In a society that worships women what are we to do?

In a society that worships women what are we to do?

hello hey what's up Oh unfortunately had to delete some of my old videos because I think I was running out of space because I could only make the video for like 20 minutes or something so I decided oh well I'm just gonna go ahead and delete some of them I mean I didn't delete them off youtube I just leave them off the device so yeah so if actually something would have happened all my videos were to be gone then probably be so I probably just had to make new ones but anyway it doesn't matter I mean I could make new videos all the time but I'm back again and got my lovely assistant at me yeah she doesn't talk much but anyways um I was reading something again I'm kind of excited today kind of happy no people ain't no it's funny cuz like a lot of people feel like you're an insult but you're so happy I said I because look I'm gonna tell you why I have come to the conclusion that women just don't like me and I say you know what I don't care and I mean it takes a long time to get to that point weird to say I don't care because it's a i'ma tell you something it takes a true man to admit you know that he's just not to catch a littering you know I know my hair might be crazy right now yeah I've been anyway on yeah I mean it takes a real man in my opinion to admit that he's not you know to catch you know that all the women want I mean it's how you deal with it I have my opinions how you deal with it that determines you know how strong of a man you are you know I got two diploma I just don't care anymore I mean I mean I got I got this doll here she satisfies me as far as my sexual needs and and cuddling and stuff I mean I don't think she can't talk to me but as far as sexual needs and and cuddling you know cuz it's not always about it's not all about sex with me cuz some people just think they put term sex doll together and they think oh you got a problem no I just I'm just lonely well without her I'm lonely because before I had her I could sleep at night I could do anything I was just it was a miserable man but now I felt a lot better about myself you know case you're just tuning in I'm in the bathroom because this is the only place I can get good lighting I go out in the living room it's just like you can't even see me it's like I don't know this this device for some reason I just the settings made it brighter it this is the only place I can get good lighting you can actually see me because people have complained I can't see you anyway I kind of digress but let me let me go and was gonna bring up the topic um I don't know if interview for me with honey badger brigade basically it's like a group of people that are there they're interested in you know and men's rights you know and boys rights you know people's rights you know that did have well mainly men and boys really because a lot of times people don't really care not in today's society about men and boys I hate to say it but I mean they do but it's not is it's not as I don't want to say this it's not as talking about as it should be I don't want my video demonetized or for a copyright infringement but basically this I forgot her name his name is Alice her name is Allison something I can't remember but um this is the videos to one at the top it I saw trust my history and you can look at all look at none crazy when I was just a truck I was looking at oh but it's the one and get my finger in the screen right here the one at the top and if you saw it right here you have that one um it says women should be drafted men's right victory for eco response Oh responsibilities I did it didn't come all the way through but anyway um I was she was basically I'm a reiterate I'm not gonna say exactly cuz I'm not trying to copy what she was saying but she has some really good points in so many words because she was saying that um it's like you know she believes that women should have you know they if they have the right to vote they should have the right to be drafted as well and I agree I mean I mean think that is the case now in modern society but you know and they found that women are fully capable of being soldiers and I say I totally agree Odette to go and I worked on Navy vessels for five years I met a lot of Navy women that were very strong very strong like I'm talking about a product I beat the crap out of a dude and I was like wow and I wasn't like oh I mean I not they're not out of fear but I wasn't gonna pick a fight with him I don't way I don't pick a fight with nobody but I wouldn't really want to fight now let's put it that way you know and all right they were really nice but you know I mean they were thick and muscular and strong and I'm talking about as far as a woman's body's not not bodybuilder like you know damn women I got to walk around I did not I'm talking about their like their bodies were very fit or how you would put it and I've seen him lifting heavy stuff and I'm like wow you know like I mean stuff that I can lift that's no problem that they can lift them there's no problem – and I'm thinking so that did harder let me know I'm thinking so why would we keep talking about they're weak and they're pressed I'm like I never figured that out you know I'm just kind of added my twist to it especially was just basically talking about being drafted and how you know society doesn't really view men being drafted as a problem but it it views women being drafted as a problem because they claim they don't want to see mothers suffer they said well you know I look I look at it you know like how she was looking at it well what's the difference between fathers suffering – because a family unit is a mother and a father well I mean if you're homosexual a mother and a mother and the father and the father well I'm not going down that route but I'm just saying you need two parents to raise a child I'll just put it that way okay now me personally I mean I feel a man and a woman to raise a child but that's just my personal opinion I'm not going down that route because I don't want nobody trying to attack me don't want some oh well you're homophobic no I'm not homophobic I got friends at a home dead ur dead are all homosexual you know you know men and women that are I have men and I have male and female friends they're homosexual you know I mean it doesn't bother me I mean it's just their preference I mean hey it is what it is um but what the reason why I said that is because I mean that's just how I feel because you need at least to pick two parents to raise a child in my opinion you know whether you believe you know and you know men and men and women and women are men and women or whatever you believe still you were still because if you think about it you have to have one's the breadwinner and one to take care of a child where the did you regardless of gender at this point so I'm thinking this in this case um you know what's the difference you know in men suffering in combat and women suffered in combat that's my opinion I mean if you join the military it is the equal effort you know everyone has to do their part you can't slack on your part everyone has to do their part regardless of your job is small or big you have to do your part because every job and every part is very important and I was I was never in the military but I was a civilian working with military personnel and I found out I learned a lot because I found out that every job is part is very very important and every job has a purpose you know because you know when you know you have to do certain things that are required you know for well I don't know how I want to put it well when you're doing certain things that you know require a person to do you know what require a group effort press but to make it simple because I was gonna use some term in the military terminology I'm gonna just use something make it simple um anyway when you when you have a group effort um regardless of gender everyone has to do their part because it makes it more successful because anything could happen you know if you have a lacking if you have a break in communication or lacking communication or something that's not you know being done properly you know many things people like be lost you know and it's just so much that I would like to talk about today and I'm trying to make this video boring but I mean you know it's kind of a rough start but you know I don't