ISIS – summary of the war against Islamic State

ISIS – summary of the war against Islamic State

At the end of November 2017, it went
almost unnoticed that the so-called Islamic State, the terror organization
that captivated global attention, lost the last cities it controlled in the
Middle East. How did this group succeed, in a matter of months, to control at its peak a territory as big as the United Kingdom? Let’s look at a map and trace the history of the global war against the Islamic State. Syria and Iraq are located in the Middle East between two great rivals from ethnic and religious
point of view Saudi Arabia and Iran Saudi Arabia is part of the Arab world
and is 87 percent Sunni while Iran is predominantly Persian and Shiite. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who was Sunni, ruled the country since 1979. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad, who like 13 percent of the population, is Alawite — a branch of Shia Islam — succeeded his father as president in 2000. Finally, both countries have an ethnic Kurdish minority who are part of a population of about 35 million people
spread over several states. Looking at resources in the region, Iraq at the time had a third largest known oil reserves in the world. 7 main deposits of which 2 are currently being drilled. Saddam Hussein nationalized Iraqi oil in
1972, so it can only be mined by national companies. In 2003, the United States, under the
pretext of its fight against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, formed an international coalition and overthrew the Iraqi government in three weeks. They then put in place a provisional authority which was in charge of suppressing everything related to Saddam Hussein. First, they banned the Baath Party which had 1.5 million members and laid off 200,000 public sector employees.
They then dismantled the Iraqi Armed Forces and let go of more than 250,000
soldiers, mostly Sunnis. This policy would destabilize the country and allow the emergence of rebel militias that would organize and quickly grow in power. In 2004, one such Sunni jihadist group pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden
and became al Qaeda in Iraq. It was later based in Al Anbar province and essentially fought against the US coalition and the Shiites, sparking a
civil war. Later, the groups merged with five other militias and proclaimed themselves the Islamic State of Iraq. In June 2009, the new Iraqi government
auctioned away its oil deposits to multinationals. At the same time, the US began the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, marking the end of the civil war
there 2011 would be marked by the Arab Spring
with popular revolts rising up against leaders who’d mostly been in power for
several decades. Syria was not spared but the revolts were violently muted by the
army, pushing some soldiers to defect and creating the Free Syrian Army. They were
quickly supported and armed, sometimes discreetly by the international
community. Fighting alongside the regular army was the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution, a paramilitary organization based in Iran —
both Shiites and allies of Bashar al-Assad. The conflict would make the
country unstable and allow the arrival of a new Sunni jihadist and Salafist
factions that quickly took over the revolution. Among those was the Al-Nusra
Front, a branch of al-Qaeda. In April 2013, the Islamic State in Iraq
becomes the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, encompassing Al-Nusra. But al-Qaeda refused to validate the new group, breaking the link between the
organizations. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant decided to intervene alone in Syria. In June, they would seize a good part of Raqqa at the expense of the Free Syrian Army. The city became its political and military capital. Faced with this threat, the Kurds of Syria would federate and create their own
autonomous administration. They also organized protection units:
the YPG and its all-female branch the YPJ. In Iraq, the second civil war breaks out
with a revolt of Sunni tribes in Al-Anbar. The Islamic State in Iraq and the
Levant rapidly gains territory. During its offensive, the organization seized oil reserves and military equipment abandoned by the fleeing army. In June, they captured Mosul, the second city of Iraq with 2 million inhabitants, which became its religious and intellectual capital. However, they would be stopped in
their march towards Kirkuk by the Peshmergas, the armed faction of the
Kurds of Iraq. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant became the Islamic State and proclaimed a Caliphate on its territory. Iran would react by militarily
supporting Iraq and carrying out bombings. The US creates a new
international coalition, bringing together 69 countries. This coalition
would be responsible for supporting forces against the Islamic state
and choking off its funding. Around the world, jihadist rebel groups begin to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State. In the north of Syria, the Islamic State
pushed the Kurds back to Kobane on the Turkish border. But a few months later,
with the support of the international coalition, the Kurds took over and pushed
back the Islamic State to Lake Assad. They then inflict a major defeat on the
Islamic State by taking over the border towns of Tell Abyad, which was
the major crossing point for smuggling oil, arms and foreign fighters. At the end of September, Russia intervened in support of Bashar al-Assad: a historical ally. It must also defend its only naval base in the Mediterranean Sea, located in Tartus. It would first attack rebels whose front al-Nusra then controlled 20-25% of the Syrian population. At the same time, the Kurds announced
they were joining forces with other rebel groups to form the Syrian
Democratic Forces. They tried to gain more ground by proclaiming the federal region of Rojava which made Turkey react. Rather isolated
from a diplomatic point of view, the Turks first restored ties with Russia and
then launched operation Euphrates Shield. This seized the last territories of the
Islamic State along its border. In Iraq, the Peshmerga who liberated
Sinjar began to take over Mosul with the Iraqi army. In February,
Turkey reached his goal which was Al Bab and aimed to take over Manbij from the
Kurds. But the US and Russia would prevent it. Turkey then officially
withdrew from Syria and offered conquered land to the rebels of the Free
Syrian Army. With the Islamic State weakened and losing on all fronts, the Syrian Democratic Force enters Raqqa. A month later, Mosul is
completely liberated. The Iraqi army and its allies quickly win back territory However, the Kurds of Iraq would organize a referendum for their independence, reviving ethnic tensions. The Iraqi government then entered the fight and regained control of strategic areas including oil deposits and important
borders. Finally, a ceasefire would end this conflict. Raqqa is now fully liberated, quickly followed by the last remaining towns and villages controlled
by the Islamic State. Today the Islamic State has no territory in the Middle East, but its reign isn’t without consequence. In Iraq, a fragile peace seems to be holding at the moment. The country must rebuild itself by finding
a balance between its three major communities. In Syria, the civil war that
has so far killed more than 400,000 and displaced half its population is still
not over. Some areas are still controlled by rebel groups. Bashar al-Assad clings
on to power and the Kurdish movement continues to be an important factor.
Finally, Iran and Russia seem to be diplomatically reinforced by this
conflict. While Saudi Arabia is now bogged down in another conflict in Yemen
where it is fighting the Houthis — Shiite rebels who are backed by Iran. But we’ll discuss this in an upcoming video…

