Lil Uzi Vert, J. Cole, Playboi Carti: Whose Album Will Rule 2020? | For The Record

Lil Uzi Vert, J. Cole, Playboi Carti: Whose Album Will Rule 2020? | For The Record

Rob Markman: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to For The Record. I’m your host Rob Markman and we’re so excited,
it’s finally 2020, you know we were in a little bit of a hiatus. Y’all loved that last episode, Royce Da 5’9″,
super important discussion, man. We’re looking forward to another great year,
have a bunch of great guests and a bunch of great panels, but we figured we start the
new year off right. It is 2020 and I want to go into some predictions,
man, it’s going to be exciting this year. I just want to talk about the things that
we’re going to see, the albums that’s coming out, you know what I’m saying? The beefs that’s going to happen, the collaborations
that’s going to happen and I brought a panel here to help me discuss this. We going to put our wishlist together, all
right? Let me start introducing them. Rob Markman: First up, we have Tia Hill, Genius
News host, producer, podcaster and a stand up comedian. What’s up Tia? Tia Hill: Yes. Hey Rob, thanks for having me. Rob Markman: Nah, thanks for coming. I got to catch one of your shows this year
too. That’s one of my resolutions. All right, next up we have MTVs lead music
correspondent, that sounds rich. And co-creator of the Rap Radar Podcast, Brian,
B. Dot., Miller, what’s up? B. Dot Miller: What’s up? I’m back. Thank you. Rob Markman: Nah man. You did the Drake interview, I’m surprised
if you still accept the invitation when we invite you back over here. B. Dot Miller: Only for you, Rob, only for
you. Rob Markman: Last but not least, listen man,
this is one of my favorite artists from my home borough of Brooklyn. When I got started early on in my journalism
career, we did some real early interviews to start his career and he is back. You might know him from the year-end wrap-ups. He did his 2019 year-end wrap-up, so we want
to get his take on 2020 and his new album ‘Don’t Come Outside, Vol. 2’ is out now. Uncle Murda: Whoa. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Rob Markman: Uncle Murda man, welcome to For
The Record Uncle Murda” What’s good, man? What’s happening? Definitely. B.Dot Miller: East New York. Uncle Murda: I’m surprised B.Dot’s here
too. You know what I mean? B.Dot Miller: Oh my God. Rob Markman: You know we in the right place
man. B. Dot Miller: Yes sir. Rob Markman: Welcome man. Good energy. Good energy. Murda, I want to start with you because since
you’re fresh off the 2019 year-end wrap-up. Just off top, what are some of the things
that you’re looking forward to? What do you think 2020 is going to bring us
in the year of hip hop? Uncle Murda: Oh man. I think it’s going to be interesting man. I think it’s going to be a lot of beef. Rob Markman: Well you know, you pissed K.
Michelle off, you pissed Lil Reese off. Know what I’m saying? You set it off. Uncle Murda: Shout out to K. Michelle and
shout out to Lil Reese, man. I want a big them up. You know what I mean? Shout out to them, but I think 2020 is going
to be exciting. I feel like it started out already a little
exciting. I think Lil Baby was just locked up, but he
came home. They tried to lock him up for some bullshit,
shout out to Lil Baby. I see R. Kelly’s little girlfriends fighting
and all that. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting
year. Rob Markman: He already started writing the 2020
wrap up Uncle Murda: I’m jotting some things down. Rob Markman: They locked Lil Baby, he came
home. He did! Uncle Murda: He did! Rob Markman: Nah, shout out. B. Dot man, just overall man. What’s some of the things that you’re looking
forward to this year? B. Dot Miller: I’m looking forward to new
albums, specifically from J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, maybe. Rob Markman: Rihanna ain’t never putting out
no album. I seen Rihanna put- Uncle Murda: I’m looking for a Ri-Ri album
too, I’m not going to lie. Rob Markman: Listen man, I’m just looking
for the Savage x Fenty. She just put up the Valentine’s day pics. Rihanna just thirst trapping and making a
lot of money off the Savage x Fenty, man. B. Dot Miller: Maybe she can put a soundtrack
to the lingerie. You know what I’m saying? Everybody wins. Rob Markman: Now you talking. Get Jay Brown on the phone. Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: Nah, that’s dope. Now Tia man, what are you looking forward
to? Tia Hill: Okay. Well you know I have to represent for all
the new rappers, so I’m most looking forward to Playboi Carti, Whole Lotta Red. Rob knows this. Rob Markman: Right. You’re a big Playboi Carti fan. Tia Hill: I’m a big Playboi Carti fan and
Lil Uzi Vert. Tia Hill: Well you know what? That’s why we’re here! We’re going to have a conversation about it,
won’t we? Uncle Murda: She got so honest. Tia Hill: I already know I’m about to piss
you guys off because he came out and he said the album is supposed to be dropping this
year. He’s supposed to be “lyrical” to prove people
wrong like you. So we’re going to see and Lil Uzi Vert- B.Dot Miller: Playboi Carti… Uncle Murda: and you believe him? Tia Hill: I mean no, but I like the music. Uncle Murda: You are a comedian though right? Tia Hill: Yes. Uncle Murda: She’s being funny. She’s being funny. Tia Hill: See, I’m here to provide a little
light comedic entertainment. Rob Markman: Let’s go into that real quick
because Playboi Carti has been teasing this album for a while. There’s been some leaks, really creating this
impatient buzz around the album. Lil Uzi Vert, same thing with ‘Eternal Atake.’ Tia Hill: I think that’s going to come sooner. Rob Markman: Do you really think these albums
