Is Twitter “Philanthropy” A Scam? (deep dive into free money giveaways)

Is Twitter “Philanthropy” A Scam? (deep dive into free money giveaways)

– Hello, my dudes. My name is Tiffany. Welcome back to my
series, Internet Analysis, where I like to research
and discuss things relevant to social issues and media. Today we are covering
Twitter philanthropy, AKA giving away money on Twitter. First of all though, I want
to say thank you, guys, so much for 400,000 subscribers. – Also, I wanna remind
you it is finals season. I am ending my junior year of university. But I’m busy, and I’ll probably
have some late uploads. But I’m here now; that’s all that matters. Also late happy Thanksgiving,
happy holidays, you know. This time of year is just all about giving and buying and money. And those are all very
relevant to today’s topic. Let’s jump in. The other day I came across a tweet. “I’m going to give away
$30,000 to one random person “who retweets this tweet and
follows Twitter Philanthropist “@Pulte and me. “If you don’t follow us, “we can’t DM you the money. “Will show proof.” “Partnering with him
just makes sense because “he also likes helping people.” And I was shook, because a few people that I follow on twitter retweeted this, hence why it came across my timeline. And I was just like, really guys? But I get that this was literally free. It cost nothing to enter. It takes a minute of your time. But it’s just not worth it for me. This very tweet caused me
to spiral into an obsessive research hole, as every
internet analysis video does. I had so many questions. Where does this money come from? Is anyone actually gonna
receive this money? Is it legit? Why? But really my first question was, aren’t give aways just
a way to buy followers? Nothing engages people
more than the opportunity to win something. As both MrBeast and Pulte said, “you must be following
so I can message you.” Ah, yes, this is not a
ploy to buy followers. It’s just practical. But I know, this is typical
of any social media giveaway. You must be a subscriber. You must be a follower. I get that if you’re a creator
and you wanna give back to your audience, it
makes sense that obviously you’d want someone who
is a subscriber to win. But of course, giveaways do
attract new followers as well. So in this situation,
I wanted to calculate the cost per new follower, you know? These guys are throwing down money. What are they gaining from it, exactly? If you saw my credit
card debt payoff video, you may have noticed that I fucked up a simple division problem. What can I say, other than
I haven’t had a math class in years, and yes, I have forgotten how to do basic calculations. What? So please trust me now to
probably get this wrong, possibly. Okay, so two guys giving away $30,000, I’m going to assume that
they’re each pitching in 15,000. How many followers did each of them gain? The tweet got over 700,000
retweets, but I know that those aren’t all new
followers for MrBeast. So I went to Social Blade to try to see how many followers each
of them gained on that day and the day after. This was a big time for Pulte. He gained probably 600,000 followers, and this made him pass a million. MrBeast gained about 300,000. But he had already had
about 4 million before. So what was the cost per follower? 15,000 divided by 600,000
is about two cents per follower for Pulte. 15,000 divided by 300,000
is about five cents per follower for MrBeast. So if your goal is
basically to buy followers, why not literally just buy followers? It would only cost a few
thousand dollars to buy half a million Twitter followers. Some people just want the
appearance, the illusion of a higher follower account. So they wouldn’t care
whether those accounts are real or fake as long as they look like they have followers. But real, engaged followers
are obviously worth much more than fake followers. So that is why giveaways
are a great way to attract new followers that are real people. Whether it’s on YouTube,
Instagram, Twitter, whatever platform, the value
of new followers is most likely greater than the value of
whatever is being given away. So giveaways can be a
clever way to make a creator look really generous when
really they are benefiting, too. But then again, entering
a giveaway costs nothing but a moment of your time. So I guess it’s a win-win? Anyway, we’re gonna get
much deeper into this, but clearly I am starting
off on a skeptical and pessimistic foot. And some people watching
this may be thinking, “how dare you question
Twitter philanthropy? “These people are doing charity. “They are giving away their
own hard-earned money. “You’re doing nothing, you broke idiot.” And to that I say, true. But the truth is I like
to be critical, okay? It is the basis of this entire series. I think it is rather boring to
look at something as simple, uncomplicated, 100% good or bad. I like nuance, baby. One person one twitter
once said that my videos are deep dives into shallow topics. And honestly, I live for that. So I am going to continue
to being hypercritical and picking little things
apart, for the fun. Okay, let’s start with MrBeast. I had only been familiar
with MrBeast by name because of hashtag TeamTrees. But I had never seen his videos. And honestly, (laughs) when
