4 thoughts on “How to Apply to Lineage Societies: Tips from NEHGS

  1. What an excellent presentation.
    I’m gathering my documentation for several lineage societies and this has been most helpful.
    Thank you!

  2. 1.) ArchiveGrid shown as Lindsay's research starting point but is NOT explained. I've never heard of it before.
    2.) Re statement in questions regarding "previously approved lineage documentation" of Mayflower Society. The GSMD may not make them available, but I was able to research such a file at the Massachusetts State Mayflower Society (when it was on the 5th floor). The write up on the family documents submitted may have been by the Cushman applicants or Bowman, but the note did say the family Bible & etc had been sent back to the.  Whether the MSMD still allows this, I don't know, but it was invaluable to me. Thus, if applications are through the state historians, a researcher should always ask, if the its not mentioned in the how-to-apply instructions.
    3.) I look forward to ordering the The Portable Genealogist card on this subject.


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