Germany: ‘Nationalism and protectionism are not forms for new magnitudes’ – Gabriel

Germany: ‘Nationalism and protectionism are not forms for new magnitudes’ – Gabriel

Not only, but especially in the West, in Europe, Germany and USA new slogans are applied High walls, closed borders and prepare for trouble (batten down the hatches), they have become seductive paroles It has to do with the recent changes, at the moment the world is being measured again, the competition of globalisation is becoming seemingly even more tougher New countries such as China are arising powerfully, the USA questions the trans-atlantic priority incidentally not firstly under Donald Trump, but rather Barack Obama who held the ‘Pivot to Asia’ speech with approximately the same meaning as Kennedy’s speech in Berlin with the famous sentence ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ For the first time America said that they are a pacific nation, before the slogan was that ‘we are a trans-atlantic nation’ Is it normal for the development of the world? At the same time Europe is struggling with its inner unity as well as with its voice in the world The digitalisation as the biggest force of change in the economy and society is progress and destruction in one Progress for information, intelligence, efficiency, communication, networking but as well in the sense of the economist [Joseph] Schumpeter, a destruction for analog and stationary business models in media, trade, industry, creative destruction but also a closure of used structures and securities That is not only a European perception In the United States, the rising led to a political revolt and was a deciding factor for the presidential elections Nationalism and protectionism are not forms for new magnitudes and incidentally, the command to batten down the hatches is a command of a sinking ship That is where the perception comes

15 thoughts on “Germany: ‘Nationalism and protectionism are not forms for new magnitudes’ – Gabriel

  1. yeah Multicultralism and destroying the european People through migration and Propaganda are. These Social Democrats are the most dangerous political group in Europe,

    They are openly hostile towards native Populations and Cultures while they push for Immigration and Support all Customs like Child brides and polygamy

  2. Oy vey! Don't become nationalists Goyim, remain good cattle Goyim and embrace your own genoci… I mean future utopian life in a multi-cultural collapsed society.


  4. That fat ass is the most pathatic turd I ever came across!!! After Cologne he proposed to deport the nafris back to North Africa so that they can serve their prison sentence there. After Berlin he now says that security is a core issue for social democrats and vows to fight islamism in a culture war. Seriously that guy has the Backbone of a blop of fat.

  5. Noch sitzt ihr da oben, ihr feigen Gestalten.
    Vom Feinde bezahlt, dem Volke zum Spott.
    Doch einst wird wieder Gerechtigkeit walten,
    dann richtet das Volk. Dann gnade Euch Gott!

  6. If the EU collapses then old traditional fascism would replace the EU centrist neoliberal establishment. And under the pretext of national sovereignty, in ten years from now, most European countries would have outright traditional fascist governments, that would make Marine Len Pen look live a very liberal and very moderate politician… I do understand that the far-right is always making a lot of noise in order to make their groups look bigger than they actually are… BUT make no mistake, no matter how much the EU establishment sucks, if it collapses then history would repeat itself and fascists would replace it… And before any sneaky apologist for fascism replies to me, I am NOT claiming that National Sovereignty always gives birth to fascism, but i can see how fascists would use it as a pretext… That's why democracy is overrated anyway and appointed technocrats should make the decisions for the public since the average person doesn't really know what he wants and doesn't fully understand the consequences of his/her decision when he decides he wants to vote…

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