Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

100 thoughts on “Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

  1. I just don't get the west. Right now, Libya is on the brink of being united by General Khalifa Haftar, who hates islamists and supports the secular government in Tobruk, and the west is opposing him with all they've got, choosing to support the so-called Government of National Accord in Tripoli that has no legitimacy, virtually zero control over the country, and is propped up by islamists jihadist militias. I just don't get the logic.

  2. The brother in Chelsea jersey telling some truth ,you guys must be ashamed you celebrated and welcomed your own suffering i feel sorry for you kids

  3. He sounds so stupid and he's lying. You can see that the place is a shit hole. He is part of the 5 percent who received money for the destruction and in the end will lose it all. That country we dont even care about anymore man. They only killed him because he was uniting Africa.

  4. Libya you people were good when was gadafi he was a good leader of your country now see your country its just fucked up by others

  5. May Allah give us Muslims the courage of Salahdin Ayubi and the power to bring the entire Muslim Ummah back to stability. Indeed the crusade war is still going on and verily Insha'Allah the final attack will be by Muslims

  6. Vice talking to terrorist trained by the good old boys …holes in the road don't stay the same they get Bigger, one of them said oil companies Qaddafi kick out oil companies and the nation was the owner not European companies…this morons are not even from Libya

  7. Is it better now or with Gaddafi
    Was it better before in Iraq with Saddam Hussain or without Saddam Hussain?
    And now America wants to make Iran like Iraq and Libya.

  8. At 3:30 the boy says what most people think of them. And they're so right. Gaddafi knew international relations and politics, whilst also being a moral man, I believe this made him a great leader.

  9. Stupid blind people,u are destroying your own country with the help of the west and saudis! Would have been a better and peaceful place with you can fight and kill each other at will..sooon the country will be in the hands of the enemy and the west and you libyan people will be to blame for destroying your lwn country and security!

  10. Look 👀 at Beautiful buildings our brother leader Gaddafi had built……jst to be torn apart by the western government for its resources 😪🚮💔

  11. Economically, oil-rich Libya should look more like Dubai than the poor, under-developed nation it has become. Qaddafi's Libya produces 0.27 barrels per citizen per day; the United Arab Emirates (where Dubai is located) produces 0.34 barrels per citizen per day. Yet the average Emirati is three times as wealthy as the average Libyan, according to IMF data on gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita. Why are Libyans poorer on average than Mexicans while Emiratis richer than Americans? The country's oil wealth financed Qaddafi's lavish lifestyle, true, but perhaps more than anything else the self-proclaimed Leader of the Revolution used the money to maintain his own unlikely rule. It was more than just patronage, though Qaddafi often used high-paying jobs and contracts to buy off enemies and to turn alliances into bitter rivalries. He developed enormous projects to give people hope for the future and then cancel them at the last moment — usually blaming some enemy, foreign or domestic. At times, he would knock down or rebuild the Libyan economy itself, secure that oil wealth would keep flowing.

  12. America has use Libya Heads To Kill Their Future Delivers Guns to them to kill their self And Get Away With Their Oils What A World.

  13. U are all welcome to communicate here or in Dubai later insha Allah 👃 or not. And u can be assured it will be gravy as this is a green zone that is reinforced with the future which will inspire enemies. At least I hope to see u make a move in Dubai

  14. Gaddafi – our currency will change to gold.
    US – No that would be too expensive for us to buy ur oil.. we won't be able to deal with it…

    US to Libyans – U want some power, Democracy??
    People – yeah that's a new kick, let's do this!!
    US – we finally did it

  15. US – we have homeless people in the street but it's nothing we will provide weapons to other countries and let them fight with each other… (Biggest US govt. will)

  16. Libya deserves this, they killed such hero Gaddaffi for America's bullshit democracy, now what they got? No you live freedom?fucking stupid Libyans

  17. It should tell you something that all the people we back in these conflicts are always in exile as it's too dangerous to live in theirs, whereas the so called evil people are pretty much only safe in their own country. Who to trust more? Somebody that had the protection of their own people or somebody who is despised by his brothers

  18. A prosper wealthy country now suffering the worst situation after colonial era. thanks to NATO and Allies for damaging, killing and fueling war to next decade.