I looked at his channel for the first time, it overwhelmed me. I’m someone who is,
like, personally offended by extreme waste or unnecessary spending. So I was triggered. MrBeast’s whole channel
is built on gimmicks. Like, in the beginning he
went viral for doing videos like “Microwaving a Microwave
Microwaving a Toaster.” He also had a nearly
24-hour-long upload of him just counting to 100,000. He’s clearly willing to do
any ridiculous, wild thing to get attention. But hey, he does put in the time. So then once he started to
get like millions of views on every upload, he started
a new genre on his channel: giving away money to strangers. And I’m being 100% genuine when I say it is nice that he does this. It is nice that he gives
money away to people. I’m sure that some of those people who have received that money
have really, really needed it. So that’s nice. Again, it’s gimmicky, but okay. – I’m a YouTuber. I’m going around giving random people who need a thousand dollars, so. – However, in general
I am really not a fan of people making videos of
their charity, their good acts. – Most people get mad
and say this is a bad way to get views. Tell them that you’re okay with this. – Are you okay with it?
– Oh, yeah. – Hell yeah. – (laughs) That’s right, YouTube. – Best day of my life, right here. – Homeless people don’t care if I use them for views. (laughs) – It is so cringey to me, and it do think it is exploitative. I find it so uncomfortable that
they’re putting these people on camera as homeless man. The thing is, though, in his videos it does not seem like he’s
trying to make himself seem like a good person. He admits that he’s doing
it, at least partially, just for the views. But anyway, yeah, in the
last two years basically MrBeast has been following a pattern. He gives away a bunch of money. That video goes viral,
earning him more money. And then he gives away more money. What a winning formula. I mean, clearly it has
been very, very successful. In this video, for example,
he gave his mom $100,000. – So I wanted to give you a
check to help you pay for it. – No. – Yeah. (laughing) – This is good YouTube. Yes, we need a thumbnail. (man laughing) – No, I can’t, I can’t take it. I swear I cannot take it. – Well, you’re going to take it. But if I don’t give it to you,
I don’t have a viral video. – So you’re using me for views? – Yes, but you get money
too, so we’re both happy. – So you use me for views, and
I get to pay off my mortgage? – Mm hm, I think it works out pretty well. – Jimmy, aka MrBeast,
says that he just sees it as reinvesting the money
he earns on his channel back into his videos. Plus the sponsors do
cover part of the cost for these giveaways. – So thank you, Quid, for helping me. Obviously they didn’t
provide all $100,000. But thank you for what portion
of this you did provide. – Thank you. Everybody, please download Quid. – So there are a lot of
videos on this website that I would consider to
be money spending content. And I am fascinated by it. I have a lot to say about it. So I am going to talk more about MrBeast and other creators who are
throwing cash in a next video. So stay tuned. As always, that’s a
topic for another video. Anyway though, from what
I’ve seen, the people who do get money or win money from MrBeast do actually receive it. So at least it’s legit. For example, this was the
winner of that $30,000 tweet. – So, oh my goodness. I found out I won, and I basically went, what? – So let’s go back to Twitter now. MrBeast’s bio is “Human ATM.” Love that. He knows his brand. Most of his tweets are
just promoting his videos. Sometimes he’ll retweet
or share other giveaways. But now we’ve gotta focus on Bill Pulte, the self-proclaimed philanthropist and inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. On his Instagram, it’s “Philanthropist and “Inventor of Instagram Philanthropy,” though I am not convinced
that he is the first person to have ever given money away
on either of those platforms. Bill Pulte went kind of viral this summer. “Meet the 31-year-old
Twitter philanthropist “giving away money to strangers online.” For example, a woman who
had recently been released from prison, she was trying
to get back on her feet. She had been entering
these Twitter lotteries, and she ended up winning
$10,000 from Pulte. He summarizes his mission as basically using social media for good. So his tweets are all basically giveaways, teasing upcoming
giveaways, or talking about how good it feels to give away money. “If Donald Trump retweets
this, I will give $30,000 “to a veteran on Twitter.” That’s nice. But what if the president doesn’t play into your Twitter game? No $30,000 to a vet in need? Thankfully, Trump is always on
Twitter, and he did retweet. “Thank you, Bill.” And honestly, this is classic Pulte. He is so selfless. This is not himself or his image. Getting public acknowledgement
from the president on Twitter was just a benefit of this. And also a requirement for the charity. I just realized he’s actually
done this multiple times. He also asked Kim Kardashian,
Ben Shapiro, and AOC. According to these
tweets, a retweet from AOC is worth $20,000, and Ben
Shapiro is only worth 5,000. Let’s read more of his tweets. “I have a draft tweet in my Twitter “for a $50,000 give away.” Tweet it, then. I found it hilarious that this