is going to come? Tia Hill: I don’t know. Rob Markman: Listen man, your favorite rappers
are letting you down. Tia Hill: I know! People be lying to me, but I feel like ‘Eternal
Atake’ will come out before a ‘Whole Lotta Red.’ I don’t really trust Playboi Carti anymore,
but Uzi came out with “Futsal Shuffle,” he’s been on Instagram, I have faith in him,
so we’ll see. Rob Markman: All right. Nah, that’s dope man. If he’s saying he rapping more, I’m definitely
paying attention, man. Tia Hill: We’ll see. B.Dot Miller: I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Rob Markman: Like Whoa Vicky. B.Dot Miller: I don’t know man. Tia Hill: You look so disappointed. B. Dot Miller: I’m not sold on Cardi man. He just raps sounds with sounds. So, I don’t know. Tia Hill: It’s evolving. B. Dot Miller: That’s not rapping. Tia Hill: It’s music. B. Dot Miller: Okay, so it’s static. Uncle Murda: It’s music, that’s your answer? Tia Hill: No, I mean, look, I’m not listening
to it for the lyrical element. I’m listening to it to enjoy it. I like lyrical rappers too, but I feel like
there’s enough rappers out today where you don’t have to only listen to Carti. Some people do but that’s their problem. Rob Markman: I think when we was coming up
to, it wasn’t everybody wasn’t lyrical. It was a whole lot of people who weren’t lyrical
in 2000s. We ain’t listen to Nelly for lyrics in the
2000s, it was a certain vibe that brung. Speaking of lyrics though, J. Cole. ‘The Fall Off’ is the name of the album
we believe and it’s supposed to be coming 2020. He did a whole campaign, I think it was at
the Vegas Festival, right? B. Dot Miller: Day and night? Rob Markman: Night and Day, Day and Night,
something like that. But J. Cole, man, what are we expecting from
Cole? B. Dot Miller: I’m expecting, you know what
you get from J. Cole bars, man, lyricism. I think he’s also going to probably put on
more of the Dreamville guys on this. I’m expecting to see some really cool collaborations,
but you know with J. Cole, you know what you’re going to get. Rob Markman: J. Cole’s going to have collaborations? On his album? B. Dot Miller: No features, but hopefully
he experiments. I think that he’s willing to experiment with
other artists. I mean not with other artists, with other
producers this time around because he said he was going to do that in an interview last
year. I’m expecting to see that. Rob Markman: You know what I want to see from
Cole, I’m actually rooting for ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ to win a Grammy. Because I just want to see him bring a hundred
rappers on stage, there’s like a hundred rappers on that album. B.Dot Miller: Like The Source Awards Rob Markman: I want to be able to stunt at
the Grammys, yeah bring a little bit of the Source, it’s Dreamville, they’re not going
to bring the Source Awards energy. They ain’t going to be the Suge energy. B. Dot Miller: Definitely. Rob Markman: but just to see that many people
from our culture accept an award, that’s why I’m rooting for them. Y’all looking forward to Cole? Tia Hill: Yes. Uncle Murda: I want to see J. Cole work with
some East Coast street artists. That’s what I want to see. I want to see a J. Cole and a Jadakiss. Or even J. Cole and Benny the Butcher or Conway
or Uncle Murda, shit like that. Tia Hill: Just slid that in there. Rob Markman: I like how you slid that in. Uncle Murda: I have a good resume under my
belt. I got the Jay-Zs under my belt, 50 Cent, Maria
Careys. I got these things under my belt so I could
box with the best of them. Let’s go. Rob Markman: Well check this out because on
your new album, it’s perfect segue, right? You got Tory Lanez on the new album, Conway,
you got Benny, you got Kiss, you got Styles P. You have a song called “What I Mean,”
where you rap about the struggle. Uncle Murda: I wanted and J. Cole on that
record so bad, that’s crazy. Rob Markman: Did you? Uncle Murda: Yeah. Rob Markman: Let me highlight the lyric and
then let’s get into it. You said, “We made the kids feel like killing
niggas is honorable, and if we can’t rap about that, then what the fuck I’m a do? I don’t know how to dance. I don’t sing melodies, can’t get a good job,
I ain’t got a felony. What, I got a rap like J. Cole is what you’re
telling me? What if niggas in the hood start losing respect
for me?” Rob Markman: I think it’s not just a question
for Uncle Murda and the type of music you make, but I think street artists in general,
especially from New York, there’s an aesthetic that’s going on that sometimes it feels like
it’s being pushed out a little bit. What is the Uncle Murda’s options in 2020
or street artists in general? Uncle Murda: You know what? Honestly for me, I feel like I’ve been my
own worst enemy. As far as not putting out enough music or
holding too much music and overthinking it. But for another artist, I feel like sometimes
from New York they feel like they got to try to sound a certain way to get popping or to
be relevant nowadays in the music business, so they don’t stick to probably who they really
are. Uncle Murda: So you don’t really get them. You get somebody they trying to be instead
of really getting the real them, you know what I’m saying? I think that’s why people appreciate Griselda,
because they just sticking to who they are and they just going hard with it, flooding
it so people respecting it, you know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: Now you said you wanted Cole
on that record? Uncle Murda: Yeah, because I wanted to hear
his point of view from what I was saying, coming from somebody like him. Because I’m speaking from a negative point
