Hegelian Recognition and Incels

Hegelian Recognition and Incels

Throughout modern history, there have been two opposing ways of viewing the individual. The first one is exemplified by Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” In his book; meditations on first philosophy Descartes wanted to establish a firm foundation for all knowledge And he attempted to do this by what is called: “Methodic doubt”

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  1. I'd like to clear something up in case there's any confusion. When talking about "incels", I definitely don't mean any man who is a virgin but would like not to be. I think mocking people for being virgins is terrible in several ways – it's a view that assumes that a person's validity somehow hinges on whether they've had sex or not, it excludes asexual people, and is often part of the same attitude that demeans women for NOT being virgins. When I talk about incels, I talk about the general incel community where a foundational idea seems to be that women somehow commit an injustice by choosing who to sleep with, and all the sexist ideas that along come with it.

    As for the incels in the comments, I just have some questions:
    – If you think women don't get rejected, demeaned or ridiculed for their looks just as often if not more than men, what are you basing that on? How many women have you talked to about their experiences with rejection, dating, harassment, etc.?
    – If you claim that your negative or resentful attitude towards women was caused by women mistreating you, have you also been mistreated by men? If so, did that lead you to adopt a generalizing view of men as evil, shallow or malicious?
    – Do you think that it is right for people to judge you based on who you find attractive? If not, why do you think it's okay for you to judge women based on who they find attractive?
    – If you met a woman who often spoke negatively about men, calling them evil, shallow or malicious, would you want to date them? If not, why should a woman in the opposite situation want to date you?

  2. Your use of Rodgers is bizarre, if not outright deceptive, if your intention is to try and posit that anger over "alienation" was the proximate cause, and competition the ultimate of Rodger's acts of murder and mayhem.

    Rodgers was alienated from everyone from his earliest years. His alienation and distress around others was noticed when he was only a small child, and as a result he had been in therapy for many years prior to going on his revenge rampage.

    Trying to use Rodgers as an example of Hegelian or Marxist alienation which manifested as misogyny is disingenuous at best. Three of the first six persons he succeeded in killing, were males whom he slew by knife in his own apartment.

    A neotenous narcissist, the little "perfect gentleman" was upset with women choosing healthy and athletic males as sex partners, rather than him. Coed preschools were not going to do anything to make him into the kind of male women naturally, and properly, value as mating material. And given his developmental issues, coed preschool or the like would have been unlikely to cause him to – in the infamous words of Clown Prince Obama of the Democrat Party – "see himself in others".

    Rodgers could have bought a set of barbells, taken up rugby, jogging on the beach and surfing, and possibly built himself into some semblance of the man healthy women might desire, but apparently he preferred driving around in his car and murderously preening instead.

    His problem was not that he was an atomized individual; it was that he was a narcissist, mentally ill from earliest childhood .

    You also seem to be critiquing self-awareness i.e., consciousness of being a self, by equivocating on the term "self-consciousness", presenting it as implying a notion more properly thought of as self-image or identity.

  3. The problem I have with the conclusion is that it ends in the idea that 'diversity is good' as it exposes individuals to other people, thus makes them more tolerant etc.

    The problem is I don't see the evidence, if anything diversity increases intolerance of others, this is evident with almost every single war in history, and the current wave of Racism in the West, the Alt-Right was born precisely in diverse Western societies who have been pushing that diversity increases tolerance for decades now and is back firing, it wasn't born in homogeneous Japan.

    As for incels, they are a product of a highly individualist culture where the sexual market place is screwed up and morality is out of the window.

    Healthy society would have an outlet for such men, it was called a Monastery.

  4. Please do a video on democracy and how it is it’s own worst enemy. I mean the system we call democracy and explore what versions of democracy might encourage more active participation without sinking under the weight of dissent. I think this is why at first only landowners were allowed to vote because they had a clear interest and politics is a past time for the aristocracy. Most people do not deserve to live in a democracy because they only have at best unfounded opinions and anyone and everyone has those, even the most disadvantaged intellectually. Universal suffrage without obligations is in fact anti-democratic.