tweet has 30,000 retweets. Like, why did anyone retweet that? This is not a giveaway. (laughs) Maybe people just retweet
as fast as they can anytime they see a dollar sign. He also shared this gem. “Star, my wife: what did you do today? “Star, me: raised money
for a boy with autism “and gave away money. “Star, my wife: that’s amazing.” My dude’s trying to get
into the Twitter format. He’s not getting it yet, but he’s trying. He’s also been sharing some dank memes. “Nobody. Me.” I think this is the only
time I haven’t enjoyed a SpongeBob reference. Anyway though, the basis of
Bill’s Twitter Philanthropy is giving away money to the
people who are most in need. And that’s why he does
entirely random giveaways based on retweets, gives
away essentials like Teslas and even the Tesla truck. Bill sometimes shares these
fundraisers with people who need money for medical
reasons, or they’re vets and they’re struggling,
any number of things, you know, legitimate needs. But then he’s doing his $25,000
random Twitter giveaways. And I’m just like, why
don’t you use that money and give it to the people
who you say need it the most? My theory is that the
random Twitter giveaways help build up the hype, you know, build up the follower count. And then the campaigns that
actually help people in need, specifically, are you know, good for attracting positive press. So I started to read the
responses to Pulte’s tweets. And it’s honestly really, really sad. It’s basically a lot
of desperate people who are begging for help on Twitter. And of course we don’t
know whether their stories are legitimate or not. But I am sure that a lot of
them are genuinely struggling and could use even a hundred dollars to help them get through
the day or the week. But I found it funny,
’cause like he’ll tweet some of his cheesy shit, and then people will reply
and say something like, “Happy Thanksgiving, Bill. “Thank you so much for
the work that you do.” And then they’ll end their response with their Cash App username. Can you imagine if every time you posted something online and
people interacted with you, they ended it with, money, please? Another interesting thing
I discovered is that many of these people are
basically professional, full-time Twitter giveaway enterers. Their entire timelines are giveaways. And I get that really
Twitter is pointless, so I guess, yeah, why not shoot your shot, try to win some random coin or
get somebody to Cash App you? But this is one of my big points, okay? And this is where I’m
gonna get really salty, really mad, okay? There are some people who
are really, really opposed to welfare or having big
government, you know? But those people are in favor of charity. And of course charity is good. But I would prefer that
we have a more generous social safety net so
that people don’t have to rely on random kindness of strangers and retweeting giveaways on Twitter in hopes that they will survive a hardship or an emergency or chronic poverty. Charity is good, but that shouldn’t be the only thing that we rely on. Clearly, charity is not enough to address all of these issues, because so many people are hurting, so many people need
help, and only one person is gonna win that $30,000
or that fucking Tesla truck, which is so useless. The truck, the money is great. These are the same type of people who say, “this is not a hand out.” They demonize handouts. “This is a hand up.” I just hate that. It grinds my gears. It makes me so angry when
people demonize welfare. They think that it’s so
disgraceful, embarrassing to apply for welfare or food stamps. Yet some of these very same
people are spending all day begging for money on Twitter. For the record, nobody should be ashamed for either of these things. If you need help, ask for it. But is begging for charity
on Twitter more efficient or effective than welfare
or free healthcare or better social security payments for people who are disabled or elderly? No, not at all. Another thing that gets me
heated is when we are fed these feel-good stories,
such as six year old boy with lemonade stand raises $10,000 for his dad’s cancer treatments. Wow, that is amazing. That is heartwarming. But actually, no, this is a tragedy. The fact that a child
has to try to raise money in hopes that he can cover his
dad’s life-saving treatment, that is a tragedy. That’s a symptom that our
system is not working. We shouldn’t have to rely on GoFundMe or the random generosity of
strangers to survive cancer. We need Medicare for all, y’all. Okay, (laughs) I’m done being heated for a moment, all right? There’s more later, but we’ll see. Anyway, back to Pulte. Where is all this money coming from? Who is this mysterious
guy giving away cash? First of all, Pulte comes
from a family that is worth, I don’t know how much his
family is worth exactly, but his grandfather was a billionaire. And the family business is
worth billions, as well. So that helps. But he’s not giving away his inheritance. This is money that he earned. He runs an investment
firm called Pulte Capital. Yes, he was born into a
family of billionaires. But he is self-made, okay? “Pulte Capital’s
acquisitions will be funded “in large part by money
from the Pulte family.” We love a humble success story. By the way, I just saw
