Gospel at the Baptist Church | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

Gospel at the Baptist Church | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-So, we’re going
to a Baptist church, and I’m actually
really surprised that I’ve never
been to one before because I really
love gospel music. I’m excited to learn, and hopefully I feel the spirit and we hear some great music, because I have no sense
of rhythm myself, so I can’t bring it. Let’s just go. Hi! -Hello there!
-Yeah! -Hey! Wow, you are
a good-looking couple. -Oh, wow. Thanks.
-Thanks, man. Thank you. -That’s really nice. Thank you.
-Yeah. -So, you’re the reverend
of the church. -Yeah, that’s right.
I’m the pastor, the reverend. -What is the difference? -Pastor is, like, the leader
of the congregation, a shepherd. A reverend is anyone
who’s been ordained. But you can use them all
interchangeably — minister, reverend, pastor. -Oh, okay.
So, I will call you Reverend Pastor
Minister Pickens. -Yes.
Yeah, that’s cool, yeah. -What does that make you?
-I’m the First Lady. -Yeah, we call her
the First Lady. -You’re the First Lady!
-Yeah. Isn’t that a cool title?
-Oh, wow! I got a lot
of questions about that. -Okay. Great. -So, I have to ask because you are the First Lady
of the church… -I am. -…what does that mean?
-The First Lady usually is the pastor’s wife
of a Baptist church. -I don’t know
what the difference is between a Baptist church and other Christian churches. -I think we all follow
the life of Christ, but in the Baptist tradition, the congregation
owns the church. So, the congregation votes
on what we do, if we’re gonna move here,
if we’re gonna purchase this, if we’re gonna have a pastor,
if we get a raise. The congregation
makes those decisions. -So, it’s all community-based.
-It is community-based. We also believe,
to be baptized, you have to confess
with your mouth and believe in your heart
that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we show that
by dipping into the water. So, some faiths sprinkle people. We dip and immerse
into the water. -Oh, so it’s like in the movies
where you wear the big robe and then you get dipped
into the… When I’m seeing
Baptist churches in movies and stuff, they’re primarily
African-American congregations. Is that true
for this congregation, and why is that? -This is an African-American
congregation, although we have members
who are not African-American. But, no,
Baptist churches are not. We have Baptist churches
of all ethnicities. -What do you think
the misconceptions are about Baptist churches? -Well,
there’s this misconception that we stay in church
really, really long. -How long are we talking? -You’re gonna
be here till tomorrow. No. I’m just joking.
-Okay. -You stay in church for 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 to 30 minutes. But anything less than 2 hours, I think Baptist people
will say was not church. -What is it about
the church service that makes it a 2-hour minimum? -Well, we like to sing.
We like to sing, and we’re waiting
for the spirit to come. When you come to church,
you have to have a spiritual experience. That’s what it’s about.
And we conjure that up with song and the Word and prayer. [music] God helped me [music] -That’s it.
You sound good, Zion Hill. [music] He helped me [music] [music] God [music] [music] God helped me [music] [music] When I couldn’t see my way [music] [music] He helped me [music] [music] Ooh [music] -How will I know when the spirit moves me, if it moves me? -Well, it’s
an individual thing, but during the church service,
somebody might say, “Amen,” somebody might dance, somebody might sing,
somebody might cry. It’s different things
for different people. -Different things
for different people, but you know when it happens. If it doesn’t happen for you
until later, do you have to stay
until it does? -I wish it was like that. I personally believe that if you
come into a spiritual experience and you don’t feel the spirit,
you didn’t bring it with you. -Oh. That’s, like,
a lot of pressure. I feel like there was an exam
I should have prepared for. -Right? Yeah, you have to come
with an open heart. You have to come
expecting to feel good. And I think if you live
like that at church and you live like that
in your life, those things
will happen for you. -Mother Jones, come, come, come.
I want you to meet Zach. -Nice to meet you.
-This is Zach. This is Mother Jones.
Mother Jones is the one who celebrated 95 years
this year. -95.
How did you celebrate? -With the Lord.
Who else? Ain’t nobody else. -Did the Lord
bake you a cake? -No, but he gave me