of view, being that, when I say negative because you ain’t really got no choice. This is all you know. This is what people accept you for and this
is what they rooting for you for. This is why they fucking with you. That’s why they rock with you. Because you are certain way and if you don’t
put yourself in a situation it’s hard to change. That’s why I said like, how am I going to
change? If you did something to certain people they
don’t want to hear that. No matter how much you changed your life,
if you harm somebody, if you done shot somebody, or you did that to that person and now you
cool and now you chilling, it don’t mean they chilling now. Rob Markman: You still got that stigma on
you. Uncle Murda: You still got that hand that
might come back to bite you one day. I just wanted to hear somebody like a J. Cole’s
point of view on that. Rob Markman: He’s dope for that because he
has, in 2019 gotten on a lot of records where he offers a different perspective. Hearing him with 21 Savage, a lot of people
wasn’t expecting… Uncle Murda: Young Thug. Rob Markman: Young Thug, Moneybagg Yo just
bumped into him in the studio and they did a joint. I feel like you might could’ve gotten that
feature. Did you send it out? Uncle Murda: I didn’t even try to reach out. I didn’t really know who to reach out to try
to get at Cole. You know what I’m saying? I think B. Dot has changed his number on me
at the time so I didn’t really know who to reach out like certain friends. I was like, “Aw man.” You know what I mean? Rob Markman: Tia, J. Cole man, we looking
forward to that? Tia Hill: Yes. I love J. Cole. I know you guys probably don’t think that,
but, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Uncle Murda: We’re with you. We’re with you. Tia Hill: But I do love J. Cole and I really
enjoyed ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ especially because there was so much hype
leading up to it and songs like ‘Under the Sun’ and “Down Bad,” especially. I love “Down Bad” and “A Lot,” I feel
like was probably the most surprising one and Cole probably knew it too, when he did
that interview last year he was talking about how he felt bad that he wasn’t doing as many
collaborations before, but then he really made up for it ‘Revenge of the Dreamers’
and that was just really enjoyable. I feel like in 2020 he’s going to come with
something really, really strong. Rob Markman: Okay. Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: Okay. Let’s talk about this concept of… Uncle Murda: Shout out to Bas, from his crew. I met him, I was messin with A$AP Ferg one
night, he took me to one of his shows. And I was like, “who this?” He was like, you never heard of him? And I’m like “nah,” I seen he had it going
crazy. Rob Markman: Bas from Queens too, so he’s
from the city. Uncle Murda: Yeah definitely, yeah shoutout
to him. Yeah definitely, B.Dot Miller: Crazy performer. I was like wow. Uncle Murda: Yeah, crazy performer. I was like “wow.” Rob Markman: Yeah, nah, they definitely in
tune to what’s going on in the city. Uncle Murda: Nah, definitely. Rob Markman: You might think that they not,
but they definitely got roots in New York. Let’s talk about… When you talk about Cole, it’s hard not to
talk about Kendrick, it’s hard not to talk about Drake. I think, kind of, when we talking about just
hip hop in the space that we in, those are the three top guys and it can change on any
given day. You know what I mean? Whoever put the latest thing out is probably
the top guy, at the moment. The former editor of Billboard, Bill Werde,
said that his sources tell him that Kendrick’s new album is done. He’s putting more rock sounds in it. So that’s just one man’s opinion of what he
heard from his sources. What are we expecting from a Kendrick Lamar
this year? B. Dot Miller: I don’t know man, you know…
Kendrick is, you never know what you’re going to get with him. He’s full of surprises. I didn’t know ‘DAMN’ was going to go in
the direction it went in. I didn’t know ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ was
going to go in the direction that that went in. So with him, I feel like Kendrick is… He’s been so quiet for so long, I feel like
he’s up to something. He plucks from a lot of different places,
whether it’s in rock and roll, funk… So he’s just a student of the game. So I don’t know, man, I’m just looking forward
to it as a fan. Rob Markman: Yeah, Dot kind of reminds me
of one of them artists. We haven’t heard the same album from him twice. B. Dot Miller: That’s a fact. Rob Markman: So I feel like he’s just going
to go in a whole other direction. He hasn’t been showing his face lately, he’s
been out but he’s been covering his face. It’s something going on, I feel like it’s
all creatively leading up to something B. Dot Miller: I did see Punch with Justin
Timberlake in the studio recently on Instagram, so I don’t know if that’s a connection there… Rob Markman: Punch working on his own album B. Dot Miller: Oh, oh…okay Rob Markman: Punch might be like forget Kendrick,
I need this J Timberlake feature man, what we doing? B. Dot Miller: So you never know. Rob Markman: Nah, for sure. Excited for Kendrick, Tia? You don’t look excited. Tia Hill: No, no I am excited. Rob Markman: Show me you’re excited. Tia Hill: No I’m excited. I was thinking because you mentioned Drake,
and I’ve been really… Uncle Murda: She still thinking about Drake. Tia Hill: No no no! Rob Markman: We ain’t got to be all stiff
man, talk about Drake. Tia Hill: No, only because you had mentioned
Drake, and I feel like last year, no, 2018, he had so many songs. He was like terrorizing us with hits, like
