I Was In A Cult

I Was In A Cult

– When I was seven, my
parents joined a cult. (whooshing) (creaking) – I was in a cult. – I was born into a cult. – I was a part of the
Advanced Training Institute from the time I was seven
to the time I was 17. – I was part of the Unification
Church for the first 18 years of my life? – I joined One Taste in 2012 until 2014. – Unification Church
is a religious movement that was founded by a Korean
man named Sun Yung Moon in the 50s. – One Taste is an organization
that teaches health and wellness, mainly around sexuality. – So the Advanced Training
Institute is a fundamentalist Christian sect that has seminars and a home school curriculum. And their central beliefs
are that men are ordained to be superior over women,
that birth control is evil, that your father should
choose your husband, that music and television and books are corrupting influences,
so I wasn’t allowed to partake in any of those. – Reverend Moon said
that Jesus came to him and wanted Reverend Moon
to continue a mission that He failed by being crucified. The point of the mission
is to unify the world through international marriages,
creating a global family under God. – Their business teaches something called Orgasmic Meditation
which is a sexual practice that typically a man
and a woman do together to sensitize their bodies. – They’re very anti
school and anti college. So for a long time, I had
what was the equivalent of a second grade education,
since that was the last year that I went to school. They believe that God
places men in authority over women and so a woman
has to obey either her father or her husband without question. And so, if your husband
says, “I wanna have sex “with you tonight,” if you
say no, you’re saying no to God. – Mainly the OM practice is the thing. Orgasmic meditation is a
15 minute partner practice where a man typically
strokes a woman’s clitoris in the upper left hand
quadrant for 15 minutes. This is a specific
container, there’s 10 steps, and it’s done exactly the same every time. – Well, my mom was a teenager
when she met a member of the cult. And my dad was in his early 20s. They were both looking for a
purpose, a spiritual purpose, and looking to find God. – So, I saw the founder’s
Ted Talk in 2007. I was in college, I
watched a lot of Ted Talks, I thought it was amazing. – My parents became Christians
when I was seven years old, and they started home
schooling me and my brother. And we began attending
a local church in which all of the families
homeschooled their children. And it turned out that
everybody in this church were members of the
Advanced Training Institute, which is how we got pulled into it. – They found her when she
was 18, and just was like, “We have this community of
people that want to give “our lives to this man,
Reverend Moon, and to God,” essentially. My dad was similar. He was in a commune before,
like a hippie commune, before he met a member of the church. And then decided to give his
life to the church as well. – I’d just gone through a
break up, I’d just stopped doing drugs, I was, I kind of
just like, in a millennial, existential crisis for
lack of a better term. And I went to one of their
intro meetings hoping to learn some sex tips, and my
mind was completely blown by the level of emotional vulnerability. – He wrote a continuation,
essentially, of the Bible, called The Divine Principle. So we read a lot of that
in the morning and at night before bed. – My life was get up at seven,
stroke some women’s genitals, do yoga, meditate, clean
the house because it’s like a spiritual cleansing. – I wasn’t allowed to go
to school, I wasn’t allowed to have friends, to play with
children that weren’t a member of our church. I wasn’t allowed to watch
movies or listen to music. – We did a lot of tithing,
like 30% of your income was supposed to go to the church. – The intro course, at the time, I think, it was a hundred bucks, it
might be 150 or 200 bucks. They have a coaching
program which was the first big purchase that forced me
to make a huge life decision. That was $15,000. – Arranged marriages, which is
probably the most well known in the Unification Church. Mass weddings. – Basically, the home school
curriculum was fake news. (laughs) So it taught that the
earth is 6,000 years old, it taught that women
should obey their husbands. – That they would make people
spend money they didn’t have, and make it seem normal or
like, beg, borrow, steal to pay this amount. It’s like the way it’s set
up, you can’t save money. They actually make it so that
everyone just stays broke which is just like a way
that they keep you trapped. It’s like you spend all your
money there so you can’t leave because they’re the only
