How To Build Confidence In Your English Pronunciation

How To Build Confidence In Your English Pronunciation

Hello again in this video we are going
to talk about building confidence now we’ve talked about this idea of
confidence quite a bit through this program and that’s because it’s such a
critical piece to this program and most of my students when they come to the
program the first thing first thing they say is I don’t feel confident and I I
want to feel more confident when I speak English so that’s really our goal here
our goal is to build the skills build your skills so that you can build your
confidence because with that confidence you’ll be able to do amazing things so
in this lesson we’re going to talk about two powerful ideas of how to build
confidence and now you’ve probably felt that and that confidence build as you
have gone through this course as you’ve developed those skills of speaking
clearly and you’ve been able to build that confidence and feel more sure of
yourself when you speak English now let’s talk about these two powerful
ideas today the first is to think positive now I don’t want sound cheesy
or over-the-top but I do believe that the mind is a powerful powerful tool
it’s what’s driving us it’s what it’s what shapes our world in our perspective
and as we feed our mind positive things we will get positive results from it now
in contrast to that is negativity okay so a lot of my students what I hear when
they first come into the program is you know I sound awful or I just can’t do it
I can’t seem to figure out how to speak clearly and I’ll never be able to get
better or overcome this challenge and I hear students talking about other people
judging them and that it’s it’s too hard to be able to overcome this now this
negative thinking and just has to stop we have to stop that negative thought
you have to stop and telling yourself you can’t or it’s too hard or or you
can’t overcome this now in contrast to that most of my
students they say oh I have these these feelings and this negativity but most of
them have shaped this into into positive thinking and said I’m going to find an
answer and that’s when they find me and that’s probably what happened with you
is that you decided I won’t I don’t want to have this negative result in my life
and I don’t want this negativity in my life I want to find something better I
want to feel better about myself and that’s when you came searching and and
thankfully we were able to find this program so that’s great so we really do
have to stop that negative thinking that’s the first step and first step to
building confidence is we have to stop that negative thinking but it’s not just
stopping the negative thinking we have to we have to replace the negative with
the positive okay so how do we do that well one one way that I’ve found in my
life and of shaping that positive thinking is looking at in terms of
questions now a negative quite a negative thought would be can I do it or
a negative question would be can I do it now changing that to the positive is I
can do it and then how can I do it because it’s not just saying I can do it
and now I can do it now you have to you have to figure out how to do things and
how to overcome these things so the the question of can I do it is kind of is
doubt based it’s it’s not sure very sure of yourself but if we change that to how
can I do it it really opens up the mind to the possibility that there is a
solution to the problem and that’s probably what you came to is you know I
can do this how can I do this and who’s going to help me and now another quote
another possible negative question is is it possible is it possible to even
overcome an accent is it possible to be able to speak like an American or speak
as close to a native speaker as possible and is that possible now this is kind of
closed-minded it’s is it possible I don’t know
and we need to change that too it is possible and
why is it possible or how is it possible okay so that question really opens up
the possibilities will this work change it too it will work and how will I make
it work so that puts the power in your in you to be able to say I am going to
make this work and how am I going to make this work alright so positive things happen to
positive people we have to feed that positivity if we want positive results
in our life okay so that’s the that’s the key that’s the very first step we
have to have that positive thinking because our mind is what is driving us
it’s what’s carrying us forward now the second step is very very powerful once
we have our mind in the right place then the second step is work hard every day
that is the key to building confidence now I love this quote from Roger
Staubach I hope I’m saying that that name correctly but and so Roger was a is
a formal former NFL football player so he won many Super Bowls championships he
was in the US Navy and before he joined the NFL and and he has had a lot of
success in his sports career so he is one Heisman trophies MVPs had a lot of
success in his career in football and what he says is confidence doesn’t come
out of nowhere it’s a result of something hours and days and weeks and
years of constant work and dedication I love the way he puts that because it is
not just something that comes out of thin air it’s not just something that’s
all of a sudden I have confidence it is built it’s a result of something
it’s a result of those hours and days and years of constant work and
dedication ok now you’ve probably seen a lot of that as you’ve gone through this
course you’ve seen how as you are consistent and you’ve worked through the
program and you’ve built those skills that you’ve developed more confidence it
was a that confidence has been a result of something it’s been a
result of your steady consistent effort so I want to really emphasize that and
as we talk about confidence is that it is developed it is built by that steady
effort all right so one thing to to make sure is clear is that the confidence
does it come from these quick fix programs it doesn’t come from I’m going
to I’m going to put in a really strong effort for a short amount of time and
I’m going to get the results that I want that’s not how it works anything that
you feel very very confident in is because you’ve had years and years of
steady progress and growth with that you’ve worked hard for a long period of
time so I like to think of it as a stair step so a staircase now I’m in achieving
that goal or building that confidence you you have to first establish what the
goal is okay not everybody’s going to be climbing the same set of stairs you have
to identify what is your goal what are you hoping to accomplish so in this
situation if it’s I want to feel completely and totally confident
standing in front of a group of native English speakers and feel like my
message will be understood that I can speak powerfully that I can speak
effectively and that the that I won’t have any fears or anything associated
with that experience with speaking in front of native English speakers great
wonderful goal okay that’s our goal then we have to identify the steps what steps
do we have to take to be able to accomplish that goal now you’ve done
this through this course as you identified that goal of I need to I need
to reduce my accent I need to speak clear confident English and you’ve
you’ve been you’ve identified that step of I need to get some help from a
program you identified those steps and you’ve been taking those steps and
moving forward okay now at this stage of the program you’ve come so far you’ve
done so much but there’s still progress to be made there’s still that building
