Kansas – 50 States – US Geography

Kansas – 50 States – US Geography

You can understand why Kansas is known as
the “Sunflower State,” when you visit and see the abundant wild sunflowers, as well
as those grown on farms. It’s the state’s official flower. In addition to sunflowers,
Kansas is known for wheat production, which earns it the unofficial nickname “The Breadbasket
of the World.” Kansas is a major agricultural producer in the US, although more and more
Kansans are leaving their farms and moving to the cities. Aircraft production has long
been vital to the Kansas economy, and there are many aviation museums in Kansas dedicated
to pioneers in the field, including Atchison Kansas native, Amelia Earhart. Kansas got its name from the Kansa Native
Americans who lived in the area, along with numerous other tribes. These native people
were gradually forced to cede their lands to European settlers. Before the Civil War,
new settlers to the area were conflicted about whether Kansas would be a free or slave state.
This wasn’t an idle disagreement – the violent disputes came to be known as “Bleeding Kansas.”
Kansas became the 34th state on January 29th, 1861, and did not allow slavery. A few months
later, the Civil War would begin.

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  1. This really helped me,i'm trying to learn all 50 states thanks u really helped me about the state Kanas.😀😀

  2. Kansas is one of the most anti progressive states during the trail drive days several towns banned Texan cattle in to kansas  also they give up the gold fields to Colorado just not to deal with the miners

  3. When anything is going to happen in this country, it happens first in Kansas.

    ― William Allen White

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