a cake of love. -That’s fantastic. How long have you been married? -Seven years.
-Seven years. -I’ve been married
seven years this month. -And did you always know
that you would marry a person, a man of God, if you will? -No way did I ever
want to marry a pastor. -Why do you say that? -Seth Pickens,
my husband, is a really funny guy, and I married him,
and he became a pastor. -What was it about him
that changed your mind? -Well, he’s really good-looking,
right? -Oh, yeah, he is.
-So, that helps. Yeah, yeah.
He’s pretty handsome. He’s very nice,
and he was kind. He was really responsible,
and he was a man of God. He loved God,
and he was passionate about it but not too serious
and restrictive. -I had a dog once. And it was there
when I moved in. It was there tied
to a fence. And I said,
“Man, that’s terrible. I love dogs.”
And I went to untie it. It started barking at me.
And its past experience had been that anytime somebody got close,
you better watch out. So, it became defensive.
I don’t know if you hear me today —
because people can be the same way. A lot of times, people need the warmth,
they need the love, but when you show them love, it’s so unusual to them,
they don’t know how to react! -Yeah! -I’m not calling anybody a dog. -[ Laughs ] -How does humor
play a role in faith? -You have to laugh
when you think about how people
practice faith, right? That’s kind of funny. -Now, what do you mean by that? -Well, I think religion
sometimes gets a really bad rap because of the people
who practice it. So, if you have
a lighthearted sense of humor, maybe you can just really appreciate God
in different ways. This is the couple
I told you who has been married
for 50 years. -We married here 50 years ago…
-You married here? -…at the church 50 years ago.
-Oh, wow! How do you keep things fresh
after 50 years? -Well, it’s easy.
Look at her. How can it not be fresh?
-Oh, wow! -You kidding me?
-I tell everybody I treat him like a king
and he treats me like a queen. -That’s right.
-And that’s the key. -That’s the key.
-You treat everybody the way you want to be treated. God made me perfect,
so I treat him perfect, and I treat myself
like God made me. -And whenever she wants
my opinion, she gives it to me. -That’s right.
-So, that works out just fine. -How have things changed
since Seth and Isis got here? -Oh, they’ve been wonderful.
-Oh, they have been fabulous. -They’ve brought
young people here. They’re filling up the church. Because it was an old church,
and it was a dying church. And they’ve revived — Young people
have revitalized the church. This beautiful woman
and her beautiful, fantastic husband
have revitalized this church. -Thank you.
-And I’m so grateful for what they’re doing here. -I heard that
you and your husband sort of — When you came here, you
shook things up a little bit. -Mm. A little bit.
-A little bit? A little bit? -A little bit, a little bit,
a little bit. -So, how did you do that? Did you come in
with a plan? And what did you do? -No.
I don’t think you can do that. I think you just have to be open to whatever you need,
whatever is out there. And I think that Seth
and myself — We believe that God
is love, right, and that that love is expressed
in many different forms. -Amen.
-Amen. -Amen.
-Hug somebody. -The only thing
you have to do is love and love Jesus? -I think Jesus
is the example, right? So, Jesus came to show us
a greater way to love, and that’s to love
with your whole open heart. That’s loving people
who persecute you, loving people
who don’t understand you, or people who are
very different from you. It’s not as simple
as it sounds, right? “Just love! Ah!” -Yeah. “Just love everybody
all the time.” It seems simple.
-Yeah. Yes. -And then
when you try and do it, you meet some real — Well, you meet some real jerks
in this world, and it’s hard
to do it sometimes. -That’s right.
Well, that really is the faith. That’s what faith is to me. The faith is not believing
one certain thing. The faith is the walk.
It’s the walk. It’s getting to that point.
-I don’t know if the walk’s gonna work
out for me, but… -Or the roll.
It’s the roll. -And the roll!
It’s the roll. [ Indistinct singing ] [music] I will trust in the Lord [music] [music] I will trust in the Lord [music] [music] Until I die [music] [music] I will trust in the Lord [music] [music] I will trust in the Lord [music] [music] I will trust in the Lord [music] [music] Until I die [music] -So,
I didn’t get baptized today, but I am gonna have a drink
of water real quick ’cause it’s really hot
in this jacket. Ahh.
Spirit of refreshments.

