Mega Man 64/Legends (N64 1997) – Cult Classic or Overrated? – The Backlog

Mega Man 64/Legends (N64 1997) – Cult Classic or Overrated? – The Backlog

53 thoughts on “Mega Man 64/Legends (N64 1997) – Cult Classic or Overrated? – The Backlog

  1. I have fond memories of this game as a kid. Its the only version of Megaman i liked, since i was never interested in original, X, or Battle Network.

    But i can definitely acknowledge the game had issues. I tried replaying it on my Vita from the psn store version, but the controls made it nearly unplayable.

    Not sure how i put up with it back on PS1. Still love the characters and story though.

  2. I have to admit the controls of this game aren't the best but because i'm a superficial boy, This is still one of my favorite games of all time purely because of it's unique art style and quirky writing and story.

  3. I played both Legends 1 and 2 for the first time this year. I really enjoyed the first game but the controls were pretty bad. Legends 2 did improve them though. Hoping we can get Legends 3 someday.

  4. How do you guys sort your games spreadsheet? Because MM64 only being #211 of 622 doesn’t sound like it’s alphabetical.

  5. I never found the controls to be that bad in MML1 (I speaking about the ps1 version)… I feel like once you get used to using R1/L1 shoulder buttons as a means of turning, then the controls make complete sense. The only downside was that you couldn't move around when locking on to targets… Thankfully they fixed that in MML2

  6. Megaman legends was a great game I enjoyed playing it when I was a kid. I don't remember the controls being janky I'm sure if I play it again it'll feel janky. But I loved Megaman I loved the exploration and the rpg aspects. I disliked fighting Juno……

  7. There's an archived Twitch stream of me playing it over on
    Takeaways are that its definitely hard to control (especially emulated on an Xbox controller), and the shooting mechanics are pretty bad, but for some reason I want to play it more 🤔

  8. It's not that bad. It has issues, that's for sure, but it still turned out good. All it needed was more varied dungeons and analog support. Mega Man Legends 2 is much, much better. Better polish, better controls, better plot, better everything. Play that one… just bring tissues, you will cry three-quarters of the way in.

  9. Legends is one of the only mega man games I ever ACTUALLY liked alongside the Z series and Battle Network. I've settled on the sad acceptance that I don't really like mega man games. I like mega man spinoff games.

  10. I understand without the nostalgia goggles it’s hard to love the game. I think the game is better than you two say. BUT it’s nowhere close to the masterpiece that’s in my head! 🙂 the controls are much better in PS1. And MegaMan Legends 2 is MILES better!

    @Capcom – Make MegaMan Legends 3 happen!

  11. This ga,e was before it's time. Open world with Rpg elements, third person shooter, cut scenes and voice acting. It's great!

  12. Best 3D Megaman game out and we're almost in 2018. Why world? I'd flip the world to make one myself but I'd get sued. I've always preferred 3D versions of games cause I feel closer to their fictional world, except Pokemon. A 3D Megaman world is what I've always wanted ever since I fell in love with Megaman through battle network, that's why I love this game so much.

    The game itself by today's standards is shitty. It was my first time meeting this world of Megaman and its characters and I loved them. Graphics don't matter though as long as it's a game and most of the time 3D games like this have the same basic controls. I consider myself an experienced gamer and replaying it a year ago, re-adapting its trickier set of controls made things interesting for me otherwise I would've breezed through it in like 10 minutes, plus struggling like that is great for a change. Games are too user friendly these days.

    Ps: I would like to see Will play it so I can laugh at his frustration.

  13. The controls are not that difficult, at all – they are antiquated, but I defy you to try and play a game like Medal of Honor Underground – a terrific shooter – without throwing your controller at the screen. Strange controls are the nature of classic games, the layout usually differs from title to title, as opposed to the standardized layout we are accustomed to nowadays.

    It takes a little bit of time.
    And also, I REALLY wish you went into the story of the game a little because that's what makes it such a different, weird, and special Megaman game. It's completely different and the story really makes the whole Megaman franchise super epic.

  14. Also, it's worth noting they did just announce a new Megaman game – Megaman 11. It blew up everywhere, including the Megaman Legends 100,000 FB group :/

  15. I just realized this is a new video, which is weird, because I just started playing the game again last night, and needed to hear the soundtrack – kismet, I guess!

    You have a new subscriber, thanks for the great video!

  16. The concept of legends looks good on paper , but the execution is bad.
    It falled victim to the hype at the time that every game should be in 3d.
    I loved (most) mega man games when i was a young teenager but legends was mediocre to me as the gameplay and controls werent very good.

  17. God, Megaman Legends is awful by today's standards, it certainly doesn't hold up and was barely a contender back in the day…and I love it, one of my favorite games of all times.

    Don't get me wrong, it's pretty bad and there's plenty wrong with it, especially controls and design bits, but it still tries a lot of different things and actually succeeds on creating an unique and interesting atmosphere despite its many, many flaws.

    If I were to have it my way, I'd like a remake of the 3 games (1, 2 and Misadventures) with a modern engine and, most importantly, modern design philosophies and controls and THEN have ML3.

  18. The spirit and atmosphere of Megaman Legends is its biggest sell. Just a lovable, charming world that they designed for the game. The gameplay itself, though, was pretty rough, but I eventually started to enjoy it too. One of my favorite games personally, but I think it depends on the person.

  19. The second option on the control scheme select is actually pretty good, at least on the PS1. It works similarly to RE4 or something. Of course is not that good, but it does the job. I'm trying to play it again on the Vita but the lack of the L2 and R2 buttons are hard to overcome.

  20. I absolutely loved MegaMan Legends and its sequel. The controls are silly in today's standards, but 3D was still new at the time. Imagine if a Legends 3 came out like Breath of the Wild, but all those shrines were those elevators we saw around MegaMan Legends 2.

  21. MM Legends and Tron Bon were awesome because I'm pretty sure they had a R&D system similar to MGSV where you could create like different buster attachments and stuff. They had some cool ideas that could totally work today if they did it right.

  22. Megaman legends 2 controls were vastly superior to Legends 1. The story and characters were good in both games, but I see myself coming back to Legends 2 more. Although if you are on vita get the L2/L3 and R2/R3 grip, unless you don't mind using the rear touchpad.

  23. This game is the reason that 13 year old me bought a N64. I played it for hours and hours and hours. I also will admit that.. yeah its a product of its time and the controls are a bit wonky. But I love this game and what it meant for me. Id love them to make a new one some day.. <3 (and more battle network.. I grew up on those. So great)

  24. I wanted to inform you that i ran a d&d campaing where the players came across a wolf den. Deep in the wolfden were 2 anthrapamorphic (i butchered that word) wolves who smoked pipes. I couldnt come up with creative names for them so I called them Bob and Will. Just so you guys know that I apricciate ya

  25. Before watching, I will give my opinion.
    Potential was amazing. The idea was great. You can see what they tried, and it was mostly enjoyable.
    BUT.. People also forget how bad it was on many levels. Not just the N64 horrible audio compression like what happened in resident evil.

  26. I just want Nintendo to start releasing SNES and NES games for Switch damn it…
    I would buy physical copies…

  27. Damn I remember renting this game from blockbuster when I was a kid for my PlayStation and was weird as hell I was just running around aimlessly for hours lol

  28. Overrated? ITS FUCKING GARBAGE! awful gameplay and level design, awful voice acting (like 90% of games released in the 90s) and ugly graphics. I don't understand some peoples love for this game AT ALL!

  29. If you like Mega Man 64, there is another third person shooter on the N64: Jet force Gemini. It has no RPG elements but much better controls than Mega Man 64.

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