How to Learn Languages Effortlessly with Audiobooks –

How to Learn Languages Effortlessly with Audiobooks –

If you’re trying to learn a language, we have
a lot of other tips like this on our YouTube channel and on our website. We also have a complete and very effective
course that could help you. You’re gonna understand how the language works. Click on the link in the description to learn
all about it. Now let’s get started. How to Learn a New language with Audible First, I just want to say that we are not
affiliated with Audible in any way, we just think that it’s an amazing resource that everyone
should know about. If you want to be successful in language learning,
you need to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to
get a lot of exposure because it can be done while you’re doing other things. You can train your ear to the language while
driving to work, while cleaning your house, while walking the dog etc. We are not a fan of audio language lessons,
but we love audiobooks for language learning! We highly recommend listening to audiobooks
regularly to reinforce what you learn and get used to the language. Audible is probably the best place to find
an incredible amount of listening material for all levels. Yet, many people don’t think about Audible
for language-learning purposes. Here’s how to find material in your target
language: 1. Go to Audible’s website and sign in. 2. Click on “Browse” at the top of the page. Under “Lists & Collections”, click on
“Non-English audiobooks”. 3. If you don’t see “Non-English audiobooks”
in this menu, click on “More Lists & Collections” at the bottom, you’ll be redirected. Scroll down a bit to find “Non-English audiobooks”
from this new page. 4. Scroll to find your target language and click
“view all” on the right. We’ll choose French for the purpose of this
video. Now you can see the full list of available
audiobooks in the French language. Plus, new ones are added every day. 5. On the sidebar, you can choose a category
to find material you find interesting. Remember that it’s important to choose material
that matches your current skill level in the language. If you have a solid foundation, you can choose
any of these categories. But if you’re a beginner, audiobooks for kids
are incredibly helpful. Simply choose “kids” in the sidebar, then
choose your age group to find books that are equivalent to your current level in the language. Note that these categories could be slightly
different from what you see here. If you can’t find “kids”, it may be
under “children” or something similar. Let’s choose 0-4 year old for now. 6. The first book that comes up in the 0-4 year
old category is a book that contains 50 children’s tales. This book alone will give you a total of over
7 hours of listening practice of easy material and it’s only $4.89! That’s pretty cool. Another great feature on Audible is that you
can control the narration speed. If you purchase a book and find it a bit too
fast for your current level, you can slow it down to 75%. It can make a world of difference. Simply increase the speed as you get better
and feel more positive about your skills. It’s really that simple! Pick a book and start listening as much as
you can. If you listen to audiobooks for a few hours
every week, you will see a dramatic change in your comprehension in no time. We really think that Audible is a gold mine
for language learning, and we think that everyone should know about it. Please share this video to your friends. Like I mentioned before, if you’re interested
in learning a new language, we have combined everything we know from years of language
acquisition and research to create an awesome program. Give it a try for free and if you have any
questions, we’re here to help. It’s called OUINO, because “we know” languages. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Vlogger is also a great way to immerse to English , tell us about your opinions about vlogs , I was watching tv show and movie but u found vlogs is much easy to get and also gonna have much fun watching once and for all

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