place that will let you live in a cool apartment in New York for cheap. – It’s very restrictive,
we isolate ourselves from the world because we’re afraid of it. – In an OM circle, you can have anywhere from two to 300 people
performing orgasmic meditation. It’d be 15 minutes where usually
a man would stroke a woman, it’d be on a timer, and then
after the first 15 minutes you’d switch partners. – And my dad would go to
work and my brother would go to work, and I would
just sit there by myself and go over the home
school materials all day. And so I never talked to
anybody unless I went to church on Sunday, which of
course, kind of makes you more into the beliefs
because it’s like your entire social world becomes tied to
other people who believe this. – The Moonies would go to college campuses and try and recruit all these
kind of impressionable, young, open minded people that wanted answers. And then they come with answers, you know? The Moonies had all the answers. Like, Reverend Moon
made this new scripture or new doctrine where
you can live your life according to this and you’ll
find God and go to heaven, and you’ll be a perfect person. – I think a lot of people are very afraid. I think people have
been afraid for awhile. I think over the last 50
years, there’s been a lot of social changes in the
country, progressive values, that frighten people from small towns. And I think compassionately,
there’s been a lot of economic devastation
in the south, and I think that that’s made people very
vulnerable to falling prey to people who want to
take advantage of them because they’re suffering. – You felt like you’re
a part of something, and something big, and you’re important. And that was really
attractive to a lot of people at that time. – Unlike other cults, One
Taste doesn’t have like, super formal structure. It’s not like Scientology
where there’s rankings or you have to do this at this time. They influence your perception of reality which makes you just perceive
the world differently. Like you shift your
reference group from society to this small group of people that do these weird sexual things
that you now see as normal. – It was just more gradual. I became, you know, an adult
and realized that I can live a life that doesn’t
involve the church, and I would rather do
that than be a part of it. – As I got older, I started
to really fear the life that was being set up for me. Basically, my entire life
would be having children, home schooling them, staying
home, obeying my husband, having sex with him anytime
he wanted, never being able to use birth control so you’d never stop. And I just wanted so much
more out of my life than that. – I got a message from
one of the executives of the team basically saying
like, “We only want you “if you’re willing to
commit your life to us.” And I was just like, “Well,
I’m not gonna do that, “so, here’s my limit,” basically. – I just left. My grandma had bought me a little car and I used that to leave home. – My mom felt her world was crumbling. Everything she worked
for didn’t matter anymore because her child decided to
just throw it out the window. – (sniffles) Sorry. – I went from living with
15 to 25 of my best friends, and I went straight from that
to living in a one bedroom. – Leaving the church really
created a permanent chasm between me and my parents,
and me and all of the people that I grew up with. And it’s something that’s been
a very real sadness for me. – It was really a shock. I was super lonely for like, two months. – I was kind of marked as
sinful and as a bad person after I left. – It’s definitely been for the better. I feel like I’m my own
person, and I’m able to live the life that I want to
live, and not feel bad about that. – Well, I really like my life now. I got to know myself, I got
to learn how to read people really well. Compared to other people,
I didn’t really suffer too many damages. – My life couldn’t be any different now than it was then (laughs). The cool thing about
what I’ve been through is that makes me appreciate
the small things even more. If I go out and have a glass
of wine with a girlfriend, that’s not something
I was supposed to ever be allowed to do. And so even that tiny
little thing feels like an enormous gift to me. – You’re a strong person and
you don’t need to find answers in another person that’s claiming to have all of the answers. – Go out and meet some
other people, go spend time by yourself and realize
what you actually want to do with your time. Because no one knows better
than you do what’s best for your own development or life. – There’s always hope. There’s always a chance
to change your life. And if you make a choice
to make your life better the way that I did, it’s always worth it (laughs). (gentle instrumental music) (whoosh) (creaking)