  5. But wouldn't that simply reverse the slave/master distinction here? The need of the other is still the case for the identity of an Incel to manifest. There identity is still constituted by their characterization of social relations, although what appears is that there is not a higher "synthesis" which could be configured through their identification as Incel.

  6. It's a damn shame there is such a ridiculous pejorative connotation for simply claiming to be "involuntarily celibate". Its a nice hetero- phobic slang term towards heterosexual single men, wrongfully stigmatizing those who are very tactfully and respectfully seeks a wife and avoid hostage situations of fake relationships, unlike "cucks". Such men are not "involuntary celibate" if they're simply proceeding with caution.

  7. The problem with all of this rethoric is that women are paint like angels. I am a rich guy, good looking, no incel, but for christ-sake women are capable of being assholes too, they are equally superficial or even more, but if you point out that women aint angels instantaniously you will be classified as an Incel. Why is there suddenly an steroid used epidemic? Just to give an example. And if we as society dont accept that women are, well selfish human beings just like everyone else, competition among males is going to skyrocket, just the contrary of what we need. Capistalism and competition will not solve all the problems that are coming (degradation of the enviroment), but if we keep telling ourselves that women only go "for the heart" is going to be much more difficult. I think people who neglet all the aforementioned are hypocrites, or just blind.

  8. 2:52 "In order to feel at home in the world, I must see myself reflected in it" – does this desire for consolation-via-reflection have its roots in the Lacanian mirror stage?

  9. I love Hegel. His philosophy is so deep and mind boggling. Hegel is truly the modern Plato. What Plato did for philosophy in ancient times, Hegel does for us. We use to follow the foot steps Plato left behind, but now we follow Hegel!

  10. A problem I have with this video, and most others on ”incels” is that they focus so much on trying to critique the underlying assumptions that lead to chauvinism. Of course misogyny is wrong but aren’t these attitudes fundamentally “irrational” in so much as they are axioms that the incel(s) think are grounded in their emotional experiences? Incels obviously see themselves as “the slaves” in the dialectic. In this way they are, psychologically similar to virtually every Socialist I have known. The problem here is that arguing with these people about their core assumptions is just another way that “others” invalidate their feelings and experiences so it only pushes them further down the rabbit hole. What is completely baffling about this is that everyone knows what it is like to be “the slave” in this dialectic and in the context of love and romance. Everyone has had the high school crush who wouldn’t give them the time of day, or been in the friend zone, or looked in the mirror and thought they were ugly for whatever reason. Indeed if anyone reads or watches a romance from any period before our own artistically impoverished time one will find that inceldom and cuckoldry are hugely problematic for everyone, dare I say especially men. King Arthur, Cyrano de Bergerac, Phantom of the Opera and virtually every other work of Historical and Gothic Romance explores these themes. I don’t mean to be a troll but, dear Cuck Philosophy your channel is called Cuck Philosophy. You of all people should explore this issue in greater depth.

  11. Is this a troll channel? I have watched a few videos and each time he make mistakes that seem intentional then use those to build to whatever outcome he were going for.

  12. I think you're on point. Incels live in a self-feeding cycle. They have a worldview that affects their behavior, which causes a reaction that reinforces their worldview. Also, we need to add Biology to broaden the picture. Women, in regards to have a romantic relationship of some sort (From hooking up to marriage), judge men by their success (appearent, actual or potential success). Therefore, women's recognition is a powerful signal of success as a creature (only the best ones get to mate), It's ingrained in our brain and It's an imperative. This problem is worsened by the state of the sexual market place nowdays. Incels don't lack any type of recognition, they lack female recognition, and are tortured by their biology. Their only way out is to refrain from seeking women's validation and focusing on other aspects of their lives and to learn that anger is only a setback. But every one put fault only on them, which makes some sense, but doesn't help with the situation.