“Knives Out” this weekend. Great movie, you should watch it. But that reminds me of that
because it’s like ha ha, I’m self-made, but I used a
loan from my very wealthy family to get started, so am I really self made? Good question. Am I salty that I didn’t get born into a family of billionaires? Maybe. Either way, he is a dude
with a lot of money. And he’s giving it away. Except it’s not just his money. He’s actually crowdfunding for donations. All over his Twitter, he encourages people to become part of hashtag Team Pulte. He collects donations
from people on his team, because he says that more people can do more good than just him. Okay, one example figure
said that he had given away over $100,000 of his own
money and over $200,000 of crowdfunded money. So I haven’t been able to
find any newer stats on this. But I kind of assume that
the ratio is similar. So again, a big part of
his mission is to make social media a better place
and encourage other people to donate and get involved
and be charitable, be a philanthropist. But if you’re gonna
encourage people to donate, why not just encourage people to donate directly to GoFundMes or directly to charities? I just don’t understand why you’d be like, “hey, everybody, let’s donate
to me and my organization, “and then I will decide
where this money goes.” Just like, what’s the point? Teamwork? Seems to me like people
give him the money, and he gets all the credit
and lots of good press. On that note, let’s
talk a little bit about corporate philanthropy. You know when you see a
massive corporation be like, “we donated a hundred million
dollars to this cause.” Of course, again, charity is cool. Thanks for that. But what about maybe taking
care of your employees all year round instead of
exploiting your workers with low wages and bad working conditions. What about, like, paying
them a living wage? You might not be able to
donate as much, but like, you’ll support the people
who support your company. I don’t know, I’m all about
labor rights, you know? Just a little quirk of mine. Again though, we wouldn’t
need so much random charity if we had more stable institutions,
if we had better wages, free healthcare, affordable housing, if we actually provided
veterans with the benefits that they have been promised. That’s what I’m in favor of. It’s funny because Pulte himself
had a tweet something like, he wants to make sure
every man, woman, and child has food and a place to sleep. And I was like, hell yeah! Let’s work on that safety net, then. I don’t think there are any
charities that can possibly provide that to every
man, woman, and child, but I think that on an
institutional, national level we might be able to work on that. Just saying. I’m smiling way to much in
this video, it’s creepy. Anyway, back to Team Pulte. Okay, Bill, you have convinced me. I wanna join the team. I wanna donate. Where do I sign up? It’s not very clear from his Twitter. There is no link in
bio, there’s no website. Sometimes his tweets point
to the sweepstakes rules that are at But that website doesn’t have any other information other than that. What is this actual organization? How can I donate? How can I learn more? It’s actually kind of
hard to find the website. It’s called Team Pulte,
so I tried Team Pulte. And that’s not it. It’s actually at And the website is really
lacking information, you know? I would expect to maybe
see some stories of people that Team Pulte has helped. How much money has been raised? How much is given to each cause? That’s why I like how GoFundMe
campaigns are organized, because the page gives
you the whole story. It gives you the who,
what, where, when, why. You can see exactly how
much money has been raised, whether they’re below or
above the targeted amount. That’s good information to
know when you’re choosing what to donate to. So let’s walk through the
navigation of this website and see what we can learn. All it takes to join the team is follow Pulte on Twitter. Okay. Do you need to apply for a grant? You just fill out this
type form with your name and your email and why
you deserve the grant. Okay, seems like I just
signed up for a mailing list. Pulte also works with teachers. So if you wanna apply for the
teachers grant, same thing. Just fill out that form, hope
that they maybe contact you. Pulte’s veterans, of course,
we like to support the vets. Learn more links back to Pulte’s Twitter. This team is making major headlines. Read the news links to Bill
Pulte Google search. (laughs) I just, I’m like, okay, first of all, this web design is terrible. You’re not giving any information. People don’t wanna do their own research. You’re supposed to put it on the website, not just link to Google. But still, I’m trying to join the team. I’m trying to donate. How can I donate? Why is this so difficult? On Team Pulte slash, there is no place to donate. However, on Bill’s Twitter
and on the Team Pulte Twitter, they often share campaigns from a group called Team Giving. So if you go to the Team Giving website, it says that it is inspired by Pulte but doesn’t directly say if
he is associated with it. And they share their whole
board of directors and all that. And Pulte’s not on it. So I found that interesting. But that website does very
clearly collect donations. And again, the Team Pulte