know it's like I have my thoughts together before I made before I was gonna make the video and then when I make the video it's like I kind of forget something that's why I need a right bullet point so I can remember everything but you know I have come to the conclusion that it seems that women in society are worshipped and men are just there just to be there you know we're here because we're here you know that's that's what it seems like because I just don't understand in so many cases when I was talk about you know instances when no I talked about my rejection and how I was rejected by women and life just you know was going down for me it seems like no one really cared everyone was like okay you're a man just suck it up I'm like what kind of encouragement is that I mean that's like just just like putting a band-aid over a severed moon like you have a really bad wound I'm just putting a bandaid on it and you need stitches you know it's like you know you need someone to help encourage you someone to take your mind off of what's going on the problem and they're just saying oh just suck it up be a man I'm like I don't understand that you know and yet a woman complains about something and the whole world stops and goes to see what she needs I'm like I can't figure it out like to me it just seems so backwards and it's just like I don't understand it like this is going back to what I was saying about you know when she was saying it you know it's it seems the society thinks it is okay for men to suffer you know but it's not okay for women to suffer and as far as drafting is concerned and I thought about that you know because she was saying that some of the men come back you know amputees they have missing fingers missing legs missing toes missin you know sometimes their face is deformed you know sometime they lose their mind they forget who they are and it's just a lot of things happen and for some reason it's like that's just more acceptable that's more acceptable than watching a woman go through those things I'm thinking I don't think that's necessarily the case because anyone and everyone should have the right to vote to have the right to fight for their country you know I mean everyone could join military what I'm saying as far as the draft is concerned you know I just never figured that out and didn't this is another thing I found out back and I think world's World War two I think like I said this one town I wanted one of my older videos I was doing research about it and I found out that on the women back in the days like like men that were drafted and stuff and the men that weren't drafted like you know that or they you know weren't picked for the draft or they weren't I guess good enough or I don't know the term that would be used but I just know that that um you know I found out back in them days back in those days they wonder with joke on those men and they would they would you know put him down and and attacked her self-confidence and I don't think they will put like a white feather on her hat or something indicating today were they were a weak man or something like that and and I was just trying to figure out I'm thinking why did Society for so many years why did he beat men down so much I just never figured that out I mean they just do it willfully like it's like it's no big deal I'm thinking that's that's a lot of times why does a lot of men out there committing suicide you know and actually saw some research that actually men commit suicide more than women do and that made me think about something I said I wonder why is that the case I thought about it and thought about it I thought about so you know what I think I figured her out because society is constantly putting their foot on me and just putting them down putting them down pushing them down pushing them down and the man is he's trying to get some footing and the society is constantly pressing him down like this he's trying to fight back and he's like I don't know what to do then here comes his wife and everything is falling apart and he loses his job everything goes down his wife says the one is supposed to be there for him she goes well you're not making enough money so I'm gonna divorce you he's like and then he loses her and then he's like wow I have nothing else to live for and then that's usually one of the suicidal thoughts come and they just killed themselves I mean I wouldn't recommend killing yourself but they're in you know the sad part about it there actually are some men out there and women out there that will say go ahead kill yourself quit jump off the bridge go ahead they encourage it like I mean it's ridiculous because I mean I've talked with people that didn't understand like the end cell or TfL or rejection or whatever you want to call it and there was a lot of people didn't you know they've even told me this like you know I've said well I have trouble getting a woman and you know it's really hard for me I'm 28 years old never kissed a girl never had a girlfriend never had sex you know nothing like that you know I wanted it but you know it is what it is I mean I don't let it bother me anymore but only reason why I'll talk about this it's because there's so many men that go through this and for some reason no one wants to speak up so I'm thinking well I'll step forward now speak up cuz I got the balls to do it not standard men don't but a lot of guys don't want to admit that you know they're rejected I will gladly admit it because I say you know what I'm a man and I know what I stand for you know but I have talked to many people who didn't understand the you know – for slowness or or in sales and voluntary and celibate you don't know and they actually told me oh you can't get a woman why don't you just go kill yourself I'm like don't kill myself how does that solve the problem then I said well just one less loser to worry about I'm like one less loser to worry but do you hear yourself so I've come to the realization that like I was watching on Monday FA I think it's you know mine AF fake fa stands forever alone yeah I watched some of his videos too because he really he you know I'm I got mad respect for this man because he's in his 40s and he's going through the same thing so because I mean so many people keep saying oh we're you get older it'll go away I'm thinking he's the perfect example of what you're saying is not true because he's like in his forties and he has trouble getting a woman you know yeah the kids have girlfriends he has have he's he has have had girlfriends before but the thing is that many of thing was like 1 or 2 or something and I'm thinking well at least he had that much you know I haven't had any so I mean this is what I mean I'm talking about I desperately tried and when was I oh you're too short you're too weird you too creepy you're too nice you do this you did I don't like you know I'm gonna say it all the time my videos I'm just giving you an example as to why they say no and then some people say we'll stop being creepy it is just like just I mean if you watch his videos I mean if you haven't watched his videos you need to check him out cuz he hits the histor nail he hits it right on the nail seriously because he uses that you know the generic term like you know that most people don't get it just take a shower bro just shave bro just I mean I'm not trying to take his words but it's is the same thing I've been hearing just take a shower I shower every day what are you talking about what just do this but I do that what are you talking about or just okay alright wonderful I mean I just don't understand like they just don't know what to do so they just make up some generic excuses – oh why you're not getting anyone and they know well some of them actually know the real reason but they don't want to admit it because I don't want to be lumped in the same group as us they the problem is I'm gonna say 90% of the time is women are too picky no women are gonna disagree but that's the truth in my opinion because what I don't understand is a lot of women I even talk to son they want the bad boy and then wants the bad boy screws her brains out you know this she has a couple of kids and she gains weight she gets depressed she eats herself into diabetes then she wants to turn around and date a nice guy and I'm thinking and I'm looking at her like you want to date me no thanks I'm sorry I wanted you when before you got to that point I