  13. Incels need a strong/dominant female to just straight up TAKE'EM!
    No asking! No introductions! Just BAM! FUCK'EM! Help them get it out of their system 😛

  14. Just in the first few minutes, even though I didn’t agree with Descartes, I not only found the words for why I don’t agree and also that even though I did not agree with him I still have the vacuum mind/ introspection idea ingrained into my worldview! What the fuck! I need to read meditations and Hegel now.

  15. Man fuck you. I'm an incel and I'm not a fucking misogynist. Take your head out of your ass you prick. If you couldn't get laid you would have more compassion for incels, you piece of shit. I was thinking about subscribing, but not anymore. Watch what you say, bitch. Your audience are probably mostly incels. We're usually the only people that are unhappy enough to watch these vids.

  16. This might be just be a normal philosophical thing to do, but you just randomly fudge some concepts together and assume they say something relevant. I guess that's why philosophy is one of the least well paid degrees…

    Boys and girls often do not play together. This is normal. It also normal in a historical context for a man to live like a humble hermit since most men in history never had any children. Elliot Rogers had a load of mental health issues and he grew up in a shallow culture. PC culture does little to make people more tolerant it is just a cancer that controls people through shame and has no moral backbone. PC culture is just a lame religion. Promoting understanding and compassion would have helped Elliot but heavy handed shaming and messed up politics would have done nothing.

    Children are also naturally racist unfortunately. They need to be taught to understand and respect other people but real respect for others goes deeper than that. Most people grow up and are able to really respect others they interact with as part of adulthood. If for some reason someone does not get healthy interactions, they are going to say disrespectful things without really thinking about the consequences.

    Incels just need some mental health counseling to get a perspective of life and healthy interactions with other people. They are largely too helpless to pose any threat to society. There does seem to be a lack of mental health treatment for men but there is little political capital in rectifying this. This has nothing to do with masters and slaves; its not worth even bringing this up. It is just about how to help people cope with a modern disconnected society.

  17. When you say "throughout modern history there has been two opposing ways of viewing the individual" you exclude other actually fairly prominent breakdowns of the individual such as Derek Parfit's work, but even more so eastern philosophers who think the self is an illusion, in fact Derek Parfit's view and the eastern views (secular incantations of Buddhism) seem even more coherent and much more comprehensive deconstructions of the individual than either Descartes or Hegel's views. I understand that this is outside the videos theme, but your phrasing from the outset would lead viewers to believe that those two ways of viewing the individual are the be all end all ways.

  18. Cuck Philosophy, you are completely twisting the quote in your video to such a stark degree that I am questioning your sincerity. "I wish I was appreciated by a 'human female'" denotes desperation, in order to gain sympathy. He is emphasizing the reduction in his standards to only the basic qualifiers of "human" and "female", as opposed to having the luxury of being selective in the nature of said female. It's unbelievable to me that you would misinterpret that use of "human female" as a sign of unfamiliarity, as if women were so foreign to him that he would need to clarify that he is seeking a human, as opposed to say, a female goat. This would be further obvious if you would acknowledge the second part of his post. "I would even settle for a man" implies that he does not prefer men, which denotes desperation in the same way that he seeks any "human female" to fulfill his standard.

    I hope that I am misspoken in accusing you of misrepresentation, but I feel that your application of the master/slave theory is forced, so as to further denigrate incels as being misogynists.

  19. The problem with this is that by the same token that this relationship can be formed by incels not recognizing women, it can be also formed by women not recognizing incels. I think the latter is the case because women are the ones who are selective in the current gender roles, and don't have to approach. Incels are involuntarily forced into this dialectic, and their individuation is out of their control; the transcendence of the dialectical object is exclusively at the discretion of women.

  20. What’s missing the story of an incel is that they grow up without being recognized so they never develop the ability to recognize others. To plainly put that incels are the cause of their own despair is incorrect; incels have an origin story, usually vain miserable parents who focus on their short term interests instead of the long term success of the children they have brought into the world.