Twitter and Bill’s Twitter share those campaigns. So it seems like it’s
associated very directly. But again, who knows? It’s not clear. Bill, if you’re trying to
make this movement bigger than you, if you’re trying
to collect the maximum amount of donations to
fund these campaigns, make it easier. Fix your web design. Why is this is so confusing? So it appears that Team
Giving actually funds these campaigns using the
crowdfunded donations. But who is funding those
random Twitter giveaways? I would assume that
that is Bill, you know, coming from his own millionaire fortune. Self-made, baby. But this is where the
Cash App theory comes in. This is something very interesting that I have learned
about, I wasn’t aware of. So Cash App, I guess, is owned by Square, which is owned by
Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. Cash App has apparently
given money to celebrities like Lil B for them to give
away to their Twitter followers to get people to download the Cash App. So now my question is, because
Bill always uses Cash App to give money away, and
that’s kind of interesting. Like, I don’t know if it’s
even the most popular cash app. There’s Venmo; there’s PayPal. You could just send checks, I guess. Why is he using the Cash App? Maybe Cash App is giving
Bill money to give away. If so, I feel like that
needs to be disclosed. It’s not necessarily like
a sponsorship or an ad, but I feel like that
relationship needs to be noted. Actually just found a tweet from Bill. “Why have we used Square’s
Cash App or PayPal?” I guess he does use PayPal occasionally. Okay. “Why not checks? “Easy! “No, that’s the answer. “They’re easily accessible
to Americans already online. “I’m not an investor in either. “Not everyone has a bank account, “and when I give away my money, “I want everyone on
Twitter to have a shot.” That’s another thing about this entire Twitter philanthropy thing, is you have to note the
privilege of having access to the internet. Like, yes, in theory you
could use a library computer, blah, blah, blah. But that’s obviously not
the easiest thing to do if you’re in a situation
where you’re struggling, you’re in poverty, you’re in need. So it’s kind of interesting
that this automatically can’t necessarily reach
the people who really are in the most need,
because they’re probably not sitting on Twitter all
day, able to retweet all of these things and keep
up with these giveaways and download the Cash App. Like, you’d need a
smartphone for that, right? Come on. Bill should be following MrBeast’s lead. He might as well go give cash
out to people on the street. Ooh, I’m getting heated. Also, yesterday, as I
was writing this video, it was Black Friday. And Cash App was running a
Black Friday sweepstakes. They were giving away money. It’s very interesting. I mean, I get why people
would participate in this. If Cash App or any other
celebrity or fricking Bill are gonna be giving away
money, why not play? Why not join the sweepstakes? To end this video, there
is now a whole league of Twitter philanthropists, claiming that they have money to
give away to random people. There are lots of copycats, and some people even
claim to be Bill himself. So you drop your Cash App username, somebody Cash Apps you requesting $20, saying they’re Bill. If you send me $20, I’ll give you your $500 that you won. Clearly a scam, but
some people fall for it. Not everyone is familiar with these scams that some of us see as very recognizable. If someone ever says
that you need to pay them or buy something in
order to win something, that’s not legitimate, don’t do it. Don’t send them any money. Don’t do anything. It’s a scam. This is also why you
probably shouldn’t blast your Cash App or your
PayPal all over Twitter. At least figures like Pulte
and MrBeast seem legitimate. But maybe that’s just the
blue check marks talking. So that’s it. What do you guys think
about Twitter philanthropy? Please let me know. If I was a little too harsh
in this video, I apologize. But also not really. I mean, it’s just my thoughts, my opinion, my perspective. Let’s all share what we think. Is Twitter philanthropy just a way to exploit people in poverty? Is it just a way to make yourself look really good and giving? I don’t know, but I encourage you guys to register to vote. Smokey Glow here on YouTube
always ends her videos telling people to register,
and I think that’s great. So if you want to make these changes, institutional changes to
help alleviate poverty and provide affordable housing for people and healthcare for all, make sure that you register to vote and participate in all elections, because those things are really gonna make a difference for a lot of people’s lives. And that way people can stop
relying on Twitter lotteries. So you guys can follow me on Instagram for some mediocre pics. You can follow me on Twitter. I have a draft tweet in my Twitter for a $50,000 giveaway, so. I also have a vlog channel, where I post other types of videos. I also have a podcast
called Previously Gifted. You can watch it on YouTube,
or you can listen to it on any podcast app or Spotify. Extra content, my voice
hurts, I’m done talking. Ow. I’m crying. Good to end the video
with tears in your eyes. It was just an emotional one, okay? All right, that’s all. ‘Kay, thanks, bye. (quirky mellow music)