don't I don't want a single mother you know now I get a lot of flack with that too because like who tells them why should I want a single mother I don't want to take care of other man's kids that's what's wrong with a single mother if that man is not in those kids lives and you're not with him I would say why are you not with him she said why can't stand him I said well why did you have sex when in the first place why did you get pregnant by him if you knew you couldn't stand him because he was a bad boy or a thug why did you have sex with him why did you have a kid with him and then I get mad at me I'm aware you get mad at me for I'm asking you a question didn't change the subject and then their ultimate and their best excuse or the two best excuse or best saw answer is you just hate women or you're gay I'm like what does that got to do with anything we just talked about a b2b I find it it's kind of funny in the sense because it's like they have nothing else to say so I just you hate women and you're gay I'm like first of all if I hate it when if I hate it women I wouldn't be talking to you secondly if I was gay I could care less if you know if you know about the you know problems in the dating scene I'm actually concerned because it's affecting a lot of men and no one cares no one gives a crap and I'm like how long is this gonna go on before society just breaks cuz I mean you gotta think about the 8020 rule if 80% of women only want the top 20% of men eventually society is gonna just be like what the heck cuz eventually there's just gonna be a lot of lonely men out there to just say I'm gonna have anybody and cuz I just gonna just kind of say Oh just deal with it and I'm like hmm well I've been dealing with this for a very long time I've gotten used to being by myself and having the possibility of ever being forever alone and possibly never finding a woman but I mean that's not a really a big deal or concern with me right now what my concern is night right now is what's gonna happen when more than half of the male population is single because women don't want them what's gonna happen din now I mean women always talking about you know oh guy men are rapists they're they're they're terrible people well okay you can say that but um what I'm trying to figure out is well if men are such bad men and such horrible people in that rapist what's gonna happen when when I was talking about that analogy what most of the men are not really seeing anybody because they're not good enough in woman's eyes what's gonna happen in I think the rape is going to get worse I'm just saying I'm hoping it doesn't but I'm thinking it's gonna get worse because there gonna be some men out there is gonna be angry and they're gonna be frustrated now I know I was angry and frustrated in my in my life now that I have to stall here it really helps me you know release the frustration what about those men did don't have the money to afford one of these dolls and they have no female contact whatsoever now I mean I know she's just a doll but she's in the form of a female so I consider her a female female contact even though she's not but you know she's soft and you know she feels like a real person you know so you know she you know she's very soft and you know you know stuff like I'm just demonstrating you know you know some people to think it's creepy when I'm thanks creepy but I mean you know is she's well now I was gonna sit now I'm not gonna say that god I want my channel get demonetized they doing that a lot lately but anyways um it's just like you know I just don't get it like it's like men are just thrown under the bus and no one cares like I told you a lot of you about my my past experiences with women falsely accusing me of stuff one falsely accused me of sexual harassment and one falsely accused me of rape one accused me of stalking and actually a lot of women accused me of being just a creepy person like I didn't think that I could get in trouble for being too creepy but apparently you can I don't know I mean I know I might come off as being creepy because I'm anti-social I just don't like talking to people it's just how I've always been because people have always treated me bad when I tried to be nice to people they've always stabbed me in the back so that's why I don't try to talk to people that much I may speak say hey are you doing but as far as conversation goes like if you try to start up a conversation I probably walk away because I don't want to want to talk to you like that no it's the only real reason why I speak to people that I don't know is because I try to show myself friendly because I don't want to come off as being a douchebag or an asshole or a person that just doesn't want to talk to people you know but I try to be as nice as possible but you know I don't know people just come off as you're creepy okay um what is the old saying go if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all yeah you might want to you wanna you might want to adhere to that but people they just you know they want to say whatever they want to say I mean okay we're in 2019 I understand that you know I got safe spaces and places you know and you know they're trying to shoot down free speech I mean you can say whatever you want I understand it but I'm talking about a light as far as being rude I mean I don't think you should be rude you know like a person is crippled in a wheelchair you shouldn't go up to them and say hi you can't walk ha you shouldn't do that that's dust that's rude you know a person has a face or deformity say wow do you kiss your mother with that mouth while you're ugly you're very ugly you know you don't do stuff like that's just rude you know I mean some people don't care but I mean it's just rude but however for some reason for like two guys like you know that are forever alone or rejected or in cells they think it's Terp totally perfectly okay to joke on our our relationship status I'm like that's not cool you know because I mean I can't think of how many women I've been that does does call me a loser like you know to my face and I'm thinking loser like I don't understand I'm self-sufficient I have my own place I have my own truck I mean I'm surviving out here by myself you know everything is going good why am i loser I can't forget can you answer that why am i losing and they just get there and go oh because you can't get laid so you're losing I'm like no I'm not a losers because of that I'm not a loser period the people out there they can't get a job don't want to get a job they've been locked up for so many years to do their life away and pretty much are a lost cause and they don't want to work and they don't want to do anything but just sit and smoke drugs just do drugs and stuff those are losers and they won't even consider them a loser thing if they're getting late which i think is stupid because i mean if you don't have anything to contribute to society but just you know having sex with women and getting them pregnant that's a loser in my opinion I mean whether you get women or not if you if you're not doing anything if you don't want to do it now I'm not talking about people this unemployed lost a job they're like whatever I'm not talking about that I'm talking about there's people I know people they don't want to do anything like I've tried to give them applications you know working with me like you know driving trucks is it well you know hey you might not have a CDL but I mean I can hire you to wash my truck or something cuz I mean technically I'm calm a contract to do the company so I can you can get hired on through the company and I can pay you and they can pay you and whatever like that I'm good I'm good okay so I said well you and work at 7-eleven or so try to get my application for that it no I'm good at my well why do you beg for money I saw it did dawned on me because that's their job they just begged for money they don't want to do a job they don't want to work a traditional job they want to sit and do nothing drink beer and smoke cigarettes all day I'm like I smoke weed occasionally I'm like bro to us that's not good you know it's not good for your system of course he doesn't care but you know now a dead guy I would consider a loser now I hate to call her knee what a loser but that guy I would consider loser cuz he doesn't want to do anything I've tried numerous times to help him I mean I've taken him to places to