back to back to back. And then 2019 was like “hmm okay.” So I feel like he knows that and 2020 he already
started off with Future, and they’re going to… I don’t know if they’re going to drop a project
together, that would be cool, but I feel like he’s going to try to drop more hits this year,
like he did two years ago. Rob Markman: I agree with you. We didn’t get as much rapping Drake in 2019. He had “No Guidance” with Chris Brown,
which was a huge record. And you know, off of the back of the Pusha
T battle, and then watching the Rap Radar interview that you guys did a great job… I can see Drake definitely giving us more
raps than he did in 2019. B. Dot Miller: He’s rapping. Rob Markman: You heard the joint? B. Dot Miller: Yeah. Prior to the interview… Rob Markman: Leak it. Send it to me! B. Dot Miller: We’ll talk about it. Prior to the interview, Drake sent me a record. He just said he wanted to set the tone of
the interview. Rob Markman: He liked that sound. Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: but go ahead, continue. Uncle Murda: He sent me a record. B. Dot Miller: It’s the truth! He texted me a record and I listened to it,
and it’s incredible. It sounds like one of those timestamped joints… Rob Markman: Like a 4pm in Calabasas when
he was on… B. Dot Miller: Yeah, something like that…But
it’s just one of those kind of flamboyant, kind of records. It has a great sample to it, I think everyone’s
going to love it. It’s called “Say When,” I think Elliot
talked about that, he mentioned it in the interview. And he’s talking, he’s talking. He’s talking that shit. Uncle Murda: You know, Drake do be talking
heavy. I appreciate, I appreciate Drake. Rob Markman: Can you appreciate… Uncle Murda: Nah I appreciate Drake. Nah definitely, I appreciate Drake. He be talking heavy. I like it when he talks… B. Dot Miller: He talks greasy, like that
slick Uncle Murda: Definitely, he do. He talk greasy. Rob Markman: What was that line on the Future
joint? Like “if somebody hit up your block, we’ll
let you know if it was us?” Uncle Murda: Yeah, he be talking crazy. I think I seen Meek Mill put up the meme. Drake be talking heavy, man. B. Dot Miller: Or even like the “War”
joint, you know, that he put out, when you said he’s like the best British rapper. He said that. He did. But he said something like you know, Chubbs
wire man like Detail Rob Markman: Yeah, that was hard. B. Dot Miller: That was hard. Rob Markman: That was hard because as soon
as he said that line, Chubbs wire man like Detail, I just seen the picture of Detail
on TMZ- B. Dot Miller: The producer. Rob Markman: With all the wires hooked up
to him like he’s in a hospital bed. Allegedly. Uncle Murda: Aw man. Rob Markman: I want to get back here to Drake
real quick, but you know what my prediction is for this year. I think this year we going to hear… This my big prediction for 2020. I think we going to hear… Uncle Murda: Drake versus Kendrick. Rob Markman: No. I don’t think so. See, I was going the other way with it. But I like where you going. I think we going to hear something with Drake,
Kendrick, and Cole rapping on one record. B. Dot Miller: We never got that. Rob Markman: We never got that. I feel like the culture needs that. And I feel like Drake will probably be the
one to put it together because I still don’t know if Cole is doing any features, so it’s
not going to probably be on the Cole album. I think Kendrick’s albums are so cohesive
and in his own world, each thing is like a puzzle, so it might be kinda hard to fit a
record like that on it. But I think Drake could get them all together
and they could perform it at a 2021 Grammy. B. Dot Miller: I’m trying to compare. Rob Markman: And it’s a rap record. Uncle Murda: I think that really will be dope
though. Rob Markman: You voting for beef! Uncle Murda: No no no. When I said… I would like to see them have a friendly competition. Of course, it’s going to be that on the record,
so I would like to see them friendly go at it. I think that would dope, yeah a little sparring. That would be dope. B. Dot Miller: Like a modern day Reservoir
Dogs sort of thing. I don’t think we’ve had a collaboration like
that in a long time. Rob Markman: It’s funny that you mention the
Reservoir Dogs cause right, we’re talking about ’98, Jay and the LOX, DMX, like they
be on records with each other, but they be going at each other, Styles is like “I don’t
give a fuck who you are, so fuck who you are.” That was about somebody in that room. Uncle Murda: Yeah it was. They used to be going for each other’s neck,
for real. It’d be nice to see that, I’d like to see
Kendrick and them going at it. Rob Markman: I feel like it’s been teased
for a while Uncle Murda: They’ve been jabbing at each
other. But nothing official…like jabbing… B. Dot Miller: Yeah… Uncle Murda: Yeah like jabbing. Rob Markman: But I think they’ll all go on
record this year. I mean Pusha T and Drake. Do we think it’s done? Uncle Murda: I think so. Tia Hill: I don’t know. Uncle Murda: Me personally, I think it’s done. I think Drake been kind of like, not entertaining
it. Rob Markman: Does your interview reignite
a flame? B. Dot Miller: Nah, I just wanted to know
because like I said in the interview… Rob Markman: Nah you asked the right questions… B. Dot Miller: Yeah I just wanted to know
because you know he’s kind of been on his reconciliation tour, making peace with Meek,
Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, I just thought that maybe he’s passed that and open, you know,
extending an olive branch, but obviously… Rob Markman: Do you really think there was
going to…I don’t think at all there’s going to be room for reconciliation. B. Dot Miller: I mean… Rob Markman: Then again, I didn’t think there
