Hitting Speed Bumps Full Speed (What Will Happen?) in Slow Motion

Hitting Speed Bumps Full Speed (What Will Happen?) in Slow Motion

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the see-through
car series This is something I wanted to do For a long
time and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun In the previous episode I drive this car through
the worst streets And the worst potholes I could find in the
city of Chicago and I figured to complete the series there’s
only one thing missing Speed bumps First thing I have to do is get the car prepped
washed And most importantly get the nitrous tank
filled Before letting this car face more of the continual
destruction That the Chicago roads dishout on our cars my idea here is to show everybody what would
happen If you didn’t see that speed bump and you
were going too fast I’m going to go through three different types
of speed bumps The asphalt speed bump The parking lot speed bump And then what I like to call the suspension
killers These are these newer types of speed bumps That they are installing that are about 5
and 6 inches high And about 8 in wide This is going to be interesting and probably
intense first item on my list is the most common type
of speed bump That we find in Chicago is the asphalt speed
bump And as you can see these are really simple
but effective They cause quite a bit of damage to the car This is all subframe damage And this is caused by driver error this is when the driver is going too fast
and doesn’t realize the speed bump is there And then hits the brakes and bottoms out their
car So that’s what I’m going to be doing first
And then move on to everything else let’s do it Ready to rock and roll are you ready?
We’re all set That is a pretty good example on how people
normally hit speed bumps they normally aren’t paying attention and
they’re going too fast They see the speed bump too late
And they hit the brakes they get on the brakes Right as they go over the hump Which is exactly what I did And you can see what the car did The car went over Bottomed out and scraped Then the weight transfer to the back of the
car and it exited the speed bump That’s usually what happens That was cool it was a lot of fun And it looked really cool The next thing I’m going to do is It’s going to be a completely different scenario Instead of slowing down at the top like people
normally do I’m just going to hit the accelerator and
go straight right through the speed bump And show you how the car behaves differently
in that scenario This time I’m just going to go as fast as
I possibly can I’m going to hit the nitrous off the line And show you what happens if you hit the speed
bump and keep on going and don’t hit the brakes
at all Because I think the results will surprise
you That was the asphalt speed bump at high speed As you see I just went as fast as I could didn’t hit the brakes didn’t do anything and
just went right over it And to my amazement nothing happened to the
suspension Nothing happened to the car The next thing I’m going to do is we’re going to head over to the next speed
bump which is a type of speed bump that you would
find Which is a type of speed bump you would find
in a shopping mall parking lot Now this is going to start getting more intense Because these speed bumps or no joke I have just arrived at the parking lot of
a big box retailer who just so happens to have the exact speed
bumps that I’m looking for There are those plastic yellow ones That you would usually find in the parking
lot of like a supermarket Or shopping mall I don’t know how destructive they are but
we’re about to find out Not much All right well that was no good nothing happened I for sure thought that hitting those speed
bumps at that speed Would tear the suspension apart But after looking at the high-speed footage It looks like that’s a higher frequency shock and the tires are absorbing most of the shock Not the suspension And at lower speeds the tires are absorbing
less of the shock And the suspension is absorbing most of the
shock Which makes it feel like it would be destructive
if you went faster I wanted to see the suspension ripped to shreds And nothing is happening This car is beyond bulletproof I’m going to try this one more time but this
time I’m going to slam the brakes right before
hitting the speed bump And see if we can tear something up That was interesting I’m really not satisfied with the last result Look at that see how bad that sounds what
the I don’t get it So I’m going to move on to the last and final
speed bumps Which I think are going to be well let’s see I’m here at our last and final location For hopefully what’s going to be the worst
speed bumps yet These are what I like to call suspension killers Usually these are speed bumps you have to
go over really slow They make your whole car jump up in the air Seems like you can’t go over these faster
than about 10 miles an hour I’m going to go over them a little bit slow
to show you what I’m talking about And then I’m just going to hit it and give
it at all it’s got Let’s see what happens As you can clearly see when you hit the speed
bumps at a lower speed there’s a lot of dramatic body movement the
whole car jumps up and down that makes me think that at a higher speed
there’s going to be a lot of damage And that’s what I’m hoping for I’m going to keep my fingers crossed go as fast as I can Hit these as hard as possible And hope that the suspension gets ripped apart If nothing happens I don’t even know what
to say I mean these cars are built like a tank This car has already been through so much I’m surprised it’s still together Let’s go Well that was interesting my glove box opened So that was kind of interesting At the higher speed Obviously the car is still intact But you can see that the tire completed The entire amount of suspension travel upward
that it had It even hit the subframe a little bit It wasn’t any worse than the potholes downtown Those were the worst I guess if the car survived that The car will definitely survive this I’m going to do it one more time and replicate
a scenario that happens to a lot of people where they
hit the brakes last minute Right before seeing the speed bump And this should be a lot more intense then
that last take Only one way to find out I don’t know what to say I’m really disappointed that the suspension
didn’t get ripped apart by the speed bumps I really thought it was going to I did the
best I can to get to hit the brakes at the right time and stress the components as much as I could You could even see the tire bounced up and
hit the subframe the whole car was shaking Again I don’t think it was worse than the
huge potholes which is tempting I would like to hit some more of those but That concludes this episode You saw it for yourself so thanks for watching Don’t forget to subscribe Leave your thoughts in the comments below let me know your experience with speed bumps
if they ripped apart your suspension before I want to know about it because I would love
to make that happen That wraps this up see you next time