sign up signed application i sat there the whole time and let him fill out all the information because he have a car he wanted license I have nothing and yet this dude still has a girlfriend I'm thinking he wears the same clothes every day he walks where he walks everywhere he needs to go either that or his girlfriend 'taken I'm thinking how does this man have a girlfriend how and she ain't been looking either I mean she's not a beauty queen but she's decent I'm stealing scale to 1 to 10 she's probably a 4 or 5 you know I mean she's you know she's pretty decent I'm thinking hmm and I'm thinking how does he have a girlfriend I'm working and being successful and I have nothing nothing and women are not even interested in me that's just strange this guy looks like a serial killer you look at him on the street like I I mean I'm not gonna say any names but you might know the guy but he walks everywhere he just you know he has that thug like man it's cool that I don't go yeah well he got he has that kind of hard so like mentality so I'm thinking that's how he has a girlfriend if he had the same person how does me he would have nobody but he has that kind of yeah yeah man calling girls names you know stuff that they shouldn't be called you know so you know I'm just I'm sorry I was just thinking because hmm excuse me but yeah I'm I'm thinking because that has to be the reason I can't think of anything else there's a baby's regularly because I mean sometime well one but at one time in particular when I used to pick him up and try to take him to find a job he should smell bad I'm not even a lot to smell basic smell like cigarettes weed and and like sweat and old clothes that's what used to smell like I'm thinking oh gosh stinks you know but um he wasn't trying to do anything yet people say oh he's fine but they're called me a loser I'm like I don't get that I really don't it don't make sense to me like seriously like like do you get that also I had to ask some common I know cuz it was good born so I did kind of spice it up a little bit well anyway uh laugh with me that was me hands plane but no but it's just like you know I just don't get it and like I read I read that a little article for you and out of the video when this person was going crazy Thomason if you have a sex doll or a love doll or some type of mannequin or something like that you know it's the same as being a serial killer I was like what I mean I couldn't take it says I had to laugh cuz I could not take it serious I'm like you gotta be kidding me you have to be kidding me so you you you equate a person that has a love doll or sex doll or whatever you want to call it or a mannequin are Barbie doll whatever I'm some people call you got a job or a bird or a boy yeah you guys what you want to call it I mean no she's more realistic than the Barbie doll doll you can actually you know I have sex with her we're not gonna go into detail like I said I want my video being to monetize and that's why I always have clothes on it cuz her body is an anatomically correct has she has nipples and everything you know a vagina anus everything she has everything so I'm not gonna show this on camera because I'm not let my video get demonetised and yes it feels very good but anyway I'm just saying like you know I was just saying this because they claim oh well if you have a doll you have a problem no problem what kind of problem they'd be like oh well you're just crazy I'm like okay you want to call me crazy that's just your opinion you don't know me okay what else oh well um your rapist rapist what like huh I don't want to break nobody I don't want to kill nobody we've told them circular I want to kill about it now I'll tell you what the only way I would kill somebody as if you kill somebody in my family I'm coming for you I'm getting my revenge I'm coming for you I'm gonna get you but if you haven't done anything to me why would I want to do something like that doesn't make sense to me I I just don't understand like they have to group you know it like like I was making the video and somebody um was claiming that you know they you know they like to paint in sales would have brought you know what the like a narrow brush you know and try to just say that all of them are just you know like this and I see you know what that's very true because they got all different types of people out here that you know I reject it you know and I mean it's just a part of life you know I'm it's a part of life but you know everyone gets rejected you know in some way or another but the problem is excessive rejection is what a problem really happens what I mean excessive rejection like is it's more than is not natural okay every man is gonna get rejected in his life you know he's approaching women he's gonna get rejected at some point in his life doesn't normally but for him to get rejected all the time by every woman he's ever talked to and every woman he continued to talk to and it happens over and over and over and over again and women constantly shaming him and tell him he's nothing telling him he's a loser and he's garbage and he's not man he's not man enough to to be with her and all this kind of stuff I mean eventually that you I mean if you're told this long enough eventually you're gonna start to believe it you know cuz you're gonna start to say what dang something really must be wrong with me you know and then that's when self-hate comes in but I used to hate myself but look any in sales out here any forever alone and he rejects or whatever you want to call yourselves do not hate yourself because that is what women in society wants you to do they want you to hate yourself so you can kill yourself so it's one less person to worry about because I will tell you that they will tell you that they'll be like just go curious so let's go jump off a bridge because one of us lose we have to worry about doctor they tell they've been telling me it's four years and I and I was dumb enough to actually be listening to them just as negativity and I thought to myself what are you doing these people are stupid don't listen to them they want to see you fall you know why because more women for them go figure see I'm trying to wake you up here any in cells forever long reject whatever gonna call yourself t-fal whatever listen to me listen to me listen to me carefully when a person says you were losers just smile and say they don't know what you're talking about it too immature to understand you know when a person calls you names just think about something funny and laugh in their face come tell you something when a person tries to embarrass you or try to call you a loser or call you something laugh in their face and see how to respond they won't know how to don't know what did you have like it's like it's like a defense mechanism I do take that's funny might huh oh I ain't worried about y'all think about some funny what are you talking about he said it didn't they're gonna be like they they're not gonna respond telling you when you were when you ignore it like that now I know it may hurt you it might actually hurt you but if you give off the persona that it that you're ignoring it but you're not even thing about it I've issued they've got any gonna know what they're doing I'm gonna just leave you alone because there's like let's not hurt let me stop bothering them so you know that's what you got to do in a situation like that you know oh nice my neighbor's dog is barking again yeah I want to get them one of those little shock collar thingies each time the dog barks it shocks the crap no you could turn turn up or down to voltage it doesn't kill him or nothing to just yeah like what was that bark in part ain't right 800 I got a stop barking Bart ain't just keep zapping oh maybe like oh shoot and the richer they stop barking cuz the Cape they don't like that feeling because it Richard they're gonna realize in their mind okay I'm getting I'm feeling this pain because I'm barking let me stop barking so you know it's not I'm lighting it well I wouldn't turn all the way up cuz you might hurt the little thing but you know if you put on my level one it did they just feel you know a little zap you know it's like out what's that you know it's like it's just like um some little buzzers to people put in their hands when you shake it part of their wow you know I was like Daddy ain't nothing's gonna actually hurt you up put you in a hospital but