  19. I know Gaddafi was not a perfect leader but my god he was the only one who could contain all these violent people, now there are fundamentalist islamic people trying to take over the country, 3 goverments at the same time, slavery, civil war…

  20. Libya had very much oil and was a very rich country that’s why America France. And many other countries came for war

  21. They will not allow any president of any country that is not ruled by the elites and that is because they are making a NEW WORLD ORDER

  22. In the comments I have read they say look what America and the UN have done. Don't blame it on the United States. Blame it on the people running the country at the time. This falls on Obama's lap and Hillary. Libya was a flourishing country regardless of whether you liked Qaddafi or not. The Obama administration is responsible for trying to force regime change in Libya, Egypt, and other countries. Egypt wasn't having it and the military stepped in. I can't emphasize enough this falls on the Obama administration period.

  23. America: We have to help give Libya freedom and democracy!!!

    Americans: Yeah!!!

    One brutal war later

    Americans: Wow Libya seems much shittier now despite all that freedom and democracy. It is almost like we are being lead astray by…

    America: We have to help the Hong Kong protesters obtain freedom and democracy!!!

    Americans: Yeah!!!

    Fucking dumbass Americans.

  24. gaddafi,saddam hussein knows how to rule thier country.they are murdered by america because they were not affraid with america.american government is very selfish.why they are interfearing in other countrys matters.

  25. Libya dawn / feb 17 "rebels" are a mass of ISIS extremists that had ties to terrorists in Syria. This comment comes as neutrally as i can put it. They criminals and terrorists and have done everything to prove it.

    And the fact is that these "young" idiots dont actually understand a damned thing of getting to build or lead. Rabble with guns, radicalized by terrorists.

    And yes, fajr Libya have shelled civilian areas, they are salafists, and at 6:30 you can hear the daesh wanabee listening to Islamist music.

    VICE is doing an incredible disservice to the minority in Tripoli, who have a brain, by showing these "rebels" as being even close to moderate. They are literally ISLAMISTS who want to install a ISLAMIC STATE IN LIBYA.

    In benghazi haftar has been LITERALLY battling Terrorists and salafi RATS … not Groups, or libyan army.

    8:56 vice again interviews a Islamist that actually WANTS Ansar Sharia, AKA ISIS.



  26. This one of many guys who ruined Libya, whoever you are THIS is not about you, it's about the whole nation . This video is only showing us what they want us to see. I am from South Africa and I can see its messed up. The media is only there to show the bad side. This goes to show that who ever documented this has a mind of a peanut

  27. The fact there people want Sharia law shows how nutty they are couldn't respect the good ghaddfi did and now want control worse than a dictator idk idk

  28. this is what libyans deserve after killing qaddafi hhhh i think now they are happy , time will reach they will eat sand and they had every thing any country cant have

  29. Arabs is the most traitor nation. They don't see the full picture of their weakest point, and they continue to fail, live under American "democracy".

  30. these motherfuckers were responsible for all these cause in libya once libya was a peacful state during General Gaddafi's Rule

  31. カダフィ政権を壊したNATOがリビアをこうしたんじゃ無いのか?画面越しだから分からないけどだとしたらNATOの平和てなんだよ?

  32. When stupid people seek power… Qaddafi is the best thing happen in your friggin country.. Haha morons..

  33. They deserve worst death in coming years for killing the god of Libya!! A holes where fed negative thoughts about Gaddafi by the US And the other wester countries

    And don't worry soon your oil other resources will get locked in the banks of the westerners a you guys are so fucking fucked!

    RIP the great dictator❤️

  34. Bulshit the Democracy supported from the west is not Democracy it’s rubbery but the people they don’t understand they believe for real Democracy will come after changing the government even the west they don’t have Democracy Democracy is money you have you have everything Libya will never be come the same after 100 years

  35. Gaddafi proposed for United States of Africa and wanted to distribute it's wealth from oil through public services.
    Libya under Gaddafi has free housing , free education , interest free loans etc

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