I Was Hurt By Someone I Thought I Could Trust

I Was Hurt By Someone I Thought I Could Trust

I want to tell everyone my story to
educate others and let go of what happened. It’s been four years now, and I think I’m
finally ready to tell the world. When I was about five years old or so, my mother
met a man and fell in love with him. He seemed to be the perfect father for
me and my older sister. He would play with us, buy us gifts and treat us like
his very own kids. My mother was certain that he was the one. I can’t say his name,
so I will change it – his name was “Dan.” I remember going on holidays and
having fun with Dan when I was younger. After a while though, I remember him
coming into my room often, always at night when I was in my bed in my pajamas and everyone else was either downstairs or asleep. He would come in and strip the
covers off me and stare at my body and touch my arms and waist. He did this
frequently but I didn’t understand that it was wrong, and he always told me he
was putting me to bed and saying goodnight. I remember one time I was in
my room playing and he took me into his room and put me on the bed. My sister was in her room which was across the hallway, and my mom was downstairs. He started
putting his hands down my pants to which I squealed in surprise, and my sister
opened her door. He quickly started tickling me instead. When she came in, I
was squealing again, but this time because I was being tickled. I never knew
it was wrong because he always seemed to twist it and change it into something
else. Things like this happened many times
between the ages of 6 to 10. Eventually, my sister found out and told my mom. She took me to the police station. I told them everything. They took it into
account and I did an interview. When they explained to me that my case was an assault case, and they explained what that was, I remember my heart
stopping for a second and I realized everything. After my interview came up,
in court, when he was being testified against, the case was closed due to lack
of evidence. Dan is still out there. The friends I
made on the street that I used to live on tell me that they still see him
sometimes smiling at them. This has had an effect on me. When I am around men in closed places, I have panic attacks. I start sweating and feeling so
uncomfortable. When I wear clothes that make me feel happy, but my skin might be
showing, I get this terrible feeling in my gut and I feel so disgusting. I wasn’t
offered counseling until a few months ago, and when I went, I got flashbacks and had nightmares – and sometimes he was standing above my bed in them. Now, four
years later, I look back and I wish that I could have been educated at school
about it. But this has made me into who I am today, and I can help others going through a similar situation. Thank you for listening to my story.

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  1. I feel so bad, not only did he get away with it, she will never be the same again like she said, she freaks out when she's around other guys and she feels uncomfortable when she shows some skin. Like her life won't ever be the same. And the guy that caused that is still out there, ruining other people's lives.

  2. Dan: looks at child’s body at touches
    Child: what are you doing?
    Dan: “putting you to bed!

    Like if you wanna slap dan in the face

  3. aWEWwWwW I feel so bad for u bleh bleh awww i cry 4 u

    (Nah i dont feel bad 4 u lolol and iść about hate cuz i like raging haters ;))

  4. I have the same feeling… 😭 I know how you feel you get really uncomftarable and can’t trust anyone

  5. Im a counselor and one of my students told me they was being raped and I showed her this video and the next day her dad went to jail

  6. A year ago, my stepfather was also arrested for pedophilia. I know how it feels. It's awful. He was just like a father to me. I am doing a lot better, though.

    I have a lot of trouble trusting people now. It's really hard for me.

    In case you are wondering what got him arrested, this is what happened:

    He had downloaded child pornography on a public site. So, the police found out about it. I remember when the police came into our apartment. I didn't know what was happening, so I hid in my room.

    A few hours later, my mother told me what he did. I was heartbroken.

    She had also told me that he tried to get into my room to get my phone because I had a lot of sleep issues.

    The thing is, he saw me put the phone on the table.

    I'm so happy that my mother stopped him from coming into my room. She came in instead.

    The look of horror on her face when I told her that he saw me put the phone on the table.

  7. This is what my sisters 18 year old boyfriend did to me and my sister was pregnant at the time I’ve never told anyone cause I’m so scared that’ll my mom will be disappointed in me but I told my sister what he did she told me not tell anyone cause I’ll get in trouble so I’ve never did. it still bothers me to this day I’m 15 now and he did this to me when I was 13 years old and they broke up last weekend so I’m actually happy that I don’t see him anymore.

  8. i had something similar happen to me but sadly im not ready to share since it was only about like a month or two ago.

  9. This is “Dan” ———> (‘.’)
    This is how many times he gets punched were ever you guys want!

    (Child sex/assault/sex offenders, etc… are not cool and never will be!)

    hit button to punch this guy in the face!

  10. Guys. This happened to me with my grandpa. If your raped don't keep it secret. I reget hiding from my parents for 4 years. Please tell someone. Because I didn't tell someone right away I now have 4 therapists and have lots of meetings with police and stuff. Please tell someone. Know one is going to hate you for it. (Like if this helped you out a little.)

  11. When I was in school, i went in a nice strap dress, it didn't show off much skin, only a bit from my shoulders, and when I went to class, the principal asked me if I dressed hot to attract boys. I was only 8, so, I just wanted to wear a dress. But, I got thrown in a bathroom, and forced to change clothes, or put a sweater. Ever since, I never wore a dress, and I am still embarrassed to show off my shoulders, and now, 5 years later, I think back to how stupid it was on the principal's part. When all I wanted to do, is to wear a dress. I am online schooled now, as I think that certain decisions of my old school, are so stupid. They constantly tried to embarrass students including me.

  12. Schools teach us stuff that will not help us in our future. Why can't they teach us about s**ual a**ault and things like that? Stuff for our safety and not freaking photosynthesis 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. I wish the punishment for people like this was death row, and they won’t get hanged, they’ll get put into the electric chair….

  14. What's really funny about this video is that on her calender at 0:10 it only had Sunday to Thursday, it only had 3 weeks and it's month is called "Calendar" , but Dan is a stupid BLEEP and I'm angry like- "lack of evendince" just- WHAT THE HECK DUDE WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!?!?

  15. This is how many slaps and punches your stepdad gets 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  16. Story Booth: Real Stories
    Other channels: I grew a 3rd eyeball because I forgot to take my prescribed pill for cats.

  17. This happens way too much,so much that my little sister in elementary school has to have a class called "safe touch" where they explain to you that you never ever let people touch you in ways like this,and they teach the students,even kindergartens were your private parts are and how you must always tell an adult if someone touchs you like this,I just want a safe world for everyone..

  18. I’m have been sexually assaulted once, Idk if this counts but a girl in my class keeps touching me where I don’t feel comfortable. I’m only in middle school 🙁

  19. 2:36 me too, when i finish watching these kinds of stories, sometimes when i ride a public bus and a man sits next to me i get scared..good thing my mom is sitting in the other side next to me.

  20. Girl, It’s never happened to me, but i have major anxiety around men… You never know what they can do and they should start teaching this stuff around 3rd-4th grade.

  21. I get anxiety around strange men, too. The town I live in is FULL of drunk hobos who wander around the street and look at kids in weird and unsettling ways. I always try to avoid particularly men I don’t know

  22. This guy should be kicked in the nuts 100 times and get stabbed with 100 nives and to top it off he should be kicked into a volcano

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