Hungarian Uprising, Budapest (1956)

Hungarian Uprising, Budapest (1956)

Hungarian Uprising — Budapest, 1956 — The Cold War After the Second World War, Hungary was absorbed as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. A communist government was established. Political opposition was purged and Mátyás Rákosi, who was a strong supporter of Stalin, was appointed leader. Imre Nagy would replace him in 1953 when Stalin died. Until 1955, because of his independent attitude Rákosi would again seize power on a stalinist leadership style such as his use of the secret police to brutally put down opponents made him unpopular with Hungarians as did the low living standards. In June, 1956, in the spirit of de-Stalinisation, Rákosi was forced by the Soviet Politburo to resign as general secretary. Khrushchev’s policies of de-Stalinization also encouraged a sense of freedom among Hungarians to criticize the Soviet regime and improve relations with the West. A rise of protests by students and workers waving Hungarian flags with the Communist Emblem in the center cut out arose in Budapest. Erupting into active fighting in October 1956. The rebels were successful in the first stages of the revolution against Soviet troops. They pulled down Stalin statue and released political prisoners. András Hegedüs was forced to resign and the popular Imre Nagy now became prime minister. Fighting ceased on the 28th of October as the Hungarians believed that Soviet troops had withdrawn entirely. The new Hungarian government under Nagy began to make reforms for free elections and an end of the secret police. In a radio address to the Hungarian people, Nagy declared that Hungary would withdraw from the Warsaw Pact. Khrushchev was not happy with the idea of Hungary withdrawing, therefore making it neutral against the Soviet Union’s enemies. On 1st November, 1956, Soviet Troops invaded Hungary, re-entering Budapest on the 4th November. Nagy had appealed to the United Nations to support the revolution. But Western Powers did not intervene for risk of starting a global confrontation with USSR. The Hungarians could not continue fighting against the numerous Soviet troops and tanks and street fighting ceased after two weeks A new pro-Soviet government was set up on János Kádár, while Nagy was caught and later executed for treason in 1958.

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  1. While unfortunately the Hungarians lost, the UN did the right thing not to intervene. If the UN had joined the conflict, the CCCP would have no choice but to declare war with the UN, meaning the declaration of war against every country a member of it including the United States. UN basically prevented World War 3.

  2. Salute for 56 Heroes! Brave and honorful everytime! Im so proud to hungarians tried to damn communist rats!

  3. Kruschev: Promotes de Stalinism. Allows criticism of the regime and lessening of the secret police.
    Hungarian citizenry: revolts
    Kruschev: Surprised Pikachu face

    Me: well what did ya think was gonna happen?

  4. That is why NOBODY grateful to Soviet. They just installed another nasty tyranny-puppet, which was much worse than Nazi's rule. Good thing that it is no longer exist, nasty USSR

  5. Who would win?
    A great communist country with a massive army Who have defeated the third reich.

    A lil. Country whit pálinka.
    And a few guns.

  6. Lengyel magyar két jó barát együtt harcol s isza borát. . Vitéz s bátor mindkettője. Áldás száljon mindkettőre! ! !

  7. We defend the europe not one time we were the best fighters and what we get for all of this: Trianon,Killing a lot of civillians,Racism of Slovak,Romanian,Serbian and Ukrain people who robber our home

  8. Polak węgier dwa bratanki i do szabli i do szklanki! 🇵🇱❤️🇭🇺 Pole Hungária két nebiks és a kard és a schoalnki!
    Élek Lengyelországban barátok

  9. My grandpa was apart of this and when it all hit the fan he snuck out of the country in a bread truck with 5 other men.


  11. Hungary: i have good revolution
    USSR: this is war,
    *Sends more troops and tanks
    Hungary: oh fug, maybe UN or NATO will help me, cause i was doing good in revolution and im the only democratic country of eastern euro-

  12. You should listen to an italian song about this, it’s called “avanti ragazzi di Budapest”. Respect Hungarian boys from Italy

  13. the glory of the Red Army who liberated Hungary from traitors who dared to embark on the great path of the communist society and attempt to embark on the path of the bourgeoisie and capitalism

  14. Communism, nazism, and any other collectivist ideology: When you know it, you avoid it, when you don't know it and try, you will never want this again.

  15. I am Uruguayan but proudly Hungarian descendant.

    But now we have a bunch of Russian thugs in charge…

  16. UNO is as useless as nations league ahh still beliving in help from other countriez under organizations. ALL ALONE among the crowd. Glory to resistence of Hungary '56 from Poland !

  17. The soviet Invasion was Really Brutal and Savage , where is the Human rights ?

  18. True Story: The protesters were still communists however they were more libertarian and could be considered actual democratic socialists; Bernie Sanders has mislabelled social democracy as democratic socialism lol.

  19. We forgive you, USSR, for making Hungary a cheap place until 1989, where everyone could buy anything, someone more, someone less.

  20. Kênh bạn rất là hay tôi rất yêu thích nó nhưng tôi là người việt nam và ko giỏi tiếng anh cho lắm nên rất khó để xem mong bạn có cách việt sub đều bạn nhé

  21. hm érdekes,nem tudom miért de nagyon félek a sovjetektől mai napig.Ez miért van?Csak tán nem német voltam előző életemben??XD.Ez csak nekem van?

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