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  9. Yo i just turned in a research report on toms shoes and how they do cause marketing but they dont really fix the initial problem

  10. i think it's good that people in need can receive money this way, it does seem to benefit both people. however, maybe advertising these things for strangers to win is a bit much, just keep it focused to charity?

  11. Hi Tiffany, I found your channel some weeks ago and I have been binge watching it since. I really like watching your videos bc it gives me different insights about contemporary issues. That said, I wonder if you'd be interested in doing a video about polyamory? I came across that topic some months ago and it's so interesting. I think a video about it would be great.

  12. Honestly America could still be capitalistic and have free health care. Like look at Finland, they have free health care and they’re still capitalist, and they’re doing pretty fucking decently

  13. 13:00 yesssss. A society that uses GoFundMes for MEDICAL BILLS is a failing one. These people are delusional if they think otherwise.

  14. So I watched this cnbc report and it said that lower income people use cashapp because their accessibility to it is easier, like it doesnt ask for a lot of documentation just linking your bank account. Where as venmo is downloaded by higher educated individuals, and it's harder to set up, I guess just because it is more secure. So generally yeah i think that the majority of people on Twitter who are in need use cashapp for that reason

  15. A major idea no one has touched on yet is that these donation schemes from existing billionaires are money laundering fronts. It's seriously a perfect set up, having various anonymous accounts from all over the world sending you money, then you donate only a portion of it back, but now all the money in your charity is "clean" and can be recirculated through salaries to non-profit directors.

  16. Bro I’m always like “ah Tiffany is so much older than me. Very mature” and then you said you’re a junior in university which is only a year higher in school than me… shook

  17. charity totally doesn't teach people in poverty (who aren't educated or educate themselves) on how to budget and invest, etc. you learn through doing, and if you haven't had the opportunity or privilege, you probably won't know best how to grow, invest, save, etc. ugh, i'm still in light poverty myself, and grew up generationally steeped in it (my grandparents were extremely poor growing up on farms in the south).