  21. Incels could probably date, but they'd have to date women from the lower classes, allowing their superior economic position to attract partners. But of course, those women would be seen as beneath them.

    Or they could even see prostitutes, but they'd probably see them as less than human.

    The problem for incels, the women they view as their equals, are just not interested. But instead of lowering their expectations, like most men do – they think they have a right to the most desirable girls of their social milieu.

    Elliot Rodger claimed he had the car, the watch, the clothes – so was totally mythed why he couldn't get the girl?

    He was spoiled, with the best of everything, so felt entitled to the most eligible girls, like he'd feel entitled to a first class seat on a plane, or the best table in a restaurant. Anything else would be beneath him.

  22. I've come across a lot of references to incels yet never really encountered anyone who fits the definition. It seems like a propaganda tool to characterize people who follow a different ideology. Same as the left claiming there are plenty of Nazi's on the right when really its so rare it's almost non existent.

  23. Incels don't have mothers, right? So they don't see women as human beings? Bullshit! Women are just hypergamous, nothing all. Men can get to a friendzone, when they treat a woman like a human being. But they don't get sex. That"s the key.

  24. The thing Des-Cartes failed to realize is that even when I stop thinking, I am. Even when I am not thinking I am aware. Mental emptiness is not an absence of awareness but an awareness of absence. The truth, the ultimate truth is "I am"….

  25. Hegel was obviously a moron. Self awareness needs not mind, nor thought, nor others for interaction. In fact it is only by eliminating all of the mental processes that one becomes "self aware".

  26. a great way to explain reactions to a male dressed in tight floral pants at the MN state fair, there is no seeing each other because there is already a hierarchy present when someone says "fag", "homo", "or why do you walk that way". There is no use for me to interject and try to change the persons freedom of speech. I am always already subordinate so the only option I have is ignoring which to excessively masculine men is a form of castration.

  27. a great way to explain reactions to a male dressed in tight floral pants at the MN state fair, there is no seeing each other because there is already a hierarchy present when someone says "fag", "homo", "or why do you walk that way". There is no use for me to interject and try to change the persons freedom of speech. I am always already subordinate so the only option I have is ignoring which to excessively masculine men is a form of castration.

  28. So, I just stumbled upon the whole "incel phenomenon" and I can't help but feel offended by them, as a man…..noted, I'm NOT easily offended cuz usally I just don't give a shit about other people, but they make me mad as hell.

  29. the people who say "I don't think what others think" have a secret wish to be recognized = people who refute red pill ideology based through strawmen to not be recognized as such as well.

    if you are actually interested in this topic, why not talk about hyper-gamy and women who, regardless of how much money they make, always want to date men who make more money?

  30. Your validation has to come from the belief in a creator God and that's were you find your validation not based on some acceptance of society or a women or a man for that matter.

  31. Your video fails to even touch on the actual causes behind inceldom, and you manage to turn it into a marxist whinging near the end of it. This part was especially funny:

    9:05 "We then see how important it is to build institutions where people, especially children, are encouraged to recognize the validity of of others, rather than being driven by competition and punishment"

    Thats fascinating, since thats the environment most correlated with inceldom. Kids need to learn competitiveness, and society ought to be un-feminized. Either that, or you just let society turn into a total-matriarchy. Your failure to address observable patterns in history, observable facts of nature, and the real, actual causes behind inceldom tells me you don't understand why incels are so butthurt. Instead, you just blame the incels, and have contributed almost nothing to understanding why it's an epidemic.

  32. 8:15 massive logical flaw: you make the unfounded assumption that minorities are in fact equal to, and only wrongly seen as different by, reactionaries.
    incels, like any other human male, NEED human females to reproduce. that's why this recognition is necessary for their character development. 
    but whites don't need blacks, Christians don't need jews, and reactionaries don't need Marxists to be equal to them for their psyche to be healthy.