now some people think it's animal cruelty it's not it's not really animal cruelty because some dogs just don't know how to stop barking they just in this case stop low shoot and just like turn into like a little generator or someone in the world anyway I get off topic but no serious time I won't try to make you laugh a little bit cuz anyone that's for having a bad day or feeling sad put a smile on your face put a smile on your face be cheerful and just think hey it ain't the end of the world you know just constantly focus on this if you don't ever get in a woman it ain't end of the world and sure up because eventually they're gonna figure about women and you don't have to worry about that see so you're gonna win regardless because in the future when they make robot women I mean they're making them now but I'm talking about like when they get more advanced to the point when it can actually move around go right now their head can move and their eyes can move in their mouth can move and it can talk to you and it can have like you know good conversations and they can actually recognize you like cuz I have cameras and eyes so they can see you and say hey let hello John hello Bob I'm just using this as an example they can recognize you and see you and know that you're Bob and you're John you know or you're Sally or whoever you know I'm just using these random names just you know for differentiate the identities of the person that the robot can actually recognize but on in the future they're gonna get more events and they're gonna get even more events and there are a lot of women out there that are trying to get these dolls at a robot's band now in Britain right now there's this lady I can't think of her name but she's trying to get all six dolls all love dolls band like these dolls like like her they're trying to get all of them banned I don't know why I really don't know why because well I know her reason but that's not a good enough reason she claims it objectifies women I'm like okay how many dildos you got that objectifies meant what I mean I don't really think so I don't think anything really objectify as a person like because they have male sex dolls too like like you can get a male sex doll with a penis you know and you can get it as long or big or whatever you want you know you get a female sex whatever China all different types you know fat slim whatever you get them thick curvy big hips little hips small tits big tits you know oh whatever you can get them any kind of way you want you know you can get like I said you that's why I'm using this it's an example like I don't understand she's Thomas somebody objectify wants okay what about no male sex dolls and they're like Dan her excuse was because at first she didn't know they had no sex no then when she finally had male sex doll did she say well it's gonna it's gonna interrupt the normal relationships that humans have with each other I'm thinking what are you talking about oh yeah I'm sitting here looking at this like I'm sure okay I'm trying to be a mature adult about this and I'm like what is this lady talking about what is she talking about what is she talking about cuz I don't get it I'm like what is she talking about you know cuz it's like okay alright I don't think anyone can really be objectified unless they allowed himself to be now let me repeat that I don't think anyone can be objectified unless they allow themselves to be because I mean that's for men and women because check it out that's what I feel because women always claiming like oh you men are objectifying us I said okay how you always tearing our boobs and staring our ass isn't and stuff I'm like why you want to tight clothing I mean why are you dressing so provocatively if you don't want nobody to look at you don't dress like that did you dress yourself this morning or did someone else dress you I mean seriously I mean the question is there and they get all mad and stuff like you just don't understand like well okay I all right I don't understand explain it to me I said they're attentively and they still can't give me a good enough reason I'm like didn't ever saying oh well you know women are getting raped and stuff I said okay um men are getting raped too she said but but women are getting raped a lot more I said okay all right go to the grocery store or okay even better uni if you don't want to go out and you know go on internet and put in the people of wal-mart just just put it in just do a Google search of the people of wal-mart and tell me what you see just tell me what you see you go see if people making a fool out of themselves like I'm serious like you see like these women coming in there with pretty much almost thongs on had to check out I'm like are you serious what is this you can't tell me that a man is objectifying her you can't tell me that crap don't I only want to hear it cuz she came out the house like that she came out the house like that wearing that no one everybody was gonna look at her but you see women out there they got like a bikini top on they got like like their breasts like busting out the thing and they walking around and a guy looks at their breasts and a guy and she's a oh you pervert I'm like are you serious are you what are you five years old are you serious right now I mean what do you expect what do you expect like seriously what do you expect I don't get it what do you expect come on I just don't get it I mean I'm a guy and I mean I'm short and stocky so I'm kind of like you know kind of short and stuff and on I don't be wearing like a lot of muscular shirts and like muscle shit well I mean I'm somewhere I'm home but I don't like wearing shirts all tight on stuff on me and what now I mean I might do it every now and then but I don't do it often I mean cuz I mean I'm just I don't like wearing stuff like that our stuff baggy you know sometime you know or I might wear something that might fit me you know or something like that you know and I kind of got a little bit of booty even though I'm a man I mean I kind of kind of thicken it area a little bit but uh I mean women have even told me like hey wow you thick I'm like oh like I was like okay thanks I guess I guess but see that's what I'm talking about that I remember one time I was in school and this girl has saw me Ben and / or whatever I was picking up something and she was like oh wow you need to twerk you need to Kuwait in tour I was like I'm looking at her like huh you talking about she said wow you dick but a lot of sand out there I'm like okay alright thanks I guess you know I mean I won't think of nothing of it but then her and a group of friends is like trying to pull my shirt up in the back and trying to look at my butt I'm like like what are y'all doing like like seriously like what do you are doing so I brought this up to say not not just to say that you know oh I was offended I mean I kind of was like kind of like what the heck is going on but the reason I brought this up is because how come it's okay for women to do that to me but I can't do it to them hmm repeat that how come it's okay for them to do that to me but I can't do that to them hmm why can't I go up to a girl – got a really nice booty just mmm big joke you don't say why can't I lift her shirt up in the back and look her butt what can I do that but they can do it to me but I can't do it again why why is that you don't have an answer do you I didn't think so because it's all messed up that's why society is all messed up that's why because it's it's lopsided like like I said like I told one of my friends this I said when we can do whatever they want and not really get in trouble for it man on the other hand if you look at a woman – in law you can get arrested for sexual harassment and I'm like that's ridiculous you know I don't I don't I mean I think I mean she has to say something obviously like if you've been looking at her looking at her falling like walking behind her in the store fall on her and stuff like that I mean I don't do this but I'm just saying if you were doing this she can have you you know pretty much I guess arrested or kicked out the store but it's okay for women to do this I was wearing some shorts that were kind of kind of snug on me and I was wearing like a tight shirt that's back when I was trying to get women and stuff there was a whole bunch of girls looking like oh man look at his ass oh wow well because muscles are weak oh you