How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity

How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity

there’s a whole nest of deep state
criminals who are hiding within the United Nations behind their diplomatic
community they can’t be arrested they can’t be interrogated their houses can’t
be searched they can’t even be taxed because they have diplomatic immunity by
virtue of working at the United Nations it’s a it’s an ideal hideout for deep
state criminals who want to avoid accountability and want to avoid justice
and there’s a perfect example of this right now happening as I’m talking to
you now this is the top United Nations official dealing with human rights and
we just did an episode of behind the deep state exposing the UN fraud called
human rights and how it’s basically the exact opposite of the American
understanding of god-given right so go back and check that out but I think this
will really be the icing on the cake you have this lady her name is Michelle
Bachelet she was the socialist president of Chile with the Socialist Party and
she is now being investigated because we found out that she or her presidential
campaign in 2013 in Chile was taking giant bribe money from a network of
communist subversives known as the photo giselle Paulo we also did an episode of
behind the deep state focusing in on the FSP so I hope you’ll go check that out
too so what happened with this violet was her presidential campaign in 2013
needed money and the network of communist subversives had a lot of money
we found out from one of the companies involved in this network that’s called
OAS it’s a civil engineering firm well their leader former leader he’s now been
a prosecuted convicted and jailed his name is Leo beanie a doe it’s how you
would say it in Portuguese Leo pinata in English and he admitted in a plea deal
with Brazilian prosecutors that he had been ordered by former Brazilian
President Luiz inácio Lula da Silva to send a massive amount of money that they
had stolen from Brazilian taxpayers over to Michelle Bachelet presidential
campaign and so a little bit of this got a little bit of play in the news of The
Associated Press which is one of the worst fake news outlet
ever did report that Michelle Bachelet was in trouble for this corruption but
all they said was quote that this was just a quote corruption case that stems
from a nationwide investigation that has ensnared many of Brazil’s top
businessmen and politicians yeah that would be nice if that were true but
unfortunately it goes so much deeper than that I mean it is true right
they’re all corrupted they all got caught stealing money Lula is now in
prison where he belongs for his role in this stealing of money but again this
problem goes so much deeper than just stealing money if they were just
stealing money that would be bad enough but you know we’ve gotten used to that
in Latin America I used to live in Brazil and used to live in Mexico is
stealing money is what politicians do I mean the same thing happens in America
they just steal money all the time but what they were doing with this stolen
money aside from financing this lavish lifestyle with the you know luxury
mansions and planes and fancy cars and all the rest of it jetting around the
world was they were financing communist and socialist revolution all across
Latin America and this is the real scandal right and the AP not a word
about this from The Associated Press or from any of the fake media that reported
it so just a little bit of background of on the photo to Sao Paulo for those who
don’t remember or who didn’t watch our episode on this Lula was one of the
founders the jailed former Brazilian President he pretended to be a moderate
Obama loved the guy my good as he called him the most popular politician in the
world he was one of the cofounders but other co-founders included Peter
Costello the mass-murdering butcher who had slaved Cuba with help from
globalists in the United States other founders included the Sandinistas in
Nicaragua the mass murdering butchers who enslaved Nicaragua with help from
subversive the Soviet Union and so on another founding organization was the
Puerto sauce armadas revolution adios de Colombia the far the Marxist narco
terrorist group that has been terrorizing the people of Colombia for
over 50 years now to give you some sense of how insane these people are they
specialized in trafficking cocaine to the United States but they don’t just
trap a cocaine for the sake of trafficking cocaine they use that money
to fund their terror war against the people of
Columbia so it’s a bombings and shootings and kidnappings and just
outright total terror of the people of Columbia so these are the people who
founded this communist network called the Portage’s Sao Paulo we know from
their own documents in fact I have one of their documents from 1997 saved on my
computer the goal of this network was to restore in Latin America what they lost
in Eastern Europe essentially communist slavery communist totalitarianism right
and the Brazilian ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is right at the
center of it he’s the one who ordered this OAS company involved in this
network to send money to michelle bachelet s– presidential campaign now
you know all of that is serious enough and so now this scandal has come out
we know that by shell its campaign was funded by the money stolen from these
people other sources of money included you know the Venezuelan oil money Hugo
Chavez and Maduro have been very generous with the money they steal from
the Venezuelan people through the oil sales to fund revolution across Latin
America we of course have the cocaine money out of the photic in Colombia we
have the the money that was looted from Brazilian taxpayers so what was
happening basically the big contractors the big government contractors oh there
was one of them OAS was another big one the one that exposed Abacha let’s here
but what they did was they formed kind of a cartel and they worked with the
government it says imagine hypothetically the the government has a
project for Petrobras to say the the state-owned oil company that’s gonna
cost a billion dollars well the contractors would get together say we’re
gonna charge the government 1.5 billion dollars we’ll take the billion and we’ll
complete the project obviously you know in a crummy fashion and we’ll take that
extra half a billion and we’ll put some in your Swiss bank account we’ll put
some in your bank account some in yours and then we’ll send something Michelle
Bachelet so she can win the presidency and Chile will send some over to
mass-murdering Marxist in exile Island so they can win their presidential
election there we’ll send some over to the Workers Party candidates in Brazil
the Marxist that Lula and his hand-picked
protege Dilma Rousseff the communist terrorist who has since been removed in
an impeachment send some to her campaign and on and on right so they steal money
from the people they use it to fund revolution and political campaigns of
tyrants and now you have Michelle Bachelet right smack in the
love it and there’s an investigation going on in Chile they want her to come
home for questioning and yet she says hey I have diplomatic
immunity I’m gonna sit here and I’m gonna be the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights and you can’t touch me you can’t search my house you can’t tax me
you can’t ask me questions there’s a UK you certainly can’t jail me you can do
nothing to me right it’s you know this is not a mystery nobody who is should be
surprised that Michelle Bachelet is a communist involved in this corrupt
