Kumail Nanjiani Explains Pakistani Culture (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

Kumail Nanjiani Explains Pakistani Culture (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

42 thoughts on “Kumail Nanjiani Explains Pakistani Culture (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

  1. I m indian and more pissed off at her rather than him calling us enemies , PS – she suck bigtimes and Kumail is a way better person than her ~peace~

  2. Hey Chelsea you’re a cunt just stfu , Kumail is a gem and you’re just being a big fagg ignorant cunt

  3. they make bomb , sell them make money then go to usa fuck em

  4. All she does is talk, interrupt, and say rude things. Did she even research for this? Girl doesn't even know what Pakistan is

  5. I seriously don't know if I should upvote Kumail for not knocking her on her ass, or downvote for how much Chelsea made me cringe!

  6. He's right – the Islamic texts say "kill those who leave their Islamic religion". So that would be more like a cult than a religion.

  7. I find this really funny and spontaneous. I prefer having shows like that rather than the fake libral ones also i think the host is really smart and clever and surprisingly frank. But i get how some ppl find this rude or rasist

  8. Does NO ONE in the comment section know that Chelsea Handler is "rude" as a joke. Do you think if she was serious that people/ guests would allow her to treat them like that??

  9. Lol he's scared to convert her because in most Muslim countries leaving the Islamic faith is punishable by death….once you're Muslim (in those countries), you have to stay Muslim.

  10. who is this idiot woman. ruined the whole show for me. she just needs to close that hole in front of her teeth and let the man talk.

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