was going to be reconciliation with Chris Brown. Like they was really, B. Dot Miller: It was a situation. Rob Markman: They was throwing bottles. B. Dot Miller: That was a bottle war for real
so I thought maybe they would have been past it but obviously, Drake’s not on that same
type of page. Rob Markman: Murda, how does one go about
settling the beef? B. Dot Miller: With a 38. Uncle Murda: Sometimes you got to kill the
beef. You know what I’m saying? It’s the only way. Depends on how serious the beef is. Sometimes, when lines get crossed, it don’t
be no looking back. Sometimes, you know depending on who the individual
is, you can’t get past certain things… Or sometimes certain beef just needs time. Rob Markman: Have you ever squashed the beef? A rap beef? Uncle Murda: Have I ever squashed a rad beef? I’m not going to say I squashed a rad beef
but it was like… As time went on, it faded itself out, it became
like all right, cool. It wasn’t like that serious. It was like all right, cool. But as far as squashing the beef, like “hey
all right, we cool and it’s dead now?” Rob Markman: Getting Sway to do the joint
interview Uncle Murda: Yeah, I don’t know… none of
that shit. Like fuck that. Rob Markman: Y’all got to chill out. We got to calm these hip hop police down. It’s getting bad in New York. Uncle Murda: We coolin, we coolin. Man we coolin, we coolin’… Rob Markman: Tia, are you on the side of beef
or would you rather see the collaboration? What excites you more as a fan? Tia Hill: Collaboration, but, and I know you’re
going to like this… Uncle Murda: No, I don’t like it already. Tia Hill: No no no, I know you will. No, I know you will, hold on. The only thing that I’m wondering about is
when Tekashi gets out, what, like what’s going on there? Rob Markman: How do you know that’s where
I was going next? Tia Hill: I was already thinking about it,
to be honest. You know, I listened to your 2019 Rob Markman: 2019, you could call him out! Tia Hill: I just you know, I thought you might
be interested in that too. Uncle Murda: Wow you thought I might be interested? Tia Hill: Maybe! Rob Markman: Wow, part of the reason K. Michelle
on your head. Tia Hill: You just came in hot with that,
so I was like… Rob Markman: But there’s some people, Murda,
this is a perfect… segue man for you, I mean, because coming from the street and being
a street artist, that you have, there’s a certain moral code that you go by that you
know what, not every hip hop fan and not every artist will abide by and it looks real interesting
when Tekashi gets out whether it be late this year or early next year, how he will be received. Will he be putting out records? Will the culture support it? Will DJs play it? Will they be dancing at the clubs? Uncle Murda: You know it’s crazy, I still
hear his records on the radio now. So I think… People going to still support him. It’s sad but you know, back in the day, that
couldn’t happen. You couldn’t have been labeled a snitch and
did anything in music. You was out of here, you was looking bad. It was over for you. So it just goes to show you that times really
changes because he can snitch and he going to have certain people that’s just going to
rock with him, that’s going to still embrace him, motherfuckers still going to want to
do interviews. I hope you don’t do interviews with him/ You
neither. But some people… Uncle Murda: Because that’s what’s going to
give him, that’s what’s going to feed him. That’s what’s going to keep people interested
in him. Entertaining the clown shit, and thinking
it’s cool, so when you got the next motherfucker that’s coming up, they going to feel like
okay, I might not be that way. But if I act like I’m that way and things
get jammed up and I wind up snitching and giving everybody up, I’m cool. If I got some hot records, I’ma still get
these interviews with all these people, the DJs still going to play my records, people
going to still support me, they think this shit is okay. Rob Markman: Yeah, you said something on the
2019 wrap up. You said a lot about Tekashi, man, and you
was really waving the flag. But you also said when Bobby Shmurda come
home, he need to be celebrated. So the word, and I feel like we get this rumor
every year, that Shmurda’s coming home, Shmurda’s coming home. And it doesn’t quite happen. But this year feels like, if we ain’t here,
we’re close. Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: We’re in the homestretch. Uncle Murda: Definitely, Definitely. Rob Markman: What do you think Bobby Shmurda’s
release is going to do? We talk about still hearing 6ix9ine’s records. Shmurda was a guy who could have reduced his
sentence but instead, he said no you got to give me the same time that Rowdy gets. Uncle Murda: …that Rowdy gets. Uncle Murda: I think that need to be celebrated. And I think that he should be in the situation. You know like, just like how the labels had,
I don’t know how true it was, but supposedly gave Tekashi ten million while he was coming
home. I feel like the situation need to be in play
for Bobby. You know, by the time he come home, there
need to be a situation already kind of being played for him, set up, set up right. He got some good friends out here that want
to see him win, that’s going to help him. Uncle Murda: Seen the Migos was just with
Fetty, shoutout to Fetty and them, you know, bigging Bobby up, him and Rowdy waiting for
him to come home. So I think, everybody just needs to give him
a situation that set him up the right way because if you going to keep it street and
talk the street shit and rep it, and they going to support and that’s the money they
