MMM Ideology Video by Taiwo Kehinde

MMM   Ideology Video by Taiwo Kehinde

good day my name is tae-woo candy I'm here to present the mmm cooperation ideology video how it works loose and benefits the world that we are living nowadays is an unfair unjust inhuman world the world where money is given policy instead of human being the world we are the rich continue richer and poor continue poorer the world we are common man on the streets Kanoa thought dream is body butts mmm completion has come to eradicate this on fear financial systems what is mmm cooperation mmm cooperation is a community of delicious tech change we participants from different parts of the world do needs an assist one another selflessly on the principle of one participant need help another participant provides soil health this community of coordinating people willingly assisting each other mmm corporations have asked stop common storage box we have people keep their money and then takes it whenever they meet is the goal of human cooperation his nom de Labarre is not about money but is only part financial freedom for every human being mmm is not a bank mmm completion is not a business mmm completion is not an investment but CC community where people help each order mmm was funded by sergey mavrodi san jamar OD is erosion by bits he was born on 11th of August 1955 sergey mavrodi was a mathematician and computer programmer he started mmm cooperative in 1989 design cooperative become a joint stock company in 1994 he he was a Deb would seek of the Russian parliament he was arrested in 2003 and killed 27 he revived mmm in 2011 and eventually died on 26th of March 28 now however men walk as a participant lately join you will be hostile your personal office people then you declare your willingness to provide hey that is too acid someone and after which your accounts will be rewarded with an amount in Marvel and this model is an internal currency it mmm completion then once the response means AB and you are March to assist this participant or to deliver these participants and this box but we see fed from him confirmed you received or only from you then your pH requests we get distintos confirmed that is you have provided help for someone and to the man through in your personal office that GUI that movements had a rate of 30 or 50 percents depending on your choice while providing the head and mind you group stops at exactly 30 days or months the amount a mob rule starts increasing every day from the moment you declare to make a request or to assist someone types of maverick we have to visit packs of Bablu we have 30% ph and we have 50% ph and 30% ph the growth rate is 30% in 30 days but it is possible your mother'll will be released exactly 14 days so if you like you can teach before what before 30 days if you like then you can wait a few days then you can create a request at it is a fine you must have provided him and the recipe for someone and the recipe confirmed receiving aid from you the second one which is 50 percent ph the growth rate here is 50 percent in 30 days that is your mother owns you ph your bathroom will be locked for 28 days but when she hate this then you cannot create the teenage requests and you must start provided for a participants and potential participant must have confirmed receiving help from you before you cannot create GA to request after 20 it's this we have different benefits in mmm cooperation one is referral bonus here participants are credited with a river bonus of 10% from the amount of the contribution made by each member that is you are free to invites many people to join us to join mmm cooperation through your structure then anytime your participant oleifera making deletion rpm then you get them percent of the RP h at all times so you can invite people or participants through your different link to another benefit is gather bonus the is what we call qaeda or manager mmm mmm corporation as in Qaeda on managerial completion the manager can read their own different multi-level structures against Boulos from each deletion of all the participants on that day when we have this DDA this guy de Bono's is double withdrawn in two ways one 50% of it will be th will be withdrawn normally to your country Ibaka cons why the remaining 50% will be credited to what we called verify Marvel and this valve AMA Pro can be used even to pH or to pay 10% of new ph you can use it to pay them a sense of of new ph for participants on value or even yourself and the guy de Bono structures is rated from level 1 to 5 the first level is fine before never gyda you get 5% from all the donation of your tan lines the second level gyda who gets 3% of the donation made by all participants found that him or her and we acted the third one the third level guidance we get 2% of iteration of their participants and so on actual number click another benefit is who knows for letter of happiness if you get help from mmm completion it is very mandatory to write letter of happiness to testify that truly mmm corporation peace if you do this you get fine and you show your face you lead you to let our family then you get 5% of your GH per month if you don't show your face then you get 3% of the amount of your kids head we have many rules in mmm corporation Warren do not grease multiple have cramps create SEMA simpler can't remain competition is not allowed is highly prohibited to do knots big deposit out field of teammate whenever a participant is deleting or assisting another participants owns the help is provided there you most happy most touched or flood proof of teammates they prove that truly divided up for DVD for someone that little assistance then you must include the proof of payment the proof that we have truly assisted such receiver 3 do not fail to confirm payment or phone reception as as the receiver of head once help is received from you by you then it is mandatory to confirm that truly you have received help from someone with this ideology of mmm cooperation benefits of mmm Corporation rules of mmm completion what are you still waiting for I happy to a fee each and every one of us in the whole world to stand up to the I join mmm corporation so that can be free from financial bondage so that we can achieve finish our freedom to him mmm completion today together we can all change the world for good for beta for financial freedom Thank You mmm completion thank you sorry ma Rudy don't live mm a corporation thank you once again my name is tae-woo candy his student of mmm guidance who recommended a school but one group seats thank you sue

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