Learn all about the British political system & elections

Learn all about the British political system & elections

41 thoughts on “Learn all about the British political system & elections

  1. Bless you Gill. You must have the patience of Job to peel the UK's political system back to such a level. Particularly while demonstrating such neutrality. More power to your elbow! I trust you won't mind me pointing out a very slight inconsistency? It's just that in the explanatory notes below the video, you rightly refer to the political system and elections of the UK. Whereas the title of the video (inaccurately) refers to the 'British' political system and elections. The Isle of Man (for example) forms an integral part of Great Britain, but is not a part of the UK. A small issue, but a fairly important one for the purposes of clarification regarding the subject.

  2. Thank you very much. I was doing a school project about UK and political oreder in UK. I am from Poland so it is very hard fom me to understand but thank you a lot

  3. With so many accents throughout Britain, is it possible to get an answer to this question Why do most British politicians from both main parties sound upper class

  4. I’m so thankful for this, I’m sixteen so I will be able to vote in two years, but schools seem to forget that we need to learn politics. Most people my age have no clue on politics. This should be shown in all schools!

  5. How can little differences in Brexit referendum make the final decision. It means there are just as many opposition. Dividing the country. Plus I know people who voted for Brexit by mistake and wanted to change it. Second referendum.

  6. When I saw this beautiful old lady standing next to the board … I was really underestimating this video (with all the use of technology in videos now days)…
    But she is just what I needed! Very well structured, good pace, simple…
    Thank you!

  7. Thanks I’m a young and I love politics so I want to know who I would vote for in the elections. Great video👍

  8. Im writing an essay for my english class about england, and i found this extremely helpful. Thank you

  9. Green, Labor Socialist and Liberal Democrat are all euphemisms for Socialist. Their slight distinctions are trivial at best.
    Looks like the Tories are battling the socialist welfare mob.
    Like being in the woods of Maine in July without bug spray.

  10. My channel offers unbiased political education too, I have covered issues such as the UK electoral system and the role of the House of Commons. Check it out!

  11. American people are lucky to have Trump in the hot seat. Wish we had a strong leadership. Political correctness has destroyed the U.K. Afraid to say no to immigration incase they're accused of racism. C,mon people stand up.

  12. The only people who have spoken any common sense and without a politician's filter are Trump and Farage. People need no nonsense politicians who says what needs to be said. Weak leaders are ruining the U.K..

  13. I don't usually sit through things like this but this good lady kept me watching. (Got a 100% on the linked quiz after.)

  14. Thanks, this video is really helpful, know I can do a presentation about the British government.

  15. HI Gill,

    Thank you so much for your videos.
    This is my first glance at your channel and I finished watching this video. I've learned a lot from it and your ways of illustrating are so easy and enjoyable.
    Wish you the best!

  16. Uk politicians have destroyed all confidence in the politics of the uk I would rather vote for the monster raving looney party than vote for labour or conservative

  17. i'm from Algeria and now i live here in the UK but may English still developing i just rely like you and i want to meet you because you relay help me and i always learning with you thank you Gill

  18. I'm a passionate about the UK and everything related to this beautiful Land and I'm glad of this video, it helps me a lot to learn better how the British parliament works!
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

  19. This video has been very informational and definitely brushed up my knowledge on the political systems in UK, so thank you very much 🙂

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