100 thoughts on “I Was In A Cult

  1. I don’t think I’m Christian. I have heard that Christians don’t believe in LGBT but I do. Idk if Catholics do but if they do I might be Christian

  2. I feel so terrible for each of them. These cults weaponize everything that brings human beings security, especially relationships.

    Prayers going up for them and anyone else healing or still trying to escape from cults.

  3. Someone once told me that the difference between a cult and a religion is what happens when you try to leave….

    …. yep

  4. What I am seeinf is a recurring theme of male dominance and female dependence. These cults seem to incorporate keeping women sexually submissive to men.

  5. You get to live in a high end apartment for cheap, and you have sex, sounds worse than a death march. Boo hoo on this guy.

  6. Cult + plus time equals a religion. Anytime there is sexuality involved it is one of the 1st indicators of said cult. Typically a 1 person founder plus involving money for personal gain or wrong purposes is going to be a cult.

  7. I’m in 2 cults haha the Panic! Fandom and the 5sos fam. Sorry I’m trying to be lighthearted but on a more serious note this is terrible these people went through a lot I’m glad that they no longer have to go through that and are on the path of living a better life

  8. Deliberately introducing a lot of confusion. No clear understanding of what a definition of a cult is. Poorly managed interviews that ran into each other.

  9. I hope that man is okay now, yes everything they all went through is horrible but they seem like they've normalized it for him like he wanted it. and it's just not ya know like I hope he's okay

  10. My uncle was in the unification church. He broke out of it and appeared one day at my grandmum's house with just the clothes on his back and no money, looking emaciated. He still doesnt talk about it.

  11. Raise your hand if you are thankful to not have been born into a cult. 🙋‍♀️ I am very thankful to not only have my life in my hands but to have options and love and support from my family. I feel for these people.

  12. This breaks my heart. I spent my formative years in a Catholic Religious Cult. I was 13 when my mom moved us away from our whole life to join a Cult in NJ. We were ostracized from the beginning, as my mom was a single mom and me and my sister were black. I was abused from the age of 16-21 when I finally had the money to run away. My experience was similar to the blond woman. But education was priority so I got a excellent education, but everything was heavy with Catholic doctrine.

  13. Only time I ever remember my mom standing up to them was when I was a junior and their only sex education was that as women we cannot say no to sex with our husbands. If we did we were committing a mortal sin. I still remember telling her, she grabbed her keys drove me to my principal's house IN HER PJS banged on his door just to tell him to never EVER teach her daughter she doesn't have a right to her own body.

  14. I was born into the Catholic cult. All of you now know that its chief purpose is to abuse children and vulnerable women. It collects as much of your incomr as it can guilt you into and convinces you that you are ' born into sin ' You are encouraged to confess your sins and recieve some word chanting to get forgiveness.
    In catholic school you are trained to be a drone who gets up, kneels down and forms their hands into a supplication or begging stance to recieve a wafer representative of blood.
    When you re examine this behaviour as a young adult…you either swallow hard, mentally close off your mind and continue with this bollocks or leave.
    Choose wisely

  15. ok but the duggar’s never used birth control because they used it once and they lost a child to it so they refused to use it again, idk if it’s like the blonde woman’s cult experience or not but the birth control aspect is different

  16. Y'all who are saying oh the guy had it bad too!!! Okay he made that choice as an ADULT the women were forced into it as children. So yeah, there IS a big difference.

  17. Something about the cult that man was in… he doesn’t have the typical cult story, but that’s why his story is so important.

    Imagine how he feels.. he learned so much about sexuality and sex, but he probably feels gross with the knowledge he now has because of HOW it was taught to him. That’s a really conflicting, difficult thing.

  18. Cults aside, most of the religious authorities still believe that Earth is a few years old lmao but the followers don't. Both religion and cults are the same but one has a mass following.

  19. In every religion we know weather it’s Islam, Christianity, Jews men were never superior to women that’s all man made by extremists. For example me as a Muslim Islam says men should be the providers to their moms, family etc and that’s essential but doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t work if they want to, she’s in control of her money and it’s “NOT ALLOWED FOR HER HUSBAND, father etc to take her money against her will” But as extremist took over they changed the whole narrative for their own benefit as we can see nowadays forcing them to to marry whomever that “ male” wants which is HARAM AND NOT allowed in our on religion and not allowing her to go to schools and study when Islam says education is essential and should teach your kids weather is a male or female. I feel like religion became more of a political movement rather than actual religion.

  20. My husband was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and he left when he was 18 and his parents shunned him for being with a worldly person (me) and they haven’t talked to him ever since . It’s been 4 years now but my husband is finally happy doing whatever he wants and has been serving in the military for 3 years now. So proud of him .

  21. I live in San Jacinto/Hemet, California, which is a small merged city in SoCal Desert that has nothing exciting going on. Well, except that it's the hub for Scientology and home to the cult's headquarters. Interestingly enough, because of the work I do in my community, I , along with a coworker, was invited to work an event on the premises. Specifically we took the automatic gate entrance into an area leading to a boat-like building they used for management and leadership lounging. I could go into immense detail, but just to get your mind working here are a few interesting points: There are levels of security ranging from yellow-vest, casual walkie talkie and secret agent looking staff starting from the lowest levels to the higher levels of the property. Most individuals I met were from Australia, and kept asking me "How do you feel?" "Do you enjoy being here?" and unwavering eye contact for extended periods of time without verbal acknowledgement. You can't see into building windows, no one walks freely through the property, and some windows had exterior security bars with latched wood doors. As I was made aware by staff, we were looking at the buildings they used for studying, and the on-site church. We were not allowed to travel to that area. If you'd like to hear more of my experience hit me up and maybe we can do a video!