making, they making money off this kind of music and they support… Because right now, all you got to do right
now is be with a gang right now and have some good music and these labels just snatching
you up, they putting the bag behind you, they going hard with you, and everything. Uncle Murda: So if that’s what you embracing
and support and that’s what you making your money off of, at least put a real one in the
position when he come home and set that guy up right. Rob Markman: B. Dot. B. Dot Miller: Yo. Rob Markman: We’ve been covering this thing
for a long time. We started coming together as journalists
and I remember Shyne being locked up. And Shyne coming home and the anticipation,
what was the music and the sound like? I say that a lotta times… it used to be
this belief, and I think, maybe after 2Pac, if you’re being historical, right? 2Pac had the number one album in jail. That going to jail made you hot as an artist. And then we kind of find that don’t work for
everybody. Like jail, more times than not, don’t make
you hot. Can Shmurda come out of jail and still have
a musical career? B. Dot Miller: Yeah, absolutely. But the thing is I don’t know how far it’s
going to stretch. Because we’ve seen this movie before with
other artists that have came home from prison and doing time. They’re celebrated for the first couple weeks
and then it fizzles out. They’re just doing appearances here and there. Rob Markman: I blame that on the fans, but
let’s go. B. Dot Miller: That’s another on the record. Uncle Murda: It can be on the fans or sometimes
it could be on the artist too, not going as hard. B. Dot Miller: True. Uncle Murda: Sometimes it can be the support
system from the people, sometimes it just be a good story. Rob Markman: Right, true. Uncle Murda: The media outlets can’t get … Fuck
the media, because sometimes it be a good story for a couple weeks. Oh, shit. Bobby home. Word. Get the interview, support him, cool. And then you know motherfuckers be on to the
next thing. Rob Markman: Facts. That’s how it is. Facts. Uncle Murda: A lot of things going on, man. RiRi dropped. Rob Markman: Facts. Exactly. Uncle Murda: You know what I mean, so you
just got to to keep the support system strong. B. Dot Miller: I just think that hopefully
when he returns he can make records like Computers and all the other joints and that way keep
people’s interest, so. Uncle Murda: Definitely. B. Dot Miller: I think that’s what it’s going
to boil down to, just good music. Uncle Murda: I think he can do it, man. Tia Hill: Yeah. Rob Markman: Shout out to Bobby, man and free
Max B too, man every year we get a rumor that Max B is coming home, Max B is making all
types of music in 2019 and 2020. Uncle Murda: He definitely put some music
out shout out to Max B man! B.Dot Miller: He put out the record Black
and Proud, that joint was hard, I was like, yo where was the support for that? Rob Markman: I don’t want to talk about
it too much because I don’t know how these records are getting out- Uncle Murda: I don’t know. Rob Markman: Magic. Uncle Murda: Shout out to Max, keep putting
that work out. Rob Markman: Tia, I have a question for
you. Tia Hill: Oh boy. Go on. Rob Markman: Kanye West. Tia Hill: Yeah. Rob Markman: Is he going to continue to
make gospel music in 2020? Tia Hill: I don’t know, I feel like- Rob Markman: Is this where he’s at permanently? Tia Hill: I feel like for a while I want to
say that he’s going to stop and he’s going to go back to his usual thing, just be a weird
fever dream we had, but I feel like he really might continue, there a lot of people who
are really into gospel Kanye and I like gospel music but it just feels a little strange to
me, this gospel music. Some of it…the production is good, it’s
Kanye level production, it just seems like he has a lot going on so I don’t feel comfortable
with it. Rob Markman: Murda, You didn’t say nothing
about Kanye in the 2019 wrap up, right? Uncle Murda: Mm-hmm. I think Kanye fronting. I actually- Rob Markman: Oh you did, oh yeah “the Jesus
walks, ask J.Cole, Rhymefest did it!” B. Dot Miller: Those ad-libs is crazy. Rob Markman: Yo that’s right. Uncle Murda: Oh man. Oh man, damn Kanye. I think God pushed him off that horse too
the other day. I think he playing around too much and God
said, “See”. He has to take the hint, man I think God pushed
him off the horse. Rob Markman: Is he going to stay gospel? I know you’re a man of faith. B. Dot Miller: Yeah, of course I’m a man of
faith but I’m also a man with ears. But I don’t really like gospel Kanye as much,
I like it when it’s done right like Jesus Walks and of course he’s always had elements
in his music. Do I want to listen to a whole album of gospel
from Kanye? Not really but, some records are better than
the others. Rob Markman: I don’t know, every year I feel
like he re-invents himself. B. Dot Miller: Yeah you got to. Rob Markman: It’s a different sound, sometimes
it’s 808 some times it’s Jesus every time we see Kanye we get a drastically different
Kanye and my whole thing is if the man wants to make strictly gospel music and dedicate
his life to God, I’m great with that, go ahead, that’s beautiful. The part that makes me uneasy is I don’t know
if I’m being sold something, if this is genuine or if this is another marketing scheme. I feel like once you kind of say “hey I’mma
go gospel,” I’m not going to perform any of my old songs no more, I’m not going to
curse in records anymore you kind of have to stay there. Tia Hill: Yeah. Rob Markman: Far be it from me to tell another
man what to do- B. Dot Miller: You’re right. Rob Markman: But you can’t jump back and forth
