How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes

How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes

essentially transgender ideology holds that people can be born into the wrong body it's simply not true human sexuality is binary okay we know this because in nature reproduction is the rule and human beings we engage in sexual reproduction you need a man and a woman to do that women are X X those are the sex chromosomes women have two X X's men have an X and a y those are genetic markers they're genetic markers for female and male respectively okay binary that's the rule and it's self-evident transgender someone who identifies as transgender however that's not a problem in their body gender identity all identities they're in our thoughts thoughts and feelings those are not hardwired they develop and they may be factually wrong or factually correct the definition of a delusion is a fixed false belief so if I persistently consistently insist that I am Margaret Thatcher or persistently consistently insist that I am a cat or I'm an amputee trapped in a normal body I am delusional and in fact there are people who believe they are amputees trapped in a normal body they are appropriately diagnosed as having body identity integrity disorder if you want to cut off an arm or a leg you're mentally ill but if but if you want to cut off healthy healthy breasts and genitals oh then you're transgender and you don't have a mental illness individuals with disorders of sex development are being used as pawns in the fight for basically a civil right to a mental illness there's no such thing as a civil right to a mental illness but that is in fact what we are dealing with with the transgender rights movement

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  1. Isn’t it crazy that we have to discuss this to people. Scares me thinking about where we will be tomorrow.

  2. What you don’t understand is that okay, for you, transgenders à mentally ills. But then what ? Can’t you let them be ? They’re not hurting anyone. That’s what you don’t understand. Give me one good reason to oppose some guy who feels good thinking he’s a woman. There is none ! You just get on with your life ! I also think something s weird with that, but hey, I just don’t care enough to do activism about it. Do something else with your lives !

  3. Cultures are delusional, dressing and acting like man or woman is delusional, because is cultural, circumcision and plastic surgery is cultural and therefore delusional because it's illogical, transgender is culture as well, a transgender person don't call itself with "TrAansgEndEer DisoUrDer" it simply don't feel like acting and looking and be called like how the society expect it to. And this person on the video show to understand about psychology very well but demonstrate shamefully that don't understand absolutely nothing about what is and what thinks a transgender. That just lead to further misunderstanding and preconceptions, it's simply regressive. It's unbelievable that is so hard to understand this, c'mon we are in 2019 this isn't 80's anymore…

  4. I love my transgender friends and I will respect their pronouns and love them for who they are! If they ain't hurting you just leave them alone and let them live their lives!
    Jazz Jennings, Kim Petres and Laverne Cox are all Beautiful women

  5. I used to associate with 2 gay guys once blokes and once asked them why they are gay and both said they feel like they are women trapped in mens bodies so I said your lesbians then. The push for being gay and this non gender is crazy. Even my Barclays app went gay without my permission.

  6. I wished she spoke more. There were a lot of important things she missed that I would like a clear explanation on by a professional.

    For example, what about "gender dysphoria", said by many that it's related to biological and mental causes.

    I must agree that there's only 2 genders, that's a fact and it will stay a fact and I do believe that transgender are indeed mentally ill.

    There's a lot of new conditions being discovered everyday and you can't be 100% sure about almost everything in science.

  7. Nobody is born as an amputee. The very definition of the word is to have a body part surgically removed. It's not even a genetic thing that you can get! Most amputees only become amputees because something was wrong with the body part; usually some sort of physical trauma.

  8. how to debunk this video:

    read through the DSM-5
    the ICD-11
    the WPATH ICD-11 consensus meeting
    APA's website
    WHO's website

  9. why not just leave people alone? Nobody asked for an explanation, and frankly, nobody should care. It’s not you, so why worry? Worry about yourself and your own identity/sexuality and stop putting others down because you don’t feel the same way.

  10. If these clowns think I will modify my normal language just to please these mental cases, they are crazy. What they need is not so much acceptance by normal people, but mental health care. They are delusional, sick in the head…..nut cases.

  11. Very eloquently said. She is very professional and logical. Unfortunately, that’s offensive to the globohomos.

  12. Clearly trans people are not present in the field of data processing. Hardware and software, it's as simple as that.

  13. What about people born with XXY chromosomes? Rare, but it happens. So human gender is NOT always, 100% binary.

  14. Very good, but Sadly Politics is involved now, so logic goes out the window and possibly new pervert voters are in vogue.

  15. "If you want to cut off an arm or a leg, you're delusional; but if you want to cut off healthy breasts and genitals, oh, then you're transgender."

  16. Remember when we were sympathetic to those with mental disorders and tried our best to get them help to deal with the behaviour? Now we seem to champion mental illness as something to celebrate. You'd never encourage a schizophrenic to talk to the voices yet here we are encouraging people to surgically and hormonally alter and mutilate themselves in the name of feelings.

  17. Yeah, what if I am delusional? Sure, it is a mental illness, but to treat someone like that, you usually have to make them feel that having such thing isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you are diagnosed with autism, how much are you willing to bet that they immediately started telling you that it wasn't a bad thing to have and that you may actually be smarter because you have it? With people online portraying autism people as retarded with how they use the word, of course they'll have to tell a person that to make them not mind the diagnosis and accept it.
    Same idea here, people with gender dysphoria, while may be what someone felt like over time, is still what they truly feel and can't change themselves on their own to not. With surgeries embracing the way they think, they don't feel that it is necessarily a bad thing to have, and feel happier once in their new bodies. Although there are times where they don't really pass, and in turn get bullied and feel like they should kill themselves if not able to detransition as some arguments like to point out for after they do undergo transition.

  18. First of all, chromosomes are not binary. There are people who are born XXY, XYY fir example. So her first evidence is wrong. Nature doesn't conform to her binary view of the world and neither should people.

  19. Binary people comments are the saddest, they may come from good intention but they fail miserable when trying to make sense out of what the lady said.

    It's sad because non binary people have to fight against all your ignorance and stupidity, that alone would be the major cause of suicide if I were non binary, having to conceive that amount of uphill stupidity through my entire life would be a chronic daily depression

  20. How is someone who wishes they were a different race or skin color considered Self Hatered but a man willing to castrate himself considered Self care?

  21. The great paradox on the left – regarding gender identity – is as follows: If you are a woman trapped in a man's body, then It's naturally determined (thus the person is not at "fault". In other words, it is just as natural as any biological markers). On the other hand, if you are woman "trapped" in a woman's body… Well, then It's social construction and social indoctrination (as apparently genders are nothing more than social constructs). So in short: A man who is a man is a social construction, but a man who feels like a woman, is biologically determined. The radical Lefties-types just makes me sooo tired sometimes…

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