know they were looking at mister and there someone was joking us I will be so short dog you know I like that you know I could hear I'm talking instead like they couldn't hear me you know I mean I guess they thought that I couldn't hear them or whatever but I but I heard them you know so that's okay well they might be checking me out so let me go talk to him so I kind of go up to him and try to flirt what I mean why did I do that for why did I do that you're like you creep go away to hell night so Wow hey I'm just trying talking what it's not there yeah I say come on you know yeah that bear come on let's talk you know like that you know Charlie you don't spit games on it I like some swag or someone yeah babe you know what come on let's talk you know she's like I'm sorry I wanna I wanna fool sighs man not a fun sighs man I was like I mean I even laughed I thought it was kind of fun asitane Wow harsh I laughter I said well uh that's cool I mean you know I mean hey everyone got so perfect I mean I just played it off like I wasn't offended I mean it really didn't offend me at first but I mean you keep going through this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over non-stop and you had no success at all whatsoever your entire life eventually gonna say dang something's happening you know it does does basically what's happening to the N cells like the guys is like me like we're trying and nothing is happening I don't even see if my tender is ready cuz I could show you cuz I can go on tinder another woman totally they dare be like one woman to talk to me and I become Satan butter and then I may say one thing too you don't like or it might be just a little something shaky because the conversation is getting dull or something not try to spice it up and then she's like gone I'm like I'm like Hello hey you dare she want to you talk about too manly and if I keep trying to text her this user has blocked you on like that's why I deleted my arm my plenty of fish cuz like all the girls that I was trying to talk to they kept blocking me I don't like and you know how women think they have that school of fish mentality one woman rejects you another one rejects you another one reject you all day all reject you because I oh there's something wrong where we had to stay away from Melissa just get away from I'm right and they won't even take it upon themselves to be a nun in in it happen don't have their own individuality and say I wonder why these girls rejecting this guy let me find out what he's about they don't ever think like that it's just like oh well she ain't like them another girl like I don't like him either oh I'm late you even talked to the guy he had a conversation well that's the problem I was having a lot of times in school and in the workplace you know actually in the workplace is where I got where I got all those those those are false allegations and stuff gonna lost my job over some over a lie over a frickin life crazy about a skin of my teeth I didn't go to jail that's what I'm a truck driver now so I don't the deal with people because I don't like working with you especially women I mean I hate to say that but I don't like working women because a lot of times not all of them but a lot of times they were over provocative stuff and if you're not the man that she's trying to attract and you you were attracted to her and you let her know that and you constantly try to let her know that and she rejects you and you constantly keep trying to come back like it you know well I've been told about old hair type dudes like we're you know woman to just play hard-to-get just try order okay and you try hard and then I see you know she's like he's stalking me he's kind of raped me I'm like what are you serious like what do you what are you talking about lady I'm just trying to talk to you I don't want to talk to you I said okay I'm sorry I mean eventually we're gonna have to work together and I'm just trying to break the ice so when we work with each other won't be a problem I don't want to work with you I'm like okay all right thank you have a nice day and then they had a chance they were had a opportunity when I had to work with me no I'm not working when he's creepy and but he's trying to he's trying to stalk me about money and I want him out of here I don't want him working here he makes me feel uncomfortable and me any other woman and they were just drawing right Dana you know who Dan where they would talk about is joining in too yeah he makes me feel uncomfortable – I'm like I want to talk to that woman for like two minutes what are you talking about how to make you feel uncomfortable how seriously tell me and they just believe it they're just not in agreeance like mmhmm yeah they they're just agreeing with them just cuz they women and I'm like bro what did i do what did I do seriously what did I do like oh you did this you said no that never happened there like he did and I started to cry and everybody oh it's okay baby you know like how dare you all right I didn't do anything like what are you talking about swai my bro is like I just I'm being I've tried to get worked up but I'm just trying to let you feel the emotion that I'm feeling like I'm like what did I do you know I'm like I've done nothing wrong this is this woman accused me of sexual arrests and grabbing our ass and grabbing her tits and stuff and I'm like I I didn't touch you I did I know you had a man I wasn't even trying to talk to you for real what do you mean I'm touching you what are you talking about I never even what I was like freaking out like and all the boss is like oh yeah he does seem that type of guy who would do that mm-hmm yeah I'm like so you're gonna believe her just because she's a woman I can't believe this crap like well you know women they you know we got to you know be okay for their safety I'm like we got to be okay for this sake most stupidest thing I've ever heard of my life you know and this is how this is enough this is a point that actually got me to keep my job because well my dad being superintendent and a lot of people that knew my reputation was I don't think he would do something like that and it was a but but yeah he did though she was like yeah he did I said okay all right okay where's your evidence she was like well I just know that you I saw where's your evidence I asked her right in front of the bosses and everybody it ought to call the cops and everything trying to get trials and everything I said where's your evidence and why don't you file a police report cuz I'm about to I said well where's your evidence everybody kind of stopped and looked at her like he does got a point where his evidence did you record it like some kind of way or she said well I can't believe you would think that would lie about something like that and I'm like I'm sitting there rolling my eyes like you are lying about that I never touched you and it's just so ridiculous like that's the crap I'm talking about like you know what the girl lifted up my shirt Shawn look at my butt tones I got a big button stuff like if I were to tell somebody about that they would laugh so it was funny huh but if a woman does it if a woman says something like oh that's terrible that man needs to be put under the jail he's horrible I'm like bruh well if you got the meme going around brah like I'm serious like what are you talking about like I'm trying to figure this out like my brain is like literally melting trying to check this out like I'm like don't say it I'm just trying to let you all see the ridiculousness of this whole situation I'm like yeah I hope that doesn't hope that that face house make it doesn't doesn't be the thumbnail cuz I'm sorry but I'm laughing because I mean I want you to see how ridiculous this is like and I want to also let you know I mean it doesn't bother me I'm it does bother but I'm saying it's like what has happened to me in the past like it's in the past but I don't forget it because unless me it reminds me of where I came from you know so that's why I don't go around trying to be late you know that's why I really I mean trying to think how many girls have I flirted with in the last couple of wait oh yeah that was okay almost a day I almost forgot I flirted what girl um it was like two or three days ago you know what she told me I kid you not I should have recorded it but I didn't okay I won't think about it Italian no she were gonna say that it's