from that line. Uncle Murda: Yeah. B. Dot Miller: Well I mean, it worked for
Snoop, Snoop put out a Reggae album, put out a gospel album Snoop has been one of those
guys that re-invent himself every two – three years so. Uncle Murda: But it seemed more cool and genuine
with Snoop- Tia Hill: Yeah. It’s chill. Uncle Murda: For some reason it’s cooler with
Snoop. I feel like with Kanye, it look like it’s
a promotion a little bit we’ll se I don’t know maybe he is genuine maybe he did find
God, all the bullshit he yet through, I mean for real. Rob Markman: Some break out starts for 2020,
who we looking at this year, who we think. I think in 2019, I think DaBaby really kind
of stole the show- Uncle Murda: Meg the Stallion. Rob Markman: Meg the Stallion really made
a name for herself. Uncle Murda: Griselda Boys, got to give them
they props they came up this year. Rob Markman: See here is my thing and definitely
giving Griselda they props, I think it’s another level they could go, it’s a little scary. Uncle Murda: Got you. Rob Markman: I think Benny is going to be
highly in demand this year. Rob Markman: I think, B Dot, shout out to
B Dot putting in the air by Benny and Drake collaboration. I don’t know if Drake was thinking about it
before but, they thinking about it now, the internet is talking. I know Benny is doing songs with Russ. I could see Benny and Hov in 2020 because
he really reminds me of streets is era, “Streets is Watching” era Jay-z. Uncle Murda: I’m not mad at that. Rob Markman: You know what I’m saying with
he’s out of the street enough that you can see it with the jewelry and the ways he’s
moving so it’s aspirational, he’s reached a certain level- Uncle Murda: Mm-hmm Rob Markman: But it still feels with the lyrics
and the way the music sounds connected close enough that it still feels dangerous. Uncle Murda: Right in the trenches. Rob Markman: Right. Uncle Murda: Yeah, definitely. B. Dot Miller: I love that element of underground
and the mainstream kind of colliding worlds, I love that, you know what I’m saying. Rob Markman: I think the game needs him. I think he’s going to make people feel, who
are removed, who can’t make that type of music anymore, bring them closer to the streets. B. Dot Miller: It’s like Murda and Mariah. Rob Markman: Right. Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: Who else you checking for in
terms of the young folks? Uncle Murda: The young folks, I’m definitely
looking forward to Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow. Rob Markman: Word. Uncle Murda: I’m definitely looking for more
of them. I want to see what Fivio do too, looking to
see what he do. Yeah, couple young guys, man. Rob Markman: Tia, look man you the voice of
the young people. Tia Hill: I know. Rob Markman: Yeah, lets go who should we be
checking for? Tia Hill: Roddy Ricch came out super strong
at the beginning of the year, I mean he was already big last year amongst some circles
but I feel like year he’s going to have a DaBaby level year where like DaBaby had had
a career before 2019 but 2019 was his year. I feel like it’s going to be the same for
Roddy Ricch this year. B. Dot Miller: We got to roll the tape Rahel,
because I think last year when we had this episode I think I said Roddy Ricch. Tia Hill: Really? B. Dot Miller: In 2019, I think so, we gon
go back to the tape. Rob Markman: You did! I read that like an Uncle Murda ad lib Rob Markman: Roddy Ricch. What’s the temperature like because it does
definitely feel like there’s a new energy coming out of the west post-TDE who’s been
running it for a couple of years. Orlando Wharton: He’s got a good energy
and he’s different coming from LA. You know? I’m excited to hear him. Rob Markman: And now he has the number one
record in the in country Tia Hill: Yeah look at that. Rob Markman: With “The Box,” beat out
Justin Bieber. That’s dope man, so Roddy Ricch you digging. Tia Hill: I feel like Roddy Ricch- Uncle Murda: I think he put a little tweet
out saying support Justin Bieber. Tia Hill: Oh yeah he tweeted it. Uncle Murda: I like your attitude Roddy. Tia Hill: Yeah he was like, “Stream Yummy”
or whatever. Uncle Murda: I like his attitude. Rob Markman: He definitely ain’t afraid
of the friction. Uncle Murda: I like his attitude yeah I like
that. Rob Markman: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who else? Roddy Rich anybody else? Tia Hill: Okay well my personal favorite,
I just really like Tierra Whack and I’m a huge, huge fan of her and she put out a project,
when was that 2018 so I just would like to think she’s going to put out something again
in 2020, and I really want her to be bigger, and I really want everyone to support her. Rob Markman: She’s super creative. B. Dot Miller: She’s super dope. Tia Hill: Yes. She’s amazing and- Uncle Murda: I ain’t up on her. Rob Markman: She put out an album it’s 15
minutes long, each song was one minute. Tia Hill: You should really listen to Whack
World. Each song is one minute they’re so beautiful. Uncle Murda: Oh for real? Tia Hill: Yeah, she’s so talented. She performed here. Uncle Murda: Where she from? Rob Markman and Tia Hill: Philly. B. Dot Miller: Yeah, Tierra Whack is definitely
one of them. That record “Clones” is one of my favorites of last year. Artist I’m looking forward to, I like, is
Rod Wave Rob Markman: Rod Wave, dog! B. Dot Miller: You know what I’m saying, the
‘Ghetto Gospel.’ I like what he’s doing. Tia Hill: Yeah. Rob Markman: Rod Wave. Uncle Murda: So not Kanye gospel, you like
what he’s doing. Got you. Heard you. B. Dot Miller: He does a lot of things like
experimentation with his voice. It almost sounds like the dude from Blues