network of Communists we’ve known this for a long time she actually defected to
the mass-murdering dictatorship in East Germany just to give you some sense of
how radical is it people were risking their lives trying to get out of East
Germany right they built that big wall to keep everybody in and they would
machine-gun anybody that would try to escape well during all that Michelle
Bachelet fled from Chile when conservatives took
back over and prevented a communist revolution there and fled to East
Germany and asked you know to be protected in communist East Germany so
she’s an admirer of Fidel Castro you know none of this is a surprise in fact
the new American reported this years ago and yet the head of the United Nations
Antonio Guterres another socialist from Portugal who ran the socialist
international the global network of Marxists and mass murderers trying to
enslave humanity under according to their own documents of global government
to global socialist government appointed her as the High Commissioner of Human
Rights now fortunately there is a counter-revolution sweeping across Latin
America the president of Brazil as a table senado who’s cleaning out the
Communist criminals in Brazil actually just spoke at the UN General Assembly he
said the Sao Paulo forum this network is a criminal organization created by
Castro Lula Chavez and all these others to implement socialism in Latin America
it’s still alive and well and it has to be fought so this on may be the most
prominent international stage available the very good the US government knows
all about this – they’ve known about it for many years again we exposed this in
the new American but during the Obama administration the tentacles of the deep
state were all over the place supporting this subversive network in Colombia in
El Salvador in Brazil right in all these different countries they were aiding and
abetting and of course this goes beyond just the Obama administration right this
goes right to the heart of the deep state go back and watch our video on the
on Foreign Relations if you have not yet this is kind of like deep state central
in the United States and to show you who they are I think it’s interesting that a
few years ago their head of latin-american issues and studies her
name was Julia swag and as she was described by a US counterintelligence
official who was actually tracking communist Cuban spies in America as an
agent of influence for the Cuban dictatorship in the United States so
that’s the kind of people that cycle in and out of government that’s the kind of
people involved in the deep state in the United States the deep state in the
United States has been and continues to support slavery in Latin America and
Julia swag is only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately in Brazil the
lavash auto investigation brought the house of cards crumbling down they all
got busted hopefully by Charlotte will be next of course she denies the charges
she’s like oh I didn’t have anything to do with all those bribes I don’t know
anything about it right is what she told the TV station she said I never had any
links with OAS or any of these other companies absolute baloney right even
her own minions now are like oh okay well you know she didn’t know and you
know there’s all that but you know prominent lawmakers investigators in
Chile are not buying it they’re calling on her to step down from her position at
the UN right away and come back to face justice in Chile the one of the
presidential candidates down there is Jose Antonio cast is also demanding the
same thing she needs to come home she needs to quit hiding behind diplomatic
immunity but guess what this has been going on for a very long time before
Michelle Bachelet we had over at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization we had
another minion from this photo to Sao Paolo Network his name is Josie Graziano
da Silva he was sent over there by Lula again the bridge the corrupt Brazilian
Marxist president who’s sitting in prison and as the walls were closing in
on Lula this character Graziano was considering giving diplomatic immunity
to Lula who’s gonna hire him as a special advisor so that he could have
diplomatic immunity and he could not be jailed he also hired the wife of another
head of state who was involved in this criminal network got a CI in Pitt who
was the president there well he was about to be arrested the police
surrounded his house and he killed himself to avoid facing justice but his
wife went over and got diplomatic immunity from the Food
and Agriculture Organization so that she could avoid facing the criminal charges
that were filed against her very very serious criminal charges
now Graziano is gone but the Food and Agriculture Organization remains under
the control of communists a communist Chinese agent his name is kou dong hue
was selected to lead this UN agency and so he can cover up all the crimes of
Graziano and the other criminals running around with UN diplomatic immunity
another example as if we needed more we have Irina Bokova we have spent quite a
bit of time at the new American exposing her she was running UNESCO the UN’s
Education Agency she was also a communist who was with the Bulgarian
Communist Party which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people right
just to give you a sense of who the UN hires to to run their agencies who they
give diplomatic immunity to well she got herself into trouble also for corruption
scandals she was involved in all sorts of shady deals we covered those at the
new American and when prosecutors started probing around guess what she
got diplomatic immunity she was hired for $1 to give advice to the management
of UNESCO isn’t that cute now she got herself diplomatic immunity they can’t
search her luxury apartments in New York and Paris and London they can’t ask her
questions they can’t tax her and on and on and on right so we have communist
criminals all over the United Nations running around with diplomatic immunity
hiding from justice same thing with the UN peace troops right an estimated
60,000 of these people or an estimated 60,000 women and children have been
raped by UN peace troops in the last 10 years according to hear their cries and
network of former UN officials and attorneys fighting for justice and yet
none of them are sitting in prison again because the UN has diplomatic immunity
it’s time to remove the deep states immunity if you have committed crimes
you should not be above the law this immunity was intended to protect people
who are carrying out their duties and it was pretty intended to protect them
while in the line of duty so that a you know a government couldn’t just arrest
them for doing what they were supposed to do unless you want to say that you
know involvement in a criminal conspiracy to enslave Latin America and
and loot the public so you can find Communist revolution unless you want to
say that’s part of the duties of the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights it’s time for Bachelet to quit hiding behind that immunity come
clean go back to Chile face the charges against you and face justice
same thing with Irina Bokova same thing with Graziano same thing with Garcia’s
wife same thing with all these criminals who are hiding behind UN diplomatic
immunity it’s enough of this the deep state needs
to be held accountable it is not OK to commit crimes and then hide behind
diplomatic immunity it’s time for this to end I’m Alex Neumann your watching
behind the deep state thank you for tuning in stay tuned for next week make
sure you like share subscribe all those other good things thanks for watching
and God bless

