Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas [Official]

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas [Official]

[music] We have thousands upon thousands
of people come out here in the Fall to come see
the foliage change. Some years it’s just absolutely
gorgeous with the color change. In a state where much of the
landscape remains the same year-round, the change of seasons at
Lost Maples State Natural Area can be a spectacular sight. These hill country canyons
are home to trees that are believed to be relics
of the last ice age. We have uncommon stands of
Uvalde bigtooth maples here in the park. There’s not many bigtooth maples
in North America. We’re just blessed with a
tremendous amount of them here in the upper end of the
Sabinal river valley. [music] Lost Maples is so popular
during the Fall that it tends to get overlooked
at other times of the year. Lost Maples is just
a gorgeous park. It has almost 2200 acres
of back country and just beautiful steep
canyon walls and a river running down
through the middle of this park. Even if there isn’t a color
change going on, there is a change going on. Over the last few weeks we’ve
had quite a few blossoms appearing, the mountain laurels
have just been gorgeous. Spring wildflowers are
starting to bloom right now and it changes week to week. If you’re into birding, you
know about Lost Maples. The tall trees and clear waters
combine to make Lost Maples a great habitat for birds, including several
endangered species. I came here to try and
photograph the golden-cheeked warbler
and the black-capped vireo. I have had limited success
so far. I only got 2 pictures of the
golden-cheeked warbler and about half a dozen exposures of the black-capped vireo. So I guess I cannot complain
too bad but I would like to take some
more pictures before I go. Hikers can explore the
11 miles of trails that wind the banks of the
Sabinal river, winding through the thick woods
past rocky outcroppings and, if you can handle, it to the top of a 2200 foot ridge. You’ve got to go from the valley
floor to the top of the ridge to make a whole loop so we force you to get a good
heart rate increase and get your lungs opened
up really well. The view is well worth
the hike up. No matter when you visit,
Lost Maples is as beautiful as it is unique. [music] I know now why people call
the hill country paradise.

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  1. I can't believe they are still pushing the belief that the glaciers came all the way down to Texas! Holy crap! Do some reading about the ice ages and the maximum glaciation.

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