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  1. Pls get some facts straight, one of which I'll mention here.
    The Iraqi's attacked Kuwait before the creation of the coalition.

  2. I reckon southern Iraq will stay peaceful because Shia Muslim are more tolerable. But unsure about the rest

  3. "Isis losses its last territory"
    News stations: that's not news
    "Is peanut butter sandwich racist?"
    News stations: NOW THATS NEWS!

  4. Excellent and very labor intensive work! As a minor point – Assad is more than "clinging on to power", he has won the war. Turkey is the main protector of the territories of Al Nusra (HTS) and the jihadists of Ahrar al Sham. And the Kurds hold non-kurdish territories East of the Euphrates, because the US wanted them to back-stab assad when he took over Deir Ezzor.

  5. Lets be honest iraqi forces betrays kurdish and attacks kurdish while kurdish helps themm. Im glad kurdish killed more than 600 of iraqi fighters in only a day not even a day in hours of the beginning of a fight. In PRDE.

  6. yeah its not islamic at all, islam is meant to be a relgioun on peace but these fuckers ruind its picture. people view it like its a villian when its peacful in the inside, islam, means peace in arabic.

  7. ISIS disappeared because barack odumber was funding them to fight Syria, so when Trump took over he cut the funding and they collapsed. You thought it was a coincidence they dramatically imploded within the first few months Trump took over?