confidence building skills what else is it that you need to develop what else
did you do you need to learn to be able to keep moving forward now I’ve talked
about it excuse me I’ve talked about it a number
of times where you and where unless you’re staying can consistent with your
practice you’re going to lose the progress that you’ve made so in this
situation you have to keep moving forward you have to be keep keep moving
/ forward and practicing and keeping that steady effort or you’ll be moving
backwards and that’s the that’s the unfortunate thing about and about
shaping our speech patterns is that it’s just like it’s just like working out at
a gym or building muscle things like that if you’re not strengthening it
you’re losing it so you have to stay steady and you have
to be keep moving forward now it might be that oh I I have one two step I’ve
made two steps forward and one step back and then three steps forward and then
two steps back or one step forward as you go along so it might be a that’s
just human nature that’s how how it works is we kind of move forward we kind
of move back and but as long as we’re over time taking those steps forward and
moving in that direction you’ll see the results of your efforts and you’ll see
that growth over a period of period of time so we have to be realistic with our
goals but with that steady effort it will you will be able to make it okay
just know that these goals it takes time it takes some studying it’s tastes takes
being consistent with that effort and you have to stay focused okay there’s a
lot of distractions in life there’s a lot that can carry away but you have to
establish what are my goals what do I hope to accomplish and it’s not just
this it’s not I didn’t put a picture of it put a picture of a guy running out up
the stairs it’s just walking steadily one step by
one step by one step and it’s that steady progress that will make the
difference alright I love this I love this idea of here’s your comfort zone
and we have a circle with our comfort zone what we’re comfortable doing and
then a big circle over here outside of your comfort zone that says this is
where the magic happens okay this is where are those those goals are
accomplished that’s where we’re able to achieve
things that most people don’t all right that’s where the magic happens and
that’s where I want you to be I want you to feel uncomfortable I want you to feel
like you’re being stretched and you’re progressing because in that in that
feeling is when you’re going to really get the results that you need okay one
one thing that my dad likes to tell me is if it were easy everyone would do it
and it really does come that quote comes back to a movie called a league of their
own and it’s Tom Hakes Hanks is the actor that says it but he
says if it were easy everyone would do it and I think that that’s a great thing
to remember in learning English learning learning to feel confident and build
that confidence and learning any skill or anything that’s outside of our
comfort zone if it were easy everyone would do it
so it has to be hard it has to be challenging to set yourself apart from
the rest okay so as we wrap this all up I want to come to this this quote that I
have here it says almost every successful person begins with two
beliefs the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make
it so okay the future can be better than the present think positive and I have
the power to make it so so as we talk about these two powerful ideas of
building confidence the future will be better than in the past or better than
the present so that’s the idea of thinking positive we have to shape our
mind so that we can we can act in that in that positive direction and I have
the power to make it so I have the power you have the power we have the power to
make that happen and the power is in you so it’s it’s
through that steady and consistent effort and that that that change will
happen and I know it will for you and I know it probably has it probably has
already and I know it will continue to do so as you continue to set those goals
and stretch yourself now I have a challenge for you now I
want in in the download section I have a piece of paper with these questions on
it and I want you to actually write them out whether it’s typing them out or
physically read the writing them with a pen or a pencil because I feel like that
doing the action of doing really solidifies these goals for you so what I
want you to do is you ask yourself do I feel confident in the state that I am
right now in my English speaking abilities do I feel confident are their
settings where I don’t feel confident okay are there situations or settings
still that you don’t feel confident if so I want you to write those down what
settings what situations where where am I still feeling unsure of myself okay
what is my goal I want you to establish what your goal is what do you want to
accomplish what do you want to become what situation do you want to see in
your mind of this is when I have accomplished this then I feel like okay
I have accomplished that goal so really think about that what is my goal what do
I want to become what do you want to become and what is that end goal and
then let’s establish what daily actions must must you take to achieve that goal
they really identify what are those daily steps now it might be that you
haven’t been as consistent with your practice and now you’re your established
thing okay I’m going to be more consistent I’m going to go back to some
of these videos I’m going to go back through the program and identify some of
those areas that are still weak for me and I’m going to review and practice
every single day or every other day or five times a week okay make sure that
there is that steady and consistent practice in that skill that your worship
wishing to develop now it might be that you are feeling very confident in your
English speaking ability and it’s just more of those presentation skills or the
public speaking skills that you’re still feeling a little less confident on now I
encourage you to then okay take those steps
what’s that next step what skills do I need to develop or what resources do I
need to go to to make sure that I can accomplish that goal
now with public speaking something that I’ve mentioned before but is the
Toastmasters program Toastmasters is an international organization that has
meetings you’ll have a local chapter meetings that you can go and practice
public speaking now that might be your next step in a step in developing those
skills so identify that goal identify what you want to become and the steps
that need to be taken maybe those those goals are going to be accomplished
through going back through the program and continuing on with this program and
maybe it’s continuing this program and adding something else to it
maybe it’s within your work setting that there are some areas that you need to
grow okay identify that and and and establish those daily daily habits or
they do those daily accomplishments to make that happen
okay my hope for you is that we can go for my camp I can I will and then I did
okay that’s the OL the end the end goal here is saying I did it I did it not
that I win and it has to start with some of these others first it might be I’m
not sure so sure I can but we have to change that to the positive I can and I
will do it and then it becomes I did so go ahead and fill out these worksheets
really take some time to think about these things and think these things and
what your goals are and I’ll see you again in the next video you

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