a girl who works at the fuel island right and you know the fuel station where the trucks you know truck drivers get to fuel that okay now ladies don't take offense but why don't women say the most stupidest crap man why did it why did I do this why okay check it out now the reason why I'm saying so stupid okay look she sees me drive up to the place I pull up in a park I parked the truck I had a trailer behind me and it's kind of hard to park in it it's like a really small space and you gotta kind of jack that big old truck in that little teeny spot in people I owe you go hit button I've been doing it for a little while so I kind of gotten used to it so I kind of forgot how to do it but um anyways um so I walk in you know black lady she looks very cute you know I mean I like black women white women in Asian women but I don't know it's getting to the point I just rather have a robot you know cuz it's like it's ridiculous because at one point I was talking to mainly black girls and they was just give me the hardest time ever so I started talking to my girls they were a little bit better but they much different and then I'll talk talking Asian women and they were just like I don't even know like some guys said they had good experience ways you were mad I didn't had it many good experiences what do well I guess because the ones I'll talk to lived in America and they became Americanized and they were like American women and they were like no you're not good enough I'm like what but anyways um so let me let me just tell you about this look why this video is getting long so imma try to wrap it up soon but um so I'm talking this young lady right I can't think I was she is but uh anyway so I like girls so I said well you know you're looking kind of cute over Destin that's our lost our laughs is that a new new Oh nose ring you got suppose yeah that's okay look good on you I like that I see yeah I sound like you little stars I like dad's going good would you and stuff like that China China you know flirt would I try to make her feel good about herself you know I'll say you know I like that and she starts smiling so she said I told you I said I'll tell him how she's here I said I'll tell you want me to be she said oh why I don't know I just want to not tell you all so why does it matter I said I don't mean nothing I don't mean nothing it don't mean nothing she said well it means I said so where I said okay well let me ask you this does it mean something to you she was out here I said what does it mean to you she was like oh I said what go ahead I said take your time I got all day quit I said look my appointment and he ain't it two o'clock and it's like one o'clock now so I got a whole hour go ahead was he wanted to laugh but she was just trying to figure this out she was like she was just sitting there like doing her hand like this over a mile flight this was like like you know like she trying to think of it yeah that's a GUI you can hurt my feelings that's a shoe I saw her somewhere thankful when you ain't got hurt my friends dress McCoy yet tell me what you guys say she said she said well you just too short I said too short for what she said well I mean I mean you just I said just what go ahead she doesn't work she said I just like for my men to be tall I said okay okay all right that's your preference oh okay that's understand mommy I like for my woman have a big booty and your booty ain't all that big but you know it is weird in her whole countenance changed her old face is like hey my dad say well you know I mean I'm like hey in real I'm just being real you know see when it when you we flip the script when we can't take it they can't take it they they assist a meltdown so she was like oh you so short I bet you can t reach the pedals I was like and I'm like laughing cuz she thought I were gonna get upset and I say and she's like she looking at me like like oh he's not offended like I'm like my feet narration apparent like what are you talking about plate what are you talking about she said in that truck you your feet Prada can't reach the pedal I said what will you wear when I pull it in she's I saw you I said then why you asking that dumb question for you saw me drive in here so what kind of dumb questions that can my feet he nourished a pet what well what is that I like seriously what is that she said well you got no blocks on your pedals all night I said ass I could tell you you never drove a tractor trailer you put some blocks on that pity on crash and she said well I don't know you just you just a little manly I don't I don't like short me I said okay why aren't you tearing out in the first place we wasted all this time having this mean meaningless conversation and I could have been out the dough she said what you say you had all day I looked at my I looked at my car I say yeah I do got all day you want to keep talking give me a number she said what pump are you own I said I'm gonna tell you to give me your number see I told you I know how to flirt with women I know how to miss a man but it just won't like people for whatever is there just like nope nope nope I'm never gonna say yes to you I said okay so I mean I've even dealt with women is really hard to get and they still they can't figure me out they like I'll be telling him all this stuff and he just don't I said because I've been called everything by women I've been called a lose I've been called gay and called a faggot and they called a pussy and they called a bitch nigga I'm gonna call everything I mean I don't like to be used by Fannie but I've been called everything okay so I've been called everything under the Sun and you know I mean you telling me this is like okay all right I knew you was gonna say that now let me say this you know it's like I'm already ready for it type deal so she says she wrote her assets you know how black when we get get a little attitude she said tell me what pump you on so I can I can cut the top off so you can get up out of here I said all I want is your number she said i hain't giving you my number I got a man sit I said okay so you mean to tell me we had this all this conversation for no reason at all she just looked at me I said so if you had a man why don't you turn me there for in the first place you got no man she's yes I do I said what's his name she's pause for me when I got to tell you cuz you ain't got no man that's what what she got mad she said I got a mask oh you don't I said what's his name just at all Oh mark well I said mark well okay all right cool well tell mark well that um you've been harassing me today and I don't like that she said would you started I said no you Tom what's a nice shorter man all this kind of stuff I'm just trying to dog her conversation I'm I'd say you look nice what is that wrong what I can't say you look nice like what nowhere like I thought giving woman compliments was okay I guess it's not I'm sorry anyway so she was all like you know so she said you know I'm not giving you a nice okay fine I established a you ain't give me no okay cool wonderful great great great great you cut the pom-pom for me what populace I want number three it's okay I've got the top ball popping my fuel everything you know put fuel in the truck then I came back in there just oh you got you come back I'll say well you don't want me to pay for it i out to ganache you gotta pay says no no no she came without the dough you gotta pay I said oh yeah leave you want me in tomorrow I I Drive off she said you putting that travel okay all right cool yeah want me yeah I'll leave shoot I thought I saw I've already been over I've already been accused of sexual harassment and Q as and rape and all this kind of stuff I ain't woman telling me to go I go I'm getting out of here I do not want to be accused of that my money then then her whole countenance changed she said oh I'm sorry I didn't know I said I says well you shouldn't judge a book by its cover she was like oh she's I'm so sorry I didn't know did I happen y'all see yeah yeah yeah I did she said oh dang she's I thought you were just one of those macho girls that were just overconfident no I told her I said hmm I'm not told us I'm surprised you thought that because usually it's the exact opposite women make me feel like trash and I usually feel terrible about myself she goes really I said yeah she said oh wow and then you know she started getting on all soften like she was like oh I'm so