  8. The only reason why ISIS (or ISIL) exists at all is because of American greed. Iraq had no part to play in the attacks on 9/11 but with Osama bin Laden residing and hiding in such clise proximity to Iraq, the US figured it could trick the world into thinking that Iraq and Sadam Hussein was also involved. They attacked Iraq first, leaving Bin Laden to get a head start in hiding, which he did for many years. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and the US were fully aware but they and the UK fooled the world long enough to attack and completely destroy Iraq. This was for 2 reasons: they could get rid of Sadam who rightfully nationalized Iraqs oil extraction and second, so they could assign American corporations to go into Iraq and rebuild the country, making billions for themselves. So guess who got one of the earliest contracts to rebuild Iraq….a company called Haliburton, partly owned by the Vice President of the USA at that time, Dick Cheney. Other contracts were also “awarded” to members of the Bush family. George W Bush and Dick Cheney should be in prison now for war crimes but instead of being punished, they’re enjoying their ultra-wealth. This is what’a wrong with the world. Money can make anyone untouchable.

  9. Absolutly wrong video actually america was supporting isis and saudi arab also….. and this is Absolute victory of IRAN and RUSSIA

  10. Our government should support the Syrian government on the condition that they liberate the Kurds in majority Kurdish regions.

  11. 3:09 excuse me but why does Algeria have a revolt in 2011??? I mean this channel has a french counterpart you should be familiar with Algeria..

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    Rsc K&LC
    Man is made in God’s image. A resource tells us that many have it backwards, they think God is made in man’s image with mood swings, vengeance, and desire to punish, or conquer. That is man (up to 50 years ago), not God. Many people have matured since then. 
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  13. trump calls ISIS: yo our work is done pretned your dying

    ISiS: ok boys our job is done lets go home to the US

    isis also grabs an oil barrel on the way home

  14. Great video, you didn't talk about the inter-rebel conflict between moderates and extremists, but I see how that would take a long time to explain.

  15. What America tried to do with Iraq was the same they did with Nazi Germany: suppress everything related to the pre-war regime and install a dependent democracy

  16. @1:54 You mention the International invasion of Iraq. But you should add the Iraq-Iran war 1980-88 before that which were proxy wars for the US supporting Saudi Arabia ( and supplying Iraq with weapons) and The USSR/Russia Supporting Iran ( and supplying it). During the war the Soviet Union, France, and China supplied Iraq with weapons. North Korea, Libya, Syria, and China sold or supplied weapons to Iran. As Ironically did the US which led to the Iran contra affair. Besides the United States and the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia also sold weapons to both countries for the entire duration of the conflict Portugal also helped both countries. And Spain.


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    Superb work dear. Each and every video by you is worth praise.
    Keep going strong. Looking for many many more videos.

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  21. So basically Iraq didn't allow the US to mess with their oil and the US overthrew their leader so they can have access to their oil. And ISIS was the natural result of all of that.

  22. NATO spend billions to invade Iraq bring down Saddam only to give rise to ISIS and need billions more to defeat them.

  23. They have or had nothing to do with islam, that group was and is funded by US and operated by israel for their proxy wars and also to blame it on islam. Islam doesn't tell anyone to kill innocent people and those who did that or do that are evil people but the real maggots are the people who believe on all this crap

  24. You have really underestimated the role of the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad, it's like the Kurds did all the job in Syria. You also didn't even mention the Shia militias like the PMU in Iraq who also made most of the job

  25. The Islamic State was a “success”, albeit briefly, and in the vain of such “successes” as Mao’s China and Pol Pot’s Kampuchea


  27. Nothing to do with 'Islamic', everything to do with capitalist thugs paying no good hooligans to 'f*ck sh*t up'. Business as usual.

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  29. lets be real the Isis wars had nothing to do with 9/11 and the attack it had to do with Saudi princes and the promise to protect them for the oil rights that's why we went to war cuz the princes where afraid with the oil they would lose the power and Iraq would attack that's the truth

  30. There is no such thing as the Arab world…….North Africa counteries are not arabs
    Egyptians are kemetic
    Algerians;morocoians and tunisians are amazigh

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