  33. No other race of men on Earth sit around wondering how to get their women under control; only the European male does this and has been doing so for centuries. Is the individualist-oriented mentality of the European to blame? Why does the Eurocuck male stigmatize prostitution, even when it is legalized?

  34. But isn't the core argument of incels that they were raised by a society that expects of them to be sexually active, constantly stimulates them with sexualized content and gives them the illusion sex was universally available, and that this does not conform with their actual reality where sex seems to be unnatainable to them?
    This core argument references societies expectations upon the incels and due to them being unable to attain validation from others, men & women, they grow to resent them.
    This would place the incel as the slave in hegels dilectic, as they are the loosers of the sociatal struggle for mating rights and are being tolerated by the winners of that struggle, women who they expect can choose mates freely and succesful men.

  35. Many incels, from what I gather, do NOT view themselves as entitled to anything in the sexual marketplace. And, that is precisely why they may be sad and dejected or angry: they WANT to be masters along with the women who are masters, but see absolutely no biological birthright or entitlement pathway to that success. They view themselves as innately prevented by mother nature and the society it has formed, from ever being viable candidates for any women theyd ever want to be with, so they remove themselves from the marketplace and, hopefully, focus on the things they can control to better their lives.

    Others view women through a negative biological lense in which women are simply hypergamous beings whose main goal I the sexual marketplace is to make men the slaves while they are the master, so they remove themselves.

    Now, while these views may be incorrect on the whole– as all views are if taken universally, there is statistical evidence to back them. So, your initial assertion that incels are necessarily misogynists is not really fair and dilutes the truth in your own argument.

  36. Make good points but leave out the influence of media. For that matter university. The take over by man hating feminists in media.
    It doesn’t have to even be radical influence in media. It’s subtle. Making for a confusion of the masculine.

  37. Im a different kind of Incel. I try and make other incel view life differently and (not) to feel so defeated and (not) to hate women. I view the world how a movie director views a movie they seen a million times they pick it apart and criticize everything ….and most people think i have a negative outlook but facts are facts and they don't care about you feelings. So when i look at most relationships i look and see both sides and most of the time the man in the relationship is miserable and i ask myself why….I come to the conclusion that (most) women are far more of a burden than society wants us to believe….and they want us to be blinded by tits, ass and a pretty face, but looks fade like everything else.

    What im tryong to get at here is that romantic love isn't for everyone because its for procreation and not everyone was fit for that life style….and We as Incels need to know this and accept it and move on. because its not the end of the world…..I say many times that if a woman doesn't want to sleep with you good, less problems in your life….thats the moral of my channel….
    PS i dont hate women im not a misogynist.

  38. There are logical reasons for reactionary politics. Ignoring these and rather psychoanalzying so called incels to not being reflected in others due to social isolation is not a honourable line of argumentation. Your entire deduction is basically full CNN mode decorated with pompous vocabulary, stating "reactionary incels project their own failure of socializing onto others and thereby adopt right wing political theroies that are a moral taboo. Don't worry though I have the solution: We need inclusive and diverse "institutions" in which competition and differentiation is reduced even futher." Where is the irony behind your channel name dude?

  39. Although I appreciate that you actually attempted to dismantle inceldom with philosophy, this video seems like a bunch of pompous self gratification. Your world view that you have 'figured out' the incel is rather frustrating. You offer no means of escape for their situation. The truth is, a lot of what they are saying is eye opening and correct, and they often base their ideas on statistics. No amount of philosophy will give a short ugly balding man an escape for loneliness. It's true that women treat men differently than men treat women (just look at how men and women rate each other; women rate the average man as below average). The sooner that you realize that our system naturally puts women on a pedestal as the judges of man, you come to understand that for many men there is no place in the system. I'll do for them what you haven't and offer some reconciliation; from a biological standpoint, it is good that women are protected and elevated so that they can judge our genetics and select for the best so that the next generation can be stronger. It's a hierarchical structure by nature, so if it feels unfair then it's working (no improvements to your personality will move you up or down on the scale of genetic fitness).

