Left's push for gun control not based on facts, but on ideology

Left's push for gun control not based on facts, but on ideology

the gun registry is returned I'm Brian Lilly with the rebel dot media Thomas Mulcair is in Northern Ontario this week Thunder Bay to be exact and that has the NDP leader telling voters something different than what he's told them in the past the headline at TB Newswatch couldn't be clearer NDP leader rules out reintroducing fed long-gun registry hmm sounds promising well the story went on to say this even though both Thunder Bay MPs were punished for breaking rank with the NDP over abolishing the long-gun registry back in 2011 Tom Mulcair says he won't reintroduce the registry if the NDP forms the next government the NDP leader made the comment to reporters in thunder bay on sunday after speaking at a rally of around 300 people quote we will not be bringing in a long gun registry it was a failure Mulcair said we will make sure the police have the tools to do their job safely but there's no question for the NDP to bring in a long gun registry that's interesting what exactly does that last part mean giving police the tools they need and can Tom Mulcair in the NDP be trusted on this can Justin Trudeau and the Liberals be trusted on this because those two leaders are sounding very similar right now but what if they said in the past how does that square with what they say now o makare is said for some time now that it doesn't want to bring in the liberal gun registry of old but that doesn't mean he won't bring in some kind of gun registry here's what Mulcair said to reporters as he left his december third 2014 caucus meeting just what seven months ago he was asked about gun control in the days ahead of the 25th anniversary of the montreal massacre we would look for a way of doing this without falling into the problems that existed with the Liberals version of this but we are starting with the definition of what I'm calling an obligation a result for the NDP the obligation is a result is that the police are able to track every gun that has to be there both for public protection and for protection of the police themselves so not the gun registry but make no mistake in an NDP government there would be a gun registry mulcair then responded to another question by saying what gun registry supporters had long claimed it was their big argument everything else is registered I have nothing against seeing honest farmers and duck hunters be able to have their weapons but you know that honest hunter who goes out with his pickup truck it's a registered pickup truck and he's carrying his four by four in a trailer and the trailers registered in the four by fours registers heck his dog is registered so I think that they're sometimes under estimating the ability of people to follow this sort of exercise there are already a lot of things that have to be done to acquire and you need a firearms acquisition certificate you need there are a lot of different things that are there so we have confidence in the ability of farmers and duck hunters to fill out a form does that sound like a man that would not bring in some kind of gun registry or repeal bill c42 the bill that went part way to making the current system a bit more bearable mulcair wants to bring back a separate authorization to transport one of the good aspects of c42 the reduced needless paperwork to already licensed gun owners justin trudeau in the liberals they also say they want to repeal c42 he doesn't like it in fact he's claimed in a fundraising letter that the changes to the law mean you can just throw your pistol in your glove box and head to the grocery store or your kids soccer game it's not true and it shows he doesn't understand the law now that same day December third 2014 Trudeau was asked about Mulcair saying every gun needed to be tracked a Trudeau protested that he will in no way bring in a gun registry gun registry but he does say he wants a lot more gun control I have said very clearly and I will repeat it the Liberal Party will not bring back a gun registry there are many different ways that jurisdictions around the world are looking into gun control a lot can be done around classification a lot can be done around proper proper review of the people wishing to to file to purchase firearms there there are many different ways of doing this and the Liberal Party is taking this seriously because Canadians are united in their desire to see less violence with guns across this country who doesn't want to see less gun violence but like most politicians who believe in gun control Trudeau doesn't want to tackle gangs criminals with legal guns he wants to make life harder for law-abiding gun owners even though that won't fix the problem the fact is there's not that much gun violence in Canada and most of what there is happens not with legal guns but illegal ones stats Canada released new data on the country's murder rate at the end of last year canada had just five hundred and five murders in 2013 that was the first full year without the long-gun registry now that figure 505 murders that was down from 543 in 2012 it's the lowest murder rate at 1.44 murders per 100,000 population since nineteen sixty six and of those five hundred and five murders just 131 involved guns that's down 41 from the year before there were more stabbing deaths than shooting deaths in of the gun deaths quote the majority sixty-eight percent of firearm related homicides were committed with the use of a handgun a trend that is held over the last 20 years that's from StatsCan handguns the legal ones still need to be registered it's been that way since the 1930s those handgun murders they're generally not from the registered and legal handguns they're from the illegal ones the push for gun control from the left is not about public violence it's not about public safety I mean shootings are down the murder rates down gun crime is down no the push for gun control from the left stems from the fact that they don't like guns or at least not the general public having access to guns it's based on their ideology a worldview that says don't trust the common man it's not based on facts what will happen for gun owners if Mulcair or Trudeau or leading a government after October 19th a life will get much more difficult and it will happen fast mark my words

17 thoughts on “Left's push for gun control not based on facts, but on ideology

  1. I'm all for gun control. I control what I point at and hit it. I bet these anti gun idiots would shit their pants and pray my guns were loaded if they came out to the country and spent a night outside where cougars are sited. I wouldn't piss on their heads if their hair was on fire. Insurance covers my possessions. It does not bring back life. If my family is threatened then I'll do what I have to and that won't include calling 911. Response time of an hour is to slow. I can solve the problem a lot quicker. I'm sure one less criminal on the street won't be missed.

  2. It's time you right wing Canadians take a stand against this crap. Don't become slaves. You are free people. Abolish all forms of gun control.

  3. If you ask Canadians directly, none of them want to give up the freedom to own a gun if they so choose.  While they may not believe it should be a right, it is nevertheless a freedom they cherish, just in case.  The left doesn't understand that, so they pay the price in the polls.

  4. "Hunter owning weapons"  You know if these are the genuine Fudds you talk about trying to get the vote from then those aren't their "weapons" those are their tools.  NDP leader showing how in touch he is with his own country.

  5. And that is just one of the reasons why I will never ever vote Liberal or NDP. There are many other reasons as well, but this is a big one.

  6. Communists will always try to control the guns. So buy a lot of guns now and buy the ones that make them nervous. Molon labe.

  7. The funny thing is, the police already HAVE a way to track who has guns – Firearms licences.  

    They simply check the system, see if the person in question has a PAL.  And if they do, they most likely have access to long guns.  If they have an RPAL, they still have access to long guns, and possibly handguns.

    That's literally all they need.  For LEGAL guns, that is.

    For ILLEGAL guns, the ones causing the VAST majority of all firearms offences in the country?  No law will ever affect them, no matter how much these idiots wish otherwise.

  8. As somebody who opposes guns being distributed to the public let me make it clear I fear guns because I can't control them and I don't expect anyone to be able to control them. Why should civilians have access to weapons that are clearly used to kill other people? As for self defense, self defense is a lie if your intruder has a gun. A gun doesn't necessarily protect against another gun.

  9. Very true, while in Parliament, ndp MP Randall Garrison said; "law abiding gun owners are law abiding until their not."  True, even with a RCMP valid firearm licence, daily backgroud checks, numerous laws and regulations etc…, the ndp does not trust anyone with a firearm and will eventually take all of them away!

  10. Stats and facts just clutter up these leftist heads. JT's head is already cluttered with THC residue. What's Mulcair's excuse?

  11. It seems that when it comes time to choose, the left will always vote against freedom.

    Why are so many on the left so against freedom?

  12. share share share!
    Not as much people as you might think know that voting for such parties will result in this and much much more.

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