  22. Christianity: Read the bible and think.
    Cult: The bible is cool, but use this other book that we made too because the bible is incomplete.

  23. oh my gad y'all can't we just accept that some of us have different beliefs, so stop being offended and keep putting other religions down like bruh stop. Just because you believe in something else doesn't give you a right to bash other people's belief

  24. I go to a cult everyday
    They make you learn and your parents force you to go every day
    The food is straight-up poison
    You have to sit with 20-30 other people every day with adults talking about useless stuff for 6 hours
    I believe they call it "school"

  25. This is such a good video that’s educational, but i wish these werent overlapped. Each of these people were in different cults but by the way its edited it makes it seem like they were part of the same cult. Its hard to follow one individuals story and experiences. It would have been better if you did specific cuts from each person show the shift of cults.

  26. Was born into unification church. First 18 years of my life all I knew was my family. We were happy but all we knew was eachother. Raised with this idea of unconditional love. We werent allowed to date, went to an all boys Catholic high school. My childhood was fine but when I became an adult things became hard. I wanted my own life and choices, to find someone in my own way. I knew it would be hard but I never realized how much I'd suffer trying. When things didn't work out with a girl online, I was pretty heartbroken, depressed and family didn't know how to help get me out of it. Went to a psychiatric hospital and it was the hardest time of my life. Couldn't cry, be upset or else I'd stay there longer and my mom said if I talked about their religion that they were worried they'd take my younger brother away. I ended up writing a note to my doctor explaining how I felt repressed and how I thought the leader of the religion was like in my head and being violent whenever I tried to do something he wouldn't approve of and was worried my thoughts were hurting people. It was hard to explain in words and the doctor thought I was having homicidal thoughts. I was crushed emotionally and I remember shaking cause I never looked at myself that way. I've never been happy since that day. I wish I had the courage to try to escape when I was 18 the way she did. I still live with family and I'm much older with no direction and no idea if anyone could love me after that time.

  27. All -isms, all ideologies, be it Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Zionism, Libertarianism, Anarchism, Liberalism, Feminism, or Nationalism, prevent Lucidity.

    All beliefs, religions, traditions, philosophies, opinions, perspectives, theories, prevent Lucidity.

    They act like a filter, which limits, distorts, shapes and colors all Perceptions.

    Therefore, your brain never Perceives anyone or anything as it actually is.

    Moreover, they invent the illusion of division, separation, and disconnection between the me and the not me, which breeds conflict, violence, and suffering.

    See the danger.

    The brain must be Totally Free in order to Perceive what is…the isness, the fact, the act, the actual…what is actually taking place from moment to moment, free of any interpreter or censor.

    Then and only then is one capable of actually Living Love, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Goodness, Compassion (Passion for All), Beauty, Creativity, Feeling, ExperiencING, Lucidity, Truth, and Wisdom.

    Then and only then is there Communication, Connection, Communion, Relationship with everyone and everything, for the very first time, in each and every moment of daily life.

    So first Inner Total Freedom. Then and only then can there be Outer Total Freedom in the society.

    Only such a brain can usher in a Whole New Way of Living rooted in Love and Wisdom.

    Without Inner Total Freedom, you will only be moving from one form of tyranny to another form of tyranny, calling it growth, progress, or evolution.

    See my group on Facebook: "Total Enlightenment NOW!".

  28. Identification with any religion, philosophy, ideology, race, ethnicity, nation, etc., invents the illusion of division & separation, which breeds conflict, violence, & suffering.

    Do Jacob's Ladder. Set yourself Totally Free of fear, anxiety, sorrow, suffering, loneliness, self-importance, envy, greed, jealousy, attachments, addictions, hatred, violence, bias, and prejudice in daily life, once and for all, now and forever.
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    After your Enlightenment, come join me on the front lines where we are working to move us all on planet Earth from the way things are today to a Whole New Way of Living rooted in Love and Wisdom.
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  29. I hate it how people change some religion into something not good thing n that they brainwash people into mistake things
    It's the people who r to be blame not religion


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