  18. I saw this video in my recommended and immediately thought of Mr. Beast. I remember he made headlines at my University because he gave a 30,000 tip to a student waitress at a restaurant. I ended up watching the video out of sheer curiosity and he went around tipping everyone from .1 to 30,000. yes, the video is just as bad as you think. They would order waters and then leave a "tip". Imagine being the first server and watching this video realizing you weren't the lucky 30,000 winner.

    P.s good luck on your finals tiffany, if you make all As and donald trump sees this, posts a screenshot of it on twitter and then deletes his twitter completely, i'll cashapp you 30,000!

  19. let’s be real, Pulte can’t be a real advocate because then his corp wouldn’t have the constant influx of money, that is 700x more than he gives away

  20. But Tiffany! If we had a better system with a proper safety net billionaires and millionaires would have to be held accountable. And we can't have that! What would we do without our dystopian genre inspired by this unstable ladder? Whatever would we do Tiffany?!

  21. I kept getting recommends on my YT feed of Mr. Beast & others giving away money to "homeless vets" or even worse, "I bought a McMansion & filled it with $100 bills then invited every hot poor college chick to have a party!!"
    They disgusted me so much, I blocked them so I wouldn't see those painful reminders that I've been invisible or ignored my entire life, even by my own family.
    I was born unwanted, despised & used by my own mother, who used me as a money grab machine, ranted to me like I was her shrink from toddler age, and pretended to be rich while we (minus my dad, who couldn't handle her selfish, controlling hypocrisy) were hungry all the time, never got any decent Xmas or Bday presents, even coached me to say certain things so the family court judge would order the maximum amt of child support for her to spend. She's broken the law for years, even a decade after she kicked me out, she claimed me as a dependent to get tax returns.
    I became disabled at age 14, had the first of 8 failed back surgeries at 15, and was doomed to a life of severely painful surgeries, procedures, and developed a dozen other chronic & terminal illnesses in the 20yrs since that started. I have MS, fibro, chrons, gastroperesis, chronic debilitating nausea, neuropathy, cluster migraines, tension headaches, TMJ, myoclonic seizures at least every other night, and have nearly died from massive stress heart failure TWICE by age 30. I'm now 35, had my DNR rights violated twice, and not one person has let me discuss my future, how to improve the stress that's killing me, or even anyone in my large, healthy, middle & upper class family, asked how I'm doing!
    I have literally made it on my own for 10yrs only by selling everything I owned when my mom kicked me out just after my 8th back surgery, with no notice or support, or by begging online for help & a GoFundMe, both of which have had very minor success in fundraising small amounts every few months.
    Ive been expected to exist on only $400/mo after the minimum med costs keeping me out of the hospital are paid. If I were healthy enough I'd have been forced to sell an organ or become a prostitute just to barely meet my basic survival needs! Instead, I get to go without meds, food, toiletries, forget new clothes or replacing a broken vacuum, and I've never experienced being able to just drive somewhere, anywhere, by myself, without begging a ride off people who then resent me for it!
    I'm expected to die any day from stress, I fight suicidal pain on an hourly basis, and have so far only existed as a medical lab rat who can't get one person in the world to care enough to just help me get my story out, or pitch in $2-5/month (my request to my dozens of family, who all spend that much on one coffee every day) for a power bill I am unable to pay right now.
    My ONLY BUCKET LIST WISH is to be allowed to live in a van, SUV, Uhaul, so I can finally know what life & freedom & happiness actually are!!

  22. Please do a video about streaming services, and how they conquer and divide the market between them is making the quality of movies lower

  23. I love the Internet analysis videos as I get to see the content from these terrible youtubers without them getting the views lmao!!!

  24. لكل من يهمه الربح من الإنترنت ولاسيما المبتدئين ، فأنصحه بزيارة هذا الموقع الرائع ، الصادق، السخي ، لم أر موقعاً تقدم الدولارات على مثل ماتقدمه هذا الموقع فبمجرد أن تتسجل فقط تحصل على 25$ مجاناًمقابل التسجيل ، لم أر موقعاًربحياً أفضل منه قط ؛ وأقسم باللّه أني لصادق ،ورابط الموقع كالتالي : 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  25. I hate that my first thoughts about people like this are that they aren't genuine/are def scamming… but also…. IM ALWAYS RIGHT?????