sorry I see it but she don't want me around and you got a boyfriend so bad I feel like but I would just I said you told me you don't like short men so bad hey then she just walked back in the office now now here hear me out it's a lot of people to say not it like a lot of them guys and do like pickup artists and stuff and be like like man you could have had a number you could have had man wait you go for the artist already look I already feel her out she got mad that quick I don't need no woman like that in my life getting that quick get mad that quick I don't need that baby how was your day why are you asking me how my day would ma'am mmm I don't need that I don't need that I don't want that I don't need a woman like that if you're not mentally strong enough to deal with stuff like that I don't need you in my life she's just a child well she's well she's an adult woman but mentally she's a child she can't handle she can't handle like you know dating somebody like me because I'll be having her man every five seconds cuz I'll be I will be a smart aleck 'she just could not take it she will be going crazy like the part one when she saw oh you come back I saw you want me to pay you know I'm getting ready to walk voice you know you gotta pay you oh is this funny mouth tell me it's so fun now now I don't have many female friends but the very few that I do have maybe like two or three but the very few that I do have they say I'm very funny so they said they'd be like I don't know why you can't get a car you're hilarious I'm like well I mean I ain't I don't think I'm that funny but you know I try you know try but it is what it is you know you know I'm sorry for an informer video and I'm sorry for being so long but I just wanted to give you some more examples cuz I like I say I don't make videos all the time and I think we're like what two or three weeks since I made a video so yeah so that's why my videos usually end up being long because I just take all the information I was gonna say in small videos and just put it in one video so there you go there you go YouTube but anyway I wanted to say something to you um the true for Sonia is true force loneliness in sales rejects forever alone all you guys out there you're not alone man you're not alone I'm going through the same thing and I'm probably one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet you probably said man he's got to be the coolest insel I've ever met in my life and I'm like bro I'm fun I'm a fun person to hang around once you get to know me like you know I'm really cool and laid back and chill don't let none bother me I don't it takes a lot to make me mad well if I'm already frustrated and then you putting fuel on the fire then I will get mad but only get mad when it's armed when it's like people doing dumb stuff for no reason like when I'm on there driving and people driving like maniacs and they know they know better but they doing it anywhere I'm sure stupid I'm gonna do pretty good cook and hope he don't hit me I'm like are you like do you value your life right now like seriously I almost killed somebody like what like last month because somebody was they was trying to make a left turn and the person was in the left turn lane they couldn't get in left early so they're gonna jump in front of me a stop at Millard interstate I mean not interested look it wasn't an interstate but it was it was a roadway they're gonna stop writing another roadway I'm thinking what are you doing you could have stayed but they were behind you could have stayed behind me and did not got in front of me and stopped like what are you doing like like now if I didn't care now I mainly like I said I don't know if I said this before in a video on that but this was a very sensitive load it was engine part so I was I would I mean I hate to sound heartless like please don't take it just the wrong way but I care more about that load and I cared about down I'm serious I would if it was anything else I probably just plow right through him like screw it there bi but I did not want that Logan messed up cuz that was a high party low and he came all the way from across the country and they was delivering it and I was the local driver that was gonna take it to the port and I'm like this low gets screwed up I can get fired like the company if I hit the person if I run into the car and they jumped in front me they don't care about that they're just letting it there right off an assurance they're right off on their taxes and they're sitting there going oh he could have killed me to come his mm-hmm wonderful you shouldn't jump in front of him by but that load owed him like why did you mess that load up man what are you doing see that's the thing that people to understand I'm not truck truck drivers W think we're gonna get a lot of money if we break check this truck or not really cuz well if you work for the company I work for you break check that sugar you want to they'll ask you what's wrong with you they're gonna be like Oh what I driver with Turk they gonna say why did you do that are you trying to kill yourself you might Messer I haven't paid for the truck I'm serious that you man they calling us all the time they be like this truck driver cut us off his truck driver car listen mm-hmm what did you do they were like huh hey what did you do oh well I had to make an exit hard to jump in front see that's what you can't do that you can't do that don't do that because I got outside they got our back cuz they they know how to look the owner to company man drove trucks for like 40 years he knows what a sigh what it's like out it they think they talking to some desk jockey or something just dude when driving trucks for 40 years and I'm only 28 he'd been driving along and I've been alive just do it as in the 60s he been driving trip since he was like 18 or something don't like that I'm like wow that's crazy I think auto well if he was doing for 40 years he started 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 there now four foot one foot two feet three four five or six with somebody that's like 40 so he was like 50 something when he stopped growing trucks I think he starting was 18 because I just did 10 like 10 20 30 40 yeah so anyway that's not important where is it it is important because he saves our tail but anyway I get off-topic but look I just want to let y'all know yes not to enter the world okay it's gonna get better it's gonna get better get you a doll I'm telling you it's gonna be is gonna yes it's gonna make you feel a lot better I'm telling you you don't have to get one like her you can get whatever kind you want to get all counts now she's thick she's short she's short in curvy like I'm like I don't know what kind of body type that is like I guess they called uppity I don't know but she's short and she's thick but she's not fat she's like curvy you know like that you know so yeah well I was gonna get a tall one but I was thinking I'm sure and I got a carrier around and move her in position or some thinking why would I get a tall and it's gonna be awkward so I just get short once I got her she's five foot I can't remind measured her I'm not gonna stand her up it just takes a little minute to do that she's probably 5 foot even and I'm like 5 4 so yeah I'm like 4 inches tall in her back I see over here so once you stand up we're like this so I was about ball 4 cuz it's like like 4 inches between here and there I guess but anyway I'll get you a doll I'm telling you it will it will make you feel a lot better especially if you hear my case and you're still a virgin at 29 28 and busted 29 you're still a virgin at 28 I mean I mean I couldn't even laugh at myself because I'm like wow you mean to tell me you're that bad woman that you're 28 years old you never touched a woman before Wow oh you know I'm gonna look at myself and say that like that's kind of sad but hey it is what it is anyway y'all stay safe out there and peace

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  1. your a good friend trying to help someone get a job it's hard getting a job now days not one damn job around my town for no one

  2. Become a wagecuck and buy a sex doll, da faq????? I like your shit man and I mean no disrespect, but that seems like a horrible existence . My next big purchase with my neetbucks is gonna be a rope and ladder. Its over, thats all I know.

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