Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

  1. Presumably, the trial in the Senate will be televised. Chief Justice John Roberts will preside and may set limits on who can testify. Roberts seems like a fair-minded guy and will probably give the Republicans leeway in calling witnesses. If that happens, Biden will be toast, and Trump will credibly claim to have acted within his Constitutionally-granted powers.

  2. That's fine .. If the Democrats are angry now wait until the 2020 elections they're really going to be pissed off. I will never support anything Democrat or liberal again. To me the word "Democrat" will forever mean "Anti America" .

  3. The funny part is they pay these liberal comment trolls to come to conservative sites and post nonsense. It's not working. Come Nov 2020 there won't be many democrats left in government and President Trump will still be President. . So your money is wasted

  4. FOX the propaganda Trump channel never stop lying they know that thier viewers are uneducate and stupid so they lie and lie. People go watch the real news. Stop been stupid

  5. Fox, American version of Tv Rwanda during the genocide……You're a huge joke and an excuse of a media organization!

  6. It’s hard to believe that you can find people that will even go on tv and co-sign on everything that POTUS does. I’m embarrassed for this lady.

  7. Another delusional MOUTH piece for the propaganda of HATEFUL Ignorance & delusional Beliefs. Shut up you Liar !
    when the high priests of the Trump administration assembled to toast Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepping down as press secretary after more than two years in the White House. Drinks flowed beneath sparkling chandeliers as Sanders’s predecessor, Sean Spicer, mugged for the camera in the presence of eight current cabinet members, a couple dozen White House staffers, and a few congressional leaders to raise a glass to Sanders. The 100-plus attendees were also, of course, paying tribute to the venue’s owner, Donald Trump, who has refused to divest his stake in the Trump International Hotel or his other businesses. As the president gave a brief speech honoring his outgoing staffer, an estimated $5,000 to $7,000 made its way to his hotel’s coffers. (A person with knowledge of the event thought Sanders and her husband picked up the tab.) Nearby, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, smiled. With a 7.425% stake in the hotel, she has reported more than $7.8 million in income over the past two years from the Trump DC property alone.

    During the Clinton years, farewell parties had always been held in the White House, according to a former official, and they were “always nonextravagant.” But this is the new normal in Washington. Nearly three years after Trump’s election and the subsequent hand-wringing over the president’s eagerness to accept money from, well, anybody, his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel is so ensconced as a DC power hot spot that it might as well have been part of Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s original plan for the city. For an endless stream of lobbyists, GOP operatives, far right media personalities, tourists, and foreign officials, the Trump International Hotel is the epicenter of the MAGA universe. The favor trading and payola may be more brazen than ever. And yet the whiff of scandal is off. Legal attempts to brand Trump’s command of the hotel as emoluments violations seem unlikely to be resolved during this term, and it’s rare to see a protest outside the hotel other than projecting phrases like “felons welcome here” across the façade. The day after the Sanders party, Playbook reported on the event like any other social gathering. (“SPOTTED…President Donald Trump (who stopped by after a fundraiser to offer a brief toast), Ivanka Trump, Energy Secretary Rick Perry…”)

    But of course, the Trump DC hotel is no regular hot spot. For the past two years, I have been staking out the Old Post Office Building, sometimes in person, often on social media, for my newsletter, 1100 Pennsylvania, in which I track who is pouring money into the president’s coffers. The night of Sanders’s send-off, for example, Spicer also posed in the lobby for a photo with a Nigerian dignitary, Dr. Christian Nwachukwu. A few days later, Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would also appear at the hotel, conducting an interview from a signature suite, following in the footsteps of the former Nigerian vice president, Atiku Abubakar, who also stopped by in the homestretch of his campaign for president. Abubakar lost, but claimed election fraud and hired U.S. lobbyists to get the Trump administration to become involved. While it hasn’t contested the results, the U.S. State Department did slap visa restrictions on unnamed Nigerian politicians ”believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining democracy.”⁠ Abubakar, in turn, said those sanctions vindicated his allegations.⁠

  8. Bill Taylor has given 50 years service to your country including a stiint in Vietnam and Ambassadorships since the Reagan era. He came out of retirement for the Ukraine role, reluctantly, at the request of Pompeo. He is clearly a very honorable man and his testimony is detailed and damning. You are really now trying to smear his reputation? If you were on a jury would you believe him or your president? I bet most of you haven't even read his opening statement. It is disgraceful what the US has become….

  9. Is this a news network or just a network of cry baby opinions from people who only want to hesr what they want. There just as bad as other news agency's, just that they "have" to defend Trump no matter what or Trump gets mad at them. Your right in his back pocket

  10. Anyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows that if they had anything impeachable they would be on every media station in the nation! It’s obvious they have nothing so they’re having fake hearings hoping there’s enough STUPID Americans to believe he did something,anything,whatever….So he’d lose votes! SORRY LIBERALS AMERICAS ARE SMARTER THAN THAT!

  11. Aliens will come in 2028 that's when our future begins towards unity, YRK will be the next president in 9 more years

  12. Fox talks too much. It's been years, not a single dem and clear corrupted Dems etc etc indicted or in jail. If you can't prosecute don't talk too much.