  40. I'm socialized, had many girls, have one now, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum from incels… i still don't think girls should have rights. your analysis is good, your conclusion is liberal, nothing more.

  41. It works on an almost psychological level.
    We are not born into the world innately knowing what a human is. A child raised by wolves will think himself a wolf. A child raised by humans will think himself a human. Even as an adult, you are learning. It seems that, at one point, the incel was taught that human and person are not one and the same :/

  42. The problem is not the incel, but what is creating incels

    Don't hate the player, hate the game

    Fix the problem or get the fuck out of the way

  43. Not an incel so I can't answer the questions relating to personal experience, but this one:
    "If you think women don't get rejected, demeaned or ridiculed for their looks just as often if not more than men, what are you basing that on? How many women have you talked to about their experiences with rejection, dating, harassment, etc.?"

    It has become evident in the age of digital dating that women do in fact get rejected less based on their looks alone by men, than men do by women. The common theme with women who can't get dates is that they disapprove of the men who proposition them (there's usually a hefty does of narcissism and ego to go along with this), whereas men who can't get dates don't get any propositions in the first place.

  44. The question that interests me is whether porn is unhealthy or not, or, in in any case, in what way it is healthy/unhealthy depending on differing circumstances.

  45. You had me at Master, slave and bondage rimshot But seriously, this was a mindblowing post and I dig the way you bring across philosophy whereas others might make it more boring or difficult. Sorry for going off topic, but this video explains some tensions I've had in the BDSM community, especially with those who focus more on Dominance & submission rather than kinky play. Thank you kindly!

  46. You're making false assumptions. Incel = involuntary celibate (because of his appearance), also called ''the sub5 males''. More the ugly guy, he can't get friends, can't get sex, can't find a partner, can't get children. Yes, incels are ugly people. If you haven't had sex for a year, you may be an incel, even if you don't identify as one. Everyone knows ugly people don't have it easy on them. This video already misses the point from the thing it's trying to describe and makes no sense. Calling out a hungry guy without food. Acting smart and stuff may get you views, but many dungeon dwelling incels can see you are obviously just unable to deal with the uncomfortable truth that our happinesses circle around the scarcity of different resources.

  47. It's hard to overstate just how important I think this video is, because it explains in an easy-to-understand way an idea whose acceptance by the general public will be vital to the continued survival of the human species. I try to share it with others whenever possible.

  48. This made me realize women never really did interact with me all throughout my childhood. The more attractive boys had lots of female friends and friends overall which helped them build their social skills like a domino effect… I sometimes managed to get 1 or 2 nerdy friends if I was lucky. The blackpilling starts early, shame that I had to live over 20 years of my life in near isolation before understanding why I’ve never been socially accepted. I probably would’ve stayed lost and confused if i never discovered the blackpill. Thanks to the internet, I finally understand society now and everything is clear.

  49. Women and Chads think Incels should not have any rights, therefore it makes sense for incels to think women and Chads don’t deserve any rights either. Perfectly balanced

  50. It seems that in order to resist the despotic dictatorship of signifiers, one shouldn’t follow a dominant discourse that attempts to essentialize, single out and label a group of people…

  51. Another question, which I think is interesting. Do you believe these people freely chose to behave in a certain way? Or maybe their behavior is rather a consequence of a certain social order? And if the latter is true, isn’t this phenomenon a responsibility that the society should assume?

  52. Chuck Philosophy
    You are sooo far off the mark it’s not in the ball park of discussion.
    But let me say, using your “philosophy”: no wonder you can’t get laid by an incel, you don’t recognize them as human. Too bad, hey.

    see, i hope my sensible point is made using non-sense : such is art

  53. Your video features the word 'incel' in the title, when all incels do not act nor think like Elliot Rodger. Come on, man.


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