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  1. Dude. Ive never even heard of what happened in china in 1999 by the government and thats horrible indeed

  2. I am so glad you happened to mention wicca ! Awesome synchronisity, i never read books and yesterday i decided to read a book my sister lent me a few months ago about wicca

  3. LOL ive never seen this guy in person! only the cartoon haha cool beard man! You are a genius no doubt in my mind keep up the awesome videos! and no matter what your apearance i support your work

  4. You should start with dividing the conversion of Sunni and Shia Islam. Sunni is the original Islam. Shia is wannabe modernized Islam! Shia practicing the Lucifer effect in the traditional teaching and practice,, those like Christians
    Evangelism* Shia* are these radical extremists !!!! so paint the picture correctly.! Please because you offend people stereotypically

  5. By strict definition, by preaching apocrypha, you at bare minimum court heresy [like technically the Mormons do, with heaven being your own free planet, for only Mormons. Original true Mormons, and its full…]. By espousing apocrypha that states Jaweh-JehovAllah is a demon and Jesus was not his incarnate son and a historical figure, you are blaspheming [as Judaism does, believing Yeshua beni Yosea was a prophet at best, the modern liberal view and himself a blasphemous heretic at worst, the crime he was accused of by the Pharisees ].

    In a nutshell, "Heresy" is god botherer for "lying dumbass" and blasphemy for "stop hating me asshole"

  6. those pubics???? gosh. but anyway, good video. you can actually use all these crazy comments to make an original video. no offense dude, i told my son to get a hair cut. now its your turn. 3 years later, probably 2 years late on the comment. bet the girls love it though. you are probably the one with the last laugh

  7. I call myself an atheist. I don't believe in gods in the sense that I don't think there are these supremely powerful divine beings that created everything. I do think that there was a reason people wrote down that they were visited by and taught things. Maybe it was just for control. Maybe they were visited by aliens, or maybe they were "Atlanteans," or whatever you wanna call some people that may have survived advanced civilizations and passed on knowledge after a cataclysm of some kind.

    I know that no one religion holds all the answers, but I do think there is some profound wisdom to be found in some "holy" texts, as well as descriptions of real events… maybe not told necessarily super accurately. Maybe embellished… But I don't think it's all nothing but hogwash and nonsense. I just think some things are misunderstood, some are mistranslated, some are purposely edited out and altered and whatnot for control purposes and possibly others, but I think there's something there.

    I've always thought, just had a sort of "feeling" I could never really explain, but this "animism" you describe sounds a lot like what native americans and aboriginal cultures tend to believe, and that's what's always kinda felt like it made the most sense to me. Not necessarily a conscious specific god being in the clouds that watches over us and judges us constantly and all that stuff, but it's all just some big mother nature kinda disembodied spirit that connects us all.

  8. Hinduism originated from sanatan dharma
    Sanatan dharma monotheistic (they believe in one god i.e.parabrahma shapeless god without character infinite according to Vedas upanishad the oldest text of world and other like Indra,agni varun etc are other planet ppl)
    Whereas Hinduism is polytheistic(they have god)

  9. 31:50 + The Great Schism of 1054… West/Latin… East/Greek.. Wonder if The East is What was to become Tartaria or The Great Tartary or in Greek Tártaros…. Which is recently being revealed after being wiped from most history.

  10. I am literally full of joy and energy by just watching at your genuine energetic expression. May God be ever by your side Jordan. You rock it!. keep the rhythm no matter what. Thanks for this infinite gifts that we happen to call knowledge or information. I also wish you a good day, week, month and year. You impacted my being when you said: I am just a reflection of your conscious level. Wise words coming from a genuine person.

  11. There was a experiment that a amount people praying with compassion and love in a war torn region and violence and crime substantially diminished after and replicated it and found that with enough people with power of thought can change people like the particle that turns to wave by consciousness

  12. Love your vids.
    Celestial gods we're first ,(god of sun or sun god not "son of god")Jesus wasn't ever a actual person but a myth copied many times before like Osiris was crucified dec 25th risen same and many other exact traits even Hinduism the Bible is just a interpretation of prior more people been killed over there so called "one and only god" if practice or believe otherwise based off fear and man's agenda but on the other hand if one chooses any religion and walks a better life or need to follow something to make sense of it all then spread that love and joy
    be blessed

  13. The 7 planet mandala looks so much like a painting I did, it's scary. Just about the same colors, 43 bricks outside circle.

  14. Interfaith individuals like and esteem gods that even don't exist
    Ancient pagans invented all nonsense that interfaith individuals talk.
    Ancient paganism and Ancient Idolatry are not NEW (Ancient IS NOT NEW)
     Human individuals invented idolatry and idols that are gods that don't exist.
     Truly, The World don't have a existing god because GOD who resurrected Jesus Christ is NOT part of The WORLD and Jesus Christ the Messiah is NOT part of The WORLD.
    Cultural Clothes don't make you better in essence (cultural clothing is not the base of all things) besides GOD doesn't give an unique uniform to all .
    The only true one GOD is the father of Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ the divinity created by the only one GOD is the Lord of Humanity.
     GOD is PERFECT and Jesus Christ is PERFECT contradicting anything.

  15. You are appalled? I feel appalled at the fact that their are creeds/occult that transgress the free will of other entities such as animals, babies and kids. Performing ritual abuse, rape, sacrifice offerings, cannibalism and the drinking of blood of their victims. It has not stopped. Blessings

  16. I'm only 2 mins into this and I need to go to work. But why did he say animism dates back 2 million years ago even though homosapiens have only been known to exist 3 hundred thousand years ago. And please don't tell me because science is bs? I like this channel but something's need cleared up for me.

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