17 thoughts on “Iranians Stand Up To Islamist Woman Who's Trying To Force Her Ideology On Others

  1. So awesome. 😂 I wish Iranian people could be free of those awful Mullahs and psychotic niqabis. Such a great nation of so many to be so repressed by so few. It's a crying shame.

  2. Zanike ajooze mige khodetoon ray dadin. Beine ye mosht akhoondo akhoond parast entekhab hesab nemishe. Be in migan ray dadan? Bezar shahzadeh reza pahlavi va adamaye democrate vagheyi dige too entekhabat bashan bad mibini divaneye bi shakhsiat. Be mardom migan bi gheyrat. Vaghean che rooyi daran ina. Avvalan ke zire zolme jomhorooye eslami zendegi kardan mage gheyrat ja mizare vase adama? Bi ensafin, na mardin, bi gheyratin, bi sharafin, va be esme din dozdi mikonin, be khodetoon hagham midin. In akhare evile.

  3. So proud of these Iranians. Peace can't come until people have freedom OF and FROM religion. You shouldn't be beaten to death for not wearing a certain religions attire. That's sick.

  4. For that islamist woman mind ur own fucking busniss cuz we all know u give ur hole 2 relegious man and suck it u islamist bitch

  5. From Tunisia : All support to Iranian ladies Against Mollah ideology, During and before 70's Iran was a model to follow

  6. This video shows how amazing the Iranian people are at their hearts… They all stood up for the rights of this brave woman. The regime is full of Arabized morons.

  7. We will rid ourselves of this miserable ideology of an immoral bedouin that has held this part of the world back for so long.

  8. Fuck islamic retards of iran, the country was great even without islam! Make iran free once more! Fuck islamic govenrment!

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