray non-appropriated I'm Dom Liang Chun ji Dam PA techno Brunell condom loops Rob groan gonna try to move me to na hanyate new second month at 200 the Master of Orion Raj Howie camping tonight either by criminy : tell time of two lumpini nope um – including at home or at a notch of the destroyer like they looked a napalm drop right across I chrome choke Bob and cola crew 9 phenomenon team ta that chrome horn bump in drum loop job mock tears and bottom wing non trim damn damn chill present magnet or more at Hammond III looting by Pakistani by usually from Dorinda Riley Neal 3 come on Monica so high and I called up a big magma person came and offside vacay uniteq I'm not problem I'm not from a prick man a young of all mo the Grady Kapisa come to indeed amputate I didn't an boom drop right across I banged on Tobar captain pigeon and people on a pram Carol Bikram Hongbin and what Cole Gavin you don't you chime on PA the bond Sakura they pray Jim rocks at them raw then content how much it meant that offline and opal LG prop up that handsome can learn a poem Bruno you don't miss Roffe appear and proper after new gentlemanly sack home tak Ramona and utopia born man man P crew you bar today P Papa faulty mubarat number one stop site became room with yoki la notte happy Bastrop Orion look known to Nuri me intercept Hirata bass rock band attorney at Nehru Howie the man went in chrome cameo chopping it now you know why couldn't a tea tank later poets now some new track Bancho Vinci GData barack Cooperman today the buckram hunt a Luke went yank late happy to take that's right in me who pees a matter pupa a toast rope Hey look band recap it's not little tie-dye I'm good course most people McManus jungmoon sandwiches many modules of the features impeach me and her so when was it that worth of Nevada and it was always I look at me examines and by midday as he's Raymond at all net non period model theory look succeed ah done by some kind happy by one time Karen I need maintain an IT boom me tuna chrome horn somebody and said he could make a first row buffer technology the tube answered min the you become room brought happy barley them home the eighteen from Bonita let's not Orion cap tank which nine people on a pee can i pee rot happy bar but I said I'll be New York mo from honey man touch I pray that means a cranapple one catacomb this joy and then pray that me and opiate tomorrow me and I'm like to eat wrote room say the kids hakkim demands how come Jun ji dam Patek phenomenal grant hola son gate current acrimony gaffers flop a Hancock lumen capture pop-up or update the bike Juanita Coburn tatted Buttram honey when man catch will pop up or chain T looked how come one man would come whole teacher I'm not even being cool Calvin you the mom not feeling at home I come horny the tool cartridge and pull MOOCs by parity Luke went yet I'm hoedown become couch Unger sadly by Ponyta then we put our letter P boy Pookie happy that don't want you t'see Cara by probably need about Indian amputate I'm chillin bring the quality be someone different people Moy Oh norm Abram and she's right now man idea turned a man from Hanukkah first done by some completion when people done the boss and company like teen it's right that I need montre some drop some Rose Macomb and Ho Chi Minh degree look in melee that young kid carandini you'd happy but then the boss Rock'em and yet hope a porn couch or I introduce exciting role cannon important crop grown da Vinci acrimony man purple composite ran like bumpy encode a video Lucas and court had NEPA mentality moody learn a pompom TMT lately Bikram hoon carpenter at home or at an ostrich egg inviolable Cornell i-team of dueling Bernie incident they talk about Rodman more women by 2000 bathroom hi Karan a nice doing to enhance a llama super super abundant in P the in Ojai I don't care going to hyper for the diabetes drugs and I don't hear from Tony Accardo Frank enjoy mobility bar to young Adam man come to need amputate new grant hola I'm puny on a tortilla talk head that's right people on the bus come like you datura number two does have come to cast a preacher land wing demands accompaniment I'm tired I'm wondering at home and yet without they somebody 9 o qg day please round dial its internal job done Jim rocks at break namnam Leah the hotel and protein Vietnam loop – corner at the mono chicamaw some rapid all day summit Ian said the canola immigrant submit as he's ready kiritani Washington charity Dimitri's joining him some gaseous I wanted I said the mean pine habitation of a mean car or non cottage 80 psi or being an aluminum recommendable you know Johnny Tyler need you Manchu up the loop certain jump tune man win heritage name and Hubert octopus on eat or the pizza Lawson team to an aluminum data yeah channel my minion if you man lives from to emerge at Downton Kappa and Kappa sumit a there some rap on Castle Combe she wears a hat : Bachir Barratt to toe team economy ruminant otaku tight foo Yoong natural anime I mean people in warn America tour Vario katha super telling you mean a tip or achieve in kappa tippy people on clowny pour on a sanic no caffeine theater later boom take this country will cut good ass when your people appearing on put here more than a pizza no hearing loss on to an accountant an attached or umrah bhavati bharata God Mike America Uncas had Cumbre Mac Mac Romney neck no makeup which is rotting any tire or lotion KidCo entire book what man chillin with Omnicon EPA clerical card but Rivercats we might be happy my Vietnam Oh Holly I caught cool title your company the company a tiny somebody in the music so with the incident that I would meet an arrow you can imagine people sir tim tooten political certainly at an average man actual angry hard I a political debate that mean for the men PPP client acknowledged of non-porous my Campeche crammed a computed RunAs note that maybe Nam Nam Huynh and containment like new chica had this a sewer ago a car out that don't Annan Capra proper internet week of Facebook reporter meantime online a Ornan operator community a new Sonya midnight a jumper or you need a buddy a capital P play flight it got really not a make my cat food to woman until a product my crown IG makutano chang-geun happy bar you wouldn't hit a career intended captain car painted took Bachman in geology about you which and we're here in order to take Bhatia chrome the operative non more and also non more no Jeannie hi mom unicron's rock being cool Democratic Panetta young at me and to EcoSmart a Latina control protocol scepter Abajo geometry and yet except ironically band map on capitate year Burnett about virgin scenic appears about using proton attention bikini high you know bein cost awaited tanker protect asana thank item news and kept in a tank a pack our youth exceptionally cool we at me and Tahoe it Virginia hey you it will await a key chapter about you what about you cook I don't know or we had someone except Jim winning pretty about you and found a for hydrogen Heikal Bonilla document cool what a crisis you come into a way that we are cost map retire yes agent that means at the club young a stop-gap be a clue on about you virtually hi somepony no clown shop for you close calls young man come here junkie Jaime Castro no Jenna you want a kid champion on top of West Virginia human troll Clyde awaited in for chronic leukemia weightier cost about people you know so many Montenegrin certain to that I saw the page are the hygienic some with me jumped a PP M d'Epinay has only looked at me but I will calmly coupon bond angle Ocwen as easily ja nucleosome delivery type in Asia

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  1. This is a great and wonderful history of Khmer krom people and lands. I think we can do more and ask for more support from freedom world. France government has to have all the responsibility for cut Khmer krom lands to VN 70 years ago and leaving Khmer people living suffering under evil crooks criminals gangsters government from several generations.

  2. I like 100 on 100 គិត ថា មិន បាន ក៏ ខ្ញុំ ត្រូវ គិត ជានិច្ច

  3. ទៅមិនរួចទេបើធ្វើបានជ្រូកចេះហោះហើយបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិក៏មិនអាចរំដោះខ្មែរពីហ៊ុនសែនបានដែរយោងតាមការមើលឃើញសព្វថ្ងៃមិនមែនមិនចង់ឲ្យខ្នែរបានល្អដូចលោកខាងលិចទេតែពេលនេះទៅមិនរួចទេបើមានទ័ពវាយយកមកទាំងស្រុងដូចអ្ន្មកមុនៗ

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