How To Make $1000 A Day At 15 Years Old Or Beginner

How To Make $1000 A Day At 15 Years Old Or Beginner

So, you’re 15 years old or 13 or whatever.
You’re complete beginner and you’re wondering how to make money online. Now,
I’m going to give you some real talk right here. Because I’ve had tens of thousands
of students at this point where I’ve taught how to do marketing and how to
make money online and start online businesses and all that stuff. And
frankly, I see problems at both ends of the age spectrum. I see problems with
people that are really young. I see problems with people who are really old.
And they’re both mindset change things. Problem with people really young, if
you’re 15, what I see is you have no confidence, okay? First off, you have no
confidence. You keep complaining about you know or asking “Does this
work for 15 year-olds?” Or “Does this work if I’m 12?” Or “Does this, does this, does
this still work? I saw this video was posted a month ago.”
First off, stop with the stupid questions. You’re either gonna do it or you’re not.
Okay? Make a decision. Confidence or not. We’ll make this Pole the girl.
This pole is my girl. You’re not going to get the girl you walk into the club and
you’re just kind of like… “Uh…” You’re either going to go up to her and
talk to her and say “hello” like a man or a woman whatever you are. Or you’re going to
just be a bitch and go out you know, stay stay away. You know, go back to the bar or I guess you’re 15. You shouldn’t be drinking. Don’t drink. But the point being,
you’re either going to do it or you’re not. Complaining and whining and saying, “Can
can you do it?” It means you’re going to do nothing, okay? I hear this all the time.
“Does this work for 15 year-olds?” Even if I say “yes”, okay? Right? Let’s say… Ask
me, “Can I do this when I’m 15?” If I say “yes”, you’re still not going to do it. Why? It’s
because you just have no confidence up there. And that’s not even the first bit.
I’ll tell you how to solve this in just a little bit here. I’ll go over
methods to get that confidence in a little bit later. But I want to address
these issues that you’re bringing up with me first. The second thing is you’re
not take responsibility for your own success. You know, you’re asking me, “Hey, I
posted a couple links but I didn’t get any sales.”
Okay? First off, I’m not your daddy. I’m not going to say, “Let me.. Let me hang off
there little guy and help you out.” I’m a multi-millionaire. I make almost a
million dollars a month. I’m not going to walk you for… I’m not going to sit down
with you. You’re asking to contact me. I’m not going to sit down and show you step by
step. I just don’t have that… You can’t pay me that amount of money, okay?
So, you have to take responsibility for your own success or failure. Until you
take responsibility for your own success or failure, whatever you want to call it,
only then can you change it. But if you don’t take responsibility for your own
actions, if you just throw your hands up in the air and you say, “I tried it. It
doesn’t work.” Okay? You’re not taking responsibility for
your own success. I don’t hear you’re complaining. But you have to take
responsibility for your success until you change it. Now, when I was skidding
starting to affiliate marketing, I was doing a Facebook ads. So, this is not a
couple years ago. And I was trying to get Facebook Ads going. It always been a
Google Ads guy. But I want to get Facebook going. I was on this message
board and I said, “I can’t get my Facebook accounts keep getting banned.” Like what
do I do? How do I do Facebook ads? I keep getting…
And I can’t get my ads up. And a lot of people in this forum, other affiliate
marketers we’re having a lot of success with Facebook Ads. A lot still are but I
just kept getting banned. And I saw these people making tens of thousands of
dollars a day. You know, some marketers would make $100,000 a
day. The high level for affiliate marketing really the top you can really
about is about $100,000 a day. You know, there are people
that make more than that but you need big businesses. If you just… You know,
one-person operation, you can make a $100,000 a day. That’s
that’s the biggest you can really go as a one-person operation. And I see these
people and I say, “Why can’t I get it?” And my mentors are not my mentor but he was
kind of like a mentor figure. He’s like a very successful marketer. His name was
Charles Know. And he responded with just a really short sentence and he said, “The
obstacle is the way.” And what I realized there was that I wasn’t going to get
anywhere. Nobody was going to carry me the last couple yards of the football. You
know, nobody was going to close that… I could learn… You know, I could be
in this form and I could get all the way up to here. People would
teach me all the way up to here but the last little bit you have to figure out
for yourself. And it’s not because I’m holding back information. It’s not
because he was holding stuff back for me. It’s because the environment changes so
fast because everything’s different because every product your marketing is
different. It’s because there are so many differences and everything everybody