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  1. Lula still in jail ( if we can call jail a nice room, with internet, tv, nice food) hope he still there for many years

  2. Their new whistleblower tact is that the official transcript was edited, that there are omissions and now the mystery sandwich – fabricating just what those omissions are. Pretty stupid as there are many witnesses involved in what was actually and factually discussed. Just keeping this seditious nonsense alive in their MSM headliners spewing out this garbage over cable tv and fake news outlets. The criminal demonic-rats – as we know them to be – are having their cover blown – all their nefarious wheelings and dealings at the taxpayer's expense worth billions in kickbacks – I mean just how despicable is that? We see the list of felons and also see the riot rousing of their psycho-emotionally brainwashed constituencies. It's about time something is done about it; a time for real tangible change and not the baited false empty rhetorical prevarications of the previous administrations.

  3. Appreciate your knowledge into this. There’s no way the MSM touches anything like this, they’d need some honest investigative reporters and that ain’t happening. The good thing is more and more people like yourself is getting it done for us.

  4. One day the world is going to have to determine that socialism is a default crime against humanity. Until we do that we are going to continue to have massive corruption in every single government that has socialist influences.

  5. ALEX, you present a great show, really informative and credible. The UNITED NATIONS seems to be the prime mover of most of the World's problems. The UN, together with it's ancillaries are faceless unelected trouble. The CFR, WTO, WHO, don't even represent the many other tentacles of evil of the UN. PEOPLE MUST BECOME AWARE! Keep up the great work.

  6. Wow! … Seems like everyone at the United Nations is a criminal!! … I think it would be best to close it down and kick all the UN officials out to their home countries where they can be tried for their crimes!!

  7. @~ 2 minutes in. . . . Chile is mentioned with corruption of taking money for campaign purposes. EYE just had an EYE D A about political contribution processing that might work in the US and other nations but EYE haven't had TIME to figure in all the consequences and someone else CAN. It might bee interesting to CON SID ER forcing all political candidates to knot only RE PORT ALL the RE CEIVED contribution$, but to place in a common pool, these funds to bee equally distributed to the existing candidates. Next, all spending of political campaigns is RE PORT TED as WELL with independent RE PORT TING agents monitoring all network publishing outlets to measure any discrepancy bee tween the amount distributed and the amount spent on campaigns allowing for a narrow range percentage – WISE difference. Now, granted there will bee many who find making a contribution to their favorite candidate would bee tainted if they knew much of their contributions may be diverted to opponents they don't support witch provides a nice way to moderate and control excessive promotions the electorate are overwhelmed with during an election period and adds an additional layer of truth evaluations to the advertising and speeches in public decorum. The process of US electoral nominations involves a lot of candidates who are currently motivated by the money they RE CEIVE from donations more so than any logical assumption they have any chance at all of actually bee coming a viable politician running for office.

    And as it turns out, what are the chances that BARRY got to skate without a viable birth certificate (Sheriff Arpaio knows), or legal SSN number bee cause he violated the CONSTITUTION (hear me Nancy P.), by chairing the UN Security Council while holding office of President of the US and thereby gaining diplomatic immunity. . .. . ? Think that is what happened.

  8. How can we get around their immunity? Can Congress pass a law? Maybe SCOTUS could declare the immunity unconstitutional?

  9. Those people need to learn how to do black ops. When they refused to come home and face justice then take them out.

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