Traveler, that kind of John Pappas sounds. Rob Markman: Yeah. But it’s street. We had him up here on Open Mic on Genius he- B. Dot Miller: Killed it. Rob Markman: Pulled up the stool, sat on the
stool and sang his heart out with his whole hood shit. B. Dot Miller: That’s kind of where I got
hip to him, off the Genius clip. Uncle Murda: Okay, look at that. Rob Markman: We do that over here, you know
what I’m saying? B. Dot Miller: Give this guy a raise! Rob Markman: We had the first Little Nas X
interview. Tia Hill: A little something, something. Rob Markman: You know what I’m saying, I know
Murda and Dave East wasn’t feeling it but it’s happening anyways baby. B. Dot Miller: Word! Rob Markman: Rod Wave. B. Dot Miller: Rod Wave is dope. Baby Keem. Rob Markman: Baby Keem. B. Dot Miller: You know what I’m saying? “Orange Soda.” Rob Markman: ‘Die for my Bitch.’ B. Dot Miller: ‘Die for my Bitch.’ Shout out to Naji on Cigar Talk. Those are the two guys. Uncle Murda: what happened to John Hayne you
better watch all that. You can’t be out here, dying or you. Rob Markman: I think it’s a metaphor man. Uncle Murda: I’m just making sure. Got to put the young blood on point. Rob Markman: Woah! Nah, man that’s dope. And Murda, man, what’s going on this year
with you, man? I mean you just put the album out, you know
what I’m saying, ‘Don’t Come Outside.’ Uncle Murda: Definitely. B. Dot Miller: It’s definitely that type of
energy in New York, it feel like that. Uncle Murda: Yeah you know you just got to
be careful so much gang activities going on out here man so after certain hours I think
you just need to be in the house if you ain’t really got nothing to do outside, so just
highlighting that a little bit. But, just trying to work more with the music
man be a little bit more consistent that’s it, man. Fuck these streets up a little bit more and
turn up a little bit, man. Rob Markman: That’s what’s up man. B. Dot Miller: Word. Rob Markman: You performed with Janet- Uncle Murda: Definitely. Rob Markman: How do we have our eyes on this
year? Uncle Murda: Definitely was on tour with Janet
and Fifty. That was dope. Shout out to my guy Jay Jay that was my partner
with me. It was a couple other people in there but
I just like hollering at Janet Jackson so- Rob Markman: Naw it sound- Uncle Murda: -it sound like, “oh word Murda
was on tour with Fifty and Janet Jackson.” Rob Markman: Its hard. Uncle Murda: But shout out to everyone that
was on there too. Jason Derulo, Brandi, Black Eyed Peas, Sisqo and all of them motherfuckers. Rob Markman: Uncle Murda and Beyonce tour. Uncle Murda: Hey, it can happen! Goals! It can happen. Goals know what I’m saying. B.Dot Miller: I have some goals for 2020 too
I’m glad we’re here with Murda because Murda is one of my favorite rappers in New York
I’ve always said that. Uncle Murda: Yeah B.Dot be on my neck. B.Dot Miller: I think he’s one of the best
story tellers, underrated, I encourage everyone to check out the track “Brooklyn Tale.” It’s a real dope story and he hasn’t released
a follow up to it, and I’ve been asking him for years where is it at. Also another record he has called “Brother
and Sister,” which is one of my favorite joints is like, yo! What’s up with those shits Murda, can we get
them this year? Uncle Murda: And he really been on my neck
for a while with it, so when I try to go on the page like the Rap Radar page and they
page popping shit. I’m like, “Yo, why my… I don’t see y’all show me no love?” He go, “Yeah, can I get the Brooklyn Tale part
two?” I’m like yo this motherfucker here Rob Markman: Yeah you know I had to do it. Uncle Murda: Yeah so, I got to get to that,
that’s one of my goals this year to actually come up with the “Brooklyn Tale part two”
and “Brother and Sister part three” because it’s like no matter what music I put out my
true fans always ask for that. I noticed that on social media, whether it’s
the wrap up. I don’t care if I’m on tour, whatever I’m
doing they always go, “Yo, you’re dope you’re successful! When we getting Brother an Sister part three
or when is Brooklyn Tale coming out?” So that’s definitely some goals for 2020. Rob Markman: Nah, man. Definitely, man. Rob Markman: And I just appreciate you being
here I’m glad this feel full circle. Uncle Murda: Naw definitely, man so far the
year starting out good for me man I was just on Ari on MSN- Rob Markman: MSNBC Tia Hill: Oh. Rob Markman: You getting lot of money out here. Uncle Murda: I was feeling a little big this
year you know Ari actually coming to my party tonight and all that too man, that’s my guy
man. Just on ESPN too with Jalen and Jacoby, so
we moving, trying to stay busy. Rob Markman: Shout out J Sharp man Uncle Murda: Definitely yes she’s working,
she’s putting in that work. Rob Markman: Yeah she’s moving and shout out
to y’all you know it’s going to be an exciting year for Hip-Hop you know we’re going to cover
it all here on “For the Record” like I said definitely check out Uncle Murda’s ‘Don’t
Come Outside Vol. Two’ streaming everywhere now. Check out B. Dot’s Rap Radar podcast with
Elliot Wilson and all the work he does on MTV. And of course you’ll see Tia here every
day on Genius News. Aight? I’m Rob Markman, this is For The Record. Peace.

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  3. Uzi album will come out on top, no question simply because the type of music he makes is really fit for the club so it will constantly be played. Cole is obviously better because he raps real stuff but it's not played as much.

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    Cole on some classic Timberland beats?? That's what I need

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