Janusz Waluś and his assassination of communist leader Chris Kani in S.Africa

Janusz Waluś and his assassination of communist leader Chris Kani in S.Africa

hi there I’d like to tell you today about pianos ryos who assassinated communist leader Chris Connie in South Africa in 1993 then before I started saying anything more let me just say I’m not trying to defend the guy or anything I’m just trying to inform me about this historical figure who is the others watch it was born in 1953 zakopane in the polish mountains and his father he hated comments it’s very poor he was born in 1953 that’s 53 that’s a Stalinist Eva Braun we had bread to eat butter milk it only got a little bit better during the years South Africa was one of the one of the richest countries on earth at that time life was really good for people father emigrated there first and ya know from his brother far out 1981 he really came to love the country he came to love the Boers attached people who live there he came to love the English and there was this black freedom movement when rise Nelson Mandela was leading it there were all communists three leaders of this black communist movement Nelson Mandela Joe Slovo and Christian is a third guy that aim in mind Yanis varoufakis the county doesn’t first hand his poems he know it was really bad he didn’t want the same thing this South African to happen got the South African citizen citizenship the nineties and you really wanted to do something well his calmness South African nationalist party and he assassinated his gang guy he wanted also to assassinate nothing Mandela got just Chris can you guys home walking out of his home shorten the chest once he shot three times in the head make sure he’s dead you vote off with his car the passerby saw his registration plates reported in to the police so he only killed this one guy was Kenny and it was really bad calmness before Nelson Mandela got power they were burning white farms we’re doing white people and whose boots ways you can imagine raping white women is happening by the thousands of people and that’s how I wanted to stop it somehow what I think is that you incited the stock shot this Cruz County guy got the death sentence afterwards not something that I came to power you got only life economy that’s really bad after gathering mushrooms people were in the forest now South Africa from being one of the most riches which countries on earth come became one of the worst countries endure it has the highest rate sophistic heists one of the highest murder statistics why people are being murdered murdered their 107 year black people invade their farms and so on kill them and see on violence is really love every year these manifestations free and flourish remember young foolish [Music] Papa I hope I told her that World War one watch bunker I don’t know summer sparklers have in this war might she got these bunkers [Music]

3 thoughts on “Janusz Waluś and his assassination of communist leader Chris Kani in S.Africa

  1. Poland is with Waluś!
    "Żołnierz wyklęty" means rogue soldier (but honorable soldier, against injustice law)
    I'm old, i know communism, nazis were better.
    Good commie is dead commie

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