23 thoughts on “Is Emmanuel Macron the EU's most powerful politician? | The Economist

  1. Macron este miserable quien se ha creído que es para meter sus sucias manos en España, tanto este impresentable como los medios de comunicación españoles y los traidores socialistas critican que se pacte con VOX a la vez que blanquean que se pacte con la izquierda radical de PODEMOS, LOS GOLPISTAS CATALANES Y PROETARRAS. Macron que tenia en el mismo grupo europeo junto con ciudadanos a los golpistas de puigdemont y no lo expulsaron hasta que salio los casos de corrupcion como el partido mas corrupto de Europa aunque a la par que el psoe. VOX solo defiende la unidad de España y que primero sean los españoles no como con los socialistas y peperos que primero son los inmigrantes .

  2. He fits the biblical antichrist. Wants to create a 10 nation army, Revelation 17. Wants to usher a peace deal between Israel and many nations, Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24.

  3. Macron is a Little Napaleon. Like real Napaleon in the past, he could not sort all mess in his own country, so he tried to make more mess in whole Europe. Such pathetic little Napu.

  4. macron is pure evil, everyone who works for him is evil , stop your bs propaganda , tell the Truth , 99 % of France people hates him , period .

  5. Macron is a jihadist fanatic who says terrorist attacks are ok with him as long as they advance multiculturalism and leftie agenda. He is also a tyrant who used chemical weapons against peaceful protestors and enjoys 18℅ popular support. He's a travesty.

  6. LMAOOO.. 9 months later. Macron holds no power anymore and is despised throughout the whole of France.. only hard-core marxists and 3rd world scum loves him 😂😂😂

  7. Update necessary. Macron is the puppet of the unseen dangerous EU. But I hope he stays in power to help guarantee the new French revolt.

  8. This video was released may of 2018. Since then things aren't going as planned for France or Europe. Macron has brought riots and migrant invasion, instability. Just like Merkel has done to Germany. Europe has become a Muslim Dump. Promises that they can't Deliver.

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