FFXIV 5.0 1394 Story Part 41: Shadowbringers

FFXIV 5.0 1394 Story Part 41: Shadowbringers

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be doing the last story quest of the shadow bring his
story and as always hello from me free so I just spent the time high unlocked
flying I’m done I can fly in every zone so we are here now at 16:30
in the tempest let’s talk to Elise say the last quest is called shadow bringers
I will get I guess a surprise gift so Elise say appears to have made her
decision do you remember that talk we had atop the tower of in Maude sock I’m
still of the same mind now as I was then I don’t abandon you you don’t abandon me
and together we make a difference in this fight there’s always hope we look
for if we look for it I saw it again and again as you tore those veils of light
from the sky if we keep taking that next step forward there’s a chance we’ll find
a way to save you so no matter how long it takes or how much it hurts you can
count on me to keep on walking fair enough
I’ll have to talk to each one do we so for free spoke of the disaster we would
bring upon our own heads the ceaseless conflict imagine how he was near to see
what’s become of the first not to mention your perilous predicament and
yet who can’t deny the fire your deeds have ignited in the people’s hearts you
achieve what my logic and ideals never could unite is desperate people’s under
the banner of hope and common purpose without you that giant Alice would never
have raised its head I have borne witness to many such miracles at your
side and would do so again this is but another obstacle in the road so come let
us travel it dragged me through wandering danger as you are wont to do
and I shall endeavor not to slow you down okay max Yuri Andrei so as well the hell
knowest if we are to usher Emmett sulk on to his rest
we must needs bind his a.cian soul and then shower it with overwhelming force
the former tasks require if art aside and such I have prepared upon the
exhaust act King no less Oh twas ever mine intent to provide said boon the
future whence our noble friend off hail is a world fallen to a sein artifice and
he would not see such grim history repeated in a sentiment solstice crushed
destruction will be the combination of the xyx efforts a reward for all he have
endured these many years yet even as now astride us in the jaws of peril forget
not but his fondest wish and that of many others besides is to see the
survived on to the morale it is in pursuit of that happiest of outcomes I
do pledge to remain by side cool you stole the next hour time in the
first has been a never-ending succession of trials as argyus as our path at the
source ever was yeah through all our journeys together through that deep of
foreboding would you have helped me to stay true to my convictions thus would I
return the favor do as your heart desires well without
hesitation or regret and that is all I will say on the mouth cool thank rid
that’s the marine till the end well this has put everyone in a solemn mood hasn’t
it honestly we’re not even sure that this will be the end of it but I suppose
we should speak our minds then we when we have the opportunity you taught me
that much in our meringue so forgive me this moment of sentiment Murphree by
dragging me into this sorry mess you’ve given me the chance to think and act as
I should have for reen sake words cannot express how
much this has changed my life or how grateful I am for your support so I
shall express my gratitude through action instead no matter where you
decide to go I will be there guarding your back ok let’s talk to her so when men philia entrusted me with her
power she warned me that no matter how strong do you become you can still fall
victim to despair you can still feel powerless and she was right after you
collapsed our Mount gold my hands wouldn’t stop shaking if I made a
mistake if I failed to bind the light within you I was terrified you would die even now you could be moments from
turning and I wouldn’t know how to save you you’ve anchored the others you’ve
all been there when I needed help men philia surrendered her life to me her
legacy I should be ready to do the same for you and I want to I do but I just
I’m not good enough she told me to follow your example and I’ve tried I’ve
really tried then you shouldn’t hang your head I’m
not asking to be saved I shouldn’t they can be cruel but a smile better
suits our hero we must all keep looking forward like the heroes who never gave
up hope for this world I’m not sure who you are to me nevermind I think the
answer might be different for all of us oh nothing will come of brooding here in
self-pity I’ve made my decision me free I’m going
with you awesome okay so now let’s go and talk to the capital attendant and
this time I can fly and so I can get there in seconds I don’t have to cut
every single time okay here we go so welcome to the capital all visitors
must present an official writ of permission before admittance will be
granted your documents appear to be in order
you may proceed into the capital but any guests you may choose to bring with you
must remain in your vicinity at all times awesome this really is unacceptable I gave you
very specific instructions that sulk my invitation was for an abomination
ripe with the power to bring about the world’s annihilation not this half
broken thing whatever am I to do with you Murphy’s like say what and I see you
insist on keeping the same familiar company are you so lost without them yep
it is not she who is lost without the familiar not content with remaking an
entire city you aim to fill it with the reconstituted souls of the dead I may
have gotten a little carried away in my attention to detail added a few
unnecessary flower shoes well there’s no point trying to hide it yes once the
rejoining of worlds is complete zodiac will regain his full strength and
shatter his prison then we shall offer up the sources
remaining inhabitants in sacrifice that we might resurrect our brethren who died
to bring zodiac into existence but what was it that you came here to do
exactly enough on war we came here to stop you we came here for the X arc well you can’t have him the wisdom that
man guards may open up new worlds of possibilities he has unlocked the secrets of travel
across the rift and through time as well it would seem quite an accomplishment
for one of his incomplete nature I must explore the limits of his
capabilities and harness that power for the ardour even now after everything you refused to
see reason you think it unfair that she was subject to suffering that your lives
will be sacrificed three ancients look at me I have lived a thousand thousand
of your lives I have broke bread with you fought with
you grown ill grown old sired children and yes welcomed deaths sweet embrace
for eons have I measured your worth and found you wanting to weak and feeble my
need to service stewards of any star have your recent spats with war three
and his senators told you nothing have you not learned that your ignorance and
frailty beget only endless misery how long do you mean to perpetuate this
farce how much more must I endure your
bumbling interference let us imagine that the laws of reality are again
undone and the world faces true annihilation do you honestly believe
that half your number would sacrifice themselves to save the other of course
they wouldn’t and if you had witnessed history unfold as I had you would reach
the same conclusion you cannot be entrusted with our legacy I will bring back our brethren our
friends our loved ones the world belongs to us and us alone em itself we understand truly but it
makes no difference the ones you love are in the past while ours are here in
the present one day we too will be ashes and dust but not today
our time is not yet finished we share your conviction and that is why
we will not abandon our course you think us the same you think your dad
soul of equal worth to those I lost then come earn your place prove yourselves
worthy to inherit this star the hoe is the cum oblivion it was the
end of our era at the beginning of our great work a fitting backdrop for your
final judgement I shall wait within but do not spend too
much time on your preparations there’s no telling how much longer the guest of
honor will last oh okay
our murat is now accessible okay so I guess this is the last story
dungeon in the game so as per usual I will do this in a separate episode so
anyway guys if you like that episode be sure to give it a thumbs up you can
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  1. That "thing" comment was insulting. He really doesn't see you as living. His standards are just too high, and he doesn't even seem to remember that he caused most of the current problems: Garlemand, Vaultry, etc.

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