  13. Some can build a wall in Colorado  against illegal Mexicans and not be diagnosed with dementia.
    Moscow Agent Governing America

  14. The people have done their part they elected a non connected person that can’t be controlled by the corrupt politicians and it’s time for the people to rise up and tell the truth. The corrupt politicians better get the hell out before they are hung shot stabbed or worse. By the people. We aren’t going to sit back much longer Our patience are mighty thin and the corrupt politicians will pay very soon

  15. There is no conspiracy Laura and the only thing they need to take down if your ugly face, With your boyish body. This nothing feminine about you, it's like you're rock

  16. No, "Fox News coordinated effort to take down democracy by spewing meaningless conspiration nonsense about a deep state, that does not exist"

  17. Trumps white house controlled fake Fox propaganda entertainment network is pushing out the old deep state BS for all his trumptarded dumbed down brain damaged cult following white nationalist trumplicans to drink up like a glass of his orange Kool Aid

  18. Oh right. It's the deep state is it? lol Sure it is, because that's something that really exists! lol Delusional stuff.

  19. Facts don't matter when it comes to Fox and the halfwits who watch it. I can only assume that reporters don't believe what they are saying, however money talks and when an unbiased, impartial person representing good (Rupert Murdoch) runs the show there is little wonder that Fox promotes and supports the Devil. trump, the affront to humanity and overt criminal still has blondes on Fox supporting him. %99 of the planet wouldn't be able to sleep at night having sold their soul so badly for a pay check.

  20. Right, Bill Taylor has no credibility whatsoever. Ingraham however, who is totally deeply involved in the government would know wouldn't she?

  21. Trump hater's suffer from Trump derangement syndrome and hatred and malice by leftwing wicked MSM. President Trump is the best President turning US to sanity.

  22. Trump is done his days in the office is over now its pick a new guy republicans please hurry up you can still salvage the next term

  23. The Damocrats are working for Hillary, the biggest liar on the planet, (bigger than Schiff) who is also a witch. This is what is going on- Pelosi is a troll, Schiff is a Soroa munchkin, and the rest are zombies. The U.S. government needs an exorcism.

  24. Unbelievably biased, starting with the title of the video. Conspiracy theories spread by a national "news" network.

  25. ALMOST as coordinated as Trump and Putin scheme in Ukraine, that scam was set in place in Helsinki and behind closed doors with no witnesses, so Laura, how is that going to get light of day to be made clean, now discuss and defend Queen Hippocrite! Blam!

  26. Deep State, DC server in Ukraine, Obama not born in the US, wire taps in Trump Towers, phony emoluments clause, investigating the investigators Fiction for the Trump 38% fed spoonfuls and eaten up by masses that can suspend truth and facts in their minds. Truth and facts have no relevance when it comes to the worship of a demagogue. Time and distance brings clarity.


  28. More Trump propaganda from Fox "News." Oh, Bill Taylor's a member of the deep state too now? I also think Trump is a criminal, does that make me a member of the deep state? It's the perfect excuse – anybody or anything that disagrees with Trump must be deep state, right? Damnit, I used to like Fox News and even Laura Ingraham, but now I can barely watch it without being disgusted by all the pro-Trump spin and lies.

  29. All this is an attempt to fool the people in hopes that after all this nonsense they will be reluctant to vote for Trump for a 2nd term. Funny thing is it'll probably just backfire on them😂

  30. Isn't it time for Republican leaders to send out their next round of talking points to a bicameral Congress addressing how to lie effectively on Trump's behalf? Seems a little late.

  31. Taylor just testified to Congress there was a quid pro quo. This supports the testimony of other witnesses and documents.

  32. Deep state… didn't recognize her without the tinfoil hat. Oh right, Alex jones is borrowing it ! These dumb asses are hilarious.

  33. I am in the deep state. I was indoctrinated into the deep state while in the Air force. I took an oath to protect the Constitution and thats how it starts . You see, the deep state is american decency and honesty and generosity. The heart of the Nation., Its the better part of us good and incorruptible by an any one President. It won't lie, cheat or steal for Trump. They learned about that in Sunday school. The deep state will resist tyranny. It has to. Many in the civil and foreign service, like me, took the oath as well. It does not say protect this president or that one, It says protect the United States. Trump is like a painful boil on the Nations body, and the deep state in the immune system of the Nation.I think at last count the deep state could more than half the country. The deep state does not have take down trump. As with so many dictators and one a be's, All his wounds are self inflected. The deep state is just cleaning up.

  34. My wife, who runs the house, votes to impeach me every day for articles of clothing (slobbery). So what, it dies in the bedroom (my senate). And she keeps reelecting me. Dont worry, Trump2020.

  35. Deep state, Coup, Set up, a Sham, a Hoax. CONSPIRACY THEORIES [email protected] The Rich white entitled Christian male claims that his rights are being oppressed… I know, I know, I know… "Fake news", "Fake news"

  36. Fox and trumpers need to open their eyes. They will find that their tongue if not in an icecream sundae, but trapped up an orange crack

  37. Trump doesn’t have any of his original cabinet left. His ability to “hire the best people” doesn’t seem to be true either

  38. Angle is right. Because she does not stand for truth – continual attempts to manipulate the drugged unthinking masses.
    Perhaps she is bionic and they unplug her and put her in the corner until her next show. How else can she spew out such
    falsity, innuendo , untruths etc. over and over and over. Souless , for sure.

  39. When they drag trump out, I hope they do it in "Hannibal Lecter style"?
    -appropriate for the season, appropriate for the crimes!

  40. Bigfoot isn't real, neither are chemtrails, the Earth is not flat, Elvis is not alive, and the "deep state" exists only in the fetid imaginations of Trump cultists.

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