  26. please do a video about cool youtubers collabing with shitty brands… I was so upset when bestdressed did a video for am*zon pr*me wardrobe :'(

  27. As a non-american, that app isn't 'accessible' outside of North America lmao. Also, y'all, please vote for Bernie or someone with similar goals, all the dude wants is Western European social democracy standards in the US to solve the medical crisis and pretty much most of the other bigger problems that are at the root of yet again other problems.

  28. Such an insightful video!!!

    May i add (since this includes twitter), would it be possible to create a video about the tweet from a therapist that went viral for it being considered problematic and robotic? It’s becoming a meme now too lol. I feel like it would be a good topic to discuss, considering that it’s about mental health and placing boundaries on people when you’re fully not mentally capable of helping your close ones who vent to you.

  29. Have you heard about the pile of shit Value Village is in? Corporate philanthropy = millionaires who don’t feel bad because they poorly redistribute wealth to “help” other but keeping their pockets full.

  30. Just to add to your point about welfare and the people against it. Do they know why they pay taxes? It's not just to pay the salaries of the persons in the white house. It's to take care of the country – the country meaning it's infrastructure, roads and people. How can we fix and build fancy buildings when some people can't afford to even pay a quarter of the asking rent?

    And as always, great video, Tiffany!

    Also: the channel Some More News posted under the same themes as this video

  31. Are you shitting me, he let his mum pay off her mortgage every month while he was making thousands of dollars a week?

  32. Your internet analysis videos always have the best comment sections 🙂 we LOVE a good continuing convo, especially all of the related anecdotes. @ everyone : you are all so wonderful n smart n clearly well informed <3

  33. So bizarre you touched on this, just last week I was wondering what people meant by "buying followers" and this touched on it briefly, would you be able to make a video about false followings?

  34. This video just sounds like you hating on someone giving out money. He's doing nothing wrong and harming no one, and you trying to check someone's pockets and have an opinion HOW they should spend it ridiculous. You sound bitter

  35. At some point this is just the lottery and you just pay clout for your ticket. The only one who wins at the end is the collector.

  36. These people shit on the ideas of democratic socialism but act like being charitable will win them some type of recognition

  37. Reminds me of the video "The Existential Horror of Mr. Beast", a good video to watch after this one tbh!!

    Edit: here's the link 🙂

  38. why cant Bill Pulte asking these celebs for retweets to also match his donation? its not like they cant afford it…

    how is the tesla truck useless, its actually creating a vehicle class that can replace the huge suv hummers, jeeps, diesel trucks, and army vehicles(the worst vehicle class for the earth) with an electric way less detrimental to the earth (via its body production but also its non-polluting engine) and also challenges consumerism by being a car that you essentially would never need to replace

  39. As soon as I saw the title I knew it would have Pulte. I followed him for a long time and he barely even had followers. He is the biggest scammer, I had to unfollow, mr.Beast actually does choose people to give money to through investors to build his brand, but Pulte is so obsessed with making a following for himself. Also no one talks about how his team hacked anothers twitter and changed the password and tweeted from the account to pretend Pulte was choosing random winners to receive money.

  40. Next time Bill Pulte asks a celebrity to retweet, the celebrity should respond: "How about this: when I retweet, instead of giving 300,000 to one person you'll give 100 to each new follower you get in a week?"

  41. Lol I originally created my twitter so that I could enter giveaways, but after I made it I was too self-conscious to actually enter any 😂😂

  42. I agree it's ridiculous that we live in a country where the system is so fucked up that most people are struggling to survive. If we used all the money corporations and rich people gave in "charitable donations" for tax write-offs to provide free healthcare, affordable housing, affordable education, free public transportation, etc. we wouldn't have to rely on gofundmes and social media "philanthropy"

  43. Did you take the analogy of the boy raising money for his father's cancer treatment and how that's actually a bad thing from diane on the newest season of bojack horseman?

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