32 thoughts on “Hitting Speed Bumps Full Speed (What Will Happen?) in Slow Motion

  1. This is gold. The production quality is phenomenal! Hope no one gives you crap about how the speed bump you've torn off is like damage to society and so on. Keep on doing the amazing job!

  2. I encountered my first "asphalt speedbump" about a year or so ago in a nearby city. I was in unfamiliar area, it was not marked well, and I was going the posted speed limit of 35mph. I hit it at that speed and didn't brake, car bounced a lot and I think the suspension bottomed out. The car is a small economy car with small wheels so speed bumps are murder on the suspension. No issues from it, but it pissed me off quite a bit. If you're going to install a speed bump in a random spot on a random road with a posted speed limit of a reasonable speed, you need to mark it properly.

    That being said, I tell people (jokingly) that they're doing speed bumps all wrong. SPEED bumps are meant to be hit "at speed" lol. I guess my joke wasn't too far from reality.

  3. Be interesting if you had posi-traction (rear wheels) and laid onto the accelerator as soon as the front wheels begin to rise over the speed bump. Just thinkin! Would ya fly, lol?
    P.S. Wonder if you had more "regular" wheels/tires? Most folk, I think, don't have such perfection like tires that will take such a bump so smoothly, imho.

  4. My brothers high school has speed bumps that are 1.5 feet wide and about 7 inches tall, but the middle is flat, and it is flat for like 6 inches. It is the most jarring speed bump ever because you hit it, then its flat, then you fall.

  5. Problem happens, when suspension gets harder, and ahen tire wall gets smaller. There were speedbumps that was better to hit with twice speed (80km/h instead of 40) than breaking and taking it 5km/h (speed limit 40 and i only went faster on bump) But changing car, to same model, just 16" wheels and harder suspension complete opposite story.
    Either way all of them are just killers,

  6. It appears no permission was requested or granted. This is definitely not legal. Dick move dude. I hate speed bumps as much as the next guy, but get permission before plowing through stop signs in public parking lots.

  7. We used to have speed humps, a double speed bump from hell, but they were hard on fire equipment rolling code, and would launch the rear end of your front wheel drive car a few feet in the air at high speed (how I know that is classified). Now we have speed tables. Boring.

  8. Больше скорость – меньше ям ))
    Надо неисправные амортизаторы поставить. В момент подвексу разломает.

  9. fun fact (german engineer talking): german cars MUST withstand driving with 60 km/h over a german curbside (Boardsteinkante) which is roughly 15cm high. Nothing may break off of the car when doing so, but it is ok for things to bend/deform.
    I've seen those high speed images and they were shocking on a whole other scale than this – altough this was quite nice to watch!

  10. Whit suv's whith long suspension travel and huge sidewalls when you go faster on speed bumps is somother than taking it slow

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