does. The last little bit the last few yards,
you always have to close for yourself. I teach you every day here, right? And I
hope make sure you subscribe to the video. And guys, if you like this
video, type in “Real Talk”. If you agree with me, if you think… If this is good,
type in real talk in the comments. But subscribe and all that stuff. I teach
every day I’m showing you ways. The whole way to make money online but it still
takes that last little bit, right? Because I’m not going to… I don’t have the time to
go into data analysis or reporting or copywriting or just keeping you
motivated to post more links. That last little bit is you. It’s relying on
you. And if you don’t have confidence in yourself, you’re not going to make it, okay?
If you don’t take responsibility for your success, you’re not going to make it.
And that’s real. And when he said the obstacle is the way, I realized in my
head, I said, “I thought about it. It was poignant.” And he was an ultra successful
figure making millions of dollars a year. And I really ruminated on that line because as an entrepreneur what you can do is you can do 2 things. Everything I say
you could kind of filter through some filter of skepticism, right? You could say,
“Ugh, John has some weird ulterior motive. There’s all this weird stuff.” And then
you could just doubt everything I say and just listen to what society and your
parents and your broke friends and your broke family members tell you to do. Or
you could filter it through. “Okay, John’s right.” What am I doing wrong? So, I read
that and I thought to myself, “Hmm, the obstacle is getting my ads running on
Facebook.” That’s the obstacle at the time. I thought, “Hmm, I have to figure it out.” And
instead of looking for a shiny object, instead of looking for somebody to tell
me the answer, I realized I had to take responsibility. I had to figure it out for myself. I did carry that last yard myself,
right? Whatever you need to do to get confidence up, get your confidence up.
Separate yourself from the naysayers. If you have family members or friends or
all this stuff around you as well. Here’s a second method to get confidence up. You
have people around you that are constantly saying negative things.
“Oh, you can’t.” You know, “The internet money’s fake.” Right? “Why are you following
these Americans?” “What are you doing online? You’re wasting
your time? You’re wasting your life.” If you’re relying on those people, if you
have those people around you. “Get a job. Go to school. Get in debt. Marry somebody
that you don’t actually like. But they’re convenient and they’re close in
proximity to you”, then you need to separate yourself from those because
it’s your life. You can allow yourself to be a peasant or you can allow yourself to be
a king or a queen. So, separate yourself from people who are not going to allow
you to live your life. And last but not least is I actually say play sports. You
know wake up every morning and just bust down and you know work out. Do what you
need to do. Go running. Play soccer. Join teams. There’s nothing that I believe has
brought me more confidence in life in growing up. And you need confidence in
order to be a better version of yourself and really commit to becoming rich as an
internet marketer. Frankly, anything. Okay? And when you start making money that
helps too. Alright? Because the more money you make the more confidence you get. Up
to a certain point. I save it all. You know, I don’t spend it all and used to
make me feel cool spent it. But I recommend people save it all. So, that’s
my advice. If you enjoyed this video, type in “realtalk”. If this helped you out in
any way, type in real talk in the comments. I want to know who’s watching
this. I know a lot of people don’t watch my videos unless I’m showing you
specifically how to make money online. But keep in mind that most of you are
not doing anything. Okay? Most of you, I see you. I see most of you will watch my
method of how to make money and you won’t do anything. And that’s a sin.
Decide either unsubscribe and don’t watch the video
and unsubscribe or take the action. Because there is no middle ground. The
people in the middle are the ones who will be unsuccessful. Stay in your life,
do your job or take action. There’s yes or no. There’s only one
choice you can take. So, hope to see in my next videos. Unsubscribe if you’re never
going to take any action on any of these videos. Because I don’t want you on my
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you in future videos where I will be training you on how to make money online
using free traffic methods, paid traffic methods. Any way we can with brilliant
marketing. And if you’re ready to take action, guys, check out the free traffic
playlist. I’ll be putting it up somewhere around here. These are all free traffic
methods that you can put into action and showing you how to instead of wasting
your time on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, whatever; you can use these to make money
to get your links out there to market products and make commissions. So, check
it out and I will talk to you soon.

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