99 thoughts on “Gospel at the Baptist Church | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

  1. This was great! I am LDS but I just love getting to learn about other Christian faiths. These people seem like genuine beautiful people who practice what they believe and I have learned a lot from their wonderful examples. 

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  4. i likes it when she said that god is love and love can expressed in many different forms .. and loved the cute elders i hope a happy live for them 

  5. One quick note if I may, regarding misconceptions of Baptists (and a bit of a history lesson!:) One of the more widely spread misconceptions is that Baptists are Protestant. The word "Protestant" actually refers to any denomination that came out of the Catholic Church. They "protested" the teachings of Catholicism and started Lutheran churches, Presbyterian churches, etc. The baptist denomination was actually never affiliated with the Catholic Church. Thanks for the kind videos!

  6. I don't and can't believe in god – but it makes me happy to see people finding peace, hope, love and luck in their god and treat people respectful despite their sexuality, religion or skin colour. So happy, it makes me wanna cry :')

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  8. oh, i loved this episode. very nice people there. i like the colours, the humanity, the touching, the love. i dont really believe in 'god', but i am absolutely sure, that when i would feel very sad and depressed, this community would help me a lot. today i was shopping in the city and an old man randomly started a conversation with me..it last for 20 minutes and was very nice…for both of us. and the end we were shaking hands very long and wished us all the best. it was great. so many old people dont have somebody to talk to, but they have so interesting stories to tell. the old people in this baptist church seems to be very happy and well integrated. these many hands on the old womans shoulder and these hugs at the end are really important. in churches here in germany are not enough of these physical interactions.
    zach, i loved the intro 🙂 <3 rock on, you are great!

  9. I go to a baptist church of mostly caucasian people, just wanted to let others know that they are not always african american. But I love it so much, singing, making music, praying together, and listening to my pastors sermon is always my favorite thing. It doesn't even feel like 2 hours! I love the Lord and I sure hope lost people who don't know the Lord watch this video and open their hearts! AMEN! 

  10. Zach loves this…  thanks for sharing and being so open minded.  Would love if you came to the Philly area and visited the church I work at!  Keep sharing the love. 

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    Keep on rolling Zach. Thank you so much for sharing with the world!

  13. My mom used to work for the Southern Baptist org-the elite board are who run the traditional old Baptist churches…. I can only guess this is an Independent Baptist church since the Holy Spirit is, acc. to Southern Baptists, dead to earth and speaking in tongues etc is considered of the devil …

  14. I actually go to a baptist church and believe or not its mainly women running everything not men so I think it depends on where you go to church

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    P.S: continue with your videos. They are awesome.. I just spent my whole morning watching them all 🙂

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  19. Zach picked the wrong church to find out about Baptists. As a Baptist I don't know any Baptist that says church needs to be 2 hours, most Baptist get upset if the service goes over an hour, nor is there anything in the Baptist distinctives about coming to church for an "experience". You come to church to learn and grow and to be challenged, not for some emotional "experience".

  20. I would have liked to have heard them talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus. His mission was to reconcile the world to God through His work on the cross and in His rising from death. Following Jesus can't happen without first accepting that work.

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  22. This is a pseudo-baptist church.  They're not that far removed from pentecostals, seeing how she kept talking about "having an experience."  You don't sing to "conjure up" the Holy Spirit.  That's a new age, Rick Warren based "baptist" church, right there.

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    And Zach, this whole surrounding aswell as your handsome outfit suits you really well! Looking good 😉

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  27. I am a 17 year old girl from Romania. My country is an orthodox country,and baptists are a minority here. I accepted Jesus 2 years ago,I am the only one in my family so it is pretty easy to be criticized. I almost got kicked out of my house for loving Jesus,but I find my strength in Him and I pray that people will see Him through my life. I am persecuted everyday,people see me as a freak but I couldn't care less. He saved me from depression and self harming. I chose to leave the orthodox church because I never found God there I only found traditions and judgmental people but when I went to a Baptist church I met authentic Christians that live for Jesus and they showed me love and kindness I felt accepted for once.

  28. hi there, I just wanted to say I really love this series. Although it doesn't give you the real deal of any of the faithes…or so it seems to me…it's mostly very much on the surface, but it gives you an idea. So great job 🙂

  29. I grew up Southern Baptist, and now I’m a Unitarian Universalist. Baptism is not only for adult believers, at least in some Baptist churches. Many children are baptized, as long as they (presumably) understand what they are doing. My grandson was baptized at age 8. I was baptized at the same age. This is just a clarification re: the caption introducing the faith. Also, our services did not generally last two hours. I remember that being the case only on special occasions such as Easter. And Baptist weddings are really brief compared to those of other faiths.

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