Is Capitalism Moral? Defending the Free Market

Is Capitalism Moral? Defending the Free Market

my brother watched the events of September 11th 2001 from the roof of his Brooklyn home he later told me that the ashes of those murdered that autumn morning fell across every borough of New York ashes like the snowflakes of the clothes of James Joyce's story the dead falling all across the city I know so well with his people and accents I am so well acquainted after my brother related this to me I had an image in my mind of those ashes settling on the lake at Prospect Park where I used to go fishing softly descending on Coney Island on the beach where I first learned to swim and encircling the bell tower of Regina Pontius where I celebrated my first mass as a priest wafting on to old Calvary Cemetery when my father was buried and later my mother I see the ashes that bright and sparkling late summer morning making their descent on the whole of the city the ashes of corporate executives secretaries and janitors the firefighters from Brooklyn and Queens men who lived in neighborhoods just like my own firefighters like Stanley smogula whose wife denna was pregnant with her daughter Alexa when the towers fell I know the sword their down-to-earth qualities and rough virtues of courage and hard work I believe I may also now know something about the ideology employed by the man who orchestrated the attacks in many people's minds Osama bin Laden was simply a holdover from a primitive form of Islam but if you listen closely to some of the man's own recorded messages to the world a more complex portrait emerges and what may have been his last recorded video message released just after he had been killed and after the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attack then Laden said that the path to stop the hegemony of capitalism is to carry out a real radical change so that President Obama will be liberated and with him everyone else from the hegemony of these corporations whether bin laden's political ideology was deeply influenced by socialist thinking as an open question what is undeniable is that bin Laden found it useful to tap into socialism's anti capitalist mentality in class warfare vocabulary with the fall of Soviet Communism many assumed that such thinking was in permanent retreat but the impulses never further away the human nature itself it pipes attuned seductive to the darkest elements of the human heart Envy sloth and pride while promising speedy solutions to problems that the better angels of our nature crave to seek remedy coming up next we'll have an early morning traffic update but first these numbers from Wall Street now lost six points the S&P slid four in the Nasdaq slumped 14 small businesses hit hardest as investors reacted to build an authentically free and virtuous Society is far more complicated and difficult requiring habituation to just deeds both visible and invisible if we are concerned about the end of freedom in America and in our world the decline and possible death of liberty and justice for all then we would do well to remember the other end of freedom the purpose and destiny of man and women called by their Creator to lives of liberty and virtue in the final analysis very few people will go to the barricades to defend a systems utility but a way of life that protects all that we hold dear a civilization that elevates our spirits a culture that is rooted in realities of eternal significance this is a different story for such a moral crusade we will be able to raise a vast army you

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  1. Market alone no, but when you pruduce guns and your market are mercenaries, drug cartels, or terrorist like americans, you may be saying. Hmmm, maybe this market is evil, or the one that exploits african kids to sell and make cellphones, idk, there are a lot of examples of the "free market" like brittain making the opium a thing on china, making adiction and consume very much not ethical.
    But hey thats a theory

  2. The fatal flaw in both socialism and communism is that they ignore the fact that human beings are inherently selfish and, given the opportunity, will subordinate the good of neighbor to the good of self. Therefore, those with power in a socialist or communist system tend to exempt themselves from the rules they enforce on the rest of society. Eventually those who find themselves on the short side of that deal want out, and that is why every attempt at socialism and communism over the last century has ultimately been accompanied by totalitarianism. A practical economic system needs to work with human nature rather than against it. This is the principal advantage that capitalism has over both socialism and communism because it channels man's selfishness in a way that facilitates commerce through the free market; however, if left unrestrained, capitalism's appeal to humanity's selfishness will ultimately lead to some individuals accumulating more wealth than they need at the expense of others who are less capable of competing for resources. Some system-wide restraints are therefore required to ensure the free market remains free. Where free markets are truly free, capitalism is the more practical economic system.

  3. Good capitalism for individuals, bad capitalism for those who wielded too much power over wealth. He would've been a British prophet fighting against evil capitalism, supporting both good capitalism and fair socialism.

  4. Bin Laden was the ultimate expression of an ideology of inequality which fundamentalist Islam is. Islam may claim that the ruled are equal between themselves, but there is extreme inequality in the power and wealth that the religious rulers and the ruled have in Islamic society.
    Free market capitalism also produces inequality through sustained commerce. Here also, eventually there will be extreme inequality between the ruling plutocrats and the ruled workers/consumers.
    Therefore both Bin Laden and capitalism are on the same side and work towards the same goal of maximizing inequality of wealth and power in society. Socialism is the opposite of both. Socialsm – not in the way it was implemented in Russia and China – but in the real sense that is partly being implemented in Scandinavia. Socialism means people pool their resources and distribute the pooled resources equitably to fulfilll everyone's basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and health care. If this is done, it doesn't matter what people do with their extra pocket money that they make through commerce.

  5. All you misguided fools ,Just stop and ask what made the USA the greatest country in the world that everyone ran to for escape from  what you profess to be better.. It's not perfect, but neither is the world.

  6. It's hilarious that socialists call the rich "greedy," while making their jealous demands for the rich's money. Socialists are the greediest people in the world! They want to make legal government theft the norm, to benefit themselves while stealing from those who that wealth or property actually belongs to. They claim that it's "greedy" to refuse to share money you've earned with someone who never earned it. They covet everyone else's wealth and property, but they don't think of themselves as greedy.

  7. No one no longer has any chance of convincing me that capitalism is moral or fair.  I'm done supporting it.  I don't apologize about being a democratic socialist because I will always know if it far more moral than capitalism.

  8. May God continue to Bless Fr Sirico.

    What maybe considered an interesting tidbit to some is that Fr Sirico's brother is Tony Sirico that actor who played Paulie on Sopranos

  9. if were gonna be honest, most people in capitalism get paid less than theyre worth, work more (or less) than they want, and work in conditions they dont like.  on top of that it corrupts democracy.

    having the government own and plan everything didnt work either.

    im in favor of democracy at work, cooperatives, 1 person 1 vote worker owned and run jobs, worker ownership, as the solution to the above.  we do need economic democracy.

  10. Sirico is a dissident Catholic, somehow made a priest, despite the ban on ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood. He worships capitalism the way marxists worshipped communism. His form libertarian includes that he opposes the government regulation of pornography. It is a wonder why the Pope of Rome and bishops allow so many dissident priests on both far left and far right, unless they are dissidents too.

  11. To finish-unfortunately there are few if any who are willing and the political system becomes more corrupt by the day. We now have, essentially, one party and without a radical change it is unlikely we will pull away from the fascist cliff we are now plunging toward. I see little hope without Divine intervention or a new revolution, hopefully a peaceful one.
    The US has in the past century forgotten her roots and the tree of Liberty is nearly dead. We may need to chop it down and plant a new one

  12. I fully agree that capitalism is the answer for freedom economically. The issue is that we have never had a truly free market system in this nation, or any for that matter. what we have is corporatism and that is a system that is grossly unjust.
    There is a need for statesmen who will refuse graft and bribes from lobbyists and who have a willingness to revamp the legal benefits granted to corporations that exclude or make it prohibitively expensive for entrepreneurs to compete successfully.

  13. when the free market offers true freedom to work hard for alot of money and help those who are weaker to earn just as much then will have morals. being intelligent is no excuse to limit those with limits

  14. Monopolies do not like capitalism. To them competition is a sin. So why are the ones who try to stop them called socialist and commies?

  15. Voluntary exchange to mutual gain and (justly acquired) private property